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Roger Kammerer's 3,486 Rough Notes from Pitt Co. Deedbooks GG — SS

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TIP: The word "heir" can mean a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin, or other. Be careful not to make assumptions about relationships!

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Book GG (1830s)

1. William S. Blount, brother of Jacob Blount, dec'd; 1833 [GG, p.4]

2. George Forrest left 2 wills; he left to Polly Yelverton, wife of Etheldred Yelverton, and to Samuel Forrest, heir [GG, p. 6]

3. Joab Tison and Anna his wife, Apr. 13, 1825; their heirs: 1) Wm. Hemby & wife Nancy of Pitt Co., 2) Hepsy Ross, 3) Oliver Tyson and 4) Polly Tyson, the latter three of Twiggs Co., Ga. [GG, p. 7]

4. Conetoe mills, cotton gin & grist mill of Howell Hearne [GG, p. 8]

5. Jolly Old Field, n. side of Neuse River in Pitt Co., 100 a [GG, p. 9]

6. Elizabeth Wooten md. Ira Cannon, one of heirs of Wm. Wooten, dec'd [GG, p. 10]

7. Dower of Nancy Sheppard, widow of James Sheppard, 1/3 part of Salter seine hole [GG, p. 11]

8. Div. of land of Hugh Burney, dec'd, 1829; heirs: 1) Rachel Burney, 2) Simon Burney, 3) Louisa Smith, 4) Eliza Kilpatrick, 5) Lewis Burney, 6) Council Wooten heirs, and 7) Bryan Burney [GG, p. 12]
Clue: Hugh, and all the heirs named in this deed, were the children of Simon Burney and Louisa Pugh.

9. Div. of land of Jesse Griffin, Dec. 30, 1831; heirs: 1) Bryan H. Griffin, 2) Joseph B. Griffin, 3) Marina Griffin, 4) Jesse Gray Griffin, 5) Harriot Griffin [GG, p. 13]

10. Lewis Cannon, Isaac Cannon, heirs of Willie Cannon, dec'd [GG, p. 14]

11. Benashley Atkinson store at Bensboro, 1833 [GG, p. 15]

12. Reading Bell and wife Elizabeth Bell, heirs of Wm. Brooks, dec'd, Feb. 5, 1833; also Lewis Gwaltney and Prudence his wife [GG, p. 18]

13. Joseph Brooks of Tenn., May 15, 1832, for love & affection relinquishes rights of Calvin Brooks land and Nancy Wilson land which "I inherited at their death" to Southy Brooks [GG, p. 19]

14. Brooks family [GG, p. 20]

15. Elizabeth Coble (Cobb), Wm. D. Coble (Cobb), and Sarah E. Coble (Cobb) md. Urvin Briley; were brother and sisters [GG, p. 21]

16. William Williams of Greene Co., 1831; Edward Harper lost farm on Back Swamp to debt [GG, p. 22]

17. Lot #138 — J. S. Brown to Benj. B. Stancill [GG, p. 24]

18. Polly Davis, widow of Josiah Davis, dec'd, Feb. 1, 1833 [GG, p. ? 25?]

19. Wm. Brooks, dec'd, widow Sarah; had sons Southy, Calvin [GG, p. 26]

20. John Swanner & wife Sally of Mart. Co., NC, heirs of Sally Williams, dec'd [GG, p. 27]

21. Wm. Wooten had sister, Polly Wooten, dec'd [GG, p. 29]

22. John Gray Blount, land granted to him, sold to Sharp Blount and Radford Cannon, Radford's share bought by Sharpe Blount, being the part lived on by Irvin Cannon; Rebecca Cannon, wife of C. C. Cannon [GG, p. 30]

23. Major Boyd or Byrd? of St. Francisville Co., Louisiana, dec'd intestate; had heir, Allen Boyd, Sept. 10, 1832 [GG, p. 31]

24. Nancy Moye selling land to Sparkman Britt (or Butt?), Sept. 20, 1832 [GG, p. 33]

25. Stephen Carney, had sister Elizabeth Carney, dec'd; 1831 [GG, p. 35]

26. Wm. Powell and wife Cinderella of Mart. Co. [GG, p. 38]

27. Henry Moore land [GG, p. 38]

28. Lot #138 [GG, p. 42]

29. Walter Dunn, son of Newman Dunn [GG, p. 43]

30. John Leslie sold Benj. Briley lot 15, Dec. 10, 1832 [GG, p. 44]

31. Div. of land of Henry Wooten, dec'd, 1828; heirs: Priscilla Wooten, James Wooten, Sally Wooten, Levan Edwards and wife, and Patsey Wooten [GG, p. 48]

32. Joseph and Caty Cox, to son John Cox, 1822; daus.: Elizabeth Murphy, Mary Murphy, Fanny Murphy, Jemima Murphy, and Sarah Cox [GG, p. 49]

33. Abby Telfair, widow of Dr. David A. Telfair, has son Alexander F. Telfair [GG, p. 50]

34. Reading S. Blount, appointed Clerk of Superior Court of Pitt, 1833 [GG, p. 50]

35. D. C. Freeman and wife Emma W., heir of David A. Telfair [GG, p. 51]

36. John Lewelling by his will, proved in Edge. Co., gave to Annis Moore, then the wife of Wm. Moore, dec'd, had Ricky Moore and John Moore; other heirs of Annis: Allen Hardee, Wm. Moore, Alfred Moore, Alexander Brinkley, Joseph W. Godley, Polly Forrest [GG, p. 53]
Clue: Joseph W. Godley was the 1st husband of Lucinda Moore; she m. 2nd to Harvey Hill.

37. James A. Dixon md. Olive, dau. of Peter Rieves, dec'd [GG, p. 54]

38. Elizabeth Carney, widow of Thomas Carney, dec'd, owned the Martin place, 1833 [GG, p. 55]

39. John Coart, land in Pitt Co. [GG, p. 56]

40. Wm. Wilson to son Lewis Wilson, 1833 [GG, p. 57]

41. Wyatt Moye son of Wm. Moye, dec'd [GG, p. 58]

42. Lot #118, Peggy Duvall (Margaret) to Daniel Arney [GG, p. 58]

43. Wm. Adams, dec'd, intestate, to dau. Arsena Adams, 1831 [GG, p. 59]

44. Slate bridge crosses the road from mill at Tranters Creek to Washington [GG, p. 60]

45. John Willin, dec'd, heirs: Aseneth Jones, Thomas Willin [GG, p. 60]

46. A. D. Nobles to trustees of Meth-Epis church in Greenville, Simon Nobles, Warren Nobles, Simon J. Jones, Samuel S. Whitley, Benj. B. Stancil; lot #5, to build a house of worship for use of Meth-Epis Church, May 7, 1833 [GG, p. 61]

47. Lot #68 — Sarah Blount to George A. Sugg [GG, p. 63]

48. Wm. Boyd, Sr., plantation [GG, p. 63]

49. Isaac Joyner, Sr., dec'd, to son Isaac Joyner, Jr. [GG, p. 64]

50. John Williams, Blacksmith, had heir: Reading Williams; Thomas Wallace, planter [GG, p. 65]

51. Martin Moore to Robert Hatton, Jr. [GG, p. 65]

52. William Willson, Sr., had son John Wilson, dau. Jemima Wilson, son Lewis Wilson, 1833 [GG, p. 66]

53. James Highsmith, son of John Highsmith, dec'd [GG, p. 66]

54. Lot #35/36 — Daniel Arney to Joseph B. Judkins [GG, p. 67]

55. Elizabeth Carney, widow of Thomas Carney, Sr., dec'd, to son Reddick Carney and wife [GG, p. 67]

56. Luke Ward to son Rippon Ward [GG, p. 68]

57. Lot #126 — Mercer D. Wilson to Caroline Greene, 1833 [GG, p. 69]

58. William F. Bryan, dec'd, had heir John Whitehurst and wife Betsy [GG, p. 70]

59. Lot #89 — good description [GG, p. 71]

60. Lot #117 — Margaret Duvall to Joshua B. Hussey [GG, p. 71]

61. Sarah Ross, heir of Lancelot Eubanks, 1819 [GG, p. 72] Clue: She was wife of John Ross.

62. Road from Norcotts bridge to Speirs landing [GG, p. 72]

63. Lot #117 — Hussey to Daniel Arney [GG, p. 73]

64. Lot #56 — [GG, p. 73]

65. Gallows Breach [GG, p. 74]

66. Lots #35/36 [GG, p. 75]

67. Wm. Willson, Sr. to son Lewis Wilson [GG, p. 77]

68. Div. of land of Nancy Dupree, 1833; heirs: Richard W. Harris, Ferdinand Harris, Allen R. Dupree [GG, p. 78]

69. Laney Tison, dower, widow of Seth Tyson, 1832 [GG, p. 79]

70. Div. of land of Hillery Cherry, to Lewis Edwards, guardian for Alvania Edwards; James Edwards, Lewis Edwards, Ormond Cherry, Wm. Cherry [GG, p. 80]

71. George Smith to son John Smith [GG, p. 80]

72. Elizabeth Smith, dower, widow of Lewis Smith, 1832 [GG, p. 81]

73. Div. of land of John Highsmith; heirs: Lot 1) to heirs of Jacob Highsmith, dec'd: Wm., Jacob, Henry, James, John, Nancy and Martha Highsmith, Elizabeth wife of Walter E., Lucretia McCool, Mary wife of Martin _____, Susan wife of John Willis, Sarah wife of Andrew McClelland, Lydia wife of Benjamin Eubanks. Lot 2) to Daniel Highsmith & Elizabeth his wife, and Godfrey Stancill by right of dec'd. mother Mary Stancill who was sister of John Highsmith, dec'd. Lot 3) to William Highsmith, Lot 4) to Moses Highsmith [GG, p. 82]

74. Div. of land of Thomas Allen, dec'd., 1831; heirs: 1) Julia Sutton, formerly Allen, by her husband John Sutton (the Ricky Forbes Place); 2) John Allen, 3) James Allen, 4) Wm. Allen, 5) Martha Allen [GG, p. 83]

75. Div. of land of Allen Elks, 1832; heirs: 1) Benjamin Shivers and Nancy his wife; 2) William Elks; 3) James Smith & Serena his wife of Indiana, Lanier Buck and Sally his wife of Pitt Co., Randolph & Gallen Bright, infants, by guardian Wm. Bright, by right of his mother, the former wife of Wm. Bright and sister to Allen Elks. [GG, p. 84]
Clue: Allen and all his heirs were the children of William Elks and Sarah Allen.

76. Div. of land of Abel Moore, 1832; heirs: 1) Asbely Moore, dau.; 2) Nancy Moore, dau.; 3) Patsy Keel wife of Churchill Keel, dau. [GG, p. 84/85]

77. Div. of land of Martin Nelson, 1923; heirs: Alfred Nelson (entitled to share of James Edwards wife; Alfred, Martin and James Edwards of Caswell Co., and Mehala Nelson, dec'd.); 2) James Nelson; 3) Lewis Bond and Sydney his wife; 4) Nashville Nelson; 5) Margaret Nelson [GG, p. 85/86]

78. Div. of land of Moses Tison, 1824; heirs: 1) Isaac Joyner and Anna his wife; 2) Amos Joyner and Elizabeth his wife; 3) Richard Carson and Sally his wife; 4) Alfred Moye and Orpah his wife [GG, p. 87/88]

79. Map of Hardees run area [GG, p. 88]

80. Div. of land of Frederick Mills, 1832; heirs: 1) Frederick Mills, Jr., dec'd (part of his share to Speir Worthington), 2) Alley Mills, 3) John Hancock, 4) Maria Hancock, 5) Polly Mills [GG, p. 90/91] Note: John and Maria(h) Hancock were children of Amey Mills (dau. of Fred. Sr.) and Josiah Hancock (dec'd. by ca. 1819).

81. Div. of land of James Powell, 1831; heirs: 1) Warren Wallace and wife Pheobe, 2) Menan Patrick Powell, 3) Arcena Powell, 4) Charles Jenkins Powell, 5) James Shivers and wife Repsey. Mentions Cyder Tarkiln. [GG, p. 92/93]

82. Map of Foreman lands [GG, p. 95]

83. Lot #77 — ferry landing street, half lying between Sophia Salter's half lot and improvement on the North and on the South by Wilks Brooks lot & improvement [GG, p. 98]

84. James S. Clark library, list of books & all his furniture and household property, portrait of John M. Johnson [GG, p. ??]

85. Lots #92 and 80 — to Wm. Bernard [GG, p. 99]

86. Lot, Hoyt's tavern lot, 100,000 bricks, unburned in the house and yard [GG, p. 100]

87. Jonathan Frizzle to son Wm. R. Frizzle, and 4 daughters named [GG, p. 102/103/104/105]

88. Goold Hoyt had (what he purchased of John S. Easton) also 1 cotton gin which Hoyt purchased of Henry Chamberlain and now in my gin house, 1 clock, 1 cotton screw which has lately been put up on my lot, 1 80-gal. still; Aug. 30, 1833 [GG, p. 106]

89. Abraham Cannon porperty [GG, p. 107]

90. Wm. H. Smith to Wm. Bernard, 1832, all land in Greenville owned by Elizabeth Mooring, dec'd, Wm. H. Smith being her heir; 13 half-acre lots [GG, p. 108]

91. Wm. Cobb to son Ollen Cobb [GG, p. 110/12]

92. Lot #73 — Marchal J. D. Baldwin and Edwin H. Baldwin to Nancy Merrills, 1832 [GG, p. 113]

93. Land of Francis Brooks, of father Wm. Brooks, 1832 [GG, p. 115]

94. Greenville to New Bern road, John Coart land [GG, p. 115]

95. Sally Jones, dau. of Brittain Jones and Rhody his wife [GG, p. 116]

96. E. A. Taft Co. [GG, p. 117]

97. Lot #23 [GG, p. 117]

98. Titus Carr to son Matthew Lawrence Carr [GG, p. 119]

99. Lot #42 [GG, p. 120]

100. John Dixon of Pitt Co., dec'd, intestate; 1 share fell to Polly Dixon, she died in infancy in Beau. Co., John Dixon of Beau. Co., heir. [GG, p. 121]

101. Benjamin Briley, guardian of heirs of Hinson Blount, dec'd, lots 9/10 [GG, p. 122]

102. Turkey Cock Swamp, 150 acres of, owned by Willis Wilson, Sr., bought of Shadrick Allen, sold to Samuel and Cannon Wilson, 1833 [GG, p. 123]

103. Lot #27 — owned by Richard Smith, heir of late Oliver Smith; other heirs of Oliver Smith: Margaret Duvall, Mary Smith, Ann Maria Eason and husband Thomas Eason, James S. Smith; 1833 [GG, p. 124]

104. Adams Mill [GG, p. 126]

105. Shem Tyson land [GG, p. 128]

106. Wm. Hardee to son Franklin Hardee [GG, p. 129]

107. Henry Dockey to Warren Nobles, lot 42, 1833 [GG, p. 130]

108. Elizabeth Mooring lots, John S. Smith [GG, p. 133]

109. George Smith, dec'd, widow Nancy Smith; other heirs: Silas Witherington, Shadrack Hathaway, Philip Smith [GG, p. 133]

110. John Jordan, dec'd, son William Jordan, Thomas Jordan [GG, p. 134]

111. Dennis and Francis Kinsaul (brothers?); Dennis md. Sarah, dau. of Wm. Hodges, dec'd; 1833 [GG, p.134/135]

112. Lot #89 [GG, p. 136]

113. Amasa Barnhill Tarkiln [GG, p. 137]

114. Monford house on s. bank of Tar River in the bounds of Greenville; Isreal B. Hutchins to Anne Barnhill, 1833 [GG, p. 138]

115. Nancy Smith of Greenville, dec'd, bequeathed land to John E. Smith, now of Montgomery Co., Tenn, lot 112, for benefit of sd. James S. Smith [GG, p. 139]

116. Sally Williams, dec'd, wife of George Williams, dec'd, descended to Elizabeth Bryan, then to Sally Ann Howard [GG, p. 140]

117. Brittian Williams heirs, lot 3, Wm. Williams, Sally Williams, Arena Williams, heir Luke Short [GG, p. 140]

118. Urvin H. Buck of Tenn. [GG, p. 142]

119. George Clements to son Willie Clements [GG, p. 143]

120. John Cherry, dec'd, heirs: Arthur H. Johnson and Susan his wife, Warren Nobles and Catherine his wife [GG, p. 144]

121. Sarah, dau. of Lewis Cannon [GG, p. 140]

122. Will of Hugh Pugh/to Dr. John Allen [?? same as last entry?]

123. Joel and Nancy Bird [GG, p. 151]

124. William Elks to granddau. Sally, wife of Lanier Buck, the Holy Point Land [GG, p. 151]

125. Wm. Rogers to dau. Sally, md. Juhn Dunford, 1833 [GG, p. 152]

126. Benj. Franklin Jenkins, dec'd, his heir: George W. Jenkins [GG, p. 152]

127. Mary Smith, 1817, her dau. Eliza, md. Edward Joyce [GG, p. 153]

128. Drury Grimmer dec'd [GG, p. 154]

129. Dicey Baldree, heir of Richard Baldree, dec'd [GG, p. 156]

130. Carney Turnage [GG, p. 156]

131. Wm. S. Ross and wife Tabitha of Williamson Co., Tenn, 1833 [GG, p. 158]

132. Susan Barrow, dower, widow of John Bower [GG, p. 159]

133. Mary Moore, dower, widow of Ricky Moore [GG, p. 159]

134. Susan Adams, dower, widow of Wm. Adams [GG, p. 160]

135. Div. of land of Cason Moore, dec'd, 1833; heirs: 1) Ezeriah Moore, 2) Washington Moore, 3) Nancy Moore, 4) John Davenport & wife Louisa (Moore), 5) Albert (Olbert) Moore, 6) Stanley Moore, 7) Cason Moore, 8) Reuben Davenport & wife Rebecca (Moore) [GG, p. 161]

136. Div. of land of Wm. Adams, dec'd, 1833; heirs: 1) Wm., Sally, Mary Ann, Patsey Ann & Noah Elbert Elks, heirs of dec'd dau., 2) Wm. Campbell, 3) Celia, Clara, Juny, Wm., Polly & Ally Wright Adams, children of Allen Adams, dec'd son, 4) John Jackson & Eliza his wife, 5) Wm. Stokes [Stoks?] & Crissey his wife, 6) Franklin Adams, for Wm. Campbell, 7) John Adams for Wm. Campbell, 8) Thomas Stokes & wife Betsy Ann [GG, p. 162/163]

137. Graham Bishop, had a bastard child by Clarkey Norris, 1833 [GG, p. 164]

138. Lot #___, Alexander Evans gin house, 1833 [GG, p. 165]

139. Wm. Rogers, dec'd. to dau. Elizabeth Rogers [GG, p. 166]

140. Lemuel Deberry graveyard [GG, p. 167]

141. Charles Rollings to John Rollings, Sr. [GG, p. 169]

142. Jenkins old landing on little Contentnea Creek [GG, p. 169]

143. John Rollings, Sr., to son John S. Rollings [GG, p. 170]

144. Joseph Cox to son John Cox, dau. Sally Cox, 1833 [GG, p. 170]

145. Mary Cox to son Benjamin Cox; to granddau. Jemima Cox, dau. of Wm. Cox; to dau. Penny Cox, 1834 [GG, p. 171]

146. John Baldree heir of Richard Baldree, dec'd. Also Dicey Baldree? [GG, p. 171]

147. Hardee Cox land [GG, p. 172]

148. Alfred Moore of Greene Co., 1833 [GG, p. 174]

149. Joel Tison's dwelling house, now lives, 1833 [GG, p. 174]

150. Guilford Murphy, Sr., of Crav. Co. to grandson? Wm. S. Murphy of Pitt Co.; mentions Wm. S. Murphy, dec'd. [GG, p. 175]

151. John and Jane Bland [GG, p. 176]

152. Sarah Flannigan, guardian of John Flanigan, minor; sells part of tract owned by late Thomas Flanagin, dec'd. 1833 [GG, p. 177]

153. Lacy Robinson, dec'd land [GG, p. 177]

154. Shem Tyson, dec'd., land [GG, p. 178]

155. James Mayo, dec'd. land; mentions heir [GG, p. 180]

156. Andrew Muckleroy, negro binds himself to Frederick Haddock for 99 yrs., 1830 [GG, p. 181]

157. Cockburn Wilkerson and Benoni M. Wilkerson, executors of Benjamin Wilkerson, Sr., dec'd., of Pitt Co., 1833 [GG, p. 18_?]

158. Lots #13/14 [GG, p. 186]

159. Lot #111 [GG, p. 186]

160. Lot #58 [GG, p. 187]

161. Samuel Baldree heir of Richard Baldree, dec'd; Dicey Baldree [GG, p. 189]

162. Woody Moore, dec'd., and wife Preseley Moore, to dau. who md. John Dunsford (his 1st wife, 1833; also, 3 minor heirs of Woody Moore: Sally Ann Moore, Delitha Moore and Woody Ann Moore [GG, p. 190]

163. Hosea Barnhill and Phennicy his wife [GG, p. 191]

164. Div. of land of Jacob Rogers, dec'd, 1833; heirs: 1) Hillary Moore & wife Polly, 2) Moses Jones & wife Anna, and 3) John Rogers & Elizabeth Rogers, minors by guardian Isaac Joyner [GG, p. 193]

165. Horse of Dr. Mason [GG, p. 193]

166. Stephen Kight land [GG, p. 195]

167. John Evans (carpenter) [GG, p. 195]

168. Jesse Roundree, Sr., dec'd, to heirs John S. Brown and wife Sally [GG, p. 197]

169. Mary Teal to children: Micajah Teal, Tammy E. Teal, Kimmy Teal, Newmons Teal, Drury Spain & wife Delitha, John McAphee & wife Gatsey, 1833 [GG, p. 198]

170. Lot #1 [GG, p. 199]

171. Benjamin Franklin Jenkins, dec'd., to heir John Jenkins [GG, p. 200]

172. Mary Armstrong, dower, widow of Caswell Armstrong, 1833; Round Island tract in Beau. Co.; share in land of Slade Pearce [GG, p. 202/203]

173. Sarah Moore, dower, widow of Kennedy (Canady) Moore, 1832 [GG, p. 203]

174. Henry Smith land; Sally Kight land; John Coart land [GG, p. 204]

175. Nancy Highsmith, dower, widow of John Highsmith, 1832 [GG, p. 205]

176. Nancy Whitehurst, dower, widow of Wm. Whitehurst, 1833 [GG, p. 205]

177. Sarah Flannigan, dower, widow of Thomas Flannagan, 1833 [GG, p. 206]

178. Clary Rogers, dower, widow of Jacob Rogers, 1834 [GG, p. 206]

179. Moses Harris to son Harvey Harris [GG, p. 207]

180. Land of Wm. Turnage, dec'd, given to heirs of Balaam Bell ____ [illegible] John Deans heir, 1833 [GG, p. 208]

181. George Forrest, dec'd., to heir(s?) Samuel Forrest, Thomas J. Forrest [GG, p. 208]

182. Lot #48 [GG, p. 02????]

183. Annis Moore of Pitt Co., power of attorney to Alexander Brinkley, Jan. 24, 1833 [GG, p. 210]

184. Samuel Elks, dec'd. to son Jacob Elks [GG, p. 210]

185. Willis Willson, Jr., admin. of estate of Willis Wilson, Sr., dec'd., 1834 [GG, p. 212]

186. Thomas Tison, dec'd, gave to Washington Tison, and Sarah, wife of James Parker, land bounded by land of Louisa, wife of Gideon Ward, and bounded by Margaret Tison; 1834 [GG, p. 213]

187. Heirs of Polly Wallace and of John Wallace, both of Pitt Co.: 1) George E. Wallace of Clarborne Co., Mississippi, 2) Margaret E. West and 3) Abraham Sheppard (both of Dallas Co., Ala.), and 4) Wm. Wallace of Lowndes Co., Ala.; 1830 [GG, p. 215]

188. Wm. D. Cobb, Irvin Briley and Sarah his wife (Sarah sister of Wm. D. Cobb) [GG, p. 216]

189. Joseph W. Worthington of New Bern, 1834 [GG, p. 217]

190. Div. of land of John Fleming, 1833; heirs: 1) Lovey M. Fleming, 2) John S. Fleming, 3) Benj. F. Fleming, and 4) Felicia Ann Fleming [GG, p. 218]

191. Div. of land of Wm. Boyd, 1833; heirs: 1) Alexander Brinkly, trustee of Rachel Nelson, wife of Alfred Nelson, 2) Robert Boyd [GG, p. 219/220]

192. Robert F. Lanier and wife Elizabeth Mary Ann of Talbot Co., Georgia. Elizabeth (nee Campbell), granddaughter of Wm. Clark, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; 1834 [GG, p. 220]

193. Benjamin Briley property; gig maker (or trimmer) & blacksmith (Dutch oven); 1834 [GG, p. 221]

194. Lot #30 in Snow Hill, lot #89 in Greenville, of Benj. B. Stancil [GG, p. 224]

195. Lots 13/14, John Hodges to Nymphus (or Nymphia?) A. Price [GG, p. 227]

196. Joseph Books Plantation, owned by Wilks Brooks [GG, p. 230]

197. George W. Steptoe, had house on lot of Wilks Brooks, used as a doctors shop; also 1 horse, 1 piano forte; 1834 [GG, p. 230]

198. Reading S. Blount, Clerk of Superior Court; 1833 [GG, p. 231]

199. Elbert Moye, alive in May 1834 [GG, p. 233/235]

200. Edward Salter to daughter Mary [GG, p. 233/236]

201. Elizabeth Taft, admix. of Elias Taft, dec'd. [GG, p. 236]

202. John Moye to John Anderson; 1830 [GG, p. 237]

203. James Parker, had lumber and unfinished work timber in a shop; gig maker tools; 1834 [GG, p. 239]

204. Samuel English land [GG, p. 240]

205. Jacob Harris to son Silvanus Harris [GG, p. 241]

206. John Whitehead to son Robert Whitehead, dau. Patsy Griffin, wife of Josiah Griffin [GG, p. 243]

207. Charles Jenkins, dec'd, to son George W. Jenkins [GG, p. 244]

208. Richard Smith, dec'd. to heir, Margaret Duvan [GG, p. 246]

209. David Hatton, dec'd. of Pitt Co., had 4 children; son Samuel Hatton of Beau. Co. [GG, p. 248]

210. Calvin S. Bowers house [GG, p. 249]

211. Land in Pitt Co., Grant of Thomas Roper [GG, p. 250]

212. Wm. Adams, dec'd., heirs: Franklin Adams, and his sister Arcena; 1832 [GG, p. 251]

213. David Hatton, dec'd., to daughters Sarah and Elizabeth [GG, p. 251]

214. Wm. Williams of Greene Co., also John Williams [GG, p. 254]

215. Heirs of Ricky Moore [GG, p. 255]

216. Richard Carney store; 1834 [GG, p. 257]

217. Stephen H. Martin of Wayne Co., Ga., and/or Telfair Co., Ga.; Power of Attorney to James Highsmith. Martin was an heir of John Highsmith of Pitt Co., dec'd, adm. by Moses Highsmith [GG, p. 258]

218. Benj. Eubanks of Thomas Co., Ga., Power of Attorney to James Highsmith. Eubanks was heir of John Highsmith, dec'd. [GG, p. 258]

219. Harvey Mills and Hollway Mills, brothers? [GG, p. 259]

220. Archibald Tyson, Spt. 2, 1834 [GG, p. 261]

221. Joel Wingate to grandson Henry Wingate [GG, p. 262]

222. Joel Wingate to grandson Wm. Wingate [GG, p. 263]

223. Frances Kinsaul land [GG, p. 264/266/267]

224. Richard Hodges land [GG, p. 265]

225. John Cherry, dec'd. to daughter Peggy Daniel, Wm. Daniel heir; 1834 [GG, p. 267]

226. Simon Nobles to dau. Mary Ann Jones [GG, p. 268]

227. Gideon Ward and wife Louisa (Tyson), dau. of Thomas Tison, dec'd.; Margarette Tyson, dec'd. [GG, p. 270]

228. Red Banks land sold, adjoining the land of Margaret Speir, where the Free Will Bapt. meeting house now stands; $10, 1 acre on N. side of Tar River; Archibald Parker to Howell Hearn, Jacob Utley, Shadrack Rogers, John Clark, James Speir and Robert Hatton; Nov. 1, 1834 [GG, p. 270]

229. Tafts upper and lower store; 1832 [GG, p. 272]

230. Speirs, Barber Creek, John Barber, Sr., to son Noah Barber, dau. Penelope Speir [GG, p. 272/273]

231. Allen Tyson oned lot #33; 1835 [GG, p. 274]

232. Lots #47, 48, other property of Joshua Ewell [GG, p. 275]

233. Isaac Parker and Elizabeth his wife [GG, p. 276; ca. 1835]

234. James Sheppard Sheriff in 1821; Warren Wallace, constable [GG, p. 278]

235. Fred. Mills, Sr., to son Fred. Mills, Jr. [GG, p. 278]

236. Louisa Brown to dau. Dorcas Almeda Brown; 1834 [GG, p. 279]

237. John Dixon, dec'd, to heir Nancy B. Harvey of Beau. Co. [GG, p. 280]

238. Elizabeth Ellis to dau. Elizer Ellis; 1834 [GG, p. 280]

239. Simon Mills and Susannah his wife, dau. of Charles Smith; 1834 [GG, p. 280/296]

240. Wm. Adams, dec'd, to son John Adams [GG, p. 281]

241. John Dixon, dec'd., to heirs Sophia Dixon and Polly Dixon, both of Bft. Co [GG, p. 281]

242. Abraham Tison, dec'd., to heir Polly Tison; Gideon Allen owned, John B. Baker mentioned [GG, p. 282]

243. Tugwell land [GG, p. 283]

244. Giles Matthews to dau. Sally Lawrence, dau. Polly Matthews, dau. Nancy Pilgreen of Georgia, son Burrell Matthews and son Jonathan Matthews; 1835 [GG, p. 285/286/287/288]

245. James S. McKennie of Wayne Co., NC [GG, p. 292]

246. Priscilla Moore to son Alfred Moore [GG, p. 293]

247. Land called Turkey Pen Ridge [GG, p. 295]

248. John McAffee and wife Gatsey, her former husband was Jordan Womble [GG, p. 296]

249. Allen Elks, dec'd., heir Lanier Buck and Sally his wife [GG, p. 296]

250. Wm. Elks, dec'd., heir Lanier Buck and Sally his wife; Crafton land; 1835 [GG, p. 299]

251. Phama Harris, dec'd. [GG, p. 299]

252. Edith Lanier of Beau. Co.; Warren E. Cannady (Kennedy) married an hier of Wm. Hodges, dec'd. [GG, p. 301]

253. Gray family; mill [GG, p. 302]

254. Wm. Mills to Urias Elks, Robert Dixon and Jordan Cox, trustees of Free Will Bapt. Church; meeting house to be built at Xroad between Wm. and Harvey Mills for $5, 1 acre; Aug. 17, 1831 [GG, p. 303]

255. Shadrack Herrington and wife Argent [GG, p. 305]

256. Fishey Johnson's dower, widow of James Johnson; 1834 [GG, p. 307]

257. Levina Smith, dower, widow of Lazarus Smith [GG, p. 308]

258. Charlotte Corbett, dower, widow of Bryan Corbett; 1834 [GG, p. 311]

259. Div. of land of Jacob Teal, 1834; heirs: 1) Bynum Teal, 2) Drury Teal, 3) Amos Teal, and 4) Howell Teal [GG, p. ?]

260. Div. of land of John Rogers, 1834; heirs: 1) Charles Rogers, 2) Charles Rountree and wife Mary, 3) "other minor heirs" [GG, p. 313]

261. Swift Creek Bridge [GG, p. 316]

262. Allen Edwards, turpentine still; 1835 [GG, p. 318]

263. Div. of land of James May, Oct. 3, 1819; heirs: 1) Adams May, 2) Susanna May, 3) John May, 4) Howell May, 5) Drury May, and 6) Hardy May [GG, p. 322]

264. John Edwards land [GG, p. 323]

265. Lot #47 [GG, p. 324]

266. Wm. Clark, Sr., to Henry McKenny, tavern, 2 1/2 lots, lots #125/137; May 5, 1835 [GG, p. 325]

267. James Albritton to daughter Nancy Elizabeth Albritton; 1835 [GG, p. 327]

268. Wm. Whitehurst, dec'd, John Whitehurst is guardian of orphans [GG, p. 327]

269. Noah Tyson to daughter Elizabeth Stocks; Feb. 12, 1834; wit. by Alfred Stocks [GG, p. 327]

270. Wm. Forrest of Greene Co. [GG, p. 329]

271. Timothy Harris to sons Richard Harris and Kenyan Harris [GG, p. 329]

272. Fenneta Williams, dower, widow of Robert Williams, Jr. [GG, p. 330]

273. James Staton to son McGilbery M. Staton; Lemuel Perkins Jr. and wife Elizabeth, former wife of the said James Staton [GG, p. 331]

274. Alonzo T. Jenkins and wife Sarah (nee McIlwaine), grand. of Lewis Cannon [GG, p. 332/333]

275. Brooks Old Place [GG, p. 334]

276. James Albritton, Planter; the Harmon May tract, his children: James May, Albritton May, Alvania May; 1835 [GG, p. 330]

277. Thomas Latham to (son?) Samuel Latham [GG, p. 338]

278. Michael Coward of Greene Co., 1818 [GG, p. 340]

279. Judith Forbes to granddau. Mary Deliver Forbes, dau. of Alfred Forbes; Jan. 25, 1834 [GG, p. 341]

280. Willis Randolph to (son-in-law or grandson?) William Summerel of Edge. Co. [GG, p. 343]

281. Sally Martin tract [GG, p. 344]

282. Heirs of Brittain Williams [GG, p. 345]

283. Elbert Moye, alive on Feb. 14, 1834 [GG, p. 345]

284. John Moore, executor of Wm. Moore; lower Carney tract; 1835 [GG, p. 347]

285. Lemuel Barnhill and Lesena his wife (or Lysnah) [GG, p. 348]

286. Susan Hart (nee Daniel), wife of Wm. Hart, was heir of Thomas Daniel, Sr., dec'd.

287. Elizabeth Stocks, dower, widow of Benj. Stocks [GG, p. 349]

288. Lot #2 [GG, p. 352]

289. James Highsmith and wife Ann, heir of Everett Pollard, dec'd. [GG, p. 352]

290. Edy Tucker, dower, widow of Arden Tucker; Dec. 5, 1834 [GG, p. 353]

291. C. W. C. Cannon and wife Rebecca, heir of Wingate land; Polly Wooten, share in Wingante land, and Arthur Wooten [GG, p. 354]

292. Ira and Elizabeth Cannon, share in Wingate land [GG, p. 356]

293. Benjamin Bell, heir John Bell; Bell graveyard [GG, p. 355]

294. Bryant Corbett, dec'd., widow Charlotte Corbett [GG, p. 359]

295. Lot #145/146, Wm. Clark's brickyard [GG, p. 362]

296. Lot #144 [GG, p. 363]

297. Stephen Herrington and wife Ann Eliza [GG, p. 363/364]

298. Clarks Tavern to Henry McKenny [GG, p. 364]

299. Haunted branch [GG, p. 367]

300. Van Norden family, Louisa Jones family, Bryan, and Blackledge [GG, p. 369]

301. Crandell Little land, heirs: 1) James Little, 2) Lewis Gray Little, 3) George Little's heirs, 4) Wm. Newman's heirs [GG, p. 370/376]

