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William Barnett, Jr., b. abt. 1730, d. March 1778 in Mecklenburg County, NC. His first wife is not known. His 2nd wife was named Margaret ? (In William's son William's will, he names his step-mother, Margaret….)

Children of William Barnett taken from his will of 12 Mar 1778, probated in the April 1778 court:

1. Abraham Barnett, married Mary Brownfield. Abraham was a "Justice" in the Capt. James McRee District. He was left property of 200 acres near Kings Mountain in his father's will.

2. Samuel Barnett, left 200 acres on the east side of the Broad River (Little Broad River) in his father's will.

3. Thomas Barnett,. Will left him 75 acres on Kings Branch adj. Col. Polk. (Kings Branch empties into Sugar Creek north of Pineville near between Arrowood Rd. and Westinghouse Blvd. There was an old Barnett Cemetery in this area that has been moved. In August 1773, William and his wife Margaret sold to Thomas two tracts of land. One was for 20 lbs. money, land on both sides of Sugar Creek adj. Selwyn's line, granted to said William Barnet on 31 Mar 1753. This deed was witnessed by John McRee and John Johnston. The other tract deeded on the same date as above for 100 lbs. money, land adj. James Sprott, William Barnett, John McDowell of 356 acres. It was witnessed by _ McRee and Peter Johnston.

4. Mary Barnett married an Elliott

5. Ruth Barnett - nothing known of her

6. Ann Barnett - nothing known of her.

7. William Barnett, b. 1758, d. 23 August 1785 married Mary McCree (McRee). William and his brother James, got 200 acres of the "old tract" and 350 acres on Sugar Creek. It is believed that this property also contained a mill. There is a reference in the court records dated October 1778 that the "Charleston Road overseer be Robert Campbell for the road from the "bridge at William Barnetts Mill inclusive to Kings Branch" This mill probably belonged to his father William. William has a will dated 12 Aug 1785 in which he leaves to step-mother, Margaret an his son Will (William) and daughter Polly. (Mary Ann?). William and his wife Mary McRee, b. 1764, d. 11 Apr 1785, are buried at Steele Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery. There is a Coat of Arms on his tombstone there.

8. James Barnett - nothing further known about James other than he shared property from his father's will with his brother William above.

9. Elizabeth Barnett - nothing further known

10. Margaret Barnett - May be the 13 year old child buried at Steele Creek Presbyterian, b. 1763 d. April 17, 1781.

The executors of old William's will were Abraham Barnett, his son and Robert McKnight. It is possible that Robert McKnight was either a son-in-law or a brother-in-law. William also remembered an apprentice of his named David Rea in his will.


It is not known whether Robert was a brother of the above William or a son not named in his will, which is probably unlikely.

Robert and his wife Catherine deed property on the north Fork of Steele Creek on 15 July 1771 to John Neely (250 acres). The deed stated the property was granted to William Barnet on 24 April 1762 then conveyed to Robert Barnett 20 April 1763. The deed was witnessed by James Elliott and Thomas Neely. This would raise the questions of whether Catherine was an Elliott or a Neely since the wife usually had a witness by her kin (father, brother, uncle, etc.)

Another interesting note is found in the old "Potts Papers". The handwritten notice is as follows: " (not legible).. of July past Catharine Barnett wife of Robt Barnett of Steel Creek without any lawful cause or provocation eloped from her husband the sd Robt Barnett. These are therefore to warn all persons whom it may concern not to credit the sd Catharine Barnett on my account as I will not pay any book debts - (illegible) - or notes of C. or any debts that she may contract or may have contracted since the first day of her elopement. Given under my hand this 6th day of October A.D. 1797. (It is presumed that the date she left Robt Barnett was July, 1797, since the note refers to (blank) of July past.


Ann Graham was the daughter of James Graham and his 2nd wife, Mary Barber who were married abt 1750 probably in PA.

Thomas Barnett and Ann Graham lived in the bounds of the Steele Creek congregation and they were the ancestors of the Price, Elm and other families of the area. Thomas was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and was a member of Gen. Joseph Grahams' Company of Charlotte. He was in the battle of Cowan's Ford Sept. 26, 1780. Thomas Barnett also fired the shot that killed Col. Hall of the British Army. He died in 1832 and is (supposedly) buried in Steele Creek Cemetery. Mrs. Barnett died near Jackson, TN in 1841. Their children were: 1. Nancy Barnett, b. 4 Jan 1790 married Isaac Price 2. Ann Barnett b. July 25, 1791 3. Thomas Barnett, b. April 5, 1793 4. Sarah Barnett, b. Dec 4, 1795 married Charles Elms 5. Elizabeth Barnett, b. Aug 4, 1797 6. John Barnett, b. March 1, 1799 7. George Barnett, b. May 16, 1801 8. Susan Barnett, b. Oct 15, 1803.

