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David Vance (1736-1800) was born in Ireland and is buried at Steele Creek Presbyterian Church. He married Ruth Wilson who is also buried there. The will, Volume A. p. 57, of James Wilson of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, lists Ruth Wilson Vance, her brother Robert Wilson and other children. David had two brothers. John remained in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Patrick moved to Knox County, Tennessee in the early 1790s. His will is filed there.

David (1736-1800) was the son of John Vance, who was born in Coagh, Ireland, and Mary Williamson who was born in Antrim, Ireland. David also had a sister, Elizabeth Vance who married Hugh Jackson. Their son Andrew Jackson, Sr., was the father of President Andrew Jackson. The Jackson family settled in the Waxhaws.

Family tradition indicates that there was a relationship between this Ruth Wilson Vance and Robert Wilson, a signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, who married Eleanor Carothers of Steele Creek. This, however, has not been proven. David Vance was an executor of the will of Robert Wilson. David was also listed in the 1990 DAR Patriot Index as serving in NC during the Revolution. He lived in the area that would now be between Steele Creek Church and the airport.

In 1797, David's sons, David Vance and John Vance were in Captain Taylor's militia company that was made up of Steele Creek men. John was not a property owner. David owned 288 acres of land on which he was taxed. In the 1800 session of court, David and his mother were appointed to administer the estate of David Vance, Sr., which was probated at 1,500 pounds - a large estate.

The first born of David and Ruth Vance was Mary Vance (1764-1785). She was the first wife of John Carothers of Steele Creek and they had two sons, John (Before 1782) and David (1782-1865) Carothers. John and Mary Carothers are buried at Steele Creek.

In addition to Mary, the children of David and Ruth Vance were: James (1768-1824) who married Mary Barnett, John (1770-1834) who married Martha Davidson, Martha (1771) who married John Wilson, Jane (1772) who married Gideon Thompson, David (1777-1827) who married Katherine Penny, Robert D.(1777-1825), William (1785-1817 who married Rachald McRee, Samuel (1785-1836) who married Elizabeth Rockett and Ruth Vance (1778-1779).

The last Ruth Vance has a small stone in the same plot as her father and other members of the family. The daughter Ruth was no doubt named after her mother. Robert D., William and Rachald Vance are also buried at Steele Creek. Many in the Vance family moved on westward during the 1800s.

It is interesting that Samuel Vance fought with Andrew Jackson, who later served as President, against the Creek Indians in Alabama. His homestead is about one mile from Vance, Alabama.

(499 Words) Submitted by Warren Woodrow Carothers, 1720 Willow Creek Drive, Columbia, South Carolina, 29212. Sources: Vance Family Association, NC and Pennsylvania Archives, and records of Steele Creek Presbyterian Church.

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