302. Lot #14 [GG, p. 373]

303. Hannah Harris to son Harvey Harris and Moses Harris [GG, p. 374/376]

304. Lot #55 [GG, p. 375]

305. Louise Witherington, widow of Robert Witherington [GG, p. 376]

306. Allen Kittrell and wife Sally [GG, p. 376]

307. Col. John Hardy Graveyard [GG, p. 383]

308. Bull Island [GG, p. 387]

309. Harriot Little, widow of James Little, dec'd.; children: Lewis G. Little, Elizar Ellis, Delia Ann Little, and Francis Little [GG, p. 389/390]

310. Samuel S. Whitley, clerk of Master and Equity [GG, p. 390]

311. Whitney J. Forrest, 2 children: George B. Forrest, Sarah D. Forrest [GG, p. 391]

312. Reading S. Blount, Clerk of Superior Court [GG, p. 392]

313. Peter Rives, Sr., dec'd. to dau. Olive Hardee, wife of Charles S. Hardee; also to his wife, Lucy Rives; Lot 69 mentioned [GG, p. 393]

314. Lots #112 and 55, J. J. Brickle lots[GG, p. 396/397]

315. Carolus Dixon, dec'd (son of Edward Dixon, dec'd) to brother John C. Dixon; beside Strawberry Hill land [GG, p. 397]

316. Lots #79, 55 [GG, p. 399]

317. Ivey Foreman family [GG, p. 400]

318. Lemuel Perkins, Jr. (son of James Perkins) and wife Elizabeth had daughters: Amy McKinny Perkins and Patience Elizabeth Perkins [GG, p. 400]

319. Reading Blount family [GG, p. 401/402]

320. Lots #3/25/26/38/39, owned by Sarah A. Howell (Howard) [GG, p. 407]

321. Richard Carson md. 1st _____ Tison, dau. of Moses Tison, Sr.; Dec. 8, 1835 [GG, p. 408]

322. Ransom Buck and wife Mary, heirs of Benjamin Venters, dec'd [GG, p. 411]

323. Wm. and Susan Hart of Greene Co., dau. of Robert Daniel of Pitt Co., she is heir of Thomas Daniel, Sr. [GG, p. 411]

324. Stanley Griffin of Gibson Co., Tenn., grandson of James Griffin of Pitt Co., dec'd. [GG, p. 415]

325. Epps Spain land [GG, p. 415]

326. Marriage contract, Oct. 22, 1835, Pamela Armstrong to John A. Pouncey [GG, p. 417]

327. Heirs (unnamed) of James Sheppard, dec'd; will probated May 1834; mentions petition of James McKenne and wife (heirs?) [GG, p. 419/424]

328. Wm. Hardee, Sr., to son John Hardee, Jr. [GG, p. 421]

329. Richard W. Harris, brother to Henry F. Harris [GG, p. 422/435]

330. James Hardee, brother to John Hardee [GG, p. 422]

331. Wm. Edwards, grant of 1718 [GG, p. 423]

332. Lot #1 of Lany Parramore to Elisha Braddy [GG, p. 426]

333. Former land of Wm. Moye, dec'd.; Willie Brown to Arnold Taft [GG, p. 429]

334. Allen Elks, dec'd., land [GG, p. 432]

335. John Brown and Clarrisa Brown, and James S. Pelt and wife Elizabeth, all of Posey Co., Ind.; all right in land of John Little, dec'd., to Thomas H. Brown of Posey Co. [GG, p. 436]

336. Cason Moore, son of Cason Moore, dec'd; 1835 [GG, p. 436]

337. Henry Haywood and Evarilda his wife of Greenville, dau. of Elias Taft, dec'd. [GG, p. 437]

338. Jesse Rountree Sr. to dau. Winny Brown; Wm. Barber, heir of James Powell, dec'd.; James Shivers and Repsey his wife, heirs [GG, p. 438]

339. Mineral Spring near Tafts [GG, p. 439]

340. Land of Martin Nelson, dec'd, related: 1) Alfred Nelson, 2) James F. Edwards and wife Mary G. Edwards, 3) Nashville Nelson, 4) Martin Nelson, 5) Margaret Nelson [GG, p. 440]

341. Elizabeth Shingleton had a bastard child; 1835 [GG, p. 440]

342. Winston Powell, dec'd., owned lot in Snow Hill, to his heirs, 1/5 James & Repsey Shivers (Warren Wallace had store on lot [GG, p. 441]

343. Wm. Shivers and wife Elizar, 1/5 right to Winston Powell, dec'd [GG, p. 442]

344. John S. Osborne and wife Nancy (nee Moore), heir of Abel Moore, dec'd; 1835 [GG, p. 443]

345. Div. of land of Lewis Smith, dec'd, 1835; heirs: 1) Phenia P. Smith, 2) Lanier Griffin and Sally his wife, 3) John Smith, 4) James S. Smith, 5) Abner Smith, 6) Elizabeth M. Smith, 7) James Griffin and wife Rebecca [GG, p. 444]

346. Lots #37/51/52/63/64/27 [GG, p. 445/445]

347. Col. Oliver Prince, dec'd., graveyard, 1824 [GG, p. ?]

348. Henry Haywood, former copartners of Elias Taft, dec'd; wife Evarilda was dau. of Elias Taft; 1835 [GG, p. 447]

349. Div. of land of Benjamin Venters, dec'd; 1835; heirs: 1) Benjamin Venters, 2) Zachariah Gardner and wife Susana, 3) John F. Smith and wife Argent, 4) Mary Venters, dau. of Samuel Venters, dec'd., 5) Amilla Venters, 6) George Washington Venters, 7) Ransom Buck and Mary his wife (maps)] [GG, p. 430/431]

350. Some property of Goold Hoyt, 1 large flat [GG, p. 448/449/452]

351. Thomas Whitley, dec'd, to son Smithwick Whitley [GG, p. 454]

352. William Bright related to Gatlin Bright [GG, p. 456/459]

353. All related: Charity Wooten and husband John W. Dawson; Elizabeth Cannon, wife of Ira Cannon; Polly Wooten, dec'd; Wm. Wooten, dec'd.; and Charles Wooten [GG, p. 456]

354. Edward Salter to Wm. Watkins, Feb. 10, 1730; Robert Boyd, dec'd, to dau. Mary Ann (md. Nasby Mills, Jr.), related to Samuel Boyd and Susannah Boyd [GG, p. 457]

355. Samuel D. Cherry, son of Wm. Cherry, dec'd, and Laney Cherry; 1836 [GG, p. 459]

356. Commissioners of Greenville, May 2, 1832: John C. Gorham, Benj. Stancill, Henry Chamberlain, Edmond A. Daniel, and Marshal Dickinson, sold to Wm. Bernard. The act of Gen. Assembly 1828, gave them permission to sell the graveyard lot not enclosed and occupied by graves, to sell unoccupied part (3 parts), lot #3 (part 3) of Graveyard lots. Graveyard lot on lot 103 [GG, p. 461]

357. Another deed for lot (part 2) of Graveyard lot, Nw corner [GG, p. 462]

358. Daniel Hopkins of Edge. Co. to son Henry A. Hopkins of Pitt Co.; 1834 [GG, p. 463]

359. Lot #75 [GG, p. 463]

360. Josiah and Shadrach Wooten related [GG, p. 464]

361. Archibald Adams, dec'd.; Nancy Adams, extrx.; 1829 [GG, p. 464]

362. Lot #89, 1835 [GG, p. 465]

363. Lot #77, adj. lot of Macon Moye, Esq.; S/half [GG, p. 466]

364. Elias Taft, son of Elias Taft, dec'd; store goods [GG, p. 466]

365. Lewis Edwards of Shelby Co., Tenn, Aug. 26, 1835, sold his Godfrey Stancill land, and Adam and Samuel Albritton lands; Power of Attorney to Luke Albritton [GG, p. 467]

366. Marshal Dickinson sold Wm. & Jesse Moye land, land he bought of Warren Hart, 1809, and from Robert and Peggy Leslie, 1809. [GG, p. 468]

367. Solomon Ewell and wife Mary, to sons John Ewell and Dennis Ewell [GG, p. 469]

368. Velitia Johnson, dower, 1835, widow of Charles Johnson [GG, p. 477]

369. Lots #25/26 [GG, p. 478]

370. Martha Little, dower, Dec. 2, 1835, widow of James Albritton, now wife of John G. Little [GG, p. 479]

371. Road from Flat Swamp to Bethel meeting house [GG, p. 487]

372. Lot #38 [GG, p. 481]

373. Edmond C. Moore, heir of John Cason (of 1782); 1835 [GG, p. 482]

374. Arnold Taft, copartner of Elias Taft, dec'd [GG, p. 483]

375. Lots #144/145 [GG, p. 484]

376. Lots #62/50 [GG, p. 485]

377. Div. of land of Samuel Speirs (one of the heirs of John Speir), Dec 20, 1835; heirs: 1) Frances E. Speir, by James Speirs her guardian, 2) Bunt (Blount) Speir [GG, p. 486]

378. Cannon Johnson and Rebecca his wife [GG, p. 487]

379. Blount Speir [GG, p. 488]

380. Lot #39 [GG, p. 489]

381. Wm. Taylor and wife Delila; Whitney Nichols [GG, p. 491]

382. Div. of land of James Johnson, dec'd, 1835; heirs: 1) _____, 2) to heirs of Charles Johnson, dec'd., 3) James Johnson, 7) to Wm. Summerall and wife Mary, 8) Robert Johnson; Lots #1/4/5/6/and 9 to minor heirs [GG, p. 492/493]

383. Property of Reuben Davenport [GG, p. 493]

384. Dr. Jesse Randolph, Jr., lot #128, S/W part, half of lot #140 (list of his patients) [GG, p. 494]

385. Rufus Daniel of Weakly Co., Tenn., Power of Attorney to Josiah Daniel of Pitt Co.; land descended to Rufus from Thomas Daniel, dec'd. [GG, p. 498]

386. Cason Moore, Insolvent, 1836 [GG, p. 500]

387. Mary Armstrong, admix. of Caswell Armstrong and guardian to Pamilla Pouncy and Wm. H. Armstrong; Armstrongs upper seine hole and lown (?); Wm. Galloway leased seins Jan. 1, 1837 thru Jan. 1, 1840 [GG, p. 504]

388. James S. Moore and Lydia Moore [GG, p. 505]

389. Wm. Andrews to son George W. Andrews [GG, p. 507]

390. Blount & Ferrell, lot #23 [GG, p. 508]

391. Joshua Nobles to son Johnson Nobles; Joel (Jolly) Braxton to son Felix Braxton, 1836 [GG, p. ?]

392. Fanny Hatton, mother of John Hatton, Richard Baldree & wife Dicey, Jacob Moore & wife Jane, Sintha Hatton, Reuben Hatton; 1822 [GG, p. 511]

393. Lot #89, Henry Haywood to Equilla Bennet [GG, p. 514]

394. Richard Harris, dec'd, to heir Ormond Harris; Susannah his wife, 1/7 [GG, p. 518]

395. Cockburn Wilkerson of Pitt Co., for love & affection, to Cynthia Ann, Felicia, S. B. Jackson, Winny C. Brown of Edgecombe [GG, p. 519]

396. Sally Williams, dec'd, her heir Betsy Bryant; Elizabeth Perkins, wife of Lemuel Perkins, Jr., related [GG, p. 520]

397. Willis James, dec'd., to dau. Mary Ann (md. Elisha Taylor), and to dau. Nancy Marina (md. Jordan Taylor of Beau. Co. [GG, p. 522/524]

398. Div. of land of Clement Shivers, 1836; heirs: 1) Wm. Shivers, 2) Luther Shivers, 3) Riggen Shivers, 4) Smith Shivers Harris, 5) James Shivers [GG, p. 525]

399. Div. of land of Major Jefferson, 1836; heirs: 1) Wm. Jefferson, 2) Thomas Jefferson, 3) John Jefferson, 4) Readmond Jefferson, 5) Robert Jefferson [GG, p. 527]

400. Sarah McLendon, dec'd. (nee Joyner) to sons Joel McLendon and Jesse McLendon, both of Henderson Co., Kentucky; Isreal Joyner of Pitt, dec'd., to dau. Sarah; 1835 [GG, p. 530]

401. James Averett of Edge. Co., to dau. Clary Manning; Clary's daus.: Harriot Merina and Levina Manning. Levina md. John Moore of Pitt Co. [GG, p. 532]

402. Jacky Ann Pope, dau. of John Adams, dec'd. (Frizzle) [GG, p. 534]

Book HH

403. Richard E. Tison of Perry Co., Ala, appts. Allen TIson of Pitt Co., Power of Attorney; land owned by Allen Tison then to Allen's dau. Zelotas, July 12, 1836 [HH, p. 4]

404. Bond of Archibald Parker, Clerk of County Court [HH, p. 5]

405. Bond of Henry Chamberlain, Clerk of Superior Court, Sept. 7, 1836 [HH, p. 5]

406. Bond of Walter Hanrahan, Clerk and Master in Equity, Sept. 7, 1836 (HH, p. 9]

407. Carr Stokes and Mary his wife; Carr was heir of Alpheus Stokes, dec'd. [HH, p. 10]

408. Patchell Well land, S/side of Clayroot swamp [HH, p. 11]

409. Lot #89, houses, John Hodges lot [HH, p. 13]

410. James S. Clark, Sheriff, 1827 [HH, p. 14]

411. Dolly Moore, dower, widow of Norcott Moore, dec'd; on S/side of Hunting Run [HH, p. 15]

412. James Perkins, heir of Lemuel, Jr., and Elizabeth Perkins; Aug. 2, 1836. Children of Lemuel and Elizabeth: 1) James J. Perkins, 2) Ann McKenna Perkins, 3) Patience E. Perkins. Mentions Churchill Perkins, attorney for Lemuel Perkins, Jr.; land formerly owned by Sally Williams, dec'd., descended to Betsy Bryan and others. [HH, p. 16/17]

413. Henry F. Harris and John S. Kennedy of Pitt Co., Harris & Kennedy Co. [HH, p. 20]

414. Willis Wilson, Hutson Causway and Berry Causway, all mentioned on Turkey Knot Swamp, 1836 [HH, p. 20/21]

415. Red Banks Creek, Wm. Bryant's grist mill [HH, p. 22]

416. John Barnhill, Jr., and wife Dicey [HH, p. 23]

417. Lot #89, southern part; Sherrod Tison and Wm. H. Sheppeard [HH, p. 24]

418. Lot #101 [HH, p. 24/25]

419. Silas Tyson to dau. Lunicy Frizzle, negroes, July 21, 1836 [HH, p. 25]

420. Noble Stancil to dau. Nancy Ann Louann (Laurence?) Highsmith [HH, p. 27]

421. Wm. Hardee to son Nashville Hardee, land on deep Branch, adj. lands of John Hardee, Jr. Another tract on Clayroot, on W/side of main road which leads from Tafts Store to New Bern, formerly Richard Harris land; May 16, 1836 [HH, p. 29]

422. Anny Spell to brother Richard Johnson [HH, p. 30/31]

423. Walter Hanrahan to Winnefred Harris for $1, 1 acre on which is recently bult a log house, on laurel branch; Apr. 7, 1836 [HH, p. 31]

424. Sally Ann Howard to Richard Carney and George Colmer, lots #25/26, lease of 10 yrs., from Jan. 1, 1835 [HH, p. 33]

425. Luke Albritton to Reading Bell, the Sandy Hill Tract [HH, p. 36/37]

426. Anna Spell, widow of John Spell, to brother Richard Johnson [HH, p. 38/39]

427. Shadrack Wooten; Wm. Wooten and Luther Shivers of Madison Co., Tenn; Riggen Smith; May 1836 [HH, p. 40]

428. James Barow and Bennett Barrow, minor heirs of John Barrow, dec'd., Susannah, widow [HH, p. 42]

429. Div. of land of Thomas House, July 19, 1836; heirs: 1) Garret House, 2) Archibald House, 3) David House, 4) Benjamin Crisp and Charlotty his wife, 5) Adam Fleming and Harriot his wife [HH, p. 43]

430. Lot #101, Oct. 31, 1836; building, Peter T. Goelet [HH, p. 46]

431. David Sutton and Susanna his wife, to Willie Nobles; lot #7 in Div. of land of Allen Tison, dec'd. [HH, p. 48]

432. Taft & Clark Co. (Arnold Taft) [HH, p. ?]

433. Israel B. Hutchins interest in lots #7/18/19/103/107/108/119/120/131 [HH, p. 52]

434. Richard E. W. Tison of Perry Co., Ala., Aug. 22, 1836; Power of Attorney to Allen Tyson; sold to Lemuel Tyson; ____ (illegible) land, Zelotas Tyson sold to David Sutton, Jr.; land conveyed to sd. R. E. W. Tyson by David Sutton, Jr., on Mar. 10, 1834 [HH, p. 53/54]

435. Benj. Briley to son Bennett Briley [HH, p. 35]

436. Levin Turnage of Green Co.; Cullen Tripp of Pitt Co. [HH, p. 57]

437. Whitmill Moore, dec'd., Ricky Moore [HH, p. 57]

438. James W. Gaylord of Washington, Beau. Co., Mar. 14, 1836, to Lemeul and Elizabeth Tyson of Pitt Co. [HH, p. 59]

439. Nancy Robinson to son Amos Braddy, 1819 [HH, p. 60]

440. Godfrey Stancill to son Jesse Stancill [HH, p. 61]

441. Part of lot owned by Pattent Knox, Thomas D. Mason, now occupied by Henry Dockey; Lot #89, John Hodges to Lemuel Perkins, Jr.; Jan. 1834 [HH, p. 64/65]

442. Godfrey Stancill to son Allen Stancill; 1836 [HH, p. 68]

443. John Boyd, Sr., to sons Abner and John, Jr.; 1836 [HH, p. 71]

444. Gen. William Clark, Sr., of Pitt Co., appts. Benjamin F. Eborn Power of Attorney to sell his land: 1) 1 farm on Tranters Creek, known as Piney Grove; 2) 1 lot in Greenville, #146; 3) land in Beau. Co.; Oct. 7, 1835 [HH, p. 74]

445. Jacky Ann Pope of Greene Co. to Joshua Frizzle; land in Pitt Co. on Little Contentnea Creek; Aug. 25, 1836 [HH, p. 77]

446. Robert Baldree, heir of Richard Baldree [HH, p. 79]

447. Benoni M. Wilkinson of Pitt Co.; Crossroad at Bethel Meeting house; Apr. 17, 1836 [HH, p. 83]

448. John Bryan to son-in-law Jesse Thomas [HH, p. 85]

449. Norfleet Harrison [HH, p. 85/86]

450. John C. Gorham to dau. Emily E. Jordan, wife of Henry C. Jordan, lot #55; Aug. 36 [HH, p. ?]

451. Nobles Stancill to dau.? Lucretia Highsmith [HH, p. 89]

452. Lousia Tyson, dau. of Thomas Tison, dec'd.; she md. Gideon Ward; Nov. 7, 1836; 1/4 part of land allotted to Margaret Tison, not divided [HH, p. 92]

453. Abraham Smith to dau. Jemima (md. Samuel W. Jones) [HH, p. 94]

454. Abraham Congleton to Simon Congleton; Sheppards Mill Pond--Clementina Congleton, wife of Thomas Sheppard; Mar. 5, 1836. Simon Ann Congleton and Clementine Sheppard were children of Simon Congleton [HH, p. 97]

455. Rachel Tison to Allen Tison, guardian of Lydia Tison, Oct. 10, 1834; a negro [HH, p. 98]

456. Wm. Hardee, Sr., to son Allen Hardee; said Wm. son of John Hardee [HH, p. 100]

457. Marriage contract: John House to Sarah Briley, widow of Wm. Briley (had children); Oct. 20, 1836 [HH, p. ?]

458. Shadrack Rogers to dau. Mary (md. Willoughby Nichols [HH, p. 103/104]

459. Bryant Brand of Greene Co., Alabama, appts. Samuel Moore of NC his attorney; by right of wife Lydia, an heir of Allen Tyson, dec'd; Jan. 7, 1837 [HH, p. 105]

460. Wm. and Sally Bell's son, John Bell; 1837 [HH, p. 106]

461. Lot #101, of Lambert P. Beardsley to John Moy (May) on which he had a store; Mar. 25, 1837 [HH, p. 107/108]

462. Wm. Hardee, Sr., to son Franklin Hardee; road leads from Tafts Store to Swift Creek Bridge [HH, p. 109]

463. Lots #31/43, houses; July 15, 1831. To Henry Chamberlain from Absley Telfair, David C. Freeman & wife Emily, Wm. Carrington and wife Elizabeth, all of Beau. Co., NC, and Alexander Telfair of Johnston Co., NC [HH, p. 110]

464. Moye devisors? [HH, p. 118/119]

465. Howell Albritton, High Sheriff; June 3, 1834 [HH, p. 124]

466. Moses Harris to son Dawson Harris; related to Stanley Harris, Major (Isaac) Harris, James Harris [HH, p. 127]

467. Alexander Evans, dec'd; Nathan Hooker, Augustus Evans (executors) and Dolly Ann Evans (extrx.); Feb. 8, 1837 [HH, p. 128]

468. Miles Speir to John Leslie, Lot #96; Jan. 12, 1829 [HH, p. 129]

469. Lots#83/95; Jan. 5, 1814 [HH, p. 133]

470. Lots #84/20 [HH, p. 134]

471. Lots #9/10/21/22 [HH, p. 135]

472. Emeline Smith, wife of John Jones; she remarried to Wm. Smith. In division of land of Mary and John Jones were James Spear and Sophia Mary Eliza Jones (md. Bazzel Floyd) [HH, p. 136]

473. Mercer D. Wilson [HH, p. 140/141]

474. Henry Barfield and Patsy (Martha) Barfield of Greene Co. (she was dau. of Richard Jordan), to brother Jonathan Jordan; 1834 [HH, p. 144]

475. 1/6 part of lot #69 [HH, p. 147]

476. Southern half of lot #77 [HH, p. 148]

477. Div. of Susan & Rebecca Darden, dec'd.; heirs: Jethro Warren & wife Elizabeth to their dau. Zelota Williams [HH, p. 151]

478. Lot #38, building [HH, p. 152]

479. Lot #40 [HH, p. 154]

480. Div. of land of Moses Tison, dec'd., Nov. 1836; heirs: 1) Elizabeth Tison, 2) Moses Tison, 3) Lambert Beardsley and Jacky Ann his wife [HH, p. 158]

481. Aaron Tice (Tison) Allen [HH, p. 161]

482. Bridge across Bexley swamp; mill of Frederick Johnson [HH, p. 164]

483. Elisha Porter to son-in-law Wm. Hopkins [HH, p. 166]

484. James Staton plantation; had 2 children: McGilbrey and Alvania (or Alivana) M. (she md. Henry S. Clark) [HH, p. 168]

485. Lot #7 (2) deed [HH, p. 172]

486. Wm. McLeadon, Joel McLeadon, and Jesse McLeadon, heirs of Sally Windol (nee Joyner) who was heir of Isaac Joyner, also of Martial Joyner and John Joyner. Elizabeth Tison, heir of Isaac Joyner. Dec. 1836 [HH, p. 173]

487. Will of Arthur Forbes, 1823, to son Archibald Forbes [HH, p. 174]

488. David House and brother Thomas House [HH, p. 176]

489. Samuel Simpson to granddau. Sarah Frances Biddle [HH, p. 177]

490. John Newton, Sr., to son John, Jr. [HH, p. 178]

491. Lot #110/121/122 [HH, p. 179]

492. Gideon Pettit to granddau. Jemmima Pettit [HH, p. 179]

493. Fannie Hatton, widow of John Hatton, dec'd., to son Reuben Hatton [HH, p. 183]

494. Lots #9/10/21/22 [HH, p. 184]

495. Lot #115 of Benj. Bell to Amos Joyner [HH, p. 185]

496. Thomas Hardee and wife Eliza of Pitt Co., heir of John Rice of Lenoir Co., NC. Eliza was dau. of Susannah, wife of John Rice; 1835 [HH, p. 193]

497. Wm. Murphey of Pitt Co., and his sister Susan Murphy of Crav. Co., distributors of John R. Murphy, dec'd., a legatee of will of John Rice of Lenoir Co.; Wm. S. Murphey & Susannah his wife, sd. Susannah a dau. of Susannah Rice. Susannah Rice, a legatee under will. Also 1) Mathew H. Carr & Sally of Greene Co., 2) Joseph L. Bryan and Alice of Crav. Co., and 3) Shadrach Wooten and Mary of Pitt Co. (three sisters) were heirs of John R. Murphy, and daughters of Wm. S. Murphy [HH, p. 195]

498. George Moore of Crawford Co., Ga.; Aug. 17, 1836 [HH, p. 197]

499. Robert Boyd's mother was Rachel Nelson; 1836 [HH, p. 202]

500. Patent Knox lot #89; northern half of southern half now occupied by Mrs. E. Bennett [HH, p. 203]

501. Abraham Smith's heir, Betsy Atkinson, md. Aaron Atkinson [HH, p. 205]

502. Lots #51/52/63/64, owned by David Smith [HH, p. 207]

503. Lazarus Smith to dau. Nancy Smith; 1829 [HH, p. 210]

504. John Rollings to son-in-law Kinchen Barnhill; 1830 (Anny Barnhill) [HH, p. 211]

505. Tavern in Greenville, lots #125/137; 1829 [HH, p. 212]

506. Edward C. Laughinghouse to son Wm. J. Laughinghouse; 1836 [HH, p. 214]

507. John Atkinson's store [HH, p. 216]

508. Abel Moore land [HH, p. 224]

509. Marriage contract, Aquilla S. Bennett (female) md. to Benj Bell on Dec. 24, 1836; lot #89 [HH, p. 242]

510. Margaret Speir to (son?) Blount Speir [HH, p. 245]

511. Cason Moore, had land of Jolly May, dec'd. [HH, p. ?]

512. Joshua Frizzle of Greenville, bought land of Jacky Ann Pope, widow of Samuel D. Pope. Cannon Johnson, Lewis Johnson, md. dau. of John Adams who was Jacky Ann Pope? (Roger, this one doesn't make sense!) [HH, p. 250]

513. Richard Allen and wife, heir of Josiah Laurence [HH, p. 253]

514. Amos Joyner to son Marshall Joyner [HH, p. 254]

515. Elizabeth Cherry, dower, widow of Jesse W. Cherry; 1837 [HH, p. 258]

516. Selah Moore, dower, widow of Jordan Moore; 1837 [HH, p. 259]

517. Nancy Eubanks, dower, widow of John Eubanks [HH, p. 260]

518. Elizabeth Crisp, dower, widow of Samuel Crisp [HH, p. 261]

519. Rachel Moye, dower, widow of Elbert Moye, dec'd; Feb. 15, 1837; Sarah Catherine Moye, heir at law of Elbert Moye [HH, p. ?]

520. Tar Riber Bridge; 1837 [HH, p. 262/263]

521. James Powell to dau. Arcena Moore (md. Wm. Moore) [HH, p. 266]

522. John Buck to dau. Argent (md. John Prescott [HH, p. 267]

523. Elizabeth Harmon to son Nicholas Harmon [HH, p. 269]

524. Absalom Saunders to grandson Robert A. S. Carr [HH, p. 269]

525. Lots #25/26 [HH, p. 270]

526. Brittain family [HH, p. 271]

527. Div. of land of Thomas Allen; 1837; heirs: 1) John Sutton and wife Julia, 2) John Allen, 3) Martha Allen, 4) Wm. Allen, 5) James Allen [HH, p. 272]

528. Wm. Foreman and Martha Foreman, formerly Martha Arena Griffin, of Gibson Co., Tenn., appoints John Harris of Pitt Co. Power of Attorney. Martha A., child of Joseph Griffin, dec'd.; July 15, 1837 [HH, p. 274]

529. Carr Stokes, heir of Alpheus Stokes [HH, p. 276]

530. Lots #123/124/135/136 [HH, p. 280]

531. Menan Powell and Charles J. Powell, minor heirs of James Powell, dec'd. Warren Wallace md. Phebe Powell, dau. of sd. James Powell [HH, p. 281/282]

532. About Benjamin Belcher [HH, p. 285/286]

533. Susanna Pope, now wife of John Williams of Georgia; she related to Lucinda Tugwell and Mary Davis [HH, p. 299]

534. Marriage contract, Allen Nettles and Claodisha S. Moye [HH, p. 291]

535. Bryant and Lydia Brand of Perry Co., Ala., to Allen Tyson; part of estate of Allen Tyson, dec'd.; Lydia was dau. of sd. Allen Tyson, dec'd. 1/4 part of seine hole about 1/2 mile below the town of Greenville on S/side of Tart Riber and S/side of Tysons Run. May 1837 [HH, p. 292]

536. Wm. D. Moye, Clerk of Superior Court, bound; Sept. 5, 1837 [HH, p. 295]

537. John Ellis, son of Henry Ellis, dec'd, and Elizabeth Ellis, dec'd. [HH, p. 297]

538. John Adams to dau. Rebecca (md. Cannon Johnson) [HH, p. 300]

539. Thomas Cannon to grandson Caleb Cannon [HH, p. 301]

540. Wm. Hardee to son-in-law John Moore, dau. Penny Moore [HH, p. 30_?]

541. Lot #129, dwelling house of Margaret Duvall [HH, p. 305]

542. Jonathan Kittrell and wife Rebecca; she was heir of Ormand Knox [HH, p. 306]

543. Gen. Hardee Smith house; Starky Bell, Luke Albritton [HH, p. 308]

544. Abel Thomas, dec'd., his heirs were Wm. and Robert Thomas; Pole Cat poccosin [HH, p. 314]

545. Fanny Odum to nephew John W. Edwards, son of Wm. and Rachel Edwards [HH, p. 317]

546. Goelet lots #137/125; tavern of John B. Goelet [HH, p. 330]

547. James T. Quartemus md. Rutha Atkinson [HH, p. 332]

548. Jesse Griffin, dec'd, heirs: Joseph B. Griffin of Washington Co., and Dempsey H. Latham and wife Marina. Also Wm. Rollings, only child of Reuben Rollings [HH, p. 335]

549. Britts mills, family Paxtons [HH, p. 338]

550. Simon Taylor to son Samuel Taylor [HH, p. 348]

551. Lot #74, Front & Washington St.; 1837 [HH, p. 350]

552. James Teel to Micajah Teel; ca. 1837 [HH, p. 352]

553. Wm. Newman got tree for mast of Privateer Hawk of Washington on Tranters Creek [HH, p. 354/359]

554. S/side of Grindle Creek, Burton Island [HH, p. 355]

555. Lots #125/137, John B. Goelet's tavern [HH, p. 357]

556. Thomas Daniel plantation [HH, p. 361]

557. Major Harris, dec'd., heirs:1) John Harris, 2) Jesse Bell and wife Julia, 3) Wm. Speir and wife Marina, 4) James Whichard and Adaline [HH, p. 362/363]

558. Shadrack Rogers to son Stephen Rogers [HH, p. 364]

559. Abel Thomas, dec'd., heirs Kenyon Downs and Juliana Downs [HH, p. 365]

560. Arthur Whitehurst to son Alfred Whitehurst [HH, p. 368]

561. John Whitley to son Wm. H. Whitley [HH, p. 369]

562. Arthur Thomas and Elizabeth Smith, heirs of Abel Thomas, dec'd. [HH, p. 371]

563. Martha Moore, dower, widow of Benjamin Moore, Oct. 3, 1837 [HH, p. 37_?]

564. Related: Alfred S. Darden, Wm. S. Darden and James William & Joseph Ann Elizabeth Williams, his wife [HH, p. 376]

565. Div. of land of Benj. Moore, dec'd, Oct. 30, 1837; heirs: 1) Henry Moore, 2) Randolph Moore, 3) Lydia James, wife of Clifton James, 4) Enoch Moore, 5) Ashley Moore, 6) Samuel Moore, 7) David Moore [HH, p. 381]

566. Brittain Edwards to granddau. Cloe Ann Galloway [HH, p. 382]

567. Richard E. W. Tison of Pitt Co., to Allen Tison [HH, p. 402]

568. Seth Tison and Laney Tison to son Moses Tison to Lemuel Hardy of Greene Co., NC. Also Elizabeth Hardee, wife of Lemuel Hardy (also grantors?) [HH, p. 406]

569. John Tyer and Mary his wife [HH, p. 408]

570. Wm. Stewart's mill [HH, p. 409/412]

571. Charles Smith and mother's house [HH, p. 417]

572. James Tyer to son Lindley Tyer, Mar. 7, 1836. George Tyer plantation, and Joll Moye land [HH, p. 418]

573. James Tyer to son Thaddeus Tyer, Jan. 1, 1836 [HH, p. 418]

574. Lot #38 [HH, p. 419]

575. Benjamin Moore, Wm. Moore, Levicy Ruttledge (formerly Nobles), and John Moore, all of Wayne Co., Ga., and all heirs of Caleb Moore, formerly of Pitt Co., NC. Land from estate of Cloe Moore, dec'd., and of Hannah Moore, dec'd. [HH, p. 422]. Also, they sell rights to James S. Moore. [HH, p. 428]

576. Marshall Dickinson of Greenville, Jan. 25, 1838, to Patten Knox of Greenville; 1 acre near Greenville including the frame of a building erected by sd. Dickinson out of the timber of the old court house, the land being lots #4 and 8 of new addition laid off adj. S/side of Greenville. S/E corner of lot #24 of sd. town, running S/W [HH, p. 424]

577. James T. Quartemus md. _____ Atkinson, granddau. of Jesse Roundtree; her mother was Mary Atkinson. [HH, p. 429]

578. Lot #14; Wm. Bernard to Henry Haywood [HH, p. 431]

579. Lot #25/26; lease [HH, p. 432]

580. Moses Harris to sons Wm. and Dawson Harris [HH, p. 433]

581. Solomon Ewell and wife Mary, to sons John and Dennis Ewell [HH, p. 436]

582. Whitmeal Moore, descended to Wm. Moore 1/9 part of seine hole on N/side of Tar River. Wm. Moore of Greene Co. to Francis Brooks. Dec. 9, 1837 [HH, p. 437]

583. James Tyer to dau. Martha Ann Tyson [HH, p. 440]

584. Nancy Little, dower, widow of Wm. Little; 1837 [HH, p. 441]

585. Lots #25/36 [HH, p. 442]

586. Susan Stocks to son Alfred Stocks [HH, p. 443]

587. Strawberry Hill land, of Col. James Gorham [HH, p. 444]

588. Adams/Nelson family [HH, p. 447]

589. Upper and lower seine hole at Grimesland [HH, p. 449]

590. Land in Pactolus District, on main road from Washington to Greenville [HH, p. 450]

591. C. Perkins & Ralston [HH, p. 451]

592. John Dudley's mother was sister of John Cherry of Pitt Co.; sd. John Dudley's father was Irvin Dudley and his brother was James Dudley [HH, p. 452/453]

593. Sarah Davis, former wife of Drury Grimmer [HH, p. 456]

594. Wm. Willoughby son of John Willoughby, Sr. [HH, p. 456]

595. Tarkiln on Jesse Tyson's land, made by Southy Fulford [HH, p. 468]

596. Lewis Smith family [HH, p. 470]

597. Hugh P. Burney family [HH, p. 473]

598. Cobb and Thigpen mill [HH, p. 473]

599. Div. of land of Bryan Corbett; heirs: 1) Kinchen Corbett, 2) Redmond Corbett, 3) Willie Corbett, 4) Allen Corbett [HH, p. 474]

600. Div. of land of John S. Evans; heirs: 1) Abner Evans, 2) Ira Evans, 3) Elias Evans, 4) John Evans, 5) Amos Evans, 6) Cornelius Evans, 7) Wm. Evans [HH, p. 475]

