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Boonesbough Kentucky Colony of Salisbury NC and the McQueens

Boonesborough, Kentucky - The McQueens

From an email dated January 11, 2000 to Teddy Barclay Pope from Dona

Preface: The men of Salisbury North Carolina bought a parcel of land in
Kentucky from the Cherokee Indians. Teddy noticed reference to it in the
materials online written by the University of North Carolina. Young
Daniel Boone of Rowan County, whose father had property to the north of
the Robert Barkley plantation in Jersey Settlement, was commissioned to
go and establish a colony on the Kentucky land. His brother George went
with him. Wondering if this might be the reason Robert Barkley of Rowan
County had some land in Kentucky to which his sons Robert b.1772 and
Walter b. 1774 went after his death, Teddy wrote to Dona Porter, McQueen
researcher and contributor to Barclay research materials about the land
and the McQueen involvement in settling Boonesborough. This text was her

The McQueens at Boonesborough

By Dona Porter

The McQueen on the monument at Boonesborough was Thomas McQueen, son of
Thomas McQueen & Elizabeth Berry. This Thomas was brother of our John
McQueen who was the father of Elizabeth McQueen who married Walter
Barclay. Actually, Thomas was the last of the McQueen brothers to arrive
in Kentucky as he was still in captivity in Detroit when it appears the
others left Mingo Bottom and went to Boonesborough - those being John
McQueen, Joshua McQueen and wife Margaret Baxter (1st wife) and possibly
brothers Benjamin and James. There were 16 documents used to create the
list of settlers inscribed on the monument which list with names and
their sources is published in several places. (I have it in a separate
book with just that as well as in a book on Madison Co KY history.)
Thomas McQueen's name was added to the list based on his appearance in a
list of names from Court Depositions in the Madison County Court House
dated 1806-1806, 1807, 1808, 1811, and 1814. These were made by pioneers
at Boonesborough.

Obviously, Joshua McQueen, Margaret Baxter, and John McQueen at least
should have been on that monument, as they are found in tax lists for
Madison County as early as 1787 or 88 (can't remember off top of head).
But these tax lists were not used to compile the names. They did use the
Draper Papers, Kentucky Series "CC" which did have Joshua's interview,
but his name was still not included.

	The intro for the monument states that it was built in 1981 and while
the list is not complete, the names on it are accurate. However, I know
for a fact that Thomas himself really didn't stay in Ky for more than 3-4
years before moving on. The others stayed much, much longer. The Society
of Boonesborough, in which you can join if you have ancestors who were
original settlers of Ft. Boonesborough, was not created until 1975, so
the list was obviously an early attempt to compile names of first

	I have been to monument and have pictures. Also, names of David Crews,
Annie Crews, and Elijah Crews are on it as well. For those who need a
refresher, David and Annie were parents of Nancy Crews who married John
McQueen and Nancy, thus, was mother of Elizabeth McQueen who married
Walter Barclay. David Crews was in KY at Boonesborough as early as 1777
with Daniel Boone and fought through at least one siege of Indians at
fort. He left family behind in Washington Co VA during this time and did
not bring them out to KY until 1981 (or 82, year is debatable.)

The End

Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone was the son of Squire Boone, an early Rowan County Settler.
Daniel was commissioned by the men of Salisbury to manage a parcel of
land they purchased from the Cherokee in Kentucky. Daniel was assisted by
his brother George. They founded Boonesborough and other settlements.
There are some visitor attractions on the property in Davidson County
that was previously in Rowan County that was Squire Boone's, including a
cave. Boone's property can be identified on an old map of Old Rowan
County. Follow the links for more information about this Boone family.

The Adventures of Daniel Boone

Historic Daniel Boone Home & Boonesfield Village 


Henry Nash Smith: Daniel Boone 

Fort Boonesborough State Park 


George Boone 

dont mean to mess you up here. was George Boone the brother of Squire Boone 
also in Rowan Co NC?  

was George Boone the son of Squire Boone and also brother of Daniel Boone 
also in Rowan Co NC?

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