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Thanks for visiting.  We are providing a lot of genealogical and historical information about our community that encompasses a significant area of the southwestern portion of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  Information that, we hope, will help all folks having roots here make long sought after connections to their family history.  All data posted here has been contributed by our members and supporters and most has previously appeared in issues of Gleanings, our quarterly newsletter.  So, please come back often, and feel free to submit your stories about Steele Creek.

Where in the world is Steele Creek?

Map  |  History  |

Settlements in The Steele Creek Township

Shopton  |  Browhill  |

Old Schools

Dixie  |  Shopton  |  Berryhill  |  McClintock  |  Observer  |  Steele Creek  |  Knox   |  Pleasant Hill  |


Blackstock/Steel Creek ARP/Central Steele Creek Presbyterian Church  |  Steele Creek Presbyterian  |  Flint Hill Baptist  |
Zoar United Methodist Church  |  Pleasant Hill Presbyterian  |  Mt. Olive Presbyterian  |  McClintock Presbyterian  |
O'Zion AME Zion Church  |


Steele Creek Presbyterian  |  Blackstock Cemetery  |  Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery  |  Youngblood Cemetery  | 
  |  Dinkins Family Cemetery  |

Post Offices

Whitehall  |  Ranaleburg  |  Observer  |  Shopton  |  Dixie  |  Juneau  |

Steele Creek in the Revolutionary War

Battle of Fishing CreeekBattle of Hanging Rock  |  Robert and Eleanor Carruthers Wilson  |

Steele Creek in the Civil War

Letters & Papers |

Early Families of Steele Creek

Armour  |  Barnett  |  Berryhill  |  Bigham  |  Blackwelder  |  Byrum  |  Calhoon  |  Campbell  |  CarothersCathey  |  Clark  | 
|  Cooper  |  Davis  |  Erwin/Irwin  | Ferguson  |  Freeman  |  Gallant  |  Gilmor  |  Greer/Grier  |  Harris  |  Hartt  |  Herron  |  Knox  |
McCleary/McLeary  |  McClelland  |   McCrum  |  McDowell  |  McKnight  |  McRee  |  Marks  |  Neagle  |  Neel/Neal  |  Neely  |
|  Nicholson  |  Parks  |  Pettus  |  Porter  |  Potts  |  Price  |  Reid  |  Robinson  |  Sadler  |  Simril  |  Sledge  |  Sloan  |  Spratt  |
|  Swann  |  Targert  |  Taylor  |  Vance  |  Walker  |  Watson  |  Whiteside  |   Wilson  |  Winget  |  Youngblood  |

Interesting Steele Creek Stuff

|The "Pott's Papers" |  The Price "Rock House"  |  L.J. Walker Contract  |  Rock Island Wool Factory  |
The Steele Creek Band  |  The 1907 Steele Creek Incendiary  |

Join Us

Copies of our organization files are maintained and available to the public at the Steele Creek Branch Library on Steele Creek Road and at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room at the Main Library in Charlotte.  Hours and locations of both locations may be found at 

Meetings are held quarterly at a time and location posted here and by email notification to members.

The next meeting will be on Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 2:00 PM at the Steele Creek Presbyterian Church. Dr. Dan Patterson is the speaker. 

Dues are $15.00 payable by January each year. A quarterly newsletter, GLEANINGS, is e-published to members in January, April, July, and October.  To join, or for more information, write us at:

Steele Creek Historical and Genealogical Society
C/O Walter Neely, 13601 Erwin Road, Charlotte, NC 28273

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