601. Noah Tyson to dau. Senetty Turnage, wife of Levin Turnage; Feb. 11, 1834 [HH, p. 476?]

602. Simon Nobles, dec'd., heirs: Simon J. Jones and wife Mary Ann, and Joshua Ewell [HH, p. 477/478]

603. Randolph Moore, son of Benj. Moore; Jacob Moore house; Adam Albritton house [HH, p. 479]

604. Jacob Rogers to dau. Polly, wife of Hillary Moore [HH, p. 479]

605. Churchill Moore land [HH, p. 480]

606. Lots 49/61 [HH, p. 481]

607. Samuel Albritton, dec'd., to son Benjamin B. Albritton [HH, p. 481]

608. Gardner Moye to David Sutton, Sr.; slave; Sept. 22, 1817 [HH, p. 482?]

609. Henry McKenne to John B. Goelet, tavern, lots #125/137 [HH, p. 483]

610. Lots #49/61 [HH, p. 483]

611. Alfred L. Brown, son of James Brown and Clary; graveyard [HH, p. 486]

612. Sylvanus Harris, brother of Wm. Harris; also brothers Hood Harris and James Harris [HH, p. 488/495]

613. Anna Spell, sister of Richard Johnson [HH, p. 492]

614. Div. of land of David Sutton; heirs: 1) dau. Trisha Ann Sutton, 2) Henry Sutton, 3) Benjamin Sutton, 4) James and Elijah Sutton and 5) Noah Sutton. [HH, p. 496]

615. Hearne Mills, Richard & Kader Randolph [HH, p. 497?]

616. Wm. Grimmer & Vilette, dau.? of Howell Hearne [HH, p. 498]

617. Churchill Keel, heir of Abel Moore [HH, p. 499]

618. Jesse Rountree to heirs Benjamin Brown and wife Winaford Brown [HH, p. 501]

619. Four lots in Greenville, #65/66/67/108, Sarah Brickell lots [HH, p. 502]

Book II

620. Aaron T. Allen, dec'd., Sept. 8, 1838; property of Cullen Nichels [II, p. 1]

621. Jehu Sermon property [II, p. 2]

622. Wm. A. S. Lanier, heir of Robert Lanier, dec'd. [II, p. 4]

623. Warren Kennedy and Harriet A., his wife [II, p. 5]

624. Paxtons/Sparkman Britt's mill [II, p. 8/9]

625. George S. Wallace to son George W. Wallace; 1836 [II, p. 9]

626. Drewry Mayo (May?), heir of James May, dec'd. Sd. Drew had brohter Howell May, son of James May; 1835 [II, p. 10]

627. Wm. H. Campbell sells land of Wm. Adams, dec'd. [II, p. 12]

628. Lemuel Barnhill & wife Lizina [II, p. 12]

629. Stephen Brooks land to Holland Johnson, share of Thomas Gwaltney, dec'd., heirs [II, p. 14]

630. Edmund and Enoch Davenport related [II, p. 15]

631. Samuel Hatton of Beau. Co., had brother Robert Hatton, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; related to Sally & Elizabeth Hatton of Pitt; 1838 [II, p. 15]

632. Frances Evans (female), and Margaret Evans, heirs of Richard Evans, dec'd.; 1832 [II, p. ?, ca. 17]

633. Susan Wingate, dower, widow of Joel Wingate [II, p. 19]

634. Alfred Moore and Mary Forrest, both of Greene Co., had 2 (1/2) parts of seine hole N/side of Tar, descended to them by Whitmael Moore, dec'd.; Dec. 8, 1837. They sold to Allen Hardee and Francis Brooks, both of Pitt Co. [II, p. 19]

635. Alexander Brinkley, dec'd., May 28, 1838 [II, p. 20]

636. Joseph W. Worthington of New Bern to daus. Lucy Ann Worthington and Louisa Blount Worthington, land I got from marriage to their mother in Pitt Co., Tenn. and Ohio [II, p. 21]

637. Lot #7 [II, p. 21]

638. James Tucker, heir of Benjamin Tucker, dec'd. [II, p. 22]

639. James Dudley, heir of Irvin Dudley, both heirs of John Cherry, dec'd. [II, p. 23]

640. Lot #73, Mrs. Nancy Merrils, sold to Elizabeth Quartemus, at her death to son James T. Quartemus [II, p. 23/24]

641. Land of John Brinkley, Sr. [II, p. 24/25]

642. Cannon Johnson, son of Hardee Johnson & Catherine Johnson [II, p. 25]

643. Lot #15 [II, p. 26]

644. Land of Hardy May [II, p. 27]

645. Drury Grimmer, dec'd., wife Sarah; she remarried to _____ Davis [II, p. 29]

646. Property of Hillary Cannon [II, p. 29]

647. Samuel Moore and Mary Moore to neice Susan Caroline Wiggins; Oct. 16, 1838 [II, p. 31]

648. Lot #146 [II, p. 32]

649. Sally Jones, now wife of Samuel Boyd [II, p. 34]

650. Susan Adams, widow of Wm. Adams, dec'd. [II, p. 35]

651. John Jones to dau. Rebeccah (md. Benjamin Cory) [II, p. 35]

652. James S. Clark, dec'd., to son Samuel Clark [II, p. 36]

653. Sarah Hopkins, widow of Wm. Hopkins [II, p. 36]

654. Edward Gardner, son of Jesse Gardner [II, p. 37]

655. All related: John W. Stephenson, Thomas W. Stephenson, Hardy Stephenson, Wm. F. Stephenson, John Causey & wife Elizabeth, Wm. Lewis & wife Aseneth, and John Tye (Tyer?) & wife Mary; Feb. 15, 1838 [II,p. 37]

656. Edward Quinerly, dec'd., 1837 [II, p. 38]

657. Cannon Smith to son Oliver Smith [II, p. 38]

658. John Wilson, dec'd., heirs: Elizabeth Mills, James Wilson, Daniel Wilson, Jemima Wilson (sold shares to Wm. Wilson, Jr.), John Cox & wife Dicie Cox, and Lewis Wilson; Aug. 15, 1834 [II, p. 42]

659. Samuel Moore and Mary Moore to neice Harriot Wiggins; Oct. 16, 1838 [II, p. 42]

660. Cannon Smith to son Major B. Smith; 1838 [II, p. 44]

661. Samuel Moore to Thomas M. Wiggins [II, p. 45]

662. Harmon Mayo land; heirs James Mayo and Albritton Mayo [II, p. 47]

663. Sherrod Tyson, Sr., and Jr.; mill [II, p. 47]

664. Abel Smith, dec'd., heirs: 1) Seintha Smith, 2) Polly Smith, 3) Pheobe Smith, 4) Margaret Smith [II, p. 48]

665. James Sutton and Thomas Buck, both of Beau. Co. [II, p. 49]

666. Churchill Mills, heir of Brittana Dixon and Rody Dixon [II, p. 49]

667. Wilks Brooks for natural love & affection to James Monroe Johnson and Dennis Cannon Johnson [II, p. 51]

668. Lot #146 [II, p. 51]

669. Nancy Flanakin, dower, widow of James Flanakin; May 4, 1838 [II, p. 53]

670. Irvin Dudley, lived in Pactolus Dist., on Greenville to Washington road; 1839 [II, p. 54]

671. Joseph Harris, heir of Penelope Harris, dec'd. [II, p. 54?]

672. John Pollard to son Enoch Pollard [II, p. 55]

673. Robert Dixon, dec'd., will written Aug. 13, 1836; to Brittania Dixon (d. intestate, no issue), Rhoda Dixon (mother of the other heirs?), Lanier Dixon, John Dixon, Churchill Mills and Holland his wife, and James Mills and Sally his wife. [II, p. 55/56]

674. Susanah Brinkley to John Moore; 1/9 part of seine hole descended to Susanah from Whitmael Moore; Nov. 3, 1838 [II, p. 57]

675. Samuel Moore and Mary Moore to nephew Thomas M. Wiggins; Oct. 16, 1838 [II, p. 57]

676. Alexander Harper of Greene Co. to son Edward Harper of Pitt Co.; Jan. 1836 [II, p. ?]

677. Div. of land of Richard Baldree, dec'd; Dec. 6, 1837. Heirs: 1) Henry D. Cason & wife Fanny, 2) Elizabeth Baldree, 3) Robert Baldree, 4) Cynthia Baldree, 5) Furnifold Baldree, 6) John Baldree, 7) Samuel Baldree, 8) Wm. Baldree, and 9) Richard Baldree [II, p. 58?]

678. Sarah Hopkins to son Wm. Hopkins [II, p. 58]

679. Div. of land of James R. Hardee; Sept. 20, 1828; heirs: 1) Bryan Cox & wife, 2) John R. Hardee, 3) Sidda Hardee, 4) Thomas Ryals & wife, 5) Aly (Aby) Hardee, 6) David Phaling & wife, and (7 Othenial Tripp & wife [II, p. 59]

680. Edmond Davis, dec'd., to neice _____ (md. Jordan Payne of Desoto Co., Miss.); proved by Hanselton Payne, Sherrod Tyson; July 18, 1838 [II, p. 60]

681. Warren Moore of Alachua Co., Fla., Power of Attorney to Arden Moore of Pitt Co.; share of estate of Reading Moore, dec'd.; Dec. 5, 1838 [II, p. 6_?]

682. Wm. Speir & wife Marina of Chambers Co., Ala., heirs of Major Harris, dec'd., to Blount Speir [II, p. 63]

683. Rachel Harris of Meriweather Co., Ga., appts. husband Joseph Harris Power of Attorney; sd. Rachel dau. of Major Harris, dec'd.; May 1, 1838 [II, p. 64/78]

684. Richard Carney, heir of Elizabeth Carney, dec'd. [II, p. 64]

685. Irvin Briley and wife Sarah, and Sally (Sarah) Cobb, were heirs of Wm. D. Cobb, dec'd., and of Elizabeth Cobb, dec'd. [II, p. 67]

686. Lot #19 [II, p. 6_?]

687. Arden Moore, executor of Reading Moore, dec'd.; Jan. 30, 1839 [II, p. 69/70]

688. George Daniel, dec'd., to heirs Lydia, wife of Moses P. Crisp [II, p. 71]

689. Sarah Hopkins to dau. Lazina Barnhill of Martin Co., wife of Lemuel Barnhill [II, p. 72]

690. Div. of land of Robert Williams, dec'd; Jan. 28, 1839; son Richard T. Williams, son Willis R. Williams [II, p. 73?]

691. Elizar Taft, dower, widow of Eddee Brown, dec'd; Dec. 19, 1838 (also called Louizar Taft, wife of Arnold Taft [II, p. 74/75]

692. Mary Keel of Martin Co. to son James Salisbury of Martin Co. [II, p. 75]

693. Heirs of Harmon Mayo, dec'd: James Mayo, Albritton Mayo, Alvania Little (nee May) [II, p. 76]

694. Noah Tison sold David Sutton, Sr., the Noah Tison mill; Oct. 28, 1829 [II, p. 77]

695. James Taylor, Sr., to son Isaiah Taylor [II, p. 79]

696. Polly Roberson, widow of Enoch Robinson, dec'd. [II, p. 80]

697. Henry Jones to son Simon Jones and dau. Abigail Garrett [II, p. 80]

698. Wm. Highsmith, heir of John HIghsmith [II, p. 81]

699. Jemima Murphy of Tupton Co., Tenn. [II, p. 83]

700. John Bowers, Sr., dec'd., land [II, p. 85]

701. Sarah Hopkins to 3 children: Cinderella Powell, Lezina Barnhill, and Wm. Hopkins [II, p. 85]

702. Lot #16 [II, p. 85]

703. James Mayo & wife Elizabeth; she was heir of John Teel [II, p. 87]

704. Lot #1 [II, p. 88]

705. Gracey Fulford to 3 children: Susan Fulford, Benjamin Fulford and Sarah Ann Fulford [II, p. 88]

706. Thomas English, dec'd., to heir Purnel Sermon; Jehu Sermon heir of Purnel Sermon; 1821 [II, p. 89]

707. Sophia E. Salter of Lounds Co., Miss; lot #77 [II, p. 90]

708. Warren Moore, son of Reading Moore [II, p. 91]

709. James Stokes and Sally Cox, related [II, p. 92]

710. Lot #7; Fenetia Barnhill and Godfrey Stancill, Jr., related [II, p. 92]

711. Robert Grimmer, Wm. Grimmer, and Drury Grimmer, sons of Drury Grimmer, dec'd.; Sarah Davis, widow [II, p. 93]

712. Thomas Dupree to son Redmond R. Dupree [II, p. 94]

713. John H. Burney, heir of Hugh P. Burney, dec'd [II, p. 95/99]

714. Lot #111; Polly Ann Bryan, Wm. H. Bryan, and John F. Bryan, all of Muscoge Co., Ga. [II, p. 97]

715. Charles Smith to granddaus. Susan and Lydia, dau.s of Winney and William Mills. [II, p. 97]

716. Arnold Taft to son-in-law Henry Horn, dau. Laurena Horn; lot #19 [II, p. 99/101]

717. Thomas Dupree to granddau. Mariana May, wife of Benjamin May; Jan. 22, 1839 [II, p. 100]

718. Property of Levin Briley [II, p. 102]

719. Thomas Willing, dec'd., to grandson John W. Stephenson, son of Hardy Stephenson [II, p. 102/103]

720. Meeting house acre, S/side of Tarr; little _____ (illegible) [II, p. 104]

721. John P. Harper & wife Mary of Greene Co., sd. Mary dau. of Charles Jenkins, dec'd.; Mary had brother Benjamin F. Jenkins, dec'd. [II, p. 105/107]

722. John Bugh (Pugh?) and wife Martha, heirs of Stephen Little, dec'd [II, p. 108]

723. Allen Jones, dec'd., widow Penelope; only son Simon J. Jones; Jan. 1, 1833 [II, p. 109]

724. Harris & Hathaways seine hole [II, p. 109]

725. Henry R. Congleton property; lot #74, his taylor's shop; mortgaged to John Congleton & Thomas Hanrahan [II, p. 110]

726. Thomas Roper patent of Aug. 10, 1720, N/side of Tar, both sides of Grindle Creek; Stewarts mill tract; store house of Hugh Telfair; Wm. Speir patent of Oct. 21, 1782 (250 acres known as Speirs Landing) [II, p. 111]

727. Sarah Hatton, and Robert Carney & wife Elizabeth, heirs of Robert Hatton, dec'd; dower of Mrs. Hatton, widow of David Hatton, dec'd. [II, p. 112]

728. Susannah Brinkley, heir of Alexander Brinkley, dec'd. [II, p. 113]

729. Edmond A. Prince of Greene Co., Ala., related to Julia A. Prince of Pitt Co. [II, p. 114]

730. Mary Ann T. Carney, heir of Thomas Carney, dec'd. [II, p. 117]

731. Nancy Flanikin, heir of James Flankin, dec'd. [II, p. 121]

732. Frances E. Selby to brother Richard Henry Selby, to sister Laura Jane Selby, and to sister Zelotus Selby; sd. Frances was son of Benjamin M. Selby. [II, p. 122]

733. Edward Dixon, son of Robert Dixon, was heir of Urias Elks, dec'd.; Charles Elks related [II, p. 124]

734. Wallace graveyard, George Washington Wallace [II, p. 124]

735. John Hathaway of Pitt Co., dec'd.; John Hathaway of Edge. Co., executor of David Hathaway of Halifax Co.; Dianah Hathaway related [II, p. 125]

736. Archibald House, heir (son?) of John House, dec'd. [II, p. 126]

737. Nancy Wooten, Arthur F. Wooten, and Charles Wooten, all related [II, p. 126]

738. Jesse & Mary Little, heirs of Wm. Little, dec'd. [II, p. 128]

739. Matthew Jordan & wife Nancy of Lenoir Co.; Benjamin Abbott [II, p. 128]

740. Amos Evans, dec'd.; July 1837 [II, p. 129]

741. Wm. Hardee, Sr., to dau. Edna (Ednea) Hardee7; 1836 [II, p. 130?] Clue: Edna (Edny) Hardee md. Harvey Galloway.

742. John Williams of Greene Co., to son-in-law Edward Harper; sd. John had son William Williams; 1837 [II, p. 131]

743. Lewis Bond of Edge. Co. to James Nelson; Bond's interest in estate of Martin Nelson, dec'd., Elizabeth Nelson, widow; 1833 [II, p. 132]

744. George Daniel, Sr., dec'd.; heirs: George Daniel, Treasy Little, Thomas Little & wife Elizabeth, and Moses P. Crisp & wife Lydia [II, p. 133]

745. Joseph Harris of Meriweather Co., Ga., brother of Wm. Harris, dec'd; 1838; Jacob Harris related [II, p. 133]

746. Wm. Hardee to son John Hardee; Apr. 1, 1839 [II, p. ?]

747. Patsy Keel, heir of Abel Moore, dec'd. [II, p. 135]

748. Charlotte Jefferson, dower, widow of John Jefferson [II, p. 136]

749. Jinny Clark, dower, widow of John Clark, dec'd. [II, p. 137]

750. Harris graveyard, N/side of Tar [II, p. 137]

751. Susan Brinkley, dower, 1839, widow of Alexander Brinkley [II, p. 138]

752. Martha Carson, dower, 1839, widow of Richard Carson; Grindle Creek [II, p. 139]

753. James Tyer to dau. Penelope Latham; 1829 [II, p. 139]

754. Absalom Saunders, dec'd., 1839, to heirs Macon Moye & wife Emily, and Mathew S. Carr & wife Sarah F. [II, p. 140]

755. Wyatt Moore & wife Mary [II, p. 141]

756. Starling Averitt, Jordan Averitt [II, p. 143]

757. Wm. Foran & wife Martha A. (Foreman?) (nee Griffin) of Gibson Co., Tenn., related to James Griffin [II, p. 145]

758. Hardee Smith ran Hardees mill [II, p. 146]

759. Levina Smith to daus. Lucey Smith and Elizabeth Smith; 1839 [II, p. 146]

760. Franklin Adams land [II, p. 149]

761. Luke Albritton, executor of Samuel Albritton [II, p. 149]

762. Lot #62 [II, p. 151]

763. Alfred Forbes, son of Arthur Forbes [II, p. 151]

764. Property of Clemmy Forbes [II, p. 152]

765. Joshua Harrell (Harrod), heir of John Hathaway, dec'd. [II, p. 152]

766. Benj. Bell, lots #21/133, to Daniel Arney and John S. Foreman [II, p. 155]

767. Abraham (Abram) Stocks to son Cannon Stocks [II, p. 156]

768. Sarah Davis's dower mentioned; Drury Grimmer and Wm. Grimmer, heirs; 1839 [II, p. 157]

769. Upper Telfair seine hole, John Norcott to Wm. Galloway; lower Armstrong seine hole; 1839 [II, p. 158]

770. Lot #78, Macon Moye to Lambert P. Beardsley; dwelling and smoke house; wall N/S through lot, storehouse, warehouse and stables; 1839 [II, p. 159]

771. Hardee G. Parker, 1/12 part of Conetoe mill [II, p. 159]

772. Pickney Hazzleton, son of John Hazzleton, dec'd. [II, p. 161]

773. Willie (Willa) Bullock, heir of late father, John Hathaway [II, p. 162]

774. Abram Stocks to son John Stocks [II, p. 163]

775. Benjamin Sutton, heir of Henry Sutton, dec'd., and of David Sutton, dec'd. [II, p. 164]

776. Henry D. Cason, heir of Richard Baldree, dec'd. [II, p. 165]

777. Dicey Baldree, heir of Richard Baldree, dec'd. [II, p. 166]

778. Benjamin Sutton was brother of Henry Sutton, dec'd. [II, p. 167]

779. Louisa Slaughter, dower, widow of Moses Slaughter; 1839 [II, p. 171]

780. Thomas H. Blount, heir of Sharpe Blount, dec'd; Wm. S. Blount, George L. Blount and Jacob Blount, sons of Sharpe Blount; Jarrels Landing on Contentnea Creek; 1823 [II, p. 172]

781. Div. of land of John Washington of Lenoir Co., Crav. Co.; heirs [II, p. 174/175]

782. George L. Blount, Blount Hall land; 1825 [II, p. 176]

783. Dorcas Braddy, dower, widow of Elisha Braddy; 1839 [II, p. 177]

784. Lot #29, house, smoke house, kitchen; George Stokes to Archibald Forbes; 1836 [II, p. 177]

785. Sarah Roach, dower, widow of Samuel J. Roach; 1839 [II, p. 178]

786. Judah Harris, dower, widow of Timothy Harris, dec'd; 1839 [II, p. 179]

787. Lot #27 [II, p. 179]

788. Ivey Foreman to son Wm., and to dau. Mary who md. Richard H. Lewis; the Moye Place, 1200 acres; 1839 [II, p. 180]

789. Arthur H. Johnson and Susan his wife; lot #29 [II, p. 181?]

790. Jordan Payne & wife Pernetty of Desoto, Miss., from our uncle Edmond Davis, related to Kinchen Davis [II, p. 182]

791. David Telfair land, James S. Clark heir [II, p. 183]

792. Yankee Hall seine hole, Wm. Bright, attorney for James N. Edwards (formerly owner of sd. seine hole), sold to Godfrey Langley; Feb. 23, 1839 [II, p. 183]

793. Henry Arnold, son of Thomas Arnold [II, p. 184]

794. Elizabeth Carrington of Beau. Co., heir of David A. Telfair [II, p. 185]

795. John Fornes to son Thomas Fornes [II, p. 186]

796. James Moore had sister Tisha Jolly; 1833 [II, p. 187]

797. Wm. Adams heirs were Thomas Stokes & wife Elizabeth [II, p. 188]

798. John McAfee, heir of Mary Teal; 1839 [II, p. 189]

799. Div. of land of Stephen Little; heirs: 1) John Bugh & Martha his wife, 2) Josiah Daniel, guardian of Julia Little, and 3) Lydia Little; 1835 [II, p. 190]

800. James Wooten to granddau. Priscilla (md. Robert Dilda) [II, p. 192]

801. Goodman Owens & wife Rachel [II, p. 192/193]

802. John Fornes of Craven Co., and Joseph Boyd & wife Nancy, related, heirs of Thomas Fornes [II, p. 193]

803. Wm. Moore, dec'd., heirs John Congleton & wife Elizabeth [II, p. 194]

804. Laveny Jolly [II, p. 197]

805. Lot #74, of John Congleton [II, p. 198]

806. Goold Hoyt & Brickle family [II, p. 199]

807. Whitney Nichols md. first Betsy Bentley, dec'd, and second to __? [II, p. 200]

808. Joel James to son Eason James [II, p. 204]

809. Hillary Cannon, heir of Thomas Cannon [II, p. 204]

810. Road from Greenville to Joshua Patrick's; road from Greenville to Greens mill; Richard Smith to heirs John E. Smith and Elizabeth Smith [II, p. 209]

811. David Sutton, Sr., to heir Benjamin Sutton [II, p. 210]

812. Caleb Nelson for love & affection to Josiah Nelson; 1840 [II, p. 210]

813. Joel James, Sr., to son Joel James, Jr.; 1839 [II, p. 211]

814. Eason Manning of Martin Co. [II, p. 212]

815. Benjamin Sutton, heir of Josiah Collins, dec'd. [II, p. 213]

816. Fred. Witherington, heir of Ambrose Witherington [II, p. 213]

817. Kinchen Corbett, son of Bryan Corbett [II, p. 214]

818. Caleb Nelson to son Henry Nelson; 1840 [II, p. 214]

819. Shadrack Jackson, heir of Wm. Wooten, dec'd. [II, p. 215]

820. John Taylor, Sr., to heirs Amariah Taylor and John Taylor [II, p. 215]

821. Lot #75 [II, p. 216]

822. John C. Gorham sells Strawberry Hill plantation, 450 acres with 1 acre graveyard, to James A. Dixon; Jan. 25, 1840 [II, p. 218]

823. Alexander Harper to son Edward Harper [II, p. 218]

824. Susan Wooten, dower, widow of Charles Wooten, dec'd. [II, p. 219]

825. Div. of land of Elisha Braddy; 1839; widow, Dorcas; heirs: 1) Benjamin F. Harris & wife Elizar, 2) James Braddy, 3) Jane Teal, granddau.; mentions Gwaltney seine hole [II, p. 220]

826. Mary S. Evans to dau. Lucy S. Slaughter; wit. by Theophilus Slaughter [II, p. 220]

827. Rules for upkeep of farm land, and leasing aplantation [II, p. 222]

828. Pill Tier Manning [II, p. 223]

829. Cat Hole on Conetoe Creek [II, p. 224]

830. Lot #38 [II, p. 224]

831. Div. of land of Allen Blount, dec'd; heirs: 1) Richard H. Blount, 2) E. G. Speight & wife, 3) E. J. Blount, 4) Allen Blount, 5) J. C. Blount, 6) Wm. C. Blount [II, p. 226/227]

832. Lots #107/108/119/120; father of John S. Foreman gave land to Warren Wallace (related) [II, p. 228]

833. Warren Wallace, 3 lots in Snow Hill [II, p. 229]

834. Thomas Whitley to son Smithwick Whitley [II, p. 230]

835. Sophia A. Bell's property, lot #34 [II, p. 232]

836. James Shivers, Riggen Shivers, and Justin L. Edwards & wife Smithy (nee Shivers), all of Madison Co., Tenn., were children of Clement Shivers, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; 1839 [II, p. 233]

837. John Bell, son of William (north of river) and Willie Bell (related) [II, p. 234]

838. Napoleon Crumwell of Sumpter Co., Ala., md. Charlotte House, dau. of John House of Pitt Co. [II, p. 234]

839. Alfred Moore of Memphis, Tenn, painter, gives Power of Attorney to Samuel Vines of Pitt Co.; 1838 [II, p. 235]

840. Nathan Hooker & July (Julia) Ann his wife; 1840 [II, p. 236]

841. Property of Lewis Wilson [II, p. 236/237]

842. Lot #139 [II, p. 239]

843. Newit E. Rogers (son of John Rogers) d. on Aug. 29, 1838, intestate; Newit's heirs: Charles Rountree & wife Mary, Charles Rogers, John Jenkins & wife Nancy Rebecca Jenkins by her father John Jenkins, Zilpha Rogers, Nancy Rogers, and Jonathan Rogers [II, p. 240]

844. John Norcott to Francis Brooks, Allen Hardee and John Moore; N/side of Tarr, Mnd Pt. seine beach [II, p. 241]

845. Thomas Arnold tract [II, p. 242]

846. Cannon Smith to dau. Malsey Smith; land patented by Dennis Cannon on Nov. 26, 1757 [II, p. 244]

847. Norfleet Tyer and Wm. Brinkley, both of Greenville; lot #7; Jan. 1, 1840 [II, p. 244]

848. Lot #19 [II, p. 245]

849. John Rollings to son Reuben Rollings [II, p. 247 (or 249?)]

850. Drury Grimmer, Mary Jane Davis, and Thomas Johnson Davis were children of Sarah Cummings; 1840 [II, p. 247]

851. Wm. Hardee, Sr., to son John Hardee, Jr.; 1839 [II, p. 248]

852. Jonathan Albritton had dau Asia (Asha) md. George Daniel; sd. Jonathan Albritton's grandchildren by another dau., City (Siddy) Albritton who md. Stanley Daniel, were: Robert Daniel, Benjamin Daniel, Joseph H. Daniel, Nancy Elizabeth Daniel, and Edward Daniel. Later deed mentions James Daniel, Sabina Daniel, Patsey Daniel, and George Daniel [II, p. 248/261]

853. John Leslie & wife; Mar. 1840 [II, p. 250]

854. Sarah Shivers, dower, widow of Shadrach Shivers [II, p. 251]

855. Arrita Anderson, dower, widow of Col. Reul Anderson; Nov. 22, 1839 [II, p. 252]

856. James Randolph, dec'd., plantation; heir Samuel Randolph [II, p. 253]

857. Bryan Grimes to John Cherry and Noah Jolley, a fishery place; 1836 [II, p. 253]

858. Reuben H. Jackson, heir of Willie Cannon, dec'd. [II, p. 254]

859. Guilford Haddock property [II, p. 255]

860. Charles Rollings to son John Rollings [II, p. 255]

861. Charles C. Cannon & wife Rebecca of Pitt Co., and Warren Bell of Lenoir Co., were heirs of Mary Wooten, dec'd. [II, p. 256]

862. Vincent Campbell & wife Sarah [II, p. 256]

863. Jacob Harris & wife Mary Ann Absley and Hanrahan Harris (or Mary Ann Ablsey Hanrahan Harris?), sold lower part of Leggett tract to Howell Albritton; 1840 [II, p. 257]

864. Lazarus Smith heirs and Luveny Smith heirs: Theophis Slaughter and Nancy his wife, Wm. Tucker and Elizabeth his wife, Ivy (Ira) Evans and Mary his wife, Bryant Nichols and Susan his wife, Joseph Smith, Lucy Smith, Henry Smith [II, p. 258]

865. Col. Samuel Vines, Sr., to dau. Clary who md. James Williams; 1840 [II, p. 260]

866. Cannon Smith, heir of Willie Cannon, dec'd. [II, p. 260]

867. Jonathan Albritton to dau. Asia (md. George Daniel, and to dau. City (md Stanley Daniel [II, p. 261]

868. Carr Stokes, heir of Alpheus Stokes, dec'd. [II, p. 261]

869. Eleazar Rogers, heir of ELizabeth Satterthwaite, dec'd (her property); sd. Eleazar related to Stephen Rogers; 1840 [II, p. 262]

870. Catherine Johnson, heir of Abraham Smith [II, p. 263]

871. Jacob Harris, one of 6 heirs of Wm. Harris [II, p. 265]

872. Jonathan Albritton to granddau. Nancy Elizabeth, dau. of City Daniel; 1840 [II, p. 266]

873. John Baldree, heir of Richard Baldree [II, p. 268]

874. David Sutton of Perry Co., Ala., gives Power of Attorney to John Sutton of Pitt Co.; sd. David an heir of Henry Sutton, dec'd; July 14, 1840 [II, p. 272]

875. Marriage contract, Susan Brinkley to Wm. Bates (she had children) [II, p. 27_?]

876. Cow Swamp mill of Wm. Elks [II, p. 279]

877. Wm. Harris, dec'd., to heir Elizabeth Williams, wife of George H. Williams [II, p. 281]

878. Benj. Bell sells 2 acres beside Greenville at Greene St. ext. [II, p. 282]

879. David Adams to son Bryant Adams; sd. David was brother of Absalom Adams [II, p. 283]

880. Van Noordens Bridge over Grindle Creek [II, p. 285]

881. Elizar Jones to niece, Harriot Holliway; sd. Elizar was sister of John Holloway; 1831 [II, p. 285]

882. May 12, 1840, Commisioners of Greenville: Walter Hanrahan, Nymhpas A. Price, Norfleet Yter, Dempsey S. Eason, and John B. Goelet, sold lot #73 to Tison & Co. [II, p. 286]

883. Lambert P. Beardsley of Greenville, lots #48/23, and land beside town; 1840 [II, p. 287]

884. Jonathan Frizzle to dau. Francis A. (md. Charles Rogers) [II, p. 288]

885. D. S. Perkins & D. W. Jordan Co. [II, p. 289]

886. David Adams to dau. Clarrisy Smith [II, p. 289]

887. Lots #35/36 [II, p. 290]

888. Lot #103, graves on lot 103 [II, p. 291]

889. Samuel Albritton to (sons?) Benjamin B. Albritton and James B. Albritton (who were brothers); Robert Hatton owned share of Benj. B. Albritton's share [II, p. 293]

890. David Adams to dau. Lydia Gaskins of Crav. Co. [II, p. 293]

891. Lot #12 [II, p. 294]

892. Road from Pactolus to Tarborough [II, p. 295]

893. Redmond R. Dupree, Margaret A. Dupree, James W. Dupree, and Lewis B. Dupree, all related to Lafayette Dupree [II, p. 295]

894. Los #23/48 [II, p. 296]

895. Patsey Freeman, dower, widow of Starkey Freeman; 1840 [II, p. 296]

896. Alex. Brinkly interest in seine hole [II, p. 297]

897. David Adams to dau. Lovey Chapman of Crav. Co.; also to dau. Sarah Roach of Crav. Co. [II, p. 298/300]

898. Lots #35/36 [II, p. 301]

899. Tamer Harris to granddau. Merina Ann Luly Nichols; 1840 [II, p. 302]

900. Div. of land between Churchill and Patsey Ann Moore (brother and sister?); July 20, 1840 [II, p. 30_?]

901. Thomas McDaniels of Greene Co.; he was a teacher; his library, something about silk trees; 1840. His accounts for tuition due on Oct. 30, 1840: Mathew Carr, Absley Carr, Esther Blount, Wm. Sermons, Wm. Darden, Wm. Forrest, Sr., Allen Stansell, Jesse Grimsley, Elizabeth Spivey, and Micajah Hart [II, p. 305]

902. Div. of Wm. Brooks, among: 1) Lewis Gwaltney and wife Prudy, 2) Wm. Hardee and wife Patsey, 3) Hollan Carroll, 4) Reading Bell & Patsey his wife, 5) Calvin Brooks, 6) Southy Brooks; Nov. 2, 1840 [II, p. 308/315]

903. James Congleton, dec'd., to widow Sally; had 5 daus, one being Bethula, wife of Reuben Gurganus [II, p. 309]

904. Thomas C. Hussey property, had wine [II, p. 312]

905. Wm. J. Willoughby property, turpentine [II, p. 313]

906. Reddick Pollard, heir of Turner Pollard, Sr., dec'd. [II, p. 315]

907. Benjamin F. Harris, 1/7 of heirs of Richard Harris, dec'd. [II, p. 316]

908. James Braddy, heir of Elisha Braddy, dec'd. [II, p. 317]

909. Ivey Warren, heir of John Hathaway, dec'd. [II, p. 318]

910. Wm. J. Blow, son of James Blow [II, p. 319]

911. Starkey Bell land; Gen. Hardee Smith house [II, p. 320; also p. 320/323]

912. Land called "Ether" of Wm. Mills [II, p. 322]

913. Luke Short land [II, p. 324]

914. Shadrach Rogers & wife Elizabeth, sd. Shadrach was son of Robert Rogers; Eleazer Rogers related [II, p. 325]

915. Hathaway seine (beside Francis Brooks's seine), 1/2 owned by Dinah Hathaway; 1839 [II, p. 325]

916. Lot #78, house [II, p. 326]

917. Lanier Griffin & Sally his wife [II, p. 329]

918. Abel Moore, dec'd., to dau. Absley Moore; Feb. 17, 1836 [II, p. 329]

919. John Sutton & wife Julia [II, p. 330]

920. Benjamin B. Albritton & wife; she was heir of Robert Hatton [II, p. 330]

921. Abraham Adams, Elizabeth Adams, Benjamin V. Smith, Argent Smith, Sarah Creshaw and Charles Creshaw, all of Shelby Co., Tenn., Power of Attorney to Dennis C. Smith; Aug. 14, 1840 [II, p. 339/341 (or 349?)]

922. Seth T. Belcher property [II, p. 340/341]

923. Property of Joseph W. Atkinson, sild [II, p. 342]

924. Marriage license: Hugh Telfair to Delia Ann Kinsaul; md. on June 6, 1840 at Yankee Hall residence of Hugh Telfair by JP Benjamin F. Eborn [II, p. 34_?]