(The above Graham data is from the Price family papers and states that the data is copied from a book written by Maj. William Graham, son of Gov. Graham (written in pencil on the back of the book).

Thomas Barnetts will was probated in York County, SC. If he is buried in Steele Creek Cemetery, it is an unmarked grave.

The Price Family papers show that Thomas Spratt Barnett b. 1742, d. 1828 in York Co., SC (near the NC/SC line)probably just SW of what is now Pineville, married possibly 1st to Nancy McKnight and 2nd to Ann Graham, sister of Gen. Joseph Graham. Thomas Spratt Barnett was the son of William Barnett and Mary Spratt (sister of Thomas Spratt). Thomas may have been a brother to the William Barnett, above b. abt 1730.

Thomas Spratt Barnett's will was written in York Co., SC on 5 May 1828, and is in Case #9, File 376 of York Co., SC.

The children listed for Thomas and Ann Graham in these papers and from the will are: 1 Nancy Barnett married Isaac Price. Nancy was b. 4 Jan 1790, d. 26 Jan 1854. Her tombstone at Steele Creek Presbyterian states she was the daughter of Thomas and Ann Graham. Isaac Price was the son of Isaac Price, Sr. and Esther Bradley of Steele Creek.

2 Thomas Barnett, married ? and went to Mississippi

3. Ann Barnett married ? and went to TN

4 Sarah Barnett, b. 4 Dec 1795, d. 15 Feb 1882, married Charles Elms. Both are buried at Flint Hill Baptist Church in York Co., NC (near the Meck. Co. line) and his tombstone indicates he was a Patriot & Soldier of the Rev. War. He died in 1836. He was much older than Sarah.

5 Elizabeth G. Barnett, married a Meacham

6 John Barnett - Probably died before his father. Not in his father's will.

7 George G. Barnett, b. 16 May 1801 - never married

8. Susan Barnett, b. 15 Oct 1803.

Known children of Thomas Spratt Barneet and his 1st wife, Nancy McKnight were: 1. William Barnett died without children.

2 *Mary Barnett married Samuel McKee

3. *Katherine Barnett marred 30 May 1800 to Isaac Henrey. ** Mary and Katherine were twins**

There are other Barnetts of the 1700s in Mecklenburg County, but the above were the only Barnetts that seem to be connected to Steele Creek.

There was a Hugh Barnett, b. 1733, d. 24 Nov 1786 buried at Sugar Creek Presby whose will names his wife Susannah (probably 2nd wife) and children Robert, James, Hannah Barnett m. Michel Henderson, Margaret, Elizabeth, Agness, Mary Dorcus, John, Hugh, Jr. and Ann.

A Robert Barnett (probably son of above Hugh) b. 1750 buried at Sugar Creek 9 Sept 1830. married to Jinny ?, had children Marcus, James G. m. Deborah Montgomery, David Edwin m. Rebeckah Montgomery, Robert Franklin m. Mary T. Sample, Amos m. Catherine Porter, Milton, d. at age 24 in 1825, Jenny and Polly who married a Montgomery.

Another Hugh Barnett d. in 1799 and his will indicates his children were: Abel Barnett, Hugh Barnett, Jr. (who had a son Moses), Moses Barnett m. Martha ?, Mary, Sarah and Ruth Barnett m. McWhirter.

In York Co., SC lived Thomas Barnett, b. 1750, d. 18 Nov 1813, buried at Bethel Presby Church, married to Martha Patrick, 1753, d. 1804. Their children: William Barnett, Alexander Barnett, b. 10 Aug 1774, d. 18 May 1851, married Rachel Adams; Mary Barnett m. Joseph Clinton and Sinta (Cynthia?) Barnett b. 1787, d. 6 Aug 1824 mar. Robert McCarter. Buried at Bethel Presby. Cem.

There are many Barnetts in Mecklenburg Co. and York Co. It would take much more research to determine the relationships of each of them.

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