925. Martha Tison, widow of Jacob Tison; Aug. 3, 1836 [II, p. 347]

926. Edith Lanier to dau. Lucilla E. Eborn, both of Pitt Co.; 1832 [II, p. 348]

927. Sovern Harris place, Fanny Harris bought of Moses Harris where Hood Harris lives [II, p. 349]

928. David Smith seine [II, p. 350]

929. Elizabeth Smith to son Wm. Smith [II, p. 351]

930. Goff seine hole, of Benjamin Cory, N/side of Tar [II, p. 351]

931. Lewis Cannon land, divided to Lewis C. McWain, and Sally McWain [II, p. 352]

932. John Jenkins to son Irvin Jenkins [II, p. 353]

933. Edward Gardner, son of Jesse [II, p. 355]

934. Road from John Joyner Xroad to Alfred Moye's [II, p. 358]

935. Lambert Beardsly house in county, Robert Knox house; 1841 [II, p. 358]

936. Salter/Dixon land [II, p. 361]

937. Samuel Albritton, dec'd, widow Tabitha; heir, Benjamin B. Albritton [II, p. 362]

938. Adam Albritton, dec'd, land purchased by Nancy Dudley; 1839 [II, p. 364]

939. Seth Tyson to dau. Laney Hardee, wife of Jesse Hardy; Lany is underage; Oct. 3, 1839 [II, p. 366]

940. Nasby Mills land [II, p. 367]

941. Mary (Polly) Cherry, dower, widow of John Cherry; 1840 [II, p. 367 or 368?]

942. Henry B. Moore [II, p. 368]

943. Jordan Moore, dec'd., 1837 [II, p. 368?]

944. Hodges Little in the Wm. Little, dec'd., house [II, p. 369]

945. Goff seine place, Warren Nobles sold to Willie Bell [II, p. 369]

946. Simon Keel plantation [II, p. 370]

947. Samuel Simpson, dec'd., land [II, p. 371]

948. Patrick Peadon land [II, p. 372]

949. Daughters of F. Loven, Jr., and wife Corcas: Susan, Rachel, and Rebecca. Walter Hanrahan gave the daughters property; 1839 [II, p. 372/373]

950. Wm. Elks, Jr., recently md. Elizabeth Parker, deed dated Oct. 24, 1839 [II, p. 373]

951. Abel Smith, dec'd., widow Synthia Smith; 1841 [II, p. 373]

952. Jacky Ann Beardsly, dau. of Moses Tison, dec'd., and wife of Lambert P. Beardsley [II, p. 374]

953. James Tyer to dau. Alley Joyner (md. Abraham Joyner; July 21, 1833 [II, p. 374]

954. Purnel Patrick and wife Lunica (dau. of Silas Tyson); Silas Tyson mill [II, p. 375]

955. Goff seine hole [II, p. 376]

956. Power of Attorney, Mary Elizabeth Carrington of Raleigh, NC, to Lewis P. Olds; 1839 [II, p. 377]

957. Abraham Cannon, dec'd, property [II, p. 377]

958. Willis (or Willie) Nobles, county surveyor; 1837 [II, p. 377]

959. Hatton seine hole beside Francis Brooks's seine hole [II, p. 378]

960. Jacob Moore land [II, p. 379]

961. Arden Hatton and John C. Gorham, both of Greenville, NC; lot #46; Nov. 5, 1840 [II, p. 379]

962. Div. of land of Jeremiah McGlawhorn; 1841; heirs: 1) Irvin Jenkins & wife Dicey, 2) Benjamin F. McGlawhorn [II, p. 380]

963. Property of Peter C. Ambrose, Cow Swamp mills; 1841 [II, p. 382]

964. Lot #126, John Sykes and wife Caroline (dau.? and heir of Mrs. Sarah Greene); grocery store [II, p. 383]

965. Lot owned by Tison, Beardsly & Sheppard occupied by James T. Quartermus as a shoe shop [II, p. 388]

966. Samuel Ralston of Pitt Co., gives Power of Attorney to Valentine S. Jordan of Pitt Co.; 1840 [II, p. 393]

967. Wm. Grimmer, son of Drury Grimmer, dec'd.; 1841 [II, p. 393]

968. Lots #116/152; Comm. of Greenville, Mar. 8, 1839: Daniel Arney, Wm. S. Bonner, James R. Hoyle and Henry C. Jordan [II, p. 394]

969. Wm. Adams, dec'd. to heirs: Wm. Elks, Sally Elks, Mary Ann Elks, Patsey Ann Elks, and Noah Elbert Elks [II, p. 397]

970. John Speirs land near Greenvile to Greenville Silk Company; Feb. 10, 1840 [II, p. 398]

971. Lemuel Kennedy and Mary Kennedy, children of David Kennedy, dec'd.; 1841 [II, p. 400]

972. Lot #115 [II, p. 400]

973. William Baldree patent of 1761 [II, p. 401]

974. Peter Albritton of Masoggee Co., Ga., owned land patented by James Cason in 1761, and James Albritton; land Peter inherited by death of father; land sold to Howell Albritton; Jan. 19, 1839 [II, p. 402]

975. Dorcas Braddy to dau. Elizar Harris; 1840 [II, p. 403]

976. Trecia Little, widow of Stephen Little, dec'd.; heirs: McGilberry Jolly and wife Lydia [II, p. 405]

977. Wm. Adams dec'd. to dau. Polly Elks; Wm. Elks, Jr., son of Polly Elks, dec'd.; 1839 [II, p. 405]

978. Jolly Mayo land [II, p. 406]

979. George S. Wallace and wife Jane to son Warren Wallace; 1841 [II, p. 406/407]

980. Tison, Beardsly & Sheppard, Flating Company & flat [II, p. 410]

981. Property of Reddick Carney [II, p. 411]

982. Robert Hatton, dec'd. to heirs: Willie T. Mobley & wife, Robert Hatton and John Hatton [II, p. 414]

983. Wm. D. Moye elected Clerk of Superior Court; Sept. 1841 [II, p. 415]

984. Lots #9/10/21/22/35/36/23/48/4/8; Lambert Beardsly property [II, p. 416]

985. Jacky Ann Beardsly, dau. of Moses Tison, dec'd. [II, p. 418]

986. James & Thaddeus Tyer sell all land to Wm. Lindley Tyer; 1840 [II, p. 419/420]

987. Henry Smith to dau. Ritty Adams; 1840 [II, p. 421]

988. Div. of land of Abraham Tison, dec'd., mentioned: John B. Baker, Gideon Allen, and Polly Tison [II, p. 422/430]

989. Lots #123/124/135/136, Edwin H. Goelet land [II, p. 424]

990. Allen Blount land, Jacob C. Blount heir [II, p. 425]

991. Thomas James to heir Noah James [II, p. 425]

992. Susan Daniel md. _____ Hart [II, p. 425]

993. Joshua Patrick to son Cornelius Patrick; 1841 [II, p. 427]

994. Marriage contract of Samuel Moore to Martha Page, widow of John Page, dec'd.; May 11, 1841 [II, p. 428]

995. Sarah Grimmer, widow of Drury Grimmer [II, p. 431]

996. Dower of Mary E. Hoyle, widow of James R. Hoyle; land in Greenville; July 28, 1841 [II, p. 432]

997. Thomas Grimes and wife Nancy, heirs of Wm. Best, dec'd. [II, p. 432]

998. John James, dec'd., to son David S. James [II, p. 433]

999. Stokes Ford on Clayroot Swamp [II, p. 434]

1000. Nancy Merrills of Trenton, Jones Co., NC; Baldwin lot in Greenville, #73, near Olifair Landing; 1841 [II, p. 436]

Book KK

1001. Charles Hardy & wife Olive P., dau. of Peter Rieves, dec'd.; lot #69; 1836 [KK, p. 1]

1002. Sandy Hill tract [KK, p. 2]

1003. Robert Gwaltney lands [KK, p. 3]

1004. Alfred and Abraham Moye, executors of Elbert Moye, dec'd.; Oct. 29, 1841 [KK, p. 4]

1005. George Tyer tract, property of Lindley Tyer [KK, p. 4]

1006. Div. of land of Robert Hatton; Feb. 1841; heirs: 1) Robert Rogers & wife Mary, 2) David Hatton, 3) Willie Mobley & wife Luiza, 4) Benjamin Albritton & wife Catherine [KK, p. 8]

1007. Wm. Grimes, dec'd., 1) heirs Mary B. Williams and Sarah A. G. Williams, children of James O. K. Williams and Sarah his wife of Beau. Co., 2) Sarah, dau. of Wm. Grimes. Other heirs of Wm. Grimes: Samuel S. Biddle & Mary his wife, and James W. Howard and Sarah his wife (are these the same Sarah and Mary named Williams, above?) [KK, p. 10/11]

1008. Lots #43/31; mentions Baptist Church; Oct. 4, 1841 [KK, p. 12?]

1009. Lot #43, Norfleet Tyer to Henry Chamberlain; adj. Bapt. Church on south, and shop lot on west. [KK, p. 13/14]

1010. Lots #106/117/118 [KK, p. 15]

1011. Wm. G. Turnage of Greene Co., and Carney Witherington of Greene Co.; 1840 [KK, p. 15]

1012. John Bergeron of Greene Co. to mother Sarah Bergeron of Greene Co. [KK, p. 17]

1013. Richard Harris land, and widow Susan; heir: Ashley B. Harris [KK, p. 18]

1014. Mary F. Nobles, dower, widow of Allen D. Nobles [KK, p. 19]

1015. Gideon Bynum to son Richard A. Bynum [KK, p. 21]

1016. Amos Evans, dec'd. to heir Richard Evans [KK, p. 22]

1017. Mary Tugwell, to son Benjamin Tugwell, and to granddau. Luezer Jane Tugwell, dau. of Benjamin; related to Fanny Matthews who lives with Mary. [KK, p. 23]

1018. Sarah Stephens for love and affection to Nancy Ann Weatherington, wife of Robert A. Witherington; 1834 [KK, p. 24]

1019. Property of Abednego Briley [KK, p. 24]

1020. Noah Tyson is dec'd., of Pitt Co.; Lemuel B. Tyson, his son who is of Desoto Co., Miss., gives Power of Attorney to Abner Smith of Wake Co., NC; Oct. 14, 1840 [KK, p. 2_?]

1021. John Buck to dau. Eleanor (md. Thomas Harding); 1841 [KK, p. 28]

1022. Zachariah Gardner and Susan his wife, to dau. Serena (md. Daniel Andrews of Crav. Co. [KK, p. 34]

1023. Samuel Albritton, dec'd., heir Tabitha Albritton [KK, p. 38]

1024. James W. Newman, Nancy Newman, and Richard Newman were brothers and sisters, related to Lewis G. Little; the heirs of George Little, dec'd. [KK, p. 38?]

1025. Rebecca Cannon (wife of Coachworth Cannon) had sister Mary Wooten [KK, p. 39]

1026. Old Woman? branch [KK, p. 39]

1027. Charity Rogers to sons Abner Rogers, Arthur Rogers; 1841 [KK, p. 41/44]

1028. Luke Albritton of Martin Co. to son Burton G. Albritton of Pitt Co. [KK, p. 42]

1029. Lot #80 [KK, p. 44]

1030. Thomas Albritton & wife Lucina (dau. of Mathias Moore); 1842. Elizabeth Moore, widow of Mathias Moore, 4 youngest children of Mathias were Wedigan, Penny, Edmond, and Elizabeth (sd. Elizabeth died unmarried) [KK, p. 45]

1031. Howell Hearne had brother Reubin Hearne. Sd. Howell had son Rufus K. Hearne. Deed mentions Benjamin Hearne (son of Reuben?) [KK, p. 46]

1032. Wolf Pit ridge [KK, p. 47]

1033. Henry F. Harris, president of Greenville Silk Co. [KK, p. 47]

1034. Div. of land of James Blow, dec'd.; 1841; heirs: 1) Richard Bynum & wife Mary, 2) Susannah Blow, and 3) Samuel Marshman & wife Rebecca [KK, p. 48/49]

1035. McGilbrey F. Albritton & wife, Hymond Albritton, Levina Albritton, Lucindy Albritton, Ivey Fleming and Tell Ann E. Fleming, heirs of James Cason & James Albritton; all brothers and sisters [KK, p. 50]

1036. Lots #9/10/21/22 [KK, p. 51]

1037. Oliver Smith, heir of Hugh P. Burney, dec'd. [KK, p. 51]

1038. Lot #101 [KK, p. 52]

1039. Lot #31/43, Henry Chamberlain to Norfleet Tyer; Dec. 12, 1836 [KK, p. 52]

1040. Thomas Joyner to son Wm. Joyner [KK, p. 53]

1041. Lot #78, store, Common on lot #90 [KK, p. 53]

1042. Wm. J. Blow lived in the Robert Knox house [KK, p. 54]

1043. Fred Loving, Sr., to son Fred, Jr. [KK, p. 55]

1044. Wm. Hardee, Sr., to son John Hardee, Jr.; lists Wm. Hardee property [KK, p. 56/78]

1045. Van Norden family [KK, p. 56]

1046. Napoleon Crumwell & wife Charlotte of Sumpter Co., Ala.; land to Adam Fleming [KK, p. 59]

1047. Div. of land of John Hart; 1842; heirs: 1) Rebecca Hart, 2) Matthew Hart, 3) Wm. Tripp & Betsy his wife, 4) Polly Hart [KK, p. 60]

1048. Div. of land of Zachariah Gardner; 1841; heirs: 1) John Kirkman & wife Amelia, 2) Mendem Loftin & Julia his wife, 3) Donna Maria Gardner, 4) Daniel Andrews & Serena his wife [KK, p. 61]

1049. Benjamin Fleming to son Ivey Fleming [KK, p. 62]

1050. John R. Hardee, brother of James Hardee, dec'd. [KK, p. 63]

1051. Lots #26/25; John McGowan & wife Rachel, George Teal and Rachel Teal were related [KK, p. 6_?]

1052. Elias C. Turnage of Greene Co., NC, had interest in land of Shadrach Sutton, dec'd. [KK, p. 66]

1053. Henry D. Cason & wife Frances Elizar [KK, p. 67]

1054. Sarah Merritt of Pitt Co., for love & affection to Samuel Bell; lot #146 [KK, p. 67]

1055. Roband Teal, dec'd., heir Clemmy (md. Ebenezer Jones); land near Bethel meeting house [KK, p. 68]

1056. Alfred Nelson & wife Rachel to daughters: Martha Ann Frizzle and Mary Jane Nelson; 1841 [KK, p. 69/71]

1057. Div. of land of John Rogers; 1842; heirs: 1) Newet E. Rogers, 2) Wm. Rountree & wife Zilphia, 3) Jonathan Rogers, 4) Nancy T. Rogers [KK, p. 70/71]

1058. Wm. Butler & wife Harriet of Henderson Co., Ky., give Power of Attorney to Burney Hancock [KK, p. 74]

1059. Children of Lewis Cannon: Thomas Clay & Holland his wife, Evans Lambert & Elizabeth his wife, Isaac Shelfer & Patsy his wife, Nancy Alvey (Cannon?), and Nathaniel Cannon. [KK, p. 74]

1060. Marriage contract: Thomas E. Nelson and Mary Ann Whitley; Dec. 13, 1841 [KK, p. 76]

1061. Public School in Dist. 15, Bryan Grimes; Jan. 24, 1842 [KK, p. 80]

1062. Singletary land [KK, p. 82]

1063. Shadrach Wooten, son of Wm. Wooten; mentions Polly Wooten [KK, p. 82]

1064. Wm. Edwards old plantation [KK, p. 83]

1065. Josiah Turnage of Greene Co. to sons Wm. G. Turnage and Elias C. Turnage; 1841 [KK, p. 83]

1066. Ormand and William Cherry were heirs of Hillary Cherry [KK, p. 84]

1067. Robert Boyd to son James Boyd [KK, p. 85]

1068. Land of Daniel Phalin [KK, p. 86]

1069. Edward Cannon patent, Sarah Cannon, Dennis Cannon patent, all related to Lewis Cannon [KK, p. 87]

1070. Meeting house and seine hole [KK, p. 90]

1071. Reddick Carney had sister Elizabeth Carney; they were heirs of Thomas Carney [KK, p. 91]

1072. Henry McKennee of Montgomery Co., Ala. (1840s); Arty m. Cherry, dower (widow of John Cherry?) [KK, p. 92]

1073. Richard Carney, heir of Thomas Carney [KK, p. 95]

1074. Wm. Bryan, John Bryan, James A. Scarborough & wife Mary Ann, all of Muskogee Co., Ga.; Mar. 28, 1839. They are heirs of Thomas Bryan & wife Sarah, and of Holland Johnson, dec'd.; mentioned, Raccon Creek seine hole. [KK, p. 98]

1075. Milly Corbett, dower, widow of Dempsey Corbett [KK, p. 99]

1076. Richard Evans, dec'd., to Benj. M. Selby & wife Mary, to Frances E. Selby (wife of George F. Gorham), and to Susan Zelota Selby; lot #100 [KK, p. 99]

1077. Pittre (Pittire or Peter?) Manning, 1842, md. Elizabeth; she had dower right in lands of Samuel Crisp, dec'd. [KK, p. 100]

1078. James P. Daniel & wife Sarah Jane, marital separation; James P. Daniel and Sarah Jane were heirs of Ruel Anderson, dec'd., and Ritty Anderson, parents of Sarah Jane. They were also heirs of Eddee Anderson; 1842. [KK, p. 106/107]

1079. Elizabeth Buck and Burton Moore sold land together [KK, p. 110]

1080. Edward Dixon, son of Robert Dixon [KK, p. 110]

1081. Alfred Moye, guardian of Sally R. A. Carson, a minor heir of Richard Carson, dec'd. [KK, p. 113]

1082. Moses Slaughter land; 1841 [KK, p. 114]

1083. Wm. Campbell & Arsena his wife [KK, p. 116]

1084. John Hatton and Robert Hatton, both of Muscogee Co., Ga., were heirs of Robert Hatton, dec'd.; 1841 [KK, p. 117]

1085. Free School No. 31, in Carolina Twsp., James Bryan; 1842 [KK, p. 118]

1086. Susan Gardner to son Bryan Gardner [KK, p. 119]

1087. John Armstrong of Mississippi [KK, p. 119]

1088. Jonathan W. L. Jenkins, heirs of Charles Jenkins, dec'd. [KK, p. 120]

1089. John Armstrong & wife Pamelia of Lowndes Co., Miss; lots #81/82/93/94 [KK, p. 122]

1090. Susan Adams to son Franklin Adams [KK, p. 123]

1091. Marriage contract, James H. McCluer to Louisa Ellis, both of Lounds Co., Miss.; June 29, 1837. Reading S. Blount of Lounds Co., Miss., mentioned. George Ellis of Pitt Co., NC, to his children: 1) Oliver Ellis, 2) George R. Ellis, and 3) Louisa Ellis. [KK, p. 124]
Clue: They did not remain in Loundes/Lowndes Co., but returned to Beau. and Pitt Counties. McCluer was from Beau. Co., and the town of Washington; Louisa's family lived in Pitt Co.

1092. Lot #73, James T. Quartemus [KK, p. 129]

1093. Free School, Dist. 6, Wm. May; Oct. 8, 1842 [KK, p. 130]

1094. Wm. Clements, dec'd. [KK, p. 131]

1095. Luke Albritton of Mart. Co., to sons: Wm. Albritton and Burton G. Albritton, both of Pitt Co.; 1842 [KK, p. 132]

1096. Lot #74 [KK, p. 133]

1097. Marriage contract: Wm. Adams, Sr., to Clary Whitehead, a widow who had a daughter named Emily Whitehead; Sept. 10, 1842 [KK, p. 135]

1098. Free School No. 20, Richard Randolph [KK, p. 136]

1099. Free School No. 20, Sampson Hathaway [KK, p. 136]

1100. Reuben Bryan, James Bryan, Wm. P. Bryan, John Whitehurst, Michal Manning, and L. B. Bryan, all related [KK, p. 137]

1101. Charles Smith, Sr., to heir Susan (md. Wm. Mills, Jr.) [KK, p. 138]

1102. Seine 1 mile below Yankee Hall, lately opened by John Bugh & Henry I Toole (or Toobe?), under lease of Bryan Grimes; Oct. 23, 1842 [KK, p. 139]

1103. Free School, Dist. #4, Aaron Joiner (Barretts area); Oct. 25, 1842 [KK, p. ?]

1104. Marietta D. Hines, dau. of James May, md. Peter E. Hines of Greene Co. [KK, p. 143]

1105. Charles Smith's heirs: Samuel Smith, Jacob Elks, heirs of Reuben Smith, heirs of Eliza Elks, heirs of Winna Mills; Simon Mills & wife Susannah related to this bunch. [KK, p. 144]

1106. Property of Turner May [KK, p. 145/152]

1107. Free School Dist No. 28, Samuel Little; county road leads from Greenville to Taylors Ferry, N/side of Tar [KK, p. 154]

1108. Benijah C. Mobley, son-in-law of Peter and Lucy Rives; Carr Stokes, son of Polly Stokes. [KK, p. 160]

1109. James Johnson, dec'd, heir: Mary (md. Wm. R. Sumrell) [KK, p. 162]

1110. Marriage contract: John Mansfield to Mary Ann Hoyle; lot #77; Mar. 6, 1843 [KK, p. 165/166]

1111. Wm. Sutton, heir of Abraham Tison, dec'd.? [KK, p. 167]

1112. Charity Fornes, widow, land in Crav. Co. of former husband sold to Thomas Fornes; 1843 [KK, p. 168]

1113. Wm. Hardee, Sr., Abraham C. Hardee, Wm. B. Hardee, Bryant Hardee, and Francis Brooks, all related [KK, p. 170]

1114. Samuel Ralston's heirs John E. Smith and Elizabeth Smith; they were also heirs of Richard Smith, dec'd. [KK, p. 171]

1115. Lanier Dixon of Tenn., and Edward Dixon of Lenoir Co., NC, sons of Robert & Rhoda Dixon. [KK, p. 171/172]

1116. John C. Gorham to son George F. Gorham and his wife Frances E. [KK, p. 173]

1117. Lot #55 [KK, p. ?]

1118. John A. Tyson of Edge. Co.; 1843 [KK, p. 176]

1119. Lot #55, Henry Jordan lot [KK, p. 177]

1120. Lucy Rives to son Peter Rives [KK, p. 181]

1121. Hathaway seine hole [KK, p. 181/182]

1122. Abraham C. Hardee, heir of Abraham Hardee, dec'd., and his wife Elizabeth; mentioned, Allen Hardee [KK, p. 183/191]

1123. Kimmy Teal, son of James and Mary Teal [KK, p. 187]

1124. Lot #47 [KK, p. 187]

1125. Wm. Carson, dec'd. [KK, p. 188]

1126. David Phalin & wife Susan of Gibson Co., Tenn., were heirs of Thomas Hardy, dec'd., and of James R. Hardy. [KK, p. 192]

1127. Heirs of Benjamin Wilkerson, Benoni Wilkerson, executor: Cynthia (md. Wm. Mayo) of Edge. Co., and Nancy Brown [KK, p. 198]

1128. Churchill Perkins & Co. at Pactolus [KK, p. 200]

1129. Cornelius Brinkley, heir of Treasy Little, dec'd. [KK, p. 200]

1130. Hearn mills on Conetoe Creek, Brandy mill [KK, p. 201/212/217/218]

1131. Heirs of James Hanrahan, son of Walter Hanrahan, Sr.: Catherine Hanrahan, Walter Hanrahan, Jr., and James Hanrahan, all minors; 1842 [KK, p. 210]

1132. Heirs of John Clark, dec'd., Ginny Clark, widow: Ritty Leavy, Susan Windham, James Clark, James Hathaway, and Elcy Robason [KK, p. 214]

1133. Heirs of Benjamin Bell, dec'd.: Benjamin Bell and John Bell; 1843 [KK, p. 215]

1134. Lot #104, Benjamin Bell land [KK, p. 216]

1135. William Gwaltney, dec'd., widow Lydia; 5 children, among whom: Ruthy Gwaltney (md. William Gwaltney) and Franklin Gwaltney; 1842 [KK, p. 218]

1136. Jesse Harris, son of Richard Harris, dec'd. [KK, p. 219]

1137. Lot #31 [KK, p. 219]

1138. Lot #152 [KK, p. 220]

1139. George W. Laughinghouse, owned part of Watkins plantation, which descended to him by death of his mother; 1843 [KK, p. 221]

1140. Frances Jones (female) to grandson Robert Franklin Harris of Carmore (?) County, NC [KK, p. 221]

1141. Isreal Edwards land [KK, p. 222]

1142. John Bell to dau. Elizar (md. Nathan Pollard) [KK, p. 222?]

1143. Jemima Witherington, dower, widow of James C. Witherington/Wetherington [KK, p. 223]

1144. Laney Cherry of Pitt Co., widow of Wm. Cherry, dec'd.; 1843. They had 4 sons, 4 daughters and 1 grandson: sons Samuel, Daniel, Darlin and James P. Cherry, dec'd.; daus.: Peggy Ann (md. Franklin McGowan), Reseny (md. Guilford McGowan), Patience (md. Isaac Jordan), and Julia (md. Thomas Williams); grandson: Wm. J. (or I.?) Cherry, son of James P. Cherry, dec'd. [KK, p. 223]

1145. Joshua Nobles, dec'd., had 4 sons: Right, Thomas, Charles, and Stephen; related to Nancy Nobles [KK, p. 224]

Book LL

Note: Following page 30 in deedbook LL, the page numbers are incorrect, beginning again with number 26.

1146. Free School Dist. #12, James Smith; 1844 [LL, p. 3]

1147. Godfrey Stancill to dau. Louisa Taft; 1844 [LL, p. 4]

1148. Mary Teel, widow of James Teel; had 6 children, one being Newman Teel; 1843 [LL, p. 5]

1149. Jonathan R. Frizzle, exec. of will of Jonathan Frizzle, dec'd; 1844 [LL, p. 5 or 6?]

1150. Thomas J. Jarrott & wife Adeline R. of Northampton Co., NC; she was heir of James May; 1845 [LL, p. 6/7]

1151. Mary Davis had dower right in Pope land; was related to Benjamin and Richard Davis [LL, p. 10]

1152. Alfred Nelson & wife Rachel, for love & affection to John Frizzle and Martha Frizzle; 1844 [LL, p. 12]

1153. Gorham family [LL, p. 14]

1154. James Tyer to Temelia Ann Averitt [LL, p. 15]

1155. Elizabeth Baldree & Furnifold Baldree, dec'd.; 7 heirs, one being John Baldree [LL, p. 15]

1156. George Tyer plantation [LL, p. 18]

1157. Lydia Clarke, dower, widow of Osborne Clarke; 1845 [LL, p. 19]

1158. Nancy Brown, dower, widow of Jacob Brown [LL, p. 20]

1159. Lot #101, Dr. Blow's office, formerly Dr. Peter T. Goelet; 4 rooms & a chimney [LL, p. 25/26/27]

1160. Thomas Langley, Jr., of Hardemon Co., Tenn., heir of James Langley, dec'd., of Pitt Co. [LL, p. 29]

1161. James Johnson, dec'd., heir Mary (md. Wm. R. Summerill) [LL, p. 30]

1162. Lots #107/108/119/120/131/132, John B. Hester, merchant; 1845 [LL, p. 26]

1163. Nancy James to son Henry James, related to Clifton James [LL, p. 27]

1164. Amos Moore, heir of Jordan Moore [LL, p. 28]

1165. Asa Gardner to son Wyatt Gardner; 1844 [LL, p. 31]

1166. Bethel meeting house, old shop on side of road; 1843 [LL, p. 31]

1167. Ransom & Molsey Buck [LL, p. 32]

1168. Robert Carney, heir of Cynthia Hatton [LL, p. 33]

1169. Lot #69 [LL, p. ?]

1170. Wm. Carney had dau. Phebe Stokes, dec'd., wife of Riley Stokes. Wm. Carney had 6 grandchildren: Sally Cobb, James Carney, Wright Carney, Elizabth Carney, William Hatton, Benjamin Beverly and Elizabeth Beverly [LL, p. 35]

1171. Lot #79 [LL, p. 36]

1172. James Nelson, dec'd., Barbara Nelson, widow [LL, p. 37]

1173. Gracy Mooring for love & affection to Mary Ann Whitley [LL, p. 38]

1174. Free School #3; heirs of Wm. Rogers [LL, p. 39]

1175. Wm. Wallace [LL, p. 40] (same deed as above?)

1176. Solomon Ewell, dec'd., Mary Ewell, widow; to sons John and Dennis Ewell [LL, p. 42]

1177. John Fleming, dec'd. to dau. Lovey (md. Archibald House) [LL, p. 43]

1178. Fryley E. Gliston and wife Elizar, grandchild of Henry Barnhill, dec'd. [LL, p. 44/45]

1179. Lots #88/76, Wm. R. Evans of Beau. Co. [LL, p. 45]

1180. Lot #74 [LL, p. 46]

1181. Div. of land of Osbern Clark, dec'd; 1845; heirs: David Clark, Wm. H. Clark, Sarah Clark, Wyatt Clark, Lydia M. A. E. W. Clark, Celina Clark, and Love Clark [LL, p. 49 — 51]

1182. Caleb Spivey & wife Sarah, heir of Jesse Rountree, dec'd. [LL, p. 52]

1183. Rhoda Herrington, dower, widow of Moses Herrington [LL, p. 52]

1184. Susan Jolly, dower, widow of Noah Jolly [LL, p. 53]

1185. Property of John Brown, interest in seine hole 3/4 mi. below Greenville [LL, p. 54]

1186. Property of Holland Smith [LL, p. 55]

1187. Susan Weatherington, dau. of Nancy Smith, dec'd. [LL, p. 58]

1188. Ransom Buck, son of Richard Buck [LL, p. 66]

1189. James Wooten, dec'd. to heir Sally (md. Joseph Tugwell) [LL, p. 68]

1190. Edward Gardner, dec'd, heir Wm. Cox & wife Sarah, and heir H. F. Harris [LL, p. 70/71]

1191. John Jackson & wife Eliza of Crav. Co., heirs of Wm. Adams, dec'd. [LL, p. 73]

1192. Bond of Edward C. Yellowley, Clerk of Superior Court; 1845 [LL, p. 74]

1193. John G. Little & wife Alvania, Harmon Mayo land [LL, p. 76]

1194. Calvin Moye bought land; Dec. 15, 1843 [LL, p. ?]

1195. Lucressy Stokes and Wm. Stokes were heir of Wm. Adams, dec'd. [LL, p. 81]

1196. Seine, 1/4 mi. below Red Banks ferry, S/side of river; mentions Guardner Moye seine [LL, p. 84]

1197. Viney Sutton, dau. of Clary Collins [LL, p. 86]

1198. Drury Grimmer of Edge. Co.; 1845 [LL, p. 87]

1199. Eliza Harrington, dower, widow of Isaac Harrington [LL, p. 88]

1200. Wm. Hemby to sons Joab and Huel Hemby [LL, p. 89/90]

1201. Charity Smith for love & affection to Caleb Smith [LL, p. 90/91]

1202. Jarrett House, heir of Thomas House, dec'd. [LL, p. 91]

1203. John E. Allen [LL, p. 100]

1204. Jacob Elks & wife Argent; 1843 [LL, p. 101]

1205. Lot #29, Susan Johnson (wife of Arthur H. Johnson) [LL, p. 102]

1206. Wm. G. B. Hadley, had interest in property in Tupton Co., Tenn. [LL, p. 105]

1207. Wm. Bright to son Gatlin Bright [LL, p. 106]

1208. James Adams mill [LL, p. 107]

1209. John A Tyson of Pitt Co. [LL, p. 107]

1210. Lots #125/137 [LL, p. 108]

1211. Samuel M. Worthington of Alacheina Co., Fla., heir of B. Wilkinson, dec'd. Sd. Samuel md. Felicia Brown [LL, p. 109]

1212. Lot #58 [LL, p. 111]

1213. Edward Gardner, dec'd., uncle of Caswell and Bryan Gardner [LL, p. 112]

1214. Hearne grist mill [LL, p. 118]

1215. Wm. A. Grimmer & wife Violety [LL, p. 118/122/126/127]

1216. John Leslie of Pitt Co. and lately dec'd., intestate. Four shares to estate: Emily A. Bacot of Darlington Dist., SC, entitled to 1 share; Emily appts. her son Peter A. Bacot Power of Attorney; Oct. 14, 1845 [LL, p. 119]

1217. Stanley & Lydia Moore, heirs of James Langley, dec'd., 1/5 part. Also Lunicy Langley, heir for 1/5 part; 1845 [LL, p. 119/120]

1218. Amos Joyner to son Franklin Joyner [LL, p. 121]

1219. Cannon Smith to dau. Permela Smith [LL, p. 125]

1220. Dennis Cason md. Fannie Baldree, sister of Furnifold and Elizabeth Baldree, dec'd. [LL, p. 127]

1221. Margaret Mayo of Crav. Co., heir of John Leslie, dec'd., appts. Joseph Leslie of Crav. Co. Power of Attorney; Nov. 24, 1845 [LL, p. 128/129]

1222. Thomas Langley, heir of James Langley, dec'd. [LL, p. 131]

1223. Cannon Smith to son Henry C. Smith. Also to dau. Barbara Nelson, wife of James Nelson, dec'd. [LL, p. 136]

1224. Benjamin Briley to dau. Nancy (md. Samuel Vines, Jr.); 1845 [LL, p. 137]

1225. Paulina Hardee, dower, widow of Abraham Hardee; 1845 [LL, p. 138]

1226. Elizer Briley, dower, widow of James Briley [LL, p. 139]

1227. Div. of land of Sherrod Tyson, dec'd.; Nov. 1843; heirs: 1) Henry Sheppard & wife Margaret Ann, 2) Richard Lawrence Tyson, 3) Zilpha M. Tyson, 4) John May & wife Eliza, 5) Sherrod Tyson, 6) Wm. May & wife Mary, 7) Emily Tyson [LL, p. 141/142/143]

1228. Nancy Ann Louiser Highsmith had 2 children: Mary M. Loty and Thomas [LL, p. 144]

1229. Wm. Kirkman & wife Milly of Crav. Co.; Milly is niece of Edward Gardner, dec'd. [LL, p. 145]

1230. Susan Stocks, wife of John Stocks of Pitt Co., and niece of Edward Gardner, Dec'd. [LL, p. 146]

1231. Bond of Jordan Nelson, Pitt Co. coroner; 1845 [LL, p. 147]

1232. Sebinney Vinson, dower, widow of John W. Vinson; 1845 [LL, p. 147]

1233. Nancy Jenkins, dower, widow of John Jenkins, dec'd; 1843 [LL, p. 148]

1234. Div. of land of Joshua Tucker; 1845; heirs: 1) Richard C. Parker & wife, 2) heirs of Benjamin Bell, dec'd. [LL, p. 149]

1235. Churchill C. Moore and Margaret Moore (dau. of John Whichard, dec'd.) to be divorced; 1845 [LL, p. 150?]

1236. George Washington Parker, Thomas Tison Parker and Margaret Ann Walston, sell mother's interest in land of Margaret Tison, dec'd., to George W. Tison; 1843 [LL, p. 150?]

1237. Margaret Tison, dec'd., dau. of Thomas Tison, dec'd. [LL, p. 151]

1238. Benjamin Brown & wife Winnifred; she was heir of Jesse Rountree, dec'd [LL, p. 153/187]

1239. Edward Ross patent [LL, p. 155]

1240. Bason (Batson) Whitehurst, dec'd., land [LL, p. 156]

1241. Lot #114 [LL, p. 157]

1242. Benjamin Briley to dau. Winaford (md. Joseph L. Ballard); 1845 [LL, p. 157?]

1243. Lizy, wife of Henry Bates; Holland Weatherington, Irena Weathington; Manna (Marina) & husband Alex Edwards; and James Worthington, dec'd., all heirs of James C. Weatherington [LL, p. 158]

1244. Fred. Haddock and Joseph Cox, fishery [LL, p. 165]

1245. Ousborn Richards of Posey Co., Ind. (?), son of Batson Richards, and heir of Osborne Clark, dec'd; Power of Attorney to Thomas H. Brown of Posey Co., Ala. [LL, p. 169]

1246. Ousborn Richards, Robert Richards, Fanny Richards, Susan Richards, and Wm. R. Richards, all of Posey Co., Ala., sold their share of land to Thomas H. Brown; 1845 [LL, p. 170?]

1247. Lot #126 [LL, p. 174]

1248. Bryan Grimes to son Wm. Grimes; land beside Yankee Hall Landing [LL, p. 175]

1249. Wm. Wooten, dec'd., heirs: Council Wooten, Lamuel Wooten, Arthur Wooten. Also John Jenkins to son Irvin Jenkins [LL, p. 178]

1250. Ruel Smith & Acy Smith, land given them by their grandfather [LL, p. 180]

1251. Joseph Boyd to dau. Louisa Smith; Crecy Hodges and Elizabeth Smith were daus. of Louisa Smith [LL, p. 183]

1252. Sebrina Gray, mother of Theophilus M. Gray, related to Eason Gray, to Thomas Gray [LL, p. 184]

1253. Divorce settlement of Churchill Moore and Margaret (nee Whichard) Moore; 1846 [LL, p. 185]

1254. Mary Jane Tison, dower, widow of Allen Tyson; 1845; lot #33 in Greenville [LL, p. 188]

1255. Nancy Moye to dau. Paulina Hardee; 1846 [LL, p. 188]

1256. Div. of land of Edward Gardner; heirs: 1) Wm. Gardner, 2) Donna M. Gardner, Mary E. Wadsworth, James Wadsworth, John Wadsworth, 3) Louisa Gwaltney & Martha Gwaltney [LL, p. 189/190]

1257. Lot #45, Doct. Samuel B. Marsh [LL, p. 190]

1258. Allen Corbett, heir of Bryant Corbett, dec'd. [LL, p. 191]

1259. Gideon Ward of Pitt Co., and Benjamin Davis & wife Rusha A., related [LL, p. 192]

1260. Prudence Clements, dec'd. [LL, p. 193]

1261. Barbara Nelson, admix. of James Nelson, dec'd. [LL, p. 196]

1262. Urvin Dudley land [LL, p. 197]

1263. James F. Moore, heir of John Moore, dec'd., Mary Moore, widow of John. [LL, p. 202]

1264. Polly King, dower, widow of Thomas King; 1845 [LL, p. 205]

1265. Lovey Huston, dower, widow of John Huston, dec'd. [LL, p. 206]

1266. Allie King, dower, widow of John King, dec'd.; land descended from Thomas King, dec'd.; 1845 [LL, p. 207]

1267. Holland Knox, dower, widow of Patin Knox, dec'd. [LL, p. 208]

1268. Martha E. Foreman, dower, widow of John L. Foreman, Esq., dec'd. [LL, p. 208]

1269. Slaughter House Point near Greenville on Tar River; Dec. 12, 1845 [LL, p. 209]

1270. Sophia Crawford, related to James Crawford, dec'd. [LL, p. 210]

1271. Thomas Carson, dec'd., heirs: Allen Tison & Sarah his wife, John B. Baker & Lecitta his wife, Robert Willoughby & wife Elizabeth. [LL, p. 211]

1272. Sarah Moye, minor heir of Elbert Moye, dec'd.; Feb. 2, 1846 [LL, p. 211]

1273. Foreman property [LL, p. 212]

1274. Joseph Leslie of Crav Co., attorney for Margaret Mayo of Crav. Co.; she was heir of John Leslie, dec'd.; Dec. 4, 1845 [LL, p. 215]

1275. Joseph Leslie of Crav. Co. was also heir of John Leslie, dec'd. [LL, p. 216]

1276. Heirs of John Cherry, dec'd: Penelope E. Cherry, Joseph John Cherry, Wm. A. Cherry, and James B. Cherry [LL, p. 219]

1277. Lots #131/132/119/120/107/108, Hester lots [LL, p. 220]

1278. Samuel Vines, Sr., to dau. Ann (md. Wm. Laughinghouse [LL, p. 221]

1279. Purnal Patrick graveyard [LL, p. 222]

1280. Sally Ryall and husband Thomas Ryall to son Alfred Ryall [LL, p. 223]

1281. Jonathan Harmon & Elizabeth Harmon to sons James and Cornelius Harmon [LL, p. 224]

1282. Alfred B. Carney, and Elizabeth Carney, dec'd., heirs of Thomas Carney [LL, p. 227]

1283. Wm. Mills, Jr., and wife Susan, heirs of Charles Smith, Sr. [LL, p. 231]

1284. Hood Harris tract [LL, p. 232]

1285. Tabitha Albritton, heir (widow?) of Samuel Albritton; 1846 [LL, p. 238/239]

1286. Theophilus Slaughter, son of Martha Slaughter, both related to John Slaughter [LL, p. 239/242]

1287. Henry James, dec'd., to dau. Margaret Ann James, related to Wm. A. James. Luke & Joel Albritton related (brothers?); Dec. 1, 1845 [LL, p. 245]
Clue: Wm. A. James was also a child of Henry James, dec'd., and his wife Nancy Whichard James.

1288. Jehu Sermon & wife Susan, heirs of Martha Slaughter, related to John Slaughter [LL, p. 247]

1289. Caswell Evans, heir of Martha Slaughter [LL, p. 247]

1290. Alley Joyner, dower, widow of Abram Joyner; Feb. 27, 1846 [LL, p. 248]

1291. Elizabeth Bowden, dower, widow of White Bowden [LL, p. 248]

1292. Matilda Tyson, dower, widow of Benjamin Tyson, dec'd.; Feb. 20, 1846 [LL, p. 249 or 250?]

1293. Louisa Taft, dower, widow of Arnold Taft; Mar. 31, 1846 [LL, p. 251]

1294. Wm. J. Braddy of Mart. Co., heir of John Leslie, dec'd; 1846 [LL, p. 254]

1295. Hollon Smith, dower, widow of Samuel Smith, dec'd. [LL, p. 255]

1296. Lot #105 [LL, p. 255]

1297. Guilford M. Mooring of Montgomery Co., Tex; Power of Attorney to John Mooring of Edge. Co., NC. Guilford md. Sunett (Lunett) (dau.?) heir of Wm. R. Cherry, dec'd., of Pitt Co; Feb. 2, 1846 [LL, p. 256]

1298. Charles Smith to son Reuben Smith, dec'd; David Smith son of Reuben Smith [LL, p. 259]

1299. Richard E. Rives to dau. Lucetta Rives; 1843 [LL, p. 260]

1300. Mrs. Gracy Mooring, widow of John Mooring [LL, p. 262]

1301. Ann N. Mooring, widow of Jesse H. Mooring [LL, p. 263]

1302. Josiah Davis, Sr., to son Josiah Davis, Jr. [LL, p. 265]

1303. James M. Corbitt, son of Samuel Corbett [LL, p. 267]

1304. Willis Wilson, Sr., to heirs: Cannon Wilson, Samuel Wilson [LL, p. 267]

1305. Heirs of Wm. Broome [LL, p. 270]

1306. Lot #126, Greene house; 1844 [LL, p. 271]

1307. Henry Mills and wife Celia, heirs of Wm. Adams, dec'd. [LL, p. 272]

1308. James Stokes & wife Allaright, heirs of Allen Adams, dec'd. [LL, p. 272]

1309. Willie Bell & wife Susan, to Franklin Bell; 1846 [LL, p. 275]

1310. Calvin Davis & wife Milly, Reuben Davenport, Randal Davenport, and Josiah Winn & wife Eatha, were heirs of Enoch Davenport, dec'd.; 1840 [LL, p. 276]

1311. Jordan Nelson, bond as County coroner; Aug. 7, 1846 [LL, p. 279]

1312. Lot #105 [LL, p. 279]

1313. Oliver Beddard & Elizabeth his wife [LL, p. 280]

1314. Samuel Clarke of Mart. Co. md. in 1843 to Mary Ann, widow of Micajah Mayo. Samuel had dau. Susan Virginia Clarke. Micajah & Mary Ann Mayo had children James L. Mayo and Micajah F. M. Mayo [LL, p. 284 — 286]

1315. Marriage contract: John Joyner and Harriet May, dated May 1835 [LL, p. 290/301]

1316. Wm. Adams, dec'd., to granddau. Lany Adams, and to heirs of Allen Adams, dec'd. [LL, p. 292]

1317. Charles Smith, dec'd. to granddau. Emeline (md. David Lewis), to heirs of Reuben Smith, dec'd. [LL, p. 293]

1318. John Sutton & wife Juleyan, James Allen, and Wm. Allen were heirs of John R. Allen, dec'd., related to Marthy Allen [LL, p. 293/294]

1319. John S. Moore & wife Rebecca and Frederick Davenport, related, sold land to Ichabod Harris; 1846 [LL, p. 295]

1320. Warren Braxton & Sarah his wife; 1846 [LL, p. 296/297]

1321. Samuel Moore, Sr., to son Joseph R. Moore; 1846 [LL, p. 299]

1322. John Pollard, Sr., dec'd., to heir Benjamin Pollard; 1809 [LL, p. ?]

1323. George S. Wallace to grandson Wm. W. Wallace; 1834 [LL, p. ?]

1324. John Salter, Jr., to heir Thomas A. Salter [LL, p. 304]

1325. Raccoon Seine hole of Wm. Albritton [LL, p. 305]

1326. Allen S. Smith, heir of Woody Moore [LL, p. 309]

1327. Marriage contract: Howell Whitehead and Anna Britton; Sept. 1, 1846 [LL, p. 310]

1328. Anna Britton (nee Ward) had brothers and sisters: James Ward, Joel Ward, John Ward, Lanier Ward, Luke Ward, Sarah Britton, Nancy Britton; to heirs of Naomi Leggett, dec'd. [LL, p. 311]

1329. Map of Bensboro [LL, p. 316]

1330. Benjamin Ashley Atkinson; heirs: Peyton A. Atkinson, William F. R. Atkinson (female) (md. Thaddeus Dillard) [LL, p. 317?]

1331. Map of Penny Hill [LL, p. 318]

1332. George Washington Kinsaul of Jones Co., NC., lot to Cornelius Kinsaul; 1845 [LL, p. 319]

1333. Heirs of Pugh Cannon, dec'd.: Henry Smith & wife Sarah, Stanley Kittrell & wife Winnaford, Irvin Jenkins, John C. C. Jenkins, George L. Blount & wife Jemima, Mary Cannon, Elizabeth Cannon [LL, p. 327]

1334. Reading S. Blount of Matagorda Co., Tex. Mentioned in marriage contract of James H. McCluer and Louisa Ellis, heir of George Ellis, dec'd; 1846 [LL, p. 323]

1335. Archibald Parker to dau. Sarah Eliza (md. Wm. D. Moye); Nov. 16, 1846 [LL, p. 326]

1336. John Buck, dec'd., had heir Penelope who md. John Stubbs; Sept. 9, 1846 [LL, p. 326]

1337. Moses Tyson graveyard, owned by Lambert Beardlsey [LL, p. 327]

1338. Jesse Rountree to heir Winnefred Brown, wife of Benjamin Brown [LL, p. 328]

1339. Benjamin Briley to dau. Nancy Vines, wife of Samuel Vines, Jr.; 1847 [LL, p. 331/354]

1340. Wm. Coggins and Kenneth Coggins, related [LL, p. 332/357]

1341. Willoughby Whichard, son of John Whichard, Sr.; 1/8 share of land [LL, p. 333]

1342. Ira Evans, heir of John S. Evans, dec'd. [LL, p. 333]

1343. Free School, dist. 16, John Galloway [LL, p. 336]

1344. All related: Thomas W. Stephenson, Hardy Stephenson, Wm. F. Stephenson, John R. Causey & wife Elisabeth, Wm. Lewis & wife Arsenah, John Tyre & wife Mary, and John W. Stephenson; 1838 [LL, p. 337?]

1345. Merrimon Powers & Elizabeth his wife [LL, p. 338/339]

1346. Henry Chamberlain house, lots #8/20 [LL, p. 339]

1347. John W. Vinson land [LL, p. 341]

1348. Bryant Adams and Sally Adams, divorce settlement; Aug. 25, 1846 [LL, p. 343]

1349. Benj. Briley to son Wm. Stephen Briley, to heir Joseph L. Ballard & wife [LL, p. 345/346]

1350. Gorham family [LL, p. 348/350/356/360]

1351. Thomas Smith, son of Mary Smith, Samuel Smith, dec'd.; 1846 [LL, p. 352]

1352. Lot #33, Benj. L. (F.) Tyson, heir of Allen Tyson, dec'd. [LL, p. 352]

1353. Wm. A. Grimmer for love to Lucetta Rives, dau. of Richard Rives [LL, p. 355]

1354. Nancy James, dau. of John Whichard, dec'd., 1/8 share of land. [LL, p. 355]

1355. Wm. Ross to dau. Hannah E. Overton; 1845 [LL, p. 357]

1356. Free School, Hosea Buck; 1847 [LL, p. 359]

1357. Marriage contract: Rufus K. Hearn and Lucetta Rives; lists of Rives property, books and paintings [LL, p. 361/362]

1358. Samuel Vines, Jr., and Nancy his wife, to Joseph L. Ballard [LL, p. 363/364]

1359. Benj. Briley to dau. Winaford (md. Joseph L. Ballard) [LL, p. 364]

1360. Richard Whitehurst of Perry Co., Ala., Power of Attorney to John Whitehurst of Pitt Co.; Richard, son of Richard Whitehurst, dec'd, and Barbara Whitehurst; 1846 [LL, p. 365/366/413]

1361. Lot #31, Thomas E. Nelson, copartner of J. & T. E. Nelson1; 1846 [LL, p. 368]
Clue: Thomas E. Nelson and his brother James Nelson were carriage makers, and sons of Charles J. Nelson of Goldsboro, Wayne Co., NC. Sd. Charles J. was the son of Moses Nelson and Charity Purser Nelson of Crav. Co., NC.

1362. Charles Kendrick & Alvanay his wife of Cass Co., Ga., heirs of Abram Joyner, dec'd; Power of Atty. to Norfleet J. Harrison of Pitt Co. [LL, p. 369/370]

1363. James Galloway, Rachel Nelson and Robert B. Boyd, related to Ann E. Boyd. [LL, p. 374]

1364. Newet E. Rogers, heir of John Rogers, dec'd. Mentions 3 acres on which Charles Rogers recently built a store, at foot of Little Contentnea Bridge, at the old warehouse landing. Also (same deed?): 1) Ervin Jenkins, 2) Winnafred Kittrell, wife of Stanley Kittrell, 3) Catherine, wife of Major Smith, 4) John C. Jenkins, 5) Charles Jenkins, and 6) Rebecca Jenkins are children of John Jenkins, dec'd. [LL, p. 378/379]

1365. William May grist mill; Sherrod Tison [LL, p. 380/81]

1366. Hardy Whichard to son Elifalet Whichard; sd. Hardy son of John Whichard, dec'd.; 1846 [LL, p. 384]

1367. Seth B. Cooper, store in Greenville; 1847 [LL, p. 387]

1368. Reuben Moore land [LL, p. 388]

1369. Edward C. Yellowley, bond [LL, p. 391]

1370. Reuben Whichard of Gibson Co., Tenn, son of John Whichard, dec'd. of Pitt Co.; 1/8 share of land to Elifalet Whichard (nephew); 1846 [LL, p. 393]

1371. Mahala Smith, dau. of Reuben Smith, dec'd.; sd. Reuben an heir of Charles Smith, dec'd. [LL, p. 394]

1372. Land is subject of dower of Medley Moore; Dec. 4, 1846 [LL, p. 395]

1373. R. H. W. Braddy, store in Greenville; 1847 [LL, p. 399]

1374. James Nelson, coachmaking business in Greenville [LL, p. 401]

1375. Parson C. Vaughn & Sarah his wife, and Wm. Forren & wife Elizabeth, all of Gibson Co., Tenn., were heirs of Charles Rollings, dec'd. [LL, p. 404]

1376. Alfred H. Hise, drug store in Greenville [LL, p. 406]

1377. John G. Little of Crawford Co., Ark., and his wife Alvaney, were heirs of Jonathan Albritton, dec'd. [LL, p. 407]

1378. Wiley Cannon land [LL, p. 408]

1379. Norfleet Vinson [LL, p. 409]

1380. Grizza Smith, wife of James Smith [LL, p. 411]

1381. Lots #6/18, Wm. S. Bonner and Marshal Kinsaul Co. [LL, p. 412/413]

1382. Henry Leggett of Beau. Co. [LL, p. 414]

1383. Jesse Frizzle of Greene Co. [LL, p. 415]

1384. Hosea Buck to dau. Amy (wife of James Galloway) [LL, p. 415]

1385. Amos Stocks to son Asa Stocks [LL, p. 416]

1386. Elisha Bergeron of Greene Co., to son Elias Bergeron; related to Gavry Bergeron [LL, p. 417]

1387. Ichabod Moore and Joseph R. Moore, execs. of Samuel Moore, dec'd [LL, p. 419]

1388. Lecitta Baker, dower, widow of John B. Baker; Apr. 10, 1847 [LL, p. 419?]

1389. Louisa Evans, dower, widow of Richard Evans, dec'd.; Jesse Mooring house [LL, p. 420]

1390. Div. of land of White Bowden; 1847; heirs: 1) Nathan Bowden, 2) Sarah Ann E. Gavey, 3) Nehemiah Garris & wife Susanah [LL, p. 421]

1391. Martha Hardy, dower, widow of Wm. B. Hardy; 1847 [LL, p. 422]

1392. Div. of land of Wm. Whitehead; 1846; heirs: 1) Martha Whitehead, 2) Wm. A. Speir & wife Avrena [LL, p. 423]

1393. Div. of land of Drury Grimmer; 1846; heirs: 1) Robert Grimmer, 2) Wm. Grimmer, 3) Drury Grimmer [LL, p. 423/424]

1394. Div. of land of Abram Congleton; 1846; heirs: 1) James R. Congleton, 2) Benjamin Gurganus & wife Nancy, 3) Simon Gurganus & wife Lizina, 4) heirs of Reuben Gurganus [LL, p. 424/426]

1395. Div. of land of Turner House; 1846; heirs: 1) Marmaduke House, 2) James J. House, 3) George House heirs, 4) Benjamin A. House [LL, p. 425/426]

1396. Div. of land of John Jenkins; 1846; heirs: 1) Catherine Smith, 2) Winefred Jenkins (the Wm. Wooten tract, Polly Wooten), 3) John C. C. Jenkins (mill tract), 4) Charles Jenkins, 5) Rebecca Jenkins [LL, p. 426/427/428]

1397. Elizabeth Tyson, dower, widow of Cornelius Tyson; 1847 [LL, p. 428]

1398. Sarah Norcott, dower, widow of John Norcott [LL, p. 430]

1399. Div. of land of Arnold Taft; 1847; heirs: 1) Wm. S. Taft, 2) Henry Horne & wife Lurany, 3) Godfrey, Emily & John Taft, 4) James Henry Taft, 5) Allen H. Taft, 6) Otis Taft, 7) Elias Taft, 8) Arnold Taft [LL, p. 431/432]

1400. Samuel Perkins (or Lemuel?), for love & affection to son Wm. H. Perkins; 1847 [LL, p. 440]

1401. Hollan Smith & wife Susan had uncle & aunt: Samuel & Mary Smith, dec'd.

1402. Lot #114, beside public lot [LL, p. 443]

1403. Lane leading to Yankee Hall landing to mill [LL, p. 444]

1404. Adam Albritton land purchased of Nancy Dudley [LL, p. 445]

1405. Hosea Buck to dau. Amy Galloway, wife of James Galloway; Hosea, son of Benjamin Buck [LL, p. 446]

1406. Benjamin Gwaltney, Daniel Gwaltney, Mary Gwaltney, and Amey/Amcy/Arnicy Gwaltney, all of Crav. Co., are nieces and nephews of Edward Gardner, dec'd. [LL, p. 447]

1407. Rachel Gwaltney of Crav. Co., and Louisa Gwaltney of Crav. Co., nieces of Edward Gardner [LL, p. 448/459]

1408. Nancy Dudley to Bryan Grimes, the Adam Albritton land; 1844 [LL, p. 450]

1409. Lewis Smith land, some shares belonging to Lanier Griffin & wife, Abner H. Smith & wife, John M. Smith. [LL, p. 452]

1410. John Lewis & wife Amanda, heirs of Charles Smith, dec'd. [LL, p. 455]

1411. John Taylor to dau. Luvisa (md. Wm. P. Bryant) [LL, p. 455]

1412. Lot #114 [LL, p. 456]

1413. Cannon Stocks, John Stocks and Elisha Lang & his wife Louisa, are nephews & niece of Samuel Smith & wife Mary, dec'd. [LL, p. 457]

1414. Lot #54 [LL, p. 458]

1415. Mary Little to grandchildren: Wm. M. Moore, John Robert Moore, Mary E. Moore, all children of Edmund Moore; 1847 [LL, p. 460]

1416. Samuel Vines, Sr., to son Samuel Vines, Jr.; Sept. 29, 1847 [LL, p. 460]

1417. John Rogers, dec'd., to heirs Charles Rountree & wife Mary [LL, p. 461]

1418. Wm. Haddock, Sr., heir of Wm. Mills, dec'd. [LL, p. 462]

1419. Joshua Nobles and wife Nancy, to 4 sons: Wright, Thomas, Charles and Stephen; 1847 [LL, p. 463]

1420. Lot #54 [LL, p. 463]

1421. Mary Parker (wife of James Parker) was grandchild of Wm. Adams, dec'd., and dau. of Allen Adams, dec'd.; 1846 [LL, p. 465]

1422. Albert Moore & wife Elizabeth; she was dau. of John Taylor, dec'd. [LL, p. 466]

1423. Store of C. J. Van norden [LL, p. 467]

1424. Sidney Stocks, dower, widow of Amos Stocks; 1847 [LL, p. 468]

1425. Sarah Allfred, dower, widow of Lacy Allfred; 1847 [LL, p. 473]

1426. Martha Forbes, dower, widow of Alfred Forbes [LL, p. 474]

1427. Div. of land of Wm. W. Wallace; 1847; heirs: 1) Loty Wallace, 2) Gideon Wallace, 3) John Vinson & Sally his wife [LL, p. 485]

1428. Argent Hart, dower, widow of John Hart; 1841 [LL, p. 477]

1429. Gracy Nobles, dower, widow of Wright Nobles; 1841 [LL, p. 478]

1430. Ivana Ringgold, relict of James Ringgold of Pitt Co., to heirs: 1) James Ringgold of Pitt Co., 2) Thomas Ringgold, 3) John Ringgold, 4) Rebecca wife of Jesse Fulford, 5) the heirs of Martha Fulford, 6) Daniel McArthur & wife Sally, 7) Mary Brown, heirs of Susan Brown, 7) Benjamin Ringgold, son of William; 1847 [LL, p. 479]

1431. Amos Evans, son of John Evans [LL, p. 480]

1432. Abner Evans, heir of John S. Evans, dec'd [LL, p. 480]

1433. Charles, James, and George Davenport, all related (brothers?) [LL, p. 481]

1434. Abner Hartley, dec'd. [LL, p. 483/484]

1435. Wm. J. Evans, son of John Evans, dec'd [LL, p. 485]

1436. Lot #114 [LL, p. 488]

1437. Rev. John Singletary, slave [LL, p. 488]

1438. Asa Stocks for love & affection to Elisha Lang [LL, p. 489]

1439. Lot #152 [LL, p. 491] (twice)

1440. Trumphet Meadow branch [LL, p. 492]

1441. B. A. Ernull of Charleston Dist., SC; Jan. 24, 1848 [LL, p. 493]

1442. Randolph Moore son of Benjamin Moore, dec'd [LL, p. 494]

1443. Bryant Adams brother of Absolum Adams [LL, p. 494]

1444. Lot #105 [LL, p. 496]

1445. Roderick Cherry to son Wm. R. Cherry; Elizabeth E. Howell of Hardiman Co., Tenn., is heir of Wm. R. Cherry [LL, p. 497]

1446. Wm. P. Cherry & wife Harriet A. M. Cherry of Haywood Co., Tenn.; heir of Wm. R. Cherry [LL, p. 498/499]

1447. Guilford M. Mooring & wife Jennett Lewisa of Grimes Co., Tex., heirs of Wm. R. Cherry of Pitt Co., dec'd; 1846 [LL, p. 500]

1448. Robert W. May of Jackson, Tenn., Power of Attorney to Allen Bynum; Dec. 15, 1847. Martha May, dec'd., of Pitt Co., sister of Robert W. May [LL, p. 501]

1449. Lot #114, store of Richard Rouse [LL, p. 503]

1450. Benjamin Briley of Pitt Co. to dau. Eliza Andrews (md. Joseph B. E. Andrews of Mart. Co.) [LL, p. 504]

1451. Hollow Bridge [LL, p. 507]

1452. John Adams to Sidney Adams [LL, p. 507]

1453. Titus C. Allen to Lambert P. Beardsley; Jan. 8, 1847; his interest in estate of Penelope May, dec'd., which he inherited by marriage to Arsena Elizabeth Allen (formerly Tison) [LL, p. 510]

1454. Hall Haddock [LL, p. 511]

1455. Nelsons Landing, formerly Boyds [LL, p. 515]

1456. Abigail Smith, heir of Joseph B. Hinton, and of Joseph John Hinton [LL, p. 515]

1457. James Smith property [LL, p. 516]

1458. Zilpha M. Tyson, dec'd., land, heir of Sherrod Tyson, dec'd.; heirs: John May and wife Eliza, and Wm. May & wife Mary J.; 1848 [LL, p. 519/520/521]

1459. Stanley Kittrell & wife Winefred, heirs of John Jenkins, dec'd. [LL, p. 524]

1460. Jonathan Kittrell & wife Rebecca, related to Thomas Nobles; father (of whom?) owned land of Allison Knox [LL, p. 525]


1461. Joseph John Martin (Hinton?) of Washington, NC, son of Joseph B. Hinton [LL, p. 527]

1462. Wm. Jones and Simon Jones were sons of Simon Jones [LL, p. 527]

1463. Urvin H. Buck & wife Frances of Holmes Co., Miss., give Power of Attorney to Wm. May; 1848 [LL, p. 529]

1464. Henry W. Peel of Edge. Co., heir of Charlotte Williamson of Pitt Co. [LL, p. 531]

1465. Road from Stantonsburg to Bensboro [LL, p. 532]

1466. Wm. Mathurst/Mathurt? (Whitehurst?)'s heirs: Laurence, Jarrod, Nancy, Charlotte [LL, p. 533]

1467. Luke Ward of Edge. Co.; Peter May to son John May; 1836 [LL, p. 534]

1468. Martha Ann Allen to Lemuel Tyson; 1846 [LL, p. 543]

1469. Elias Evans of Alabama, son of John Evans, dec'd.; 1845 [LL, p. 545]

1470. Wm. D. Moye, commissioner to sell estate of Nancy Moye, dec'd; 1847 [LL, p. 545]

1471. Wm. L. Tyer & father live together [LL, p. 547]

Book MM

1472. Lot #33, dwelling house of Allen Tyson, dec'd., now owned by Doctor S. B. Marsh; 1847 [MM, p. 1]

1473. Foremans Landing mentioned; 1844 [MM, p. 3]

1474. Henry Barnhill, dec'd., to children: John Barnhill, Sr., Henry Barnhill, Riley Barnhill, Lucy Barnhill. (related to Luther Barnhill) [MM, p. 5]

1475. Louis Simon, merchant [MM, p. 5]

1476. Grant of Edward Cannon, Nov. 15, 1762, to son Jacob Cannon who died without issue; then descended to brothers and sisters, some set apart to Palmer Cannon. [MM, p. 7]

1477. Woody Moore, dec'd., Priscilla (widow), and daughter Delitha (md. Allen J. Smith); 1848 [MM, p. 11]

1478. Wm. Cox to son Sylvester Cox [MM, p. 14]

1479. Henry Brinkley & wife Anna E. of Edge. Co., were heirs of Allison Knox, dec'd.; 1848 [MM, p. 19]

1480. Henry James to dau. Margaret James; related to Wm. A. James [MM, p. 20]

1481. Graveyard owned by Merriman Powers [MM, p. 20]

1482. Lot #17, Joseph John Norcott to St. Paul's Church for $50, Mar. 15, 1848 [MM, p. 21]

1483. Susanah Brown, dec'd.; 2 daus.: Susanah (md. Samuel Webber) and Lucretia Ann Amanda Brown [MM, p. 22]

1484. Sarah Smith, sister of Pugh Cannon, dec'd.; 1848 [MM, p. 23]

1485. Franklin Parker & wife Sarah owned lands of James Buck, dec'd. [MM, p. 25]

1486. Wiley Belcher of Edge. Co. [MM, p. 25/26]

1487. Austin Harris land [MM, p. 26]

1488. Wm. Henry Sutton, dec'd, to heir Barbara (md. Johnson Nobles) [MM, p. 28]

1489. Samuel Smith, dec'd., to heir Wm. S. Smith & wife Elizabeth; 1848 [MM, p. 30]

1490. Lot #75 [MM, p. 31]

1491. Robert Lang's mill; Wm. Rogers's land [MM, p. 31]

1492. Lot #17 [MM, p. 32]

1493. Wm. A. James and Henry James were sons of Henry James, dec'd. (related to Nancy James) [MM, p. 33]
Clue: Nancy James (nee Whichard) was wife of Henry James, Sr., dec'd. They had 5 children: Wm. Albert or Alfred (called Burton) James, Henry James, Jr., Margaret, Margan or Maryan, and Lydia Lucretia who md. Wm. Alfred Ross.

1494. Pleasant W. Weaver of Fayette Co., Tenn., gave Power of Attorney to Allen Bynum. Pleasant was guardian of Keturah H. May, minor of Benjamin May, dec'd.; 1848 [MM, p. 34?]

1495. Div. of land of Wm. W. Wallace; 1848; heirs: 1) John Vines (Vinson) & wife Sally, 2) Joseph Bridgers, 3) Loty Wallace, and 4) Gideon Wallace [MM, p. 35]

1496. B. A. Ernull of Charleston Dist., SC [MM, p. 35]

1497. Div. of land of Isaiah Windham; 1848; heirs: 1) Arthur Thomas & wife Elcy, 2) Willie Downs & wife Polly, 3) John Mayo & wife Appey, and 4) Jonah (Jonai) Lewis & wife Tilitha [MM, p. 36]

1498. Shadrich Garrett of Pitt Co. to sister Mary Baker of Greene Co. [MM, p. 37]

1499. Seth Sutton & wife Sally of Posey Co., Ind.; Sally was dau. of John Edwards, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; 1848 [MM, p. 40]

1500. Elizabeth Windham, dower, widow of Isaiah Windham [MM, p. 41]

1501. Nancy Little and Lydia Styles (wife of James Styles) were sisters; they appt. brother Thomas Little Power of Attorney. All of Hall Co., Ga. They were the children of Etheldred Little, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; 1848 [MM, p. 42]

1502. Howell Whitehead and Anna Whitehead, divorce settlement; 1848. Anna was former widow of Miles Britton, dec'd. [MM, p. 43/44]

1503. Lots beside Greenville, of Marshal Dickinson, soon to be part of Greenville; 1847 [MM, p. 46]

1504. S/Side Tar River, land near Red Banks meeting house [MM, p. 47/47]

1505. Southy Brooks and wife Livey (Livicy) of Phillips Co., Ark., give Power of Attorney to Franklin Brooks of Pitt Co.; Nancy Moye of Pitt Co., lately dec'd., bequeathed land to Livicy Brooks; May 23, 1848 [MM, p. 48]

1506. Wm. Stafford's patent of 1786 [MM, p. 53]

1507. Strawberry Hill plantation, of J. A. Dixon, 450 acres with graveyard; 1848 [MM, p. 53]

1508. Franklin Moye & wife Lydia, formerly Lydia Moye of Phillips Co., Ark., give Power of Attorney to Franklin Brooks; property from estate of Gideon Moye, dec'd., and of Nancy Moyer, dec'd.; May 13, 1848 [MM, p. 55]

1509. Henry A. Gouger & wife Martha (nee Bucune or Bucure) of Fanning Co., Tex., gave Power of Attorney to Godfrey Langley of Pitt Co.; they were heirs of Jonathan Albritton, dec'd.; Sept. 7, 1847 [MM, p. 5_?]

1510. Simon Mills, for natural love & affection, to Susanah Mills and Lydia Mills (daughters of Wm. Mills); 1848 [MM, p. 59]

1511. John Kirkman & wife Permelia of Crav. Co. (she was dau. of Susan Gardner, dec'd.) [MM, p. 60]

1512. John Hazelton to 5 heirs; 1848: 1) Pinkney Hazelton, 2) Benjamin F. Hazleton, 3) CHristopher C. Hazelton, 4) Phila A. Williams of Greenville, and 5) Walter Dunn, Jr., of Lenoir Co. (his grandson) [MM, p. 61/62]

1513. Lot #108 [MM, p. 62/63]

1514. Thomas Little of Hale (Hall?) Co., Ga., and Grey Little of Jackson Co., Ga.; land of Mrs. Elizabeth Little, now Elizabeth Norris. Two sisters of Thomas & Grey were Nancy Little and Lydia Stiles, wife of James M. Stiles; 1847 [MM, p. 63]

1515. Burton G. Albritton, Sheriff's bond; 1848 [MM, p. 65]

1516. James Elks property [MM, p. 71]

1517. Store of Falk Odenheimer [MM, p. 76/77]

1518. Sheriff's bond of Benjamin M. Selby; 1847 [MM, p. 78/79]

1519. James H. McCluer, bond as Superior Court Clerk [MM, p. 82]

1520. George E. Knox and Churchill A. Knox, coachmaking business; 1849. Mentioned, Lot #138 where Stanley Spain now lives [MM, p. 85]

1521. Otis Taft, son of Arnold Taft; Boyds Ferry tract [MM, p. 90/91]

1522. Wm. Mumford property; made turpentine [MM, p. 94]

1523. Racoon Seine hole [MM, p. 96]

1524. Thomas Dupree to son Thomas B. Dupree [MM, p. 98/99]

1525. Bennett Mayo, heir of Jacob Mayo, dec'd; 1848 [MM, p. 99]

1526. Perlina Hardee for natural love to Pamilia Hardee, John Bryan Hardee, Washington Hardee and Nancy Hardee; 1848 [MM, p. 100/101]

1527. Palmer Cannon to dau. Eliza Cannon, son Cornelius Cannon, dau. Elender Cannon, dau. Nancy Cannon, and son William Cannon; 1847 [MM, p. 102/103/107]

1528. Louisa (N.?) Speight of Lowndes Co., Miss., gave Power of Attorney to James P. Speight of Greene Co. to get share of Penelope May, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; 1848 [MM, p. 104]

1529. Jonathan Albritton of Pitt Co. died in the Fall of 1845. Lydia Fletcher (his granddau.), wife of James W. Fletcher, had a dau. Martha Jane. Lydia died intestate in Crawford Co., Ark. James W. Fletcher gave Power of Attorney to John G. Little of Crawford Co., Ark.; June 4, 1847 [MM, p. 105/106]

1530. Lanier Ward, Luke Ward, John Ward, and James Ward were related; 1848 [MM, p. 110]

1531. Anna, wife of Howell Whitehead [MM, p. 110]

1532. John G. Little & Alvana his wife of Crawford Co., Ark., gave Power of Attorney to Howell Whitehead; land from estate of Jonathan Albritton, dec'd.; 1848 [MM, p. 111/112]

1533. Property of Oliver P. Humber; 1848 [MM, p. 113/114]

1534. Holland Johnson houses in Greenville [MM, p. 115]

1535. Property of Wm. Pearce [MM, p. 115/116]

1536. Property of Wm. G. Carter [MM, p. 117]

1537. John S. Hardee, son of John Hardee [MM, p. 118/119]

1538. Sidney & Abby Hardee [MM, p. 121]

1539. Major B. Smith, heir of John Jenkins, dec'd., and Nancy Jenkins, his widow [MM, p. 124]

1540. Property of Allen Smith [MM, p. 127]

1541. Jonathan Rogers of Greene Co.; 1848 [MM, p. 132]

1542. Cottage tract of Henry I. Toole; Yankee Hall tract; Jolly Seine hole; Rob place [MM, p. 134/135]

1543. Anonsid (or Adamsid?) Moorefield & wife Fanny, heirs of Etheldred Little; 1848 [MM, p. 136]

1544. Fred. Wetherington of Gladson Co., Fla., was son of Susanah Wetherington of Pitt Co., dec'd. [MM, p. 139]

1545. Lot #16 [MM, p. 141]

1546. Elisha Porter to dau. Penina Porter; 1848 [MM, p. 141]

1547. Marmaduke House of Martin Co., heir of Turner House, dec'd.; 1848 [MM, p. 144/145]

1548. Melvina Smith, heir of Charles Smith, dec'd [MM, p. 148]

1549. Reading Bell land [MM, p. 150/151]

1550. James G. Buck, heir of James Buck, dec'd. [MM, p. 151/152]

1551. Bryan Knox, heir of James Knox, dec'd. Bryan for love & affection to Ashley Knox; 1849 [MM, p. 15_?]

1552. Robert Knox of Harrison Co., Tex., heir of Allison Knox, dec'd.; 1848 [MM, p. 155]

1553. Jonas Nelson of Edge. Co. to dau. Lydia (md. Elihu Briley) of Pitt Co. [MM, p. 156]

1554. Willis Dupree for love & affection to Redmond R. Dupree; land at Otters Creek Bridge; 1844 [MM, p. 159]

1555. John Hardee & wife Paulina, heirs of Abram C. Hardee; Paulina was widow (former wife) of Abram C. Hardee [MM, p. 161]

1556. John Taylor to son Clayton H. Taylor [MM, p. 163]

1557. Allen Cobb to son William Cobb; Cat hole [MM, p. 165]

1558. Adaline E. Williams to sister Emily A. Joyner; Noah Joyner's new buildings [MM, p. 167]

1559. Patent of Thomas Reson, 1720 [MM, p. 169]

1560. Francis Brooks for love & affection to Wm. F. Brooks [MM, p. 170]

1561. Abraham D. Moye of Greene Co.; Wm. D. Moye of Pitt Co.; 1835 [MM, p. 170]

1562. Abraham D. Moye of Pitt Co.; 1847 [MM, p. 174]

1563. James B. Lewis of Wayne Co., Ga., guardian for legitimate heirs of Milly Lewis (formerly Milly Rollings, heir of Charles Rollings, dec'd., of Pitt Co.). The heirs were (surnames not given): Sarah A., Lewis, Lucinda, Hannah E., and Milly. Also Wm. H. Lewis, James Willis, John Ammons, Elizabeth Lewis, and Susan Lewis, all of Wayne Co., Ga. (under guardianship of James B. Lewis?); 1848 [MM, p. 176]

1564. Jemima Baldree of Gadson, Fla., Power of Attorney to Lewis C. Desmond of Lenoir Co., NC; she was dau. of Susannah Wetherington, dec'd.; 1848 [MM, p. 177/178]

1565. Property of Shem & Sarah Tyson; Shem, son of Noah Tyson [MM, p. 179]

1566. Sydney S. Hardee, Abby S. Hardee, and John R. Hardee, were heirs of James R. Hardee; 1848 [MM, p. 181]

1567. Martha Hardee to son Wm. W. Hardee, to dau. Elizabeth Edwards, and to dau. Catherine A. Hardee; 1849 [MM, p. 185]

1568. Lots #128/140, lots of Dempsey S. Eason; 1848 [MM, p. 187]

1569. Hugh Telfair to grandchildren: Caroline Toole, Henry Parker Toole, Margaret Elizabeth Toole, the children of Henry I. Toole, and Margaret Telfair Toole of Pitt Co.; 1842 [MM, p. 187]

1570. Nathaniel Nobles to son Simon E. Nobles [MM, p. 189]

1571. Heirs of Allison Knox: Reuben Knox, Henry Brinkly & Anna, Thomas Nobles, Jonathan Kittrell & wife Rebecca, the heirs of Wright Nobles, and James Knox [MM, p. 191]

1572. Wiley Taylor of Wayne Co., NC; 1845 [MM, p. 193]

1573. Hosea Buck to dau. Amy, wife of James Galloway; Holly Pt. tract; Hosea's wife had dower interest in land of Jacob Moore, dec'd. [MM, p. 194/195]

1574. Hosea Buck to wife Frances; Buck's interest in the Jacob Moore tract; 1849 [MM, p. 197]

1575. James C. Albritton, admr. of estate of Wm. Albritton, dec'd. [MM, p. 198]

1576. Nancy Buck and Evelina Buck were related [MM, p. 201]

1577. Fanny Smith of Wake Co., NC, to Harvey Galloway [MM, p. 201]

1578. Lot #133 [MM, p. 202]

1579. Mahala Smith had 2 children: Nancy Smith and Mary Ann Elizabeth Smith [MM, p. 203]

1580. Lots #25/26/38 [MM, p. 204]

1581. Wm. Tripp & wife Elizabeth, heirs of John Hart, dec'd. [MM, p. 204]

1582. Wm. Wooten to dau. Charity (md. John W. Dawson) [MM, p. 207]

1583. James Parker and wife, heirs of Wright Tucker, dec'd; 1847 [MM, p. 208]

1584. John Joyner, Sr., to son John Joyner, Jr. Same deed, or just same page?: heirs of Wm. May, one being Robert Willay [MM, p. 209]

1585. Wm. Hardy to son John Hardy; 1849 [MM, p. 209]

1586. Bethwell (Bithel) Foard (Ford) & wife Elizabeth, related to Wm. G. Blount and wife Caroline [MM, p. 210]

1587. John E. Allen of Johnston Co., NC, Abraham Tison's heirs, and Polly Tyson [MM, p. 210/211]

1588. David Phelan & wife Susan of Gibson Co., Tenn., gave Power of Atty. to Wiley Nobles; Susan was dau. of Elizabeth Hardee, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; 1848 [MM, p. 211]

1589. Thomas E. Nelson, insurance application; good description of property [MM, p. 212/213]

1590. Moses Tyson & wife Charlotte, heirs of Tarley Anderson, former wife of Moses Evans [MM, p. 217]

1591. Thomas E. Nelson to trustees of Pitt Academy; 1849 [MM, p. 220/221]

1592. Meth-Epis. Church South, Bethel meeting house; 1849 [MM, p. 223/224]

1593. Thomas E. Cannon & wife Penelope E., of Loundes Co., Miss.; Penelope was heir of Penelope May, dec'd. Also Mariah G., wife of John Holliday, and Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Dixon, were heirs of sd. Penelope May; 1849 [MM, p. 228]

1594. Lots #131/132 [MM, p. 229/230]

1595. Dinah, wife of Henry Moore, was heir of Jesse Thomas [MM, p. 233]

1596. Charles B. F. Jenkins, dec'd., intestate; Aug. 9, 1847. Heirs of Charles B. F. Jenkins: Stanley Kittrell & wife Winnifred, Major B. Smith & wife Catherine, Irvin Jenkins, John C. C. Jenkins, and Rebecca Jenkins [MM, p. 236]

1597. Levi Lee property [MM, p. 236/237]

1598. Lot #101 [MM, p. 238]

1599. Heirs of Reuben Moore: Alfred Moore, Nancy Moore & husband Edmond C. Moore, Sucky (Susanah) & husband Washington Poole, Sally (F. Harriet) & husband Daniel Poole, and Luke Moore [MM, p. 238/239/240]

1600. Ann M. Perkins to son Wm. L. Perkins [MM, p. 240]

1601. Robert Lanier, dec'd., to dau. Martha Ann E. (md. James S. Clark) [MM, p. 242]

1602. Millicent Eason owned John Dennis land [MM, p. 243]

1603. Richard Baldree land [MM, p. 248]

1604. Allen Nobles land [MM, p. 249]

1605. Bynum Teel & wife Mary A., had sister Elizabeth Carney, dec'd. [MM, p. 250]

1606. Edward Cannon to son JOhn [MM, p. 251]

1607. All heirs of Jacob Mayo, dec'd., and widow Margaret: John Mayo, L. B. Thigpen, Amos Mayo, Lewis Mayo, Nancy Mayo, Amy Cobb, Elkany Briley, Canaan Downs & wife Elizabeth, Allen Briley. [MM, p. 252]

1608. Related: Drew (Drury) Vinson, John W. Vinson, and Wm. Taylor & wife Delila [MM, p. 254]

1609. Polly Speight, dec'd., wife of Jesse Speight, dec'd. [MM, p. 254/255]

1610. Div. of land of Wm. B. Hardee; 1849; heirs: 1) James M. Edwards & wife, 2) Catherine Hardee, and 3) Wyatt Hardee [MM, p. 256]

1611. Div. of land of John Pollard; heirs: 1) Enoch Pollard, 2) Tabitha Brady, wife of Amos Braddy. [MM, p. 256]

1612. Zilpha Brown, dower, widow of Wm. M. Brown, dec'd.; 1848 [MM, p. 257]

1613. Elizabeth Smith, dower, widow of Oliver Smith; 1849 [MM, p. 257]

1614. Lydia Jolly, dower, widow of McGilbra Jolly; 1848 [MM, p. 258]

1615. Agnes Bell, dower, widow of John Bell; 1849 [MM, p. 258]

1616. Related: Robert Wilson & wife Mary Jane, and John Frizzle & wife Martha Ann [MM, p. 264/265]

1617. James Braddy & wife Louisa, to son R. H. W. Braddy; 1849 [MM, p. 266]

1618. Arthur Avery, tarkilns [MM, p. 267]

1619. Sandwich tract of Green Parramore [MM, p. 269]

1620. Willow Pt. seine place; Mayo seine place [MM, p. 271]

1621. Town lots next to Greenville; 1849 [MM, p. 273]

1622. Hester lots #107/108/119/120 [MM, p. 274]

1623. Allen Mills owned Urias Elks land; Allen bought it from Charles Elks [MM, p. 278]

1624. Wm. Briley to dau. Lydia (md. Wm. Nichols). Heirs of Wm. & Lydia Nichols: Rhoderick Cox & wife Elsay, James Tripp & wife Paulina, Matthew Hart & wife Gracy, Paul Nichols, and Arden Nichols; 1849 [MM, p. 279]

1625. Insurance policy of Greenville Male Academy, $500; the building is 27 ft. by 60 ft.; 1 story high, new; Dec. 19, 1849 [MM, p. 280]

1626. Marriage contract: Ruel Windley of Beau. Co., to Priscilla H. Spear of Pitt Co.; Sept. 5, 1849 [MM, p. 280]

1627. Wm. Barber, for natural love & affection to son James Barber [MM, p. 283]

1628. Oliver Harper, heir of Alexander Harper [MM, p. 287]

1629. Property of James Clark [MM, p. 288]

1630. Thomas McGeehee (McGee) of Tishomingo Co., Miss., was heir of Christopher & Mary Crandell his wife, of Pitt Co.; 1847 [MM, p. 290/292]

1631. Esir H. Whitehurst of Tishomingo Co., Miss., admin. of estate of Elizabeth Whitehurst, and guardian of Eli and Elizabeth Whitehurst; all heirs of Mary Ann Crandell, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; 1845 [MM, p. 293?]

1632. James Whitehurst of Tishomingo Co., Miss., heir of Christopher Crandell, dec'd., and of Mary Ann Crandell, dec'd.; 1845 [MM, p. 294]

1633. Lemuel Perkins for love & affection to George G. Perkins; 1847 [MM, p. 297]

1634. Dempsey S. Eason to Millicent Eason [MM, p. 301]

1635. Willis Wilson, Sr., dec'd.; 2 heirs: Cannon Wilson and Samuel Wilson [MM, p. 302]

1636. Meeting house acre, N/side of Tar [MM, p. 304]

1637. Henry A. Gouger & wife Martha of Crawford Co., Ark., gave Power of Atty. to Godfrey Langley; heirs of Jonathan Albritton, and heirs of James Barrow; 1849 [MM, p. 306]

1638. Lizza Buck land [MM, p. 309]

1639. Abram Smith, James Smith, Grizza Smith, all related [MM, p. 309]

1640. John B. Hardee property in tar making business with Arthur Avery [MM, p. 311]

1641. Abram Cox, Sr. to Abram Cox, Jr. Also his children?: Wm. Cox, Harriet Cox, Martha Ann Cox; 1848 [MM, p. 311]

1642. Samuel Clark, heir of Wm. Clark, dec'd [MM, p. 317]

1643. Old man Tony Tract, land set apart for a slave [MM, p. 317]

1644. John M. Smith, heir of Lewis Smith [MM, p. 318]

1645. Land of Noah Jolly [MM, p. 319]

1646. Elizabeth Bell, wife of Redding Bell; heir of Wm. Brooks, dec'd. [MM, p. 320]

1647. Haddocks meeting house; 1849 [MM, p. 321]

1648. Othnial Tripp to son Benjamin Tripp [MM, p. 321]

1649. Thomas Stokes, son of James Stokes [MM, p. 325]

1650. Strawberry hill plantation [MM, p. 327]

1651. Hugh Telfair md. Julia; to dau. Margaret (md. Henry I. Toole); 1850 [MM, p. 320]

1652. Kenneth Everett & wife Mariah (dau. of Jacob Brown) [MM, p. 331/332]

1653. All related: James Parker, Franklin Parker, Jesse Parker, Mary Parker, and Alexander Parker [MM, p. 334]

1654. William Hardee to granddau. Martha Ann Elizabeth Hardee; 1849 [MM, p. 336]

1655. Joseph Ringgold & wife Martha (former wife of Wm. B. Hardee, dec'd.; Jan. 16, 1850 [MM, p. 336]

1656. Joel James and wife Lydia to son Matthew James; 1850 [MM, p. 338]

1657. Othineil Tripp to son Benj. F. Tripp [MM, p. 339]

1658. Arnold Taft heirs: Henry Horne & wife Laurena [MM, p. 341/353]

1659. Lot #50 [MM, p. 350]

1660. Mary G. Edwards for natural love to James M. Edwards, and Noah Adams & wife Margaret A. M. Adams; 1849 [MM, p. 351]

1661. Sparkman Britt land [MM, p. 351]

1662. Joab P. Pitt of Edge. Co., to dau. Rebecca (md. Lewis Belcher); the Foreman tracts in Pitt Co. [MM, p. 354]

1663. Mayo Seine hole; Willow Pt. seine hole [MM, p. 355]

1664. John Tugwell of Haywood Co., Tenn.; guardian of Mary Davis, Penina Davis, Josiah Davis, Wm. Henry Davis, John Ivey Davis, all of Haywood Co., Tenn., who were minor heirs of Benj. Davis of Pitt Co., and heirs of Josiah Davis & wife Mary; 1849 [MM, p. 355 or 356]

1665. Property of Lewis Belcher, interest in steaboat wood and river flats; 1850 [MM, p. 359/360]

1666. Reuben Marlow, husband of Minerva (nee Whitehurst) Marlow, dec'd., of Tishomingo Co., Miss., gave Power of Atty. to James Whitehurst of Tishomingo Co., Miss; Nov. 19, 1849 [MM, p. 361]

1667. Wm. Willoughby heirs: Louisa, Martha Ann, and John B. Willoughby [MM, p. 362]

1668. Arthur Forbes, son of Arthur Forbes [MM, p. 363]

1669. Hardy Whichard to children: Staton Whichard, Lydia Whichard, Nicey Whichard, Eliphalet Whichard, John Whichard, Wm. G. Whichard, Sally Ann Elizabeth Whichard, and Rippon Whichard; 1850 [MM, p. 366]

1670. Amos Evans to dau. Mary (md. Stephen S. or F. Johnson [MM, p. 367]

1671. Bond of Jordan Nelson, coroner; May 7, 1850 [MM, p. 368]

1672. Darlin Cherry, son of Wm. Cherry [MM, p. 369]

1673. Lot #114, Samuel Bell grocery [MM, p. 369]

1674. Lots #56/68 [MM, p. 370]

1675. Lemuel Perkins to son Wm. H. Perkins [MM, p. 373/374]

1676. James Wilson, Sr., to grandson James Franklin Brooks, son of Wm. F. Brooks; 1850 [MM, p. 376]

1677. Major Hardee & wife Alley of Crav. Co.; 1/13 share as heirs of John Edwards, dec'd. [MM, p. 377]

1678. Abram Stocks to son John Stocks [MM, p. 380]

1679. Samuel William to son Thomas H. Williams & wife Julia; 1850 [MM, p. 381]

1680. Wm. Bates md. Susan (Boyd?), widow of John Boyd [MM, p. 382]

1681. Ally Stokes, related to James Stokes, dec'd. [MM, p. 386]

1682. Arthur Tripp to son Hardy Tripp [MM, p. 386]

1683. Joel Patrick, Wm. Patrick, Pamela C. Patrick, and Frederick Johnson & wife Eliza C., were heirs of Allen Patrick. They were related to Coart Patrick and Frederick A. Patrick [MM, p. 388]

1684. Sally Phillips, dower, widow of Isaac Phillips; 1850 [MM, p. 390]

1685. Sally Ann Willoughby, dower, widow of Wm. I. (J.) Willoughby [MM, p. 390]

1686. Penelope Tucker, dower, widow of John Tucker [MM, p. 390/391]

1687. Marina James, dower, widow of Clifton James; Feb. 13, 1850 [MM, p. 391]

1688. Charity Cox, dower, widow of Wm. Cox [MM, p. 392]

1689. Cannon Smith to stepdaughter Roena Edwards; 1850 [MM, p. 395]

1690. Izariah Moore and Albert Moore, related [MM, p. 396/396]

1691. Wm. Stokes, Sr., to son: Guilford Stokes and Wm. Stokes [MM, p. 396]

1692. Henry Horne & wife Lurana of Pitt Co. (dau. of Arnold Taft); 1850 [MM, p. 400]

1693. Lot #30; Wm. S. Bonner & wife Patience [MM, p. 401]

1694. Willis Crandell & wife Piety; William ____? to dau. Mary. [MM, p. 403]

1695. Edmond Moore & wife related to Willis Crandell & wife [MM, p. 403 or 404?]

1696. David Lewis, owned the Wm. Taylor patent [MM, p. 405]

1697. Mary Smith of Red River, Tex., widow of Samuel S. Smith, son of Cannon Smith of Pitt Co.; 1850 [MM, p. 406]

1698. John L. Robinson & wife Lydia, Saron Windham, Ivy Windham, John Windham and Midian Windham, were all related [MM, p. 408]

1699. Lot #114; 1850 [MM, p. 409]

1700. Lot #102; Market house lot [MM, p. 409]

1701. David Fleming, Henry Fleming, and Hellena Fleming all related [MM, p. 410]

1702. Div. of land of John Norcott; Brickle, Norcott [MM, p. 411]

1703. Moses Tyson burying ground [MM, p. 420]

1704. Simon Keel to heir Samuel Keel; Henry Harrington related? [MM, p. 421]

1705. Grays mill, across Briery Swamp [MM, p. 424]

1706. Marriage contract: Joseph J. Dancy and Mary E. S. Hoyt; Sept. 7, 1850 [MM, p. 424/425]

1707. William Bell, dec'd., to heir Mary (md. James Cobb, Jr.) [MM, p. 427]

1708. Hoyt, Brickle family [MM, p. 428]

1709. Lewis Bond of Edge. Co., and Wiley Bond of Pitt Co., were heirs of Emily Lawrence, dec'd.; Nov. 6, 1850; lot #110 [MM, p. 430]

1710. Old Grindle Creek meeting house (Bapt. church); B. F. Eborn and Willis Crandell were trustees; land owned by Godfrey Langley [MM, p. 431]

1711. John Edwards, dec'd., left 13 heirs, one being Vinson Holloway & wife Sophia; 1850 [MM, p. 432/433]

1712. Sally Womble, dower, widow of Amos Womble; 1850 [MM, p. 434]

1713. Wm. S. Murphy to heir Wm. Murphy [MM, p. 434]

1714. Josiah Collins land [MM, p. 435]

1715. Viney Sutton, mother of Joseph Sutton [MM, p. 435]

1716. Sale of slaves of John Leslie, dec'd., bought by Willie Bell, Franklin Bell, and James Bell; 1850 [MM, p. 437]

1717. Lewis Cannon, dec'd. [MM, p. 437]

1718. John James, dec'd, widow Elizabeth; heirs Warren Tucker & wife Abilene M. Tucker [MM, p. 438; ca. 1845?]

1719. Winnaford Mills to children: Allen Mills, Anny Mills, Pernetta Mills and John Mills; 1850 [MM, p. 440]

1720. Mahala Eubank, dau. of Nancy Eubank [MM, p. 441]

1721. Benjamin F. Whitehurst of Miss., heir of Arthur Whitehurst; 1850; through agent H. P. Bryan of Pitt Co., sold to Luke Ward [MM, p. 441]

1722. James Whitehurst of Tishamingo Co., Miss., gave Power of Atty. to John Whitehurst of Pitt Co.; sd. James legatee of Christopher Crandell, dec'd., and of Mary Ann Crandell, dec'd; 1850 [MM, p. 443/444]

1723. Amos Evans to dau. Mary (md. Stephen F. Johnson); Amos Evans mill [MM, p. 446/447]

1724. Stephen F. Johnson, John V. Johnson, Franklin Johnson, James Johnson, Charles Johnson; heirs of James Johnson, dec'd., and Letitcia, widow; 1850; mentioned, store of James Johnson [MM, p. 447]

1725. Lots #9/10.21/22 [MM, p. 448]

1726. Bethel Ford, heir of Wm. Carson, dec'd., and heir (of?) Mary Carson [MM, p. 451]

1727. Esir W. Whitehurst of Tishamingo Co., Miss, son of Arthur Whitehurst, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; 1842 [MM, p. 252]

1728. John L. Tugwell of Haywood Co., Tenn., guardian of Wm. Moore, Thomas J. L. Moore, Seth M. Moore, John A. Moore, and Sarah A. F. Moore, all children of Alfred Moore, dec'd., and wife Elizabeth (dau. of Isaac Phillips of Pitt Co.). John L. Tugwell was father of David Tugwell; his dec'd. wife Mary was also dau. of Isaac Phillips.; 1850 [MM, p. 452/453]

1729. Isaac Taylor of Gordon Co., Ga., gave Power of Atty. to Cullen Smith of Pitt Co.; 1850 [MM, p. 454]

1730. Asa Shivers of Noxabee Co., Miss., gave Power of Atty. to Solomon Edwards of same place. Asa was son of Shadrack Shivers, dec'd, of Pitt Co.. Asa had sister Margaret Shivers of Pitt Co., also dec'd.; 1850 [MM, p. 455]

1731. Rosanna E. Harris, wife of Benjamin F. Harris [MM, p. 456]

1732. Free School; Matthew L. Carr; at Moyes Crossroads area; 1850 [MM, p. 457/458]

1733. Robert & Shade Rogers, heired land from grandfather; 1847 [MM, p. 459]

1734. Redmond R. Dupree, heir of Willis Dupree [MM, p. 459]

1735. Jesse R. Atkinson of Crav. Co. [MM, p. 460]

1736. Martha Whitehead, heir of Wm. Whitehead; Wm. A. Spear & Arena his wife, heir [MM, p. 461]

1737. Wm. A. Pugh and Lewis B. Pugh were sons of Wm. A. Pugh, dec'd.; 1850 [MM, p. 464/467]

1738. Land of Benj. F. Harris & wife Roseanna E. [MM, p. 465]

1739. Wm. Brinkly of Brunswick Co., NC; Parkers Chapel meeting house; Raccoon Creek seine hole; 1850 [MM, p. 467]

1740. Reuben Smith, heir of Charles Smith; Thomas Smith, heir of Reuben Smith [MM, p. 470]

1741. Nancy Ann Brown, widow of Jacob Brown [MM, p. 472]

1742. Wm. Whitehurst to dau. Charity (md. Randolph Davenport); 1851 [MM, p. 473]

1743. Wm. Manning & wife Elizabeth sold Wm. Mathews land [MM, p. 474]

1744. Reddick Bergeron of Greene Co.; Garry Bergeron of Pitt Co.; 1847 [MM, p. 475]

1745. Lot #114; Samuel Bell store. [MM, p. 477/478]

1746. Benjamin F. Fleming & wife Mary Ann; Jonathan C. Keel & wife Sally Ann; Henry T. Brown & wife Lisha Amanda; natural heirs of Henry O. Cherry; for love & affection to McGilbrey L. Cherry; 1850 [MM, p. 478/479]

1747. Lot #77 [MM, p. 480]

1748. George L. Blount of Blount Hall, heir of Jacob Blount, gave to Thomas H. Blount 697 acres (Blount Hall?). Sd. Thomas H. Blount had children: Elizabeth Blount, Polly Ann Blount and John Gray Blount; 1847 [MM, p. 482/483]

1749. Henry C. Jordan & wife Emily E. [MM, p. 483]

1750. Wm. May & wife Mary J. [MM, p. 488]

1751. Joseph M. Graham & wife Mary (Mary was heir of John Washington, dec'd.), gave Power of Atty. to John C. Washington of Lenoir Co.; for Brooks Ferry tract on Contentnea Creek which John Washington bought of George Blount. [MM, p. 489]

1752. Div. of land of Amos Womble, dec'd.; 1850; his children: Bennett Womble, Wm. A. Womble, Phereby & Willie Pollard, Anna & Jesse Clark, Polly & Bethel Coggins, Matilda Womble, and Sally Jane Womble [MM, p. 489/490]

1753. Div. of land of Robert Teal; 1850; children: Jensy & husband Roderick Carson, Margaret & husband John H. Bryan, George Teal, Canzetta Teal, and Angeline Teal. Mentions Bethel meeting house & Bensborough road [MM, p. 491/492]

1754. Nancy Williams, dower, widow of William Williams, dec'd.; 1850 [MM, p. 492]

1755. Molsey McGlawhorn, dower, widow of Luke McGlawhorn, dec'd.; 1850 [MM, p. 493]

1756. Blount Hall sold by Thomas H. Blount to Lewis B. Pugh; 1847 [MM, p. 493]

1757. Bond of Jordan Nelson, coroner; May 6, 1851 [MM, p. 495]

1758. Div. of land of Richard Harris; 1841 (or 1849?); heir at law: Synthia Pollard; heir by purchase: John S. Brown [MM, p. 495]

1759. Matilda Smith house, owned by Cullen Smith; Wm. Bright land [MM, p. 496]

1760. Gideon Ward, heir of Francis Odum, dec'd.; interest in slaves to George W. Tison; 1846 [MM, p. 497/498]

1761. Allen Hardee of Greene Co.; 1850 [MM, p. 499]

1762. S/side Tar, near Red Banks meeting house; land of Lewis Smith, dec'd.; James Griffin heir of Lewis Smith [MM, p. 501]

1763. Lot #114 [MM, p. 504]

1764. John W. Holldiay of Mart. Co.; share of father's property in Pitt Co. to Margaret Holliday of Pitt Co. [MM, p. 505]

1765. John Bell, grandson of Starkey Bell [MM, p. 505]

1766. Div. of land owned by Wm. D. Moye & heirs of Allen Stocks, dec'd.; 2/3 to Moye, 1/3 to Stocks; 1851 [MM, p. 506]

1767. Nancy Cannon, dower, widow of John Cannon; 1851 [MM, p. 506]

1768. John S. Hardee, son of John Hardee, related to Josey Ann Hardee [MM, p. 508/511]

1769. Path from Oak Grove meeting house to Clements mill [MM, p. 509]

1770. Sarah Stocks, dower, widow of Allen Stocks, dec'd.; 1851 [MM, p. 510]

1771. Elizabeth Stocks, dower, widow of Cannon Stocks [MM, p. 510]

1772. James O. Harrington related to Marina Herrington [MM, p. 512]

1773. Ormond Cherry to dau. Sally Ann (md. Jonathan Keel) [MM, p. 514]

1774. Cannon Smith & wife Harriett W., and Susan C. Wiggins & husband Thomas M. Wiggins, were heirs of Samuel Moore [MM, p. 514]

1775. Ormand Cherry to dau. Elitiamanda (md. Henry T. Brown) [MM, p. 516]

1776. Lot #138 [MM, p. 517]

1777. Charles B. F. Jenkins, dec'd.; Aug. 9, 1847; intestate. He was son of John Jenkins, dec'd. [MM, p. 518]

1778. Marshall G. James and Abline M. James, children of John James and Elizabeth his wife; 1848 [MM, p. 519]

1779. Thomas Carson, dec'd., to heirs: Allen Tison & wife, dec'd.; and Robert Willoughby & wife Elizabeth [MM, p. 520]

1780. Willie Nobles to dau. Chrishany (Chrischana) E. Garris [MM, p. 522]

Book NN

1781. Nancy James to dau. Lydia Ann Lucrisa Ross; 1851 [NN, p. 1]

1782. Allen Mills & wife Harriet, heirs of Lewis Smith, dec'd; 1851 [NN, p. 3]

1783. Wm. H. Tucker & wife Catherin, heirs of Wm. B. Hardee [NN, p. 6]

1784. Samuel Marshman & wife Rebecca F. of Edge. Co. [NN, p. 7]

1785. Lucy Barnhill, granddau. of Henry Barnhill, dec'd., related to William Barnhill, Luther Barnhill [NN, p. 11]

1786. Wm. H. Edwards & wife July (Julia) Ann Edwards; he was son of John Edwards [NN, p. 11/12]

1787. Mary Ann Briley, dower, widow of Bennett Briley [NN, p. 13]

1788. Godfrey Stancill for natural love to Willie Stancill [NN, p. 13]

1789. Nancy James to 2 daughters: Margaret Ann James, Margan Lunicy James, and 2 son: Henry James and Wm. A. James; 1851 [NN, p. 14]

1790. Land around Blount Hall and Jacob Blount Landing [NN, p. 15/16]

1791. Free School, Rebecca Brewer [NN, p. 18]

1792. Cordelia Carmon of Pitt Co., to dau. Hannah J. Lyons [NN, p. 18]

1793. Edward Carman of Greene Co., related to Cordelia Carman [NN, p. 19]

1794. Shadrack Cannon, grandson of Radford Cannon; Rebecca Cannon, wife of Coachwith C. Cannon [NN, p. 19/20]

1795. John Hardee of Pitt Co. to dau. Alameda (Almeda) Hardee [NN, p. 20]

1796. Heirs of John Cannon, dec'd.; 1851: Hillary Cannon, Catherine Slaughter, Benjamin Tripp & wife Dutry, Caleb Cannon, Robert P. Weatherington & wife Mary, Wm. Hart & wife Mary, Warren Braxton & wife Sarah, John C. Cox, Henry Cannon, Thomas Cannon [NN, p. 22/23]

1797. Wm. D. Moye; to Greenville & Raleigh Plank Road Co.; Lot #153, 30 ft. of lot #145. 30 ft. in width of Plank road, 25 ft plank Rd.; 1851 [NN, p. 26/27/65]

1798. Lots #136/146, Plank Road, 15 ft. of S/E corner of lot #136, and 40 ft. of NW corner of lot #146 for road [NN, p. 27]

1799. Plank Road land [NN, p. 27/28/29/30/31]

1800. Wm. Baldree & wife Sally Ann, heirs of Winfield Satterthwaite, dec'd. [NN, p. 32]

1801. Bryan Grimes to son Bryan Grimes, Jr. [NN, p. 33]

1802. John Salter, Sr., & Margaret his wife, 1796 [NN, p. 33]

1803. James Powell, dec'd., to heir Warren Wallace & wife Phebe [NN, p. 36]

1804. Franklin Johnson and Robert Johnson, heirs of James Johnson, dec'd. [NN, p. 36/37/38]

1805. Theophilus J. Stancill & wife Martha; John Evans & Letitcia his wife [NN, p. ?]

1806. Lewis Hudson & wife Sophronia M. A., heirs of Lew Smith, dec'd. [NN, p. 39]

1807. John S. Hardee owned an island in Tar River, above Jordan Nelson's seine hole. 1 acre to Joseph Ann Hardee; 1849 [NN, p. 41]

1808. Benj. Buck mill [NN, p. 42]

1809. Naseby Mills and John Galloway sell to Lewis & Redding Hudson, their share in James Buck tract; 1850 [NN, p. 43/46]

1810. Frances Gay and Sarah Alfred, related to Lacy Alfred [NN, p. 48/49]

1811. Marriage contract: James Smith and Susan Wingate; July 1, 1851 [NN, p. 49]

1812. Sarah Moore had sister Fanny Roberson, dec'd. [NN, p. 51]

1813. Thomas E. Chance gave land to Flat Swamp Bapt. Church on Pitt/Mart. county line, 2 1/2 acres; Ervin Page and James Brown, Deacons; Nov. 13, 1850 [NN, p. 53]

1814. Thomas Lewis of Beau. Co. owned Jesse Jones (dec'd.) land, related to John Lewis of Pitt Co. [NN, p. 53/54]

1815. Edward Vail & wife Elizabeth of Beau. Co., heirs of Winfield Satterwaith (Satterthwaite) [NN, p. 55]

1816. John C. Tucker, heir of Benjamin Tucker, dec'd. [NN, p. 57]

1817. Lot #72, Plank Rd. [NN, p. 62]

1818. Lot #143 [NN, p. ?]

1819. Lot #152 [NN, p. 68]

1820. Marriage contract: Jesse P. Nevill and Susan P. Blow; Nov. 8, 1851 [NN, p. 73]

1821. Macon Moye sells where he lives in Greene Co., on both sides of road from Adams Bridge to Hookerton; Nov. 20, 1849 [NN, p. 75]

1822. Wm. Edwards to son John O. Edwards [NN, p. 75]

1823. Lot #77; mentioned heirs of Abraham C. Hardee [NN, p. 76?]

1824. Joseph S. Bell and Kinchen Bell, heirs of John Bell; Penny Hill tract [NN, p. 78/79/80]

1825. Churchwell Mills and Hollon Mills of Crawford Co., Ill., heirs of Robert Dixon, dec'd.; 1849 [NN, p. 79]

1826. Robert Robinson owned share of Howell Hearne estate [NN, p. 79]

1827. James T. Whitehurst of Tishamingo Co., Miss., was heir of Esir & Elizabeth Whitehurst, and heir of John Whitehurst of Pitt Co.; 1851 [NN, p. 81]

1828. Dr. Robert Williams mill tract [NN, p. 84/85]

1829. Arden Tucker, dec'd, to heirs Arden Tucker (minor); related to Wm. H. Tucker, Edith Tucker [NN, p. 87]

1830. Heirs of W. Stephenson: Wm. Lewis, John R. Causey, and Wm. F. Stephenson, all of Georgia, Stewart and Randolph Co. [NN, p. 87]

1831. Lot #126 [NN, p. 88]

1832. Lots #125/126/137, public tavern [NN, p. 88]

1833. Argent Hart, heir of John Cannon, dec'd. [NN, p. 90]

1834. Oliver Beddard & wife Elizabeth, related to Benjamin Stocks, dec'd. [NN, p. 91]

1835. John Stocks to heir James Stocks [NN, p. 93]

1836. James Daniel lived at Amos Battle's house; James arrested for debt, put in prison. James Daniel was heir of Benj. Bentley, dec'd., by right of wife Celia Daniel. [NN, p. 94]

1837. Lanier Dixon and Edward Dixon, heirs of Robert Dixon [NN, p. 97]

1838. Abner Edwards & wife Sarah, heirs of Abram Adams [NN, p. 98]

1839. James Mills & wife Sally Ann, of Tenn., heirs of Robert Dixon, dec'd [NN, p. 99]

1840. Edith Tucker, widow of Arden Tucker, dec'd. [NN, p. 102]

1841. Leiza Powell, widow of Louis Powell of Shelby Co., Texas, was niece of Mrs. Elizabeth Cobb of Edge. Co.; sd. Leiza was heir of estate of Isabel Brown of Pitt Co. [NN, p. 104]

1842. Isaac Phillips heirs [NN, p. 105/106/107]

1843. John L. Mooring, son of Jesse Mooring, dec'd. [NN, p. 108]

1844. Benjamin F. Hearn of Macknary Co., Tenn.; 1852 [NN, p. 111/125]

1845. Bryan Cox, John H. Cox, and Josiah Cox were heirs of Joseph Cox, dec'd. [NN, p. 112/113/135]

1846. Lot #101 [NN, p. 113/114]

1847. Lot #113 [NN, p. 114]

1848. Enoch Pollard & wife Matilda, heirs of Amos Womble [NN, p. 116]

1849. Newman Teel & wife Nancy, and Aggy Spain were related [NN, p. 117]

1850. Warren Nobles of Franklin Co., NC; 1852 [NN, p. 120]

1851. Lots #125/126/137, Hoyt's Hotel [NN, p. 122]

1852. Wm. Herrington & wife Nancy, George B. Ellis & wife Penny, Bryan Cox. Nancy, Penny and Bryan were children of Joseph Cox [NN, p. 123]

1853. Lot #83 [NN, p. 127]

1854. John Brinkley land [NN, p. 138/129]

1855. Langs mill [NN, p. 130]

1856. John Moore, Sr., to dau. Martha (md. Edwin Brooks) [NN, p. 130]

1857. Thomas Dawson of Lenoir Co., to son Richard Dawson of Pitt Co.; 1851 [NN, p. 133]

1858. Arthur Thomas gave life estate to Elizabeth Thomas [NN, p. 137]

1859. James Allen & wife Cinderella, Felix Braxton & wife Sarah A., Simon Nobles & wife Lydia, and James Sutton, were heirs of Henry Sutton [NN, p. 138]

1860. Elizabeth J. Bright, granddau. of Elizabeth Nelson [NN, p. 139]

1861. Wm. Arnold, son of Thomas Arnold [NN, p. 140/141]

1862. Heirs of Lewis Speir, dec'd.; 1852: Wm. A. Speir of Crav. Co., John J. Speir, Reuben Speir, Joseph B. Speir, Churchill C. Moore & wife Elizabeth, Robert M. Speir, and James Speir of Georgia. [NN, p. 141]

1863. Haddock & Cox seine haul & seine flat [NN, p. 144]

1864. Nancy Garrett, dower, widow of Shade Garrett; 1851 [NN, p. 145]

1865. Div. of land of Hardee Johnson, Sr., 1852; heirs: 1) Cannon Johnson, 2) Noah Wetherington & wife Jemima, 3) Lewis Johnson, 4) Hardee Johnson, 5) John Herrington & wife Susan, 6) Wm. Johnson, and 7) Anna Catherine Johnson [NN, p. 146/147]

1866. Ann Speir, dower, widow of Lewis Speir, dec'd.; 1851 [NN, p. 148]

1867. Elizabeth Wilson, dower, widow of Daniel Wilson; 1851 [NN, p. 148/149]

1868. Mary Brooks, dower, widow of John Brooks; 1852 [NN, p. 149]

1869. Leticia Newton, dower, widow of John Newton; 1851 [NN, p. 149/150]

1870. Div. of Land of John Bell; 1851; heirs: Joseph S. Bell (Penny Hill tract), Kinchen Bell, other minor heirs not named [NN, p. 150]

1871. Div. of Land of James Askew; 1852; Wm. J. Moore & wife Christina, and other heirs unnamed [NN, p. 150? or 151]

1872. New road from Hines place near Clayroot to New Bern Road; 1852 [NN, p. 151]

1873. Alter road from Dicey Baldrees to Red Banks on river [NN, p. 152]

1874. Benjamin Briley, Sr., to dau. Nancy (md. Samuel Vines, Jr.); 1852 [NN, p. 154]

1875. Joel Patrick, land bought by John Coart. Heirs of John Coart [NN, p. 155]

1876. Property of John Vinson, Sr. [NN, p. 156/157]

1877. Joseph B. E. Andrews & wife Eliza of Martin Co.; 1852 [NN, p. 158]

1878. Joseph J. Bell, heir of Reading Bell [NN, p. 160]

1879. Noah Worthington & wife Jemima of Marengo Co., Ala., heirs of Hardy Johnson, Sr., dec'd.; 1852 [NN, p. 161]

1880. Willie Downs & wife Polly of Bertie Co. [NN, p. 164]

1881. Heirs of David Adams; 1852: Argent Adams, widow of David Adams, James Roach, Alfred Chapman, Lewis Smith, Wm. Gaskins, David Adams, Polly Adams, Jesse Adams, Argent Adams, Jr., and Esther Adams [NN, p. 167]

1882. Sons of Alexander Harper: Oliver Harper, Blany Harper, dec'd., and John Harper, dec'd.; 1850 [NN, p. 168]

1883. John C. Patrick of Collenton Dist., SC, was brother of Allen Patrick, dec'd., of Pitt Co. [NN, p. 171/172]

1884. Wm. Tucker and Clary Tucker, heirs of Benjamin Tucker, dec'd. [NN, p. 175]

1885. Malachi Smith & wife Louise, and Mason Jenkins & wife Mary Ann, were heirs of Shadrach & Margaret Shivers, dec'd. [NN, p. 179]

1886. Bond of James A. Brown, Sheriff of Pitt Co.; Aug. 6, 1852 [NN, p. 181]

1887. Noah Sutton to children: Mary, David, and James Henry Sutton; 1852 [NN, p. 186]

1888. Heirs of Thomas Fish: David Harrison & wife Mary, Reuben Anderson & wife, Russell Fish, and Nathan Fish [NN, p. 186]

1889. Lot #55, house of Edward H. Goelet [NN, p. 187]

1890. Wm. Wilson to niece Mary Mills; 1852 [NN, p. 189]

1891. Rogers & House seine hole; Barbours Creek [NN, p. 189/190]

1892. Aaron W. Ernull & wife Jacky Ann, heirs of Jesse Cherry, dec'd.; 1852 [NN, p. 190]

1893. Valentine S. Jordan to granddau. Rowena Ralston, to granddau. Sarah D. Sanders (Saunders), to granddau. Florence E. Perkins, and to grandson John Ralston (4 deeds, all 1852) [NN, p. 191/192/192/193]

1894. Lemuel Perkins to son David L. Perkins [NN, p. 197]

1895. Div. of Land of Jacob Brown, dec'd., 1852; heirs: Nancy Brown, Jesse Brown, Catherine Brown, Lovy Brown, Mariah Averett, Mary Jane Brown, Sarah Hardy, Isabella Bullock, Margaret Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Sidney Brown [NN, p. 198/199]

1896. Arden & Nelson Nichols (heirs of Thomas Carson?); part of land of Thomas Carson allotted to: John B. Baker & wife, Allen Tyson & wife, and Robert Willoughby & wife [NN, p. 199 — 200]

1897. Wm. T. Merrimon, blacksmith [NN, p. 202]

1898. Edwin W. Mooring of Jackson Co., Fla., gave Power of Atty. to John S. Mooring of Pitt Co.; 1852 [NN, p. 204]

1899. Lot #104 [NN, p. 205]

1900. Lots #6/18/30; Wm. S. Bonner & wife Patience [NN, p. 207]

1901. Lot #42 [NN, p. 212]

1902. Free School, Lanier Ward [NN, p. 212/213]

1903. Sophia Parker, dower, widow of Richard C. Parker; 1852 [NN, p. 213]

1904. Frances Teel for natural love & affection to Moses Teel; 1853 [NN, p. 214]

1905. Fennetta Williams to son Willis Williams; 1852 [NN, p. 214]

1906. Ira Evans land [NN, p. 216]

1907. Newman Teel & wife Nancy (heirs of Wm. Spain, dec'd.?) [NN, p. 218]

1908. Mary E. S. Ernul, wife of Burton A. Ernul; lot beside Greenville; 1853 [NN, p. 219]

1909. Wm. Haddock & wife Penelope, heirs of Wm. Mills, dec'd [NN, p. 220]

1910. Smithwick Whitley, heir of Thomas Whitley [NN, p. 221]

1911. Nancy Spain to Aggy Spain; 1847, for nursing Nandy Spain. Nancy, widow of Wm. Spain, dec'd., he to get pension from Gov't. of US, now to widow [NN, p. 223]

1912. John Edwards, dec'd., had 13 heirs, one being Lewis Edwards of Crav. Co.; 1852 [NN, p. 224]

1913. Free School, Bithel Bullock [NN, p. 225]

1914. Hosea Knox of Randolph Co., Ind.; 1852. Moses Evans md. Tarley _____; Tarley md. _____ Anderson; Hosea Knox was heir of Tarley Anderson [NN, p. 227]

1915. Lot #104 [NN, p. 228]

1916. Lot #95, Plank Road Co. [NN, p. 228/229]

1917. Plank lines on streets in Greenville, Dec. 1851; across Washington St. between lots 72/84; across 5th St. intersetion with Evans; along Evans where it intersects 3rd St.; along Evans where it intersects 2nd St.; along 2nd St. until in intersects Read St.; across Reade St. between lots 136/146; across Front St. between lots 154/153. James S. Clark, Chairman of Commissioners of Greenville [NN, p. 229]

1918. Arrena Venters (md. Wm. Pate) of Crav. Co.; 1853 [NN, p. 231]

1919. Guilford Harris & wife Catherine, sell to B. G. Albritton their share of John Leslie estate; Feb. 9, 1853 [NN, p. 232]

1920. Lot #16 [NN, p. 234]

1921. Mary Venters related to Slade Venters, and to Arrena Venters Pate [NN, p. 236]

1922. Land S/side of Plank Road, beside Benjamin Crawford, and meeting house lot and steam sawmill (Marlboro?, REK) [NN, p. 238]

1923. Joseph Wainright and wife Laney, heir of John Cannon, dec'd.; Laney, sister of John Cannon; 1853 [NN, p. 239]

1924. Town Commons to Plank Road. Co.; 1852. Commissioners of Greenville: Charles J. O'Hagan, J. C. Albritton, G. A. Dancy, Thomas A. Braswell, Thomas A. Gorham [NN, p. 239/240]

1925. Francis Brooks for natural love to Oliver Brooks; land patented by James Brooks; Dec. 1, 1852 [NN, p. 240/241]

1926. Henry W. Clark & wife Elizabeth [NN, p. 241]

1927. John Edwards, dec'd, had 13 heirs, 2 among whom: Asa Edwards, and Harvey McGlohorn & wife Nancy [NN, p. 244/254]

1928. Henry Wilkes & wife Eliza; she was widow of Marshall Joyner. Marshall was related to John Joyner & Amos Joyner; Jan. 1, 1853 [NN, p. 245]

1929. Wm. Hart to dau. Mary Hart [NN, p. 246]

1930. John Haddock was heir of Wm. Mills, dec'd. [NN, p. 248]

1931. Henry Cannon, heir of Rebeccan Cannon, dec'd., wife of Coachworth Cannon (had 5 children) [NN, p. 249]

1932. Urvin Cannon house [NN, p. 249]

1933. Dempsey Corbitt, dec'd., had heirs Edmond Evans & wife Susan; related to Jackson Corbett [NN, p. 250]

1934. Lands of Blaney and John Harper, dec'd. [NN, p. 253]

1935. Henry Sutton, dec'd., to heir Abram Barber & wife Elizabeth Ann [NN, p. 256]

1936. John Congleton & wife Elizabeth, heirs of Richard Moore, dec'd. [NN, p. 257/258]

1937. Mary Jane Brown, heir of Jacob Brown, dec'd. [NN, p. 259]

1938. Elizabeth Slaughter of Randolph Co., Ind., was formerly Elizabeth Anderson, dau. of John Anderson of Pitt Co. who wrote will dated Nov. 7, 1842; 1846 [NN, p. 260?]

1939. Ezekiel Hathaway of Weakly Co., Tenn., gave Power of Attorney to Sampson Hathaway of Pitt Co., to get share of estate of Dinah Whitehurst, dec'd., Wm. Whitehurst was executor; 1852 [NN, p. 262]

1940. Robert Williams of Pitt Co., dec'd., to Henry & Elizabeth Williams, and to dau. of Henry & Elizabeth: Mary F. (wife of John M. Perkins), all of Olletibsha (or Okletibcha?) Co., Miss.;1852 [NN, p. 264]

1941. Zedekiah Pepper & wife Sarah, James Campbell, John Hendricks & wife Susannah, and Daniel Hendricks & wife Mary, all of Yazoo Co., Miss., gave Power of Atty. to Thomas Campbell of Lawrence Co., Miss., to receive share of estate of Sarah (or Sally) Campbell of Pitt Co.; 1852 [NN, p. 265]

1942. Nathan Bowden, son of White Bowden [NN, p. 268]

1943. Susan Brewer to dau. Rebecca Brewer; 1846 [NN, p. 268]

1944. Lot #74 [NN, p. 269]

1945. Lot #36, stores [NN, p. 271]

1946. Lot #4 [NN, p. 272]

1947. Ormand Cherry to son James O. Cherry [NN, p. 279]

1948. Martin Moore to dau. Paulina McGowans and husband Lemon M. McGowns; 1851 [NN, p. 279]

1949. James Langley to son Zekiel Langley, related to Margaret Langley [NN, p. 280/281/282]

1950. Willie Nobles to dau. Almeda Chestnut; 1851 [NN, p. 282]

1951. Wm. Cox to sons Calvin and Guilford W. Cox [NN, p. 284/285]

1952. All related: Henry Kinsaul, Luveny or Lurany Sutton, Wyatt Phillips, and Josiah Sutton [NN, p. 287]

1953. Land of Etheldred Little [NN, p. 288]

1954. Land of Hardee Johnson, Sr. [NN, p. 289/290/292]

1955. John Congleton & wife Elizabeth, heir of Stanley Moore [NN, p. 293]

1956. Lot #139 [NN, p. 293]

1957. Elizabeth Little, widow of Etheldred Little, now Elizabeth Norris [NN, p. 294]

1958. Sparkman Britt of Jefferson Co., Fla., gave Power of Atty. to John Britt of Greene Co., NC. Heir of estate of Luke Albritton; share of buying of James Nelson estate, share of estate of Nancy May (Mayo?) [NN, p. 298]

1959. Roderick Carson & wife Lendsay, related to Richard Carson, dec'd. [NN, p. 303/304]

1960. Frederick Bryan & wife Sally R., had land of estate of Richard Carson, dec'd [NN, p. 304]

1961. Willie Pollard & wife Pheriby (Ferebee) who was dau. of Amos Womble; related to Wm. A. Womble [NN, p. 305/306]

1962. Ally Wright Stokes lived with Wm. F. Campbell; 1853 [NN, p. 308/309]

1963. Lucy Ann Moore, dower, widow of Alfred Moore [NN, p. 310]

1964. Thomas Dupree to son Redmond R. Dupree [NN, p. 311]

1965. Cason Moore to dau. Nancy Moore who md. _____ Moore and was mother of Worrell Moore [NN, p. 312]

1966. Warren Norris & Elizabeth (formerly Little) of Hall Co., Ga., were heirs of John Cannon, dec'd [NN, p. 315/316]

1967. Hillary Cannon, heir of John Cannon [NN, p. 315]

1968. Wm. Hart & wife Mary, heir of John Cannon [NN, p. 318]

1969. James C. Albritton sold Adam Fleming the crossroads he bought at sheriffs sale owned by Mary Parker, N/side of Tar River; except house East of road leading from Greenville & south of the road leading to Washington; 1853 [NN, p. 321]

1970. New lots beside Greenville [NN, p. 321/322]

1971. Lot #49 [NN, p. 322]

1972. Div. of land of Jesse Rountree; 1853; children (heirs): Joel Patrick & wife Zilpha, Frances Rountree, Jesse Rountree, Henry Rountree, Wm. Rountree [NN, p. 323/324]

1973. John Ringgold of Gibson Co., Tenn., and Mary Brown of Bledsoe Co., Tenn., gave Power of Atty. to Joseph Ringgold of Pitt Co.; children of James & Joanna Ringgold, dec'd. [NN, p. 324/325]

1974. Stephen Cobb & wife Susan, dau. of Howell Joyner [NN, p. 331]

1975. Edwin G. Pridgeon & wife Emily, dau. of Howell Joyner [NN, p. 332]

1976. Priscilla Corbitt related to Adams Corbett [NN, p. 334]

1977. Wyatt Jackson of Florida; Wingate land which fell to Wyatt by death of father, sold to Shadrack Jackson; 1851 [NN, p. 340]

1978. Marl pit of Joseph Ringgold [NN, p. 342]

1979. John S. Moore & Rebecca his wife sell land of Harriet Griffin, alloted to her in the division of her fathers land [NN, p. 344/45]

1980. Elm Grove meeting house, one-half acre, owned by Theophilus Deal & wife Nancy [NN, p. 346]

1981. William G. Little to William Little, Edmond Moore, Crandell Little, trustees of Meth-Epis. Church South, called Little's Chapel; July 30, 1853. 1 acre on public road from Greenville to Washington, 1 and 1/2 mi. from Tranters Creek Bridge on which stands Little's Chapel [NN, p. 349/50]

1982. Agnes Spain land [NN, p. 352]

1983. Roena Edwards, one of the 13 heirs of John Edwards, dec'd. [NN, p. 353]

1984. William Gallagher store [NN, p. 354]

1985. James A. Brown, high Sheriff Bond; Aug. 2, 1853 [NN, p. 355]

1986. Guilford W. Cox, bond as Clerk of Superior Court, Sept. 5, 1853 [NN, p. ??]

1987. John Brittain, Cullen Brittain and Joseph Robertson & wife Mary, all of Weakly Co., Tenn., heirs of Cullen Brittain, dec'd., of Henry Co., Tenn., and formerly of Pitt Co. [NN, p. 362]

1988. John C. Boaz, Slias W. Boaz and James Boaz, children of Salina Boaz, dec'd., wife of Thomas Boaz; Salina was dau. of Cullen Brittain, dec'd.; and James W. Brittain of Hindes Co., Miss., son of Cullen Brittain, dec'd., give Power of Attorney to John Brittain of Rutherford Co., Tenn. [NN, p. 362/63]

1989. Willie Cobb & wife Elizabeth, dau. of Howell Joyner, dec'd. [NN, p. 365]

1990. Bryant Mints & wife Anna Eliza of Brunswick Co., NC, involved in land devised by Abram Adams, dec'd., to his dau. Elizabeth Nelson & then to her heirs; 1852 [NN, p. 366]

1991. Spicey Pippen, Sr., of Pitt Co., to neice and nephew: Martha Elizabeth Mayo and James Allen Mayo, children of James & Spice Mayo; 1852 [NN, p. 368]

1992. Shadrack Edwards wife Celia of Edgecombe Co., NC [NN, p. 370]

1993. William W. Williams, heir of William Williams, dec'd., to Frances Cobb, wife of James L. Cobb [NN, p. 371]

1994. Hannah Jolly, widow of John Jolly, dec'd., had (son?) Hansel B. Jolly; 1853 [NN, p. 372]

1995. Joshua Harrell and Ruth Brown, marriage contract, Nov. 25, 1852; third party John J. Brown [NN, p. 373/74]

1996. Elias J. Blount and Esther J. Blount were heirs of Allen Blount, dec'd. [NN, p. 375]

1997. Arden Moore, exec. of Reading Moore, dec'd., Dec. 20, 1838; wit. John A. Moore and Lemuel J. Moore [NN, p. 377]

1998. Jesse G. Griffin [NN, p. 378]

1999. Lots #59/60/71/72; William J. Blow's lots [NN, p. 378/80]

2000. Nancy Jenkins, dec'd, property [NN, p. 380]

2001. John Galloway owned part of land of Elizabeth Nelson, dec'd. [NN, p. 380/81]

2002. Lydia E. Carney (or Elydia Carney) sold to Reddick Carney [NN, p. 381/82]

2003. Land adj. poor house land near Lauren Swamp; 1853 [NN, p. 383]

2004. Louie Rayner of Edgecombe Co., was dau. of John Warren, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; she sold land to Ivy Warren of Pitt Co. [NN, p. 384]

2005. Piney Staton, heir of Roderick Staton, dec'd., both of Edge. Co.; Roderick owned land in Pitt; 1853 [NN, p. 388/89]

2006. Elizabeth Harper, wife of Francis G. Harper, had son William Harper, a minor (ca. 1853) [NN, p. 390]

2007. Thomas Moore & wife Letitia Ann, heirs of Elizabeth Nelson, dec'd. [NN, p. 391]

2008. Cannon Stocks land [NN, p. 392]

2009. County line set between Greene & Pitt Co.; Richard Williams and Alfred Moye, both delegates of Pitt Co., and William A. Darden and Rufus C. D. Beeman of Greene Co.; mentions Thomas Albrittons house; Sept. 21, 1853 [NN, p. 393]

2010. County line set between Pitt & Edgecombe Co.; Richard Williams and Alfred Moye, both delegates of Pitt Co., and Lewis C. Pender and Reading S. Petway, delegates of Edge. Co.; Aug. 12, 1853 [NN, p. 394]

2011. County line set between Pitt & Beaufort Co.; Sidney Daniel and Henry Stancill of Pitt Co.; Aug. 1, 1853 [NN, p. 394]

2012. County line set between Pitt & Martin Co.; Nov. 6, 1853 [NN, p. 395]

2013. County line set between Pitt & Edgecombe; Aug. 1, 1853 [NN, p. 395]

2014. Norfleet Tyer & wife Abagail M. Tyer; land granted to Geroge Moye; Oct. 21, 1782. James H. Blount to heirs: Elizabeth Williams and Abigail Tyer. Norfleet Tyer purchased a right June 20, 1849 [NN, p. 396]

2015. Henry Smith, Sheriff of Pitt Co., 1818 [NN, p. 398]

2016. Sampson Hathaway, K. Manning, and John Myrick, all of Weakly Co., Tenn., bound as guardians of Hesekial Octavia, Telitha J., Mary R., W. Hillery, Disa A., and David C. Hathaway, all minor orphans of Dina Whitehurst, dec'd. [NN, p. 399]

2017. Shop landing of John Norcott, dec'd.; Norcott's mansion and another house called Middle Quarter house mentioned [NN, p. 401/02, 406]

2018. Lots # 101/113, owned by Stephen F. Johnston, Craven to Cotanche Streets [NN, p. 402/403]

2019. Div. of land of William Williams, dec'd Nov. 11, 1852. Heirs: 1) William Williams, 2) Fanny Cobb, wife of James L. Cobb, 3) Joseph John Williams, 4) James Thomas Williams, 5) Nancy Williams, 6) Martha A. Vines, wife of Charles Vines, 7) Penelope G. Williams, and 8) Mary O. Gay, wife of William M. Gay. [NN, p. 403 — 405]

2020. Lot #104 [NN, p. 405]

2021. Allen Lewis property [NN, p. 407/8]

2022. Greene Paramore property [NN, p. 409/10]

2023. Elizabeth Simpson to son John Hardee Simpson, and to dau. Sarah Brickell, wife of Joseph Brickell; Jan. 3, 1803 [NN, p. 410/11]

2024. Lot #65; Dolly Ann Brooks, dau. of Stephen Brooks, lot to Sarah Brickell, Aug. 8, 1811 [NN, p. 412]

2025. Lot #66; May 29, 1811, Marshal Dickerson to Sarah Brickell [NN, p. 413]

2026. Benjamin Briley, Sr. of Pitt Co., to dau. Eliza, wife of Joseph B. C. Andrews of Mart. Co., the Winkles Place; Sept. 7, 1852 [NN, p. 413/14]

2027. Robert Harris & wife Susan Ann [NN, p. 414/15]

2028. Charles Harris & wife Elizabeth and Sally Ann Nichols apparently related [NN, p. 415/416]

2029. Richard W. Rives & wife Elmina, sell land devised by Willis Randolph, dec'd., to his dau. Elizabeth Johnston, dec'd., except grave of Infant son of Richard & Elmina buried in a plot [NN, p. 417/18]

2030. Robert Moore & wife Sarah M. Moore of Pitt Co., heirs of Alligood Olds of Dyer Co., Tenn., & from estate coming from Floyd Albritton, guardian of the infant heirs of Jemima Dail, dec'd., of Greene Co., NC [NN, p. 419]

2031. Thomas T. Parker & wife Elizabeth Ann of Kemper Co., Miss., sell land devised by Willis Randolph, dec'd. to heirs of Elizabeth Johnston, dec'd.; land to Elmina Johnson; Dec. 12, 1851 [NN, p. 420]

2032. John May to son Sherrod May; Dec. 3, 1853 [NN, p. 422]

2033. Peter Fleming and John L. Fleming, land for $20 to Hardee Whichard and Benjamin Fleming, trustees & deacons of Bapt. church worshipping at Great Swamp meeting house, commonly called the old school Bapt. Church, on Taylor Ferry Rd./Williamston Rd.; Nov. 8, 1853 [NN, p. ca. 423]

2034. Thomas Carson, dec'd. [NN, p. 426/427]

2035. Ormand Knox to Penny Knox (md. Wright Nobles); Thomas Nobles son of Wright & Penny Nobles; 1853 [NN, p. 427]

2036. Horse Neck Tract [NN, p. 428]

2037. Nathan Bowden, son of White Bowden [NN, p. 430]

2038. Randolph Whichard, son of John Whichard, dec'd; related to Alfred Whichard [NN, p. 433]

2039. James D. Wilson, heir of Daniel Wilson, dec'd., related to Cannon Wilson [NN, p. 434]

2040. James L. Cobb, son of Stephen Cobb [NN, p. 436]

2041. Henry Hancock of Jones Co., NC; 1853 [NN, p. 437]

2042. John May to son Benjamin T. May; 1853 [NN, p. 440]

2043. Thomas Adams, executor of estate of Jesse Adams, dec'd.; Jesse son of Abram Adams, dec'd.; related to Anna Adams [NN, p. 442/446]

2044. Thomas Hoper? patent of Aug. 30, 1720 mentioned [NN, p. 443]

2045. Alfred Whichard's mother's plantation mentioned [NN, p. 444]

2046. Zelotta P. (Loty)Wallace to John Vinson; 1852 [NN, p. 447]

2047. Free School; Asa Gardner; 1853 [NN, p. 448]

2048. Turner Moore [NN, p. 449]

2049. Henry Hous (Hoys???) & wife owned Arnold Taft land [NN, p. 450]

2050. Mary A. Briley, dau. of Benjamin Briley, dec'd., Jan. 23, 1854 [NN, p. ca. 451]

2051. William Mathews owned land of Stephen Cobb; sold it to Nancy & Polly Mathews; 1854 [NN, p. 452]

2052. Warren Nobles to son Allen B. Nobles; to other children: Martha A., Susan E., Mary F., and Warren T. Nobles [NN, p. 453/54]

2053. Mingo place; Thomas Gwaltney place, 1771 [NN, p. 454]

2054. Lot #87, Willie Bond [NN, p. 456]

2055. Valentine S. Jordan, agent for Samuel Ralston [NN, p. 456]

2056. William Baldree & wife Cynthia, sell part of Joshua Tucker land; Martin Moore sells the part set apart to heirs of Benjamin Bell, dec'd.; 1853 [NN, p. 458/464]

2057. Henrietta L. Moye (wife of James W. Moye) her father's land [NN, p. 459]

2058. William Wilson, dec'd., old place on s. side of Tar River, & graveyard of 30 sq. yds.; 1854 [NN, p. 463]

2059. Lands of heirs of Wright Nobles; lands of heirs of Allison Knox; lands of heirs of Arden Nichols, formerly the land of Lydia (nee Briley) Nichols [NN, p. 464]

2060. Absalom Adams, related to David Adams; father's plantation [NN, p. 469]

2061. Property of Burton A. Ernull of Pitt Co. [NN, p. 469/70]

2062. Sally Hardee to children: Louisa Hardee, Sarah Smith, and Elizabeth Hardee; Sally gave land to Joseph John Hardee [NN, p. 470/71]

2063. Samuel Moore & wife Mary, to neice Susan Caroline Rice, wife of Myer Rice; related to Cannon Smith and Harriet W. Smith [NN, p. 471]

2064. Lot #46, James Albritton [NN, p. 472]

2065. Div. of land of Elizabeth Edmondson, dec'd.; 1853: 1) George C. Sugg, 2) Thomas Edmondson, 3) Kinchen Edmondson [NN, p. 474/75]

2066. Dupree's Landing [NN, p. 476]

2067. A. W. Marshall of Georgia, owned plank Rd. stock; was md. to Sally Norcott; Mar. 18, 1854 [NN, p. 478]

2068. Lewis J. Dortch & wife Martha E., heirs of Alfred Forbes [NN, p. 481]

2069. Joseph H. Laughinghouse & wife Mary A. (same as Margaret?), heir of Jesse M. Cherry [NN, p. 484]

2070. Thomas Hill & wife Francis M. Hill, owned Luke Nobles land [NN, p. 485/86]

2071. Luviny Sutton, Henry Kinsaul, Wyatt Phillips, and Joseph Sutton; appear to be related [NN, p. 486]

2072. S. P. Allen of Beau. Co. [NN, p. 488]

2073. William McArthur, Charles McArthur, and James McArthur, related; 1854 [NN, p. 491/92]

2074. Mrs. Miriam Moore [NN, p. 494]

2075. New lots beside Greenville [NN, p. 497]

2076. Land of Alexander Brinkly, May 8, 1839 [NN, p. 499/500]

2077. William Lawrence Stocks [NN, p. 502]

2078. William E. Day, carriage maker [NN, p. 502/3]

2079. Samuel Williams & wife Dicey to son Samuel Williams, Jr.; 1853 [NN, p. 507]

2080. Willie Brown to son W. M. B. Brown, lots #101/113; 1854 [NN, p. 511]

2081. William Hart & wife Mary to son Jesse Hart [NN, p. 511]

2082. Furnifold Baldree, son of Richard Baldree, dec'd.; A. J. Jordan, heir of Furnifold Baldree [NN, p. 512]

2083. Samuel Williams, Sr. & wife Dicey to son Joel Williams (called Joseph in deed title); 1853 [NN, p. 513]

2084. John Sutton, Noah Sutton, James Allen & wife Cinderella, Felix Braxton & wife Sarah Ann, Abram Barber & wife Elizabeth, Simon E. Nobles & wife Lydia, Jonathan Nobles & wife Barbara, all related; related to James Sutton; heirs of Elisha Sutton (son?) of Henry Sutton, dec'd.; 1854 [NN, p. 514]

2085. Rutha Frizzle, dec'd., her heirs, Jerusha A. Gaylord [NN, p. 516/17]

2086. Willie Bell to son James Bell [NN, p. 518]

2087. Lot #86, Montgomery Long [NN, p. 518/19]

2088. G. E. B. Singletary bought lots in new section beside academy; 1854 [NN, p. 520]

2089. Bond of Abram Cox, High Sheriff; Aug. 8, 1854 [NN, p. 523]

2090. Robert Knox of Harrison Co., Tex., heir of Allison Knox of Pitt Co.; 1849; [NN, p. 526]

2091. Joseph L. Ballard, owned some land of Allison Knox (was he an heir?); 1853 [NN, p. 527]

2092. Warren Braxton & wife Sarah; owned 1/20 share of estate of John Cannon, dec'd.; they are related to Nancy Cannon; 1852 [NN, p. 528/29]

2093. John C. Cox owned 1/20 share of estate of John Cannon [NN, p. 530]

2094. Joseph Vainwright & wife Lany owned 1/20 share of estate of John Cannon [NN, p. 531]

2095. Elizabeth Cherry bought lot in new lots of Greenville; 1854 [NN, p. 532]

2096. Noah Witherington & wife Jemima of Alabama, heirs of Hardy Johnston, Sr., dec'd.; Jesse Sutton of Beau. Co. mentioned; 1854 [NN, p. 535]

2097. Joseph Boyd to heirs: Thomas Boyd of Pitt, James Dixon & wife Susan of Pitt, Jesse Fornes & wife Lydia of Crav. Co., William Barrington & wife Jerusha of Pitt, Henry Moore & wife Margaret of Beau. Co.; Aug. 7, 1854 [NN, p. 536]

2098. Susan P. Lincoln of Crav. Co., related to Lewis Smith family?; beside Red Banks meeting house [NN, p. 538]

Book OO

2099. Spencer Brooks to James Brooks; 1/8th of the tract of land formerly owned by John Brooks, our father [OO, p. 25]

2100. William W. McGowans & wife Patsy Ann to Franklin Moore; land on Swift Creek, lot 1 in Div. of land of Asa Moore; Aug. 10, 1854 [OO, p. 26]

2101. Allen Brooks, John Brooks, Jacob B. Brooks, & William Brooks: all heirs of John Brooks, dec'd., sell to James Brooks. John Brooks, Sr.'s old plantation of 700 acres; John Brooks had 8 heirs; Dec. 29, 1853 [OO, p. 27/28]

2102. Thomas A. Gorham to Franklin Nichols, the Tyer land; 1854 [OO, p. 29]

2103. Hurleys (Harleys?) Branch [OO, p. 31]

2104. Sarah Campbell, dec'd., his house & land [OO, p. 31]

2105. Willie Nobles for natural love to Elvirah A. Tison; 1854 [OO, p. 32]

2106. Nancy Gurganus of Gibson Co., Tenn., land on Flat Swamp to James R. Congleton; 1853 [OO, p. 33/34]

2107. James Brooks to Spencer, 1/8th of tract of land. 1/8th of 700 acres formerly owned by Lamuel Kennedy which fell to John Brooks by marriage, which is also held under dower by Mrs. Mary Brooks, widow of John Brooks; July 25, 1854 [OO, p. 35]

2108. John A. Taylor (he had sisters), son of John Taylor; 1849 [OO, p. 37]

2109. Eliza Briley to Henry W. Brown; all her interest & title & life estate in land of James Briley, dec'd. (her dower); 1854 [OO, p. 37 or 38?]

2110. About William C. Gorham home on N. bank of Tar River [OO, p. 38]

2111. Churchill J. Latham & wife Julia and Jesse M. Davis & wife Pamelia, all of Beau. Co., related (sisters?) [OO, p. 40]

2112. James H. & Alfred Forbes to James L. Paul, mortgage, lots #106/118; 1854 [OO, p. 45/45]

2113. Bond of Guilford W. Cox, Clerk of Superior Court, for 4 yrs. after; Sept. 5, 1853 [OO, p. 48]

2114. Lot #33 [OO, p. 50/51 (twice on p. 51)]

2115. John B. Hardee to Isaac Hardee, the old William Wilson place, s. side of Tar; 300 acres, reserving the graveyard 30 yds. square; 1844 [OO, p. 52]

2116. Thomas Buck of Beau. Co. to William H. Edwards of Beau. Co.; 1843 [OO, p. 52]

2117. Aaron Joyner to son Henry Joyner [OO, p. 53]

2118. Elizabeth Hardee to William J. C. Boyd; undivided interest or 2/5ths of tract of land devised in the will of Sally Hardee, dec'd., land conveyed to Elizabeth Hardee by William J. C. Boyd & his wife Josey Ann in Sept. 1854; Nov. 1, 1854 [OO, p. 54/55]

2119. Dower of Sally Tyson, widow of George W. Tyson, dec'd.; Dec. 13, 1853 [OO, p. 55 or 56?]

2120. William M. Brown, Div. of land, heirs: Henry Brown and Benjamin W. Brown; 1853 [OO, p. 56]

2121. Benjamin Nobles to Stephen Nobles; all Benjamin's interest in estate of his father Joshua Nobles, dec'd.; mentions dower interest of Joshua's widow, Nancy Nobles; 1854 [OO, p. 58]

2122. Menan P. Powell of Green Co. (NC?) sells lot #2 in Div. of land of James Powell, dec'd., drawn by Menan; 1854 [OO, p. 59]

2123. Lots #106/118 [OO, p. 61]

2124. Samuel S. Holliday of Wash. Co., NC, to McGilbray B. Holliday of Pitt; all of Samuel's interest in estate of Samuel Holliday, dec'd., late of Pitt Co., & his widow, Margaret Holliday. The property now in possession of Margaret Holliday; Sept. 20, 1854 [OO, p. 62/63]

2125. Lot #47 [OO, p. 63]

2126. Edmond Evans to son John Evans; 1854 [OO, p. 65]

2127. Lots #84-96/95 except 30 ft. for plank Rd. [OO, p. 66]

2128. John J. Forbes sold to Mary D. Forbes all his interest (1/6 part) of estate of Alfred Forbes, dec'd., on s. side of Tar between the river & the road to Falkland; 1855 [OO, p. 66]

2129. Dower of Eliza Taylor, widow of J. L. Taylor, dec'd; 1854 [OO, p. 68]

2130. J. A. Cox, Sheriff of Pitt Co.; 1854 [OO, p. 69]

2131. Div. of Land of Richard Baldree, dec'd.; a share to Frances Baldree, out of share given to Robert Baldree; 1854 [OO, p. 70]

2132. Dower of Sarah Griffin, widow of Lanier Griffin; 1854 [OO, p. 70]

2133. Mortgage of Aaron W. Ernull; his house & lot in suburbs of Greenville, adj. the premises of B. A. Ernull; 1855 [OO, p. 72-73]

2134. At crossroads at Bethel meeting house, George W. Andrews sold Drury O. Spain 1 acre (for a store?); Feb. 5, 1853 [OO, p. 77]

2135. Blount Speir sold to John Boyd 131 acres on Barber Creek, N. side of Tar; 1855 [OO, p. 81]

2136. Nobles Stancill for love & good will to William and Robert Highsmith, sons of Daniel Highsmith. Witnesses: Godfrey Stancill, Daniel Highsmith; Mar. 9, 1847 [OO, p. 85/90]

2137. Lidy Stocks, dower lands bequeathed to her from the lands of her husband Amos Stocks; dower lands owned by John H. Cox, he sold them to Asa Stocks. Jan. 19, 1855 [OO, p. 87]

2138. Sidey Stocks, widow of Amos Stocks, sells to John H. Cox her dower land; Jan. 16, 1855 [OO, p. 89]

2139. Archibald D. McGowan transferred deed to the A. G. Jordan land back to Lemuel McGowan (who had transferred it to Archibald in 1853); 1855 [OO, p. 91]

2140. Moses Teel to Olive P. Hardee, land Moses was given by his aunt Fanny Teel; 1855 [OO, p. 91/92]

2141. Between 1815 — 1818, Joseph Lane & wife Martha G. Lane, one of the heirs of John Moye, dec'd., of Pitt Co., sold land to Elias Carr & Emanuel Turnage. Paper and title for land misplaced before recording. Joseph Lane & wife Martha G. Lane make new deed. Apr. 19, 1854 [OO, p. 94]

2142. Joseph Lane & wife Martha G. Lane of Lafayette Co., Miss. [OO, p. 94]

2143. William Y. Moore of Pitt Co., 1853 [OO, p. 95/96]

2144. Lots #125/126/137; Eagle Hotel lots [OO, p. 96/97]

2145. Land occupied by Sarah Edwards who had life interest in land; Edwin Edwards sold his interest in land to James E. Edwards; 1855 [OO, p. 99]

2146. Theophilus Bland sells property formerly owned by John Bland, dec'd. [OO, p. 101/103]

2147. Lot #1 in Div. of land of William Bell dec'd., set apart to Mary Bell, the land sold by Emaline Smith to Timothy H. Baker; 1855 [OO, p. 101]

2148. Benjamin T. May lived beside Sherrod May; 1855 [OO, p. 104]

2149. Sarah E. Edwards, dower land occupied; Jesse Edwards sold his interest in land to James E. Edwards; 1854 [OO, p. 106]

2150. John J. Kilpatrick, William P. Kilpatrick, Simon B. Kilpatrick, Louisa P. Kilpatrick, all heirs and children of Bryan Kilpatrick; 1855 [OO, p. 107]

2151. William J. Whitehurst & wife Martha J. Whitehurst sold to Richard Carson, the Whitehurst interest in estate of Richard Carson, dec'd. 1855 [OO, p. 108]

2152. Theophilus Barnhill & wife Fanny D. Barnhill to Jesse W. Carson, the Barnhill's interest in estate of Richard Carson, dec'd. 1855 [OO, p. 109]

2153. Asa Smith & wife Sarah; she was dau. and heir of Joseph Boyd [OO, p. 110]

2154. Abner Edwards, Alfred Edwards, John Carroll & wife Sally Jane, James Haddock & wife Winey Louisa, John Evans & wife Polly, all sell to James Ellis Edwards the land now occupied by Sarah Edwards, dower land, their interest in the land; 1855 [OO, p. 111]

2155. Nehemiah Garris & wife Susannah, dau. of White Bowden [OO, p. 112]

2156. John G. James md. Mary _____, dau. of Mary (nee Langley), who was dau. of Godfrey Langley; 1855 [OO, p. 115]

2157. Sarah Fulford to son Thomas Ormand Fulford; 1854 [OO, p. 117]

2158. John R. Stocks, son of Allen Stocks, dec'd. [OO, p. 118]

2159. William Albritton, dec'd., owned the Luke Albritton plantation of 800 acres, bought at estate sale by B. G. Albritton. 1855 [OO, p. 119]

2160. Lot #4 in front of Methodist Church [OO, p. 119]

2161. Lot in suburb of Greenville, Guilford Harris to Margaret Schultz [OO, p. 120]

2162. Allen Smith to Cicero Smith, Joseph Smith and John Allen Smith (no relation given); land. 1855 [OO, p. 121]

2163. Jesse Hudson tract on Indian Well Swamp [OO, p. 122]

2164. Josiah Nelson, son of Caleb & Elizabeth Nelson. Elizabeth was the dau. of John Laughinghouse, dec'd. [OO, p. 125]

2165. James W. May to Peter E. Hines, Richard A. Bynum, Lind Belcher, and Josiah Barrett, trustees for Antioch Bapt. Church; 1 acre, around & incuding Antioch church near the old school house at a point on the line of the free school house immediately in front of the point of building called Antioch Church. Dec. 12, 1854 [OO, p. 128]

2166. Dower of Mariah Lang, widow of Robert Lang. 1854 [OO, p. 129]

2167. Div. of Land of James Askew, 1855. Heirs and children: 1) William C. Askew, 2) John P. Rodgers & wife Elizabeth, 3) James T. Askew, 4) Needham W. Askew, 5) Susan Askew, and 6) William J. Moore & wife Christiana [OO, p. 130/131]

2168. Dower of Elizabeth Bryan, widow of Reuben Bryan, dec'd. 1854 [OO, p. 132]

2169. Dower of Narcissa Dawson, widow of Richard Dawson, dec'd. 1854 [OO, p. 132]

2170. James S. Speir of Jefferson Co., Ga., heir of late Lewis Speir, dec'd. of Pitt Co. James sold his share to Robert M. Speir. 1852. [OO, p. 133]

2171. Commissioners of Greenville to G. E. B. Singletary, part of town common. 1855 [OO, p. 134]

2172. Lots #9/10/21/22, on which Charles James O'Hagan resides [OO, p. 139]

2173. Ivy Foreman land. Mary Foreman, dau. of Ivey Foreman, md. Richard H. Lewis [OO, p. 140/141/142]

2174. Joseph Braddy, John Braddy, and Featherston Spain & wife Sally, heirs of Amos Braddy (Tobitha Braddy the widow?) [OO, p. 144/145]

2175. Benjamin Franklin Joyner of Crav. Co. 1854 [OO, p. 146]

2176. Frederick Nichols land [OO, p. 149]

2177. William Boyd, grandson of Joseph Boyd, dec'd. [OO, p. 148]

2178. Heirs of Lazarus Brewer, dec'd.: 1) Rebecca Brewer, 2) William Brewer, 3) Dorcas Brewer, 4) Martha Brewer, 5) Priscilla Brewer, 6) Sarah Brewer, 7) Charles Brewer. 1846 [OO, p. 153]

2179. Greene's Spring [OO, p. 155]

2180. James Moye of Miller Co., Miss., Power of attorney to Emily Golden also of Miller Co.; to receive share Moye's uncle, John Lasley's, dec.'d., estate. 1855 [OO, p. 156]

2181. Jesse W. Carson & wife Canzetta. 1855 [OO, p. 159]

2182. Bryant Dixon owned 1/2 of undivided 100 acres of James Buck tract [OO, p. 160/161]

2183. Archibald Eldridge Campbell [OO, p. 162]

2184. William J. Moore & wife Chrischana H. E. Moore of Wilson Co., NC, sold share of land in Pitt Co. to Joseph R. Moore [OO, p. 162]

2185. Samuel Jordan Elks of Beau. Co., NC [OO, p. 168]

2186. Allen B. Nobles of Edge. Co. [OO, p. 169]

2187. Div. of land of Jonas Cobb, 1854: 1) Levi W. Edwards & wife Gatsey, 2) Elizabeth Ann Cobb, 3) Mancil Wooten & wife Sally, 4) Jobe Deel & wife Arceny, 5) Jonas Gray Cobb, 6) Benjamin Dildy & wife Matilda, 7) Levi E. Cobb, and 8) Elizar Walston, heirs. [OO, p. 172]

2188. Lots #106/118, James H. & Alfred Forbes store. 1854 [OO, p. 176/177]

2189. Lots #74/86 [OO, p. ?]

2190. Arden Tucker, heir of Arden Tucker, dec'd., sells house tract to George Moye. 1855 [OO, p. 178]

2191. Lot #74 [OO, p. 179]

2192. Samuel Keel, Sr., of Pitt Co., for natural love & affection, to son Ezekiel T. Keel of Shelby Co., Tenn. Samuel Keel, Jr., also a son of Samuel, Sr. 1855 [OO, p. 181]

2193. Lot #105 [OO, p. 182]

2194. Henry Brinkley & wife Ann Eliza [OO, p. 182/183]

2195. Richard R. Foreman & wife Frances C. to G. E. B. Singletary; 1/6th part of plantation of R. F. G. H. Williams, dec'd, in Greene Co., Ala., and all other property. 1855 [OO, p. 183/184]

2196. Property of Oliver P. Humber, boat, store in copartnership with W. S. Hanrahan [OO, p. 193/194]

2197. Abram Cox, Sheriff bond; 1855 [OO, p. 196]

2198. John J. Forbes land to George E. B. Singletary; land beside academy & plank Rd. [OO, p. 198]

2199. Lot #105 [OO, p. 199]

2200. Marriage agreement between Amanda F. Crandall of Pitt Co., and James Ellison, Jr., of Beau. Co.; Amanda is dau. of Elizabeth Keel. Sept. 8, 1855 [OO, p. ca. 200]

2201. Daughters of Thomas Little: Rhoda Little, Emily Little, and Sarah the wife of James H. Satterthwaite [OO, p. 202]

2202. Guilford Murphy, son of Guilford Murphy, Sr. [OO, p. 204]

2203. Greene Paramore land [OO, p. 206]

2204. Amos Joyner, for natural love to Franklin Joyner, both of Pitt Co. [OO, p. 209]

2205. William Hemby to son-in-law William Joyner; Hemby's dau. Elizabeth Joyner. 1853 [OO, p. 211]

2206. John Joyner to daughter-in-law Abeselah Joyner; to granddau. Louisa Thompson. 1853 [OO, p. 212]

2207. Kenneth Everett & wife Mariah of Nash Co., NC; Mariah the sister of Sidney Hurst?, both dau. of Jacob Brown, dec'd. They sold interest in estate to Jesse J. Brown. 1855 [OO, p. 213]

2208. Samuel Keel, Sr., to son Samuel Keel, Jr. 1850 [OO, p. 215]

2209. William H. Buck, son of Aris Buck, dec'd. 1855 [OO, p. 216]

2210. Lots #18/30; David F. Whichard, son-in-law of A. G. Jordan [OO, p. 223]

2211. Property of A. G. Jordan, unfinished cypress canoes, flats [OO, p. 223]

2212. Property of Henry R. Congleton, lot #74 [OO, p. 224/25]

2213. Bond--James A Brown, Clerk of Superior Court. 1855 [OO, p. 226]

2214. William D. Moye's house & property [OO, p. 227/228]

2215. Div. of land to Joseph J. Hardee. 1855 [OO, p. 229]

2216. New road from Allen Bynum's to Peter E. Hines's. 1855 [OO, p. 229]

2217. Div. of land of Norcott Moore. 1855: William L. Mooring & wife Catherine, and Jesse Barnhill & wife Harriet Louisa, both dau. of Norcott Moore [OO, p. 230]

2218. Dower of Nancy Teel, widow of Newman Teel, dec'd. 1854 [OO, p. 231]

2219. Lots #9/10/21/22 [OO, p. 232]

2220. Heirs of Lemuel Perkins, dec'd., & wife Elizabeth: 1) Churchill Perkins, 2) Daniel (or David?) L. Perkins, 3) Nancy Rollins, 4) Marshall D. Wilson & wife Emily, 5) William H. Perkins, and 6) George G. Perkins [OO, p. 234/235]

2221. Elizabeth Keel to children: 1) Mary L. Perkins, wife of William H. Perkins, 2) Marina A. K. Langley, wife of David Langley, 3) Mariah E. Crandall, 4) Margaret Crandall, 5) Amanda F. Crandall, and 6) James L. Crandall. 1855 [OO, p. 236]

2222. Dower of Marina Dixon, widow of Edward Dixon. 1855 [OO, p. 236]

2223. Div. of land of Edward W. Dixon, 1855: John Dixon and Mary E. Dixon, heirs. [OO, p. 237]

2224. Greenes Spring [OO, p. 238]

2225. William Haddock & wife Salina were heirs of Ayres (Aris) Buck, dec'd. [OO, p. 240]

2226. Property of Hosea D. Herrington, tarkilns [OO, p. 241]

2227. Cullen Nichols, dec'd., property [OO, p. 243]

2228. Needham Loftin & wife Donna Maria of Crav. Co.; Donna Maria is dau. of Zachariah and Susan Gardner, dec'd., and also heir of Edward Gardner, dec'd.; 1855 [OO, p. 244/45/46/47/48/49]

2229. Francis R. Ely & wife Fanny A. C. Ely of Jackson Co., Fla. Fanny was dau. of Martha Hughs. They were heirs of James Randolph, dec'd. (div. of his land made in 1821). 1855 [OO, p. 250]

2230. Joseph Wainright & wife Laney of Wayne Co., Ga., Power of attorney to James Sutton. Oct. 28, 1854 [OO, p. 251/252]

2231. Samuel Nobles, heir of Noah Nobles, 1826. 1855 [OO, p. ca. 252]

2232. James Moye of Miller Co., Missouri, Power of attorney to G. E. B. Singletary; James Moye's interest in estate of W. D. Moye. Sept. 26, 1855 [OO, p. 253/54]

2233. Lands of John Jekins, dec'd., & Nancy Jenkins, dec'd. [OO, p. 255 — 257]

2234. David May land [OO, p. 258]

2235. Meadow & lime kiln branch [OO, p. 259]

2236. Frank Barrington land [OO, p. 260]

2237. Lemuel McGowans & wife Pauline to John T. McGowans, wit. of deed: Chloe Ann McGowan. 1853 [OO, p. 260/61]

2238. Luther Barnhill land [OO, p. 262]

2239. Property of James Johnston, related to John V. Johnston [OO, p. 264/65]

2240. George M. Bonner & wife Elenor, dau. of Samuel Latham. 1855 [OO, p. 266]

2241. James R. Grist & wife Elizabeth and Samuel Latham (underage), involved in joint ownership; Eliz. and Samuel were children of Samuel W. Latham [OO, p. 267/68]

2242. James T. Quartermus of Greenville, lot #73. 1856 [OO, p. 270]

2243. Ben Ashley Atkinson's Penny Hill place. Thaddeus E. Dillard & wife William F. R. of Greene Co. to Robert Belcher of Edge. Co. William F. R. was dau. of Benashly Atkinson; Peyton was son of Benashly Atkinson. 1849 [OO, p. 271/72]

2244. Robert Belcher to Phesanton Sugg, both of Edge. Co.; Penny Hill tract [OO, p. 273/74]

2245. Jacob Mayo land [OO, p. 275]

2246. Commissioners of Greenville: W. S. Hanrahan, A. G. Jordan, James A. Hanrahan, Thomas A. Gorham, and John A. Selby, sell to E. C. Yellowley, town commons where bridge crosses town creek east of commons, new spring; 1855 [OO, p. ca. 275 or 6]

2247. Jesse Hudson land [OO, p. 277]

2248. Adam Mills to William Johnson Mills [OO, p. 277]

2249. A. W. Ernull, lost porperty to debt and E. C. Yellowley bought the land. 1855 [OO, p. 279]

2250. Land of Alfred Forbes, dec'd. 1855 [OO, p. 281/82]

2251. Haywood Braddy, dec'd., negroes, 1856 [OO, p. 284]

2252. Nine heirs of Edward Harper, dec'd., Alexander Harper among whom. 1855 [OO, p. 284]

2253. Willie (Wiley) Bond owned right of Joseph J. Bell land, formerly owned by Redding Bell. 1846 [OO, p. 285]

2254. Abraham D. Bledsoe of Shelby Co., Tenn., had interest in property of Benjamin Briley of Pitt Co., dec'd., and in property of Arden Briley of Shelby Co., dec'd. Said Bledsoe md. Drosina, heir of Benj. Briley, 1855 [OO, p. 286]

2255. Simon Keel to 3 grandchildren: Samuel, Benjamin and Martha A. Keel. Martha A. died without heirs. 1855 [OO, p. 287]

2256. Thomas C. Hussey (Hursey) of Edge. Co., to dau. Elizabeth Ann who md. Buckner Rodgers/Rogers. 1855 [OO, p. 288]

2257. McGilbray M. Staton of Mart. Co.; lots #58/71. 1856 [OO, p. 289]

2258. David Sutton of Perry Co., Ala., heir of Elijah Sutton, dec'd. of Pitt Co.; Power of attorney to John Sutton of Pitt Co. 1855 [OO, p. 289]

2259. Shadrach Wooten for natural love to John B. Wooten. 1854 [OO, p. 291]

2260. Joab Herrington, Sr., to son Joab Herrington, Jr., to son William Herrington, and to dau. Nancy Herrington. 1855 [OO, p. 292/93]

2261. Heirs of Jacob Brown, dec'd.: 1) Catherine Brown, 2) Elizabeth Brown, 3) Mary J. Brown, 4) Nancy A. Brown, and 5) Margine Brown, all sisters of Sidney Hurst, dec'd.; all their share to Jesse J. Brown. 1855. [OO, p. 293]

2262. Petition of Elderado P. Albritton mentioned, 1855 [OO, p. 294]

2263. Joab Herrington to 5 daus.: 1) Allen Jackson & wife Susanah, 2) Emeriah B. Cox & wife Jemimah, 3) Barnes Sumerlin & wife Penny, 4) Nancy Herrington, all of Pitt Co., and 5) John Hancock & wife Martha of Tenn. 1855 [OO, p. 295]

2264. Land of Lanier Griffin, dec'd. [OO, p. 296]

2265. Henry P. Easton of Granville Co., NC., sold all land on Hardee Creek to John Moore, Sr. 1856 [OO, p. 297]

2266. Asa Gardner to son Alfred Gardner (1855), and to son William Gardner [OO, p. 297/98, and p. 307]

2267. Bryan Parramore land [OO, p. 299]

2268. William Norris & wife Mary, and Lydia Norris all related [OO, p. 302/3]

2269. Leroy M. Whitehurst & wife Penan (Penny); she was heir of Joseph Briley, dec'd. 1855 [OO, p. 306]

2270. George Anderson & wife Sarah owned share in Barber land. 1856 [OO, p. 309]

2271. James A. Moore, son of Nancy Moore (dau. of Cason Moore). 1856 [OO, p. 310]

2272. Charles Elks of Beau. Co., had share in William Mills land (Mills is still alive). Samuel Mills, son of Wm. Mills of Pitt Co. And Simon Mills, related to Wm. Mills. 1856 [OO, p. 310/11]

2273. Lots #128/150 [OO, p. 311]

2274. List of children of Pleasanton S. Sugg of Edge. Co. [OO, p. 314/318]

2275. Alfred Whitehurst land; Hardee Place in Mart. Co. [OO, p. 317]

2276. Penny Hill tract [OO, p. 319]

2277. John B. Baker, dec'd., his heir: Dicey md. William Cummings of Edge. Co.; 1856 [OO, p. 321]

2278. Beardsly tract near Greenville; land near Toll house on Plank road. 1856 [OO, p. 326]

2279. Div. of land of Benjamin Tucker, dec'd. Mentioned John C. Tucker. 1852 [OO, p. 329]

2280. Ivey Windham, John A. Windham, and Midian Windham all related. 1854 [OO, p. 330]

2281. James C. Albritton and Burton G. Albritton related. 1855 [OO, p. 332]

2282. R. M. Lawson of Pitt Co., had pool table, bar room, 75 gals. of liquor, cigars; 1856 [OO, p. 333]

2283. Amos Teal and Drury Teal, heirs of Jacob Teal, dec'd., sell shares to Bynum Teel. 1849 [OO, p. 333/34]

2284. Nasby Mills, Jr. had interest in Isaac Mills patent. 1856 [OO, p. 335]

2285. Greenville suburb lot of Marshall Dickinson [OO, p. 335/336]

2286. Lot #70 [OO, p. 336/37]

2287. Willie Bell to son James Bell. 1855 [OO, p. 339]

2288. John R. Moore to son William D. Moore. 1856 [OO, p. 339/342]

2289. Samuel Little & wife Rebecca to sons James C. Little and William G. Little. 1856 [OO, p. 340/342]

2290. William Lancaster & wife Susan; she was heir of Wiley Cosway (Causey?), dec'd. [OO, p. 341]

2291. Red Banks Road, N. side of Tar [OO, p. 348]

2292. Chrischany T. Carson, heir of Richard Carson, dec'd. [OO, p. 348/49]

2293. James Nelson, dec'd., land: William J. Laughington (heir?) [OO, p. 350]

2294. Sherrod May and Benjamin T. May, sons of John May. 1855 [OO, p. 351]

2295. Charles Brewer, heir of Susan Brewer, dec'd.; 1/7 part [OO, p. 352]

2296. William Hart, Thomas Cannon & wife Mary, related; 1856 [OO, p. 355]

2297. Richard J. W. Carson, heir of Richard Carson, dec'd [OO, p. 356]

2298. Japhet Tyson owned Nichols tract; Moses Tyson, son of Moses Tyson, dec'd. 1856 [OO, p. 357]

2299. Rountree family [OO, p. 358]

2300. Hollon Carroll to son John Carroll, dau. Nancy Haddock, and dau. Patsy Ann Carroll. 1855 [OO, p. 364]

2301. Land of Henry Wooten, dec'd.; his widow md. second to Lewis Dilda [OO, p. 367]

2302. Fenetta Williams, widow of Robert Williams, dec'd. 1855 [OO, p. 370]

2303. James Thomas Williams of Wilson Co., NC., heir of William Williams of Pitt Co., dec'd. 1855 [OO, p. 371/372]

2304. Lot #117 [OO, p. 374]

2305. The crossroads land N. side of Tar River, where on late Archibald Parker lived; land bought by James C. Albritton in sheriff's sale. 1853 [OO, p. 375]

2306. Joseph John Williams of Charleston Dist., SC; 1856 [OO, p. 376/77]

2307. Dower of Elizabeth Keel, widow of Samuel Keel, dec'd. 1855 [OO, p. 379]

2308. Heirs of Abram Joyner, dec'd.: 1) John King & wife Martha, 2) May Joyner, 3) Lydia Joyner, 4) Robert Joyner, 5) Jason Joyner, 6) Abram Joyner. 1856 [OO, p. 382]

2309. Div. of land of Clifton James, 1855. Heirs: Bythel James, Robert S. Highsmith & wife Narcissa, Mary James, Wyatt James, Lydia James, David H. James [OO, p. 383]

2310. Div. of land of Alfred Stocks, 1856. Heir: Reading Tripp & wife Sarough [OO, p. 385]

2311. Allen Stocks, dec'd., land [OO, p. 386]

2312. Archibald Forbes store in country on Kinston Rd. -- Jeremiah Worthington, 1855 [OO, p. 387]

2313. Lot #118 [OO, p. 388]

2314. Lots #131/132 [OO, p. 389]

2315. Lot #92 near Public square [OO, p. 389]

2316. James Buck land, owned by Lewis Hudson [OO, p. 390]

2317. Abram Hardee, dec'd., land [OO, p. 392]

2318. Land of Bunyan Baker, dec'd. [OO, p. 392]

2319. William Wingate, son of Joyner Wingate, dec'd. [OO, p. 394]

2320. Allen Gay land [OO, p. p. 398]

2321. Francis G. Harper, son of Alex Harper [OO, p. 398]

2322. Bezar Langley land [OO, p. 399]

2323. Dower of Elizabeth Langley, widow of Thomas Langley [OO, p. 400]

2324. Bond of Abram Cox, sheriff, 1856 [OO, p. 402]

2325. William M. Williams and Joseph John Williams, brothers in store under style of "Wm. M. Wms & Brother" 1856 [OO, p. ca. 405]

2326. Norcotts Neck Plantation of James A. Hanrahan, mortgage; lots #98/134; 1856 [OO, p. 409]

2327. John S. Easton, heir of J. J. Easton, dec'd. [OO, p. 411]

2328. Hotel of James L. Paul (mortgage); lots #125/126/137; 1856 [OO, p. 413]

2329. Property of Benjamin Spain [OO, p. 414]

2330. Seine hole, Raccoon Creek Seine, 1/4 of Franklin Bell. Fred. Bell & Co., mortgage; 1856 [OO, p. 415]

2331. James C. Albritton & wife Nancy; Nancy heir of Mary Parker, dec'd.; 1856 [OO, p. 421]

2332. Burton G. Albritton & wife Alvenia; Alvenia heir of Mary Parker, dec'd.; 1856 [OO, p. 424]

2333. William Tisdale & wife Georgiana; Georgiana heir of Mary Parker, dec'd.; 1856 [OO, p. 425]

2334. Benjamin Brown for natural love to William C. Brown; 1856 [OO, p. 426]

2335. Franklin Nichols land [OO, p. 427]

2336. Robert Boyd land [OO, p. 428]

2337. Harvey [should be Henry] James land, owned by Henry & William A. James, & Nancy James, Margaret Ann James; 1856 [OO, p. 429]

2338. Simon Mills to Susannah & Lydia Mills, plantation & stock with life estate; 1856 [OO, p. 430]

2339. R. R. Foreman to Drury O. Spain, Pillsboro landing; 1856 [OO, p. 431]

2340. James Randolph land [OO, p. 432]

2341. Land where Red Banks meeting house stands, S. side of Tar; 1856 [OO, p. 434]

2342. Land of Kelie Vinson & mother; 1852 [OO, p. 436]

2343. Bethel Ford & wife Elizabeth; Elizabeth had dau. Adaline House (Eliz. md. twice) 1856 [OO, p. 437]

2344. William C. Haddock & wife Nancy had land descended from Southy Carroll, dec'd. 1856 [OO, p. 439]

2345. James Ringgold, son of James Ringgold, dec'd., sold land to Moses Ringgold; 1850 [OO, p. 441]

2346. Mud Point, N. side of Tar River; 2 acres. John Norcott to Francis Brooks, Allen Hardee and John Moore (seine hole cleared the present spring by these men). May 1, 1840 [OO, p. 442]

2347. Brooks, Hardee & Moore sold the above seine to Jacob Swindell, Sept. 1, 1856 [OO, p. 443]

2348. Nancy James to dau. Mary Ann Unicy Mason, wife of John G. Mason; the Harvey James (should be Henry) land. 1856 [OO, p. 445]

2349. Wyatt Gardner & wife Elizabeth owned share of land of Benjamin Cory, dec'd., sold share to Samuel Cory. 1856 [OO, p. 446]

2350. William Jordan & Van Norden tract [OO, p. 447]

2351. Ralston's homestead tract [OO, p. 448]

2352. Lot #159, Marshall Kinsaul and John A. Selby partners in store; lot on which has lately been erected a warehouse by Wm. D. Moye near Gallows landing. 1856 [OO, p. 449]

2353. Marshall Kinsaul sold his share of lot #159 to John A. Selby. 1856 [OO, p. 450]

2354. John A. Selby sold lot #159 to Clark, Albritton & Co. (company consisting of James S. Clark, Burton G. Albritton and John A. Selby). 1856 [OO, p. 450/51]

2355. B. G. Albritton sold lots #123/124/135/136 to Clark, Albritton & Co. 1856 [OO, p. 451/52]

2356. Marriage contract, Oct. 13, 1856: Charles S. Herndon of Granville Co., NC, & Martha P. Easton [OO, p. 455/56]

2357. Property of John A. Selby; lot #101 with shop, steam sawmill, lumber & warehouse beside Greenville; interest in Pauls Hotel; interest in Blacksmith shop owned by F. Bell & Co.; 100 volumes in library [OO, p. 458/59]

2358. Lewis P. Olds of New York to Henry S. Clark of Beau. Co.; lot #43/31 beside Baptist Church. Jan. 1, 1850 [OO, p. 461]

2359. Lots #19/31; lot 19 had blacksmith & carriage shop on it [OO, p. 462]

2360. Guilford W. Cox store in Greenville, 1857 [OO, p. 463]

2361. Church land of Tammy E. Teel, N. side of Tar [OO, p. 469/515]

2362. William A. Bernard property: piano, melodean, library of medical & misc. books, drugs, medicines & shop furniture [OO, p. 471/72]

2363. Ezekiel T. Keel of Shelby Co., Tenn, land to Samuel Keel. 1856 [OO, p. 476]

2364. Deed of Mary Brooks and Francis Brooks, Aug. 1, 1854 [OO, p. 477]

2365. Washington Corbitt, Edmond Edwards, Shadrach W. Edwards, Priscilla Corbitt and Amos Corbitt, all related, sell slaves to Adams Corbitt; 1857 [OO, p. 477]

2366. Marriage contract, May 8, 1856: Turner Pollard of Crav. Co., & Sarah Clark [OO, p. 479]

2367. Shadrach P. Allen of Washington, NC. 1854 [OO, p. 480]

2368. Ferry at Bensboro, Mill on Tysons Creek, bridge over Tysons Creek; 1857 [OO, p. 481]

2369. Allen H. Taft of Williamsburg Co., SC, and Jesse Sutton of Beau. Co., NC. 1855 [OO, p. 482/483]

2370. B. T. Smith of Prairie Co., Ark., Power of attorney to George W. Venters, 1856 [OO, p. 486/87]

2371. Marriage contract, Mar. 7, 1857: Elizabeth P. Perkins and Hugh A. Sutton [OO, p. 488/89]

2372. Petition of heirs of Eliphalet R. Whichard, dec'd.; his land bought by James Whichard. 1851 [OO, p. 490]

2373. Div. of land of James Johnson, dec'd.; mentioned Charles H. Johnston and John V. Johnston. 1856 [OO, p. 491/492]

2374. Samuel Randolph, dec'd., land [OO, p. 495]

2375. Property of Ormond Cherry. 1857 [OO, p. 496/97]

2376. Lot #101 of John A. Selby; Tilman R. Cherry and W. M. B. Brown were partners in business. 1857 [OO, p. 499]

2377. James W. J. House, son of Dinah Whitehurst, her land beside Berry A. House. 1856 [OO, p. 501]

2378. Sodom Branch [OO, p. 503]

2379. Benjamin V. Smith of Prairie Co., Ark.; property of Stephen Smith (1819), dec'd., and Samuel Smith, dec'd. 1857 [OO, p. 504]

2380. Anne Evans of Wayne Co., NC, land to Alfred Forbes beside John Evans. 1855 [OO, p. 508]

2381. Samuel Smith, Stephen Smith (1910) property; share owned by Major B. Smith. 1855 [OO, p. 508]

2382. R. R. Foreman mortgage; 1600 acres in Phillips Co., Ark.; also slaves. 1856 [OO, p. 510/511/12/13/14/15]

2383. R. R. Foreman owned Dr. Williams meeting house tract. [OO, p. 513]

2384. R. R. Foreman had lot in Nashville, NC; Dr. Williams lot; Pillsboro landing; Moye Place [OO, p. 515]

2385. Lots #51/52/63/64, property of John Norcott, dec'd. [OO, p. 517/518]

2386. T. R. Cherry, adm. of Thomas A. Braswell, dec'd., 1857 [OO, p. 518]

2387. Wooten's mill creek [OO, p. 522]

2388. Mary and Sarah E. Moore, both of Edge. Co., land to Bryant Hardee. 1857 [OO, p. 522/23]

2389. Road from Greenville to Washington; Yellowleys gate on top of the Hill; mentions ravine & town creek. 1856 [OO, p. 523]

2390. Pillsboro landing [OO, p. 524]

2391. Property of Joel Ward [OO, p. 525]

2392. Archibald House's property [OO, p. 526]

2393. Luther Barnhill land [OO, p. 528]

2394. Lemuel Barnhill, dec'd., land in Horry Dist., SC; in business with Churchill Perkins making turpentine in Horry Dist on S. side of Waccamaw River [OO, p. 529]

2395. Henry Barnhill to son Henry Gilbert Barnhill, goods & land of Lemuel Barnhill in SC. 1856 [OO, p. 530/31]

2396. Lemuel Hardy & wife Elizabeth of Greene Co., NC (dau. of Seth Tyson); land to George Belcher, except graves of Seth Tison & wife & children 16 ft. square. 1838 [OO, p. 531]

2397. Cottage tract of Henry I. Toole bought by Godfrey Langley [OO, p. 532]

2398. Samuel Vines, Jr., of Pitt. [OO, p. 533/34]

2399. Alfred Forbes sells to James H. Forbes his part of copartnership in business; May 2, 1857 [OO, p. 535]

2400. William R. Gay & wife Priscilla, heirs of Robert Lang, dec'd. 1857 [OO, p. 538]

2401. John T. Baker & Joseph L. Ballard put up a store known as Ballard & Bakers store; John T. Baker sold Ballard his share of business. 1857 [OO, p. 542/544/577]

2402. Lots #1/13/14, of Nymphius Price, dec'd. [OO, p. 545]

2403. Mary D. Stancill, dau. of Williams J. Stancill, dec'd.; her brother (?) Jesse R. Stancill. 1857 [OO, p. 546]

2404. Augustus and Cornelius James had a store at Bethel. 1857 [OO, p. 548]

2405. Lots #1/13/14 [OO, p. 553/54

2406. Amos Joyner to son Franklin Joyner [OO, p. 554]

2407. Lot #105, Alfred Forbes and Moses Belcher in business together. 1857 [OO, p. 555]

2408. Jesse M. Cherry land [OO, p. 556]

2409. James C. Albritton sold to John Stubbs the crossroads, late the residence of Archibald Parker, 8 acres; Feb. 25, 1857 [OO, p. 556/57]

2410. Ormond Cherry to dau. Mary Fleming, wife of Benjamin F. Fleming; 1857 [OO, p. 557]

2411. William L. Briley, heir of Joseph Briley, dec'd. [OO, p. 558/59]

2412. Lots #18/6 [OO, p. 560/561

2413. Caswell Cooper land [OO, p. 561]

2414. Robert Forbes land [OO, p. 562/569]

2415. Bill Hodges land [OO, p. 563]

2416. Heirs of Southy Carroll, dec'd.: Adam Carroll, John Carroll and Patty Ann Carroll. 1856 [OO, p. 565]

2417. J. M. E. Daniel of Union Parish, Louisiana, guardian of Wm. A. Briley, infant; Power of attorney to Sydney Daniel of Pitt Co., NC. Wm. A. Briley was heir of Benjamin A. Briley, dec'd.; Samuel Vines, admin. 1857 [OO, p. 566]

2418. Joseph S. Bell, heir of John Bell, dec'd. [OO, p. 567]

2419. Lot #114, Market house near Washington St. mentioned [OO, p. 569]

2420. Myers sawmill [OO, p. 570]

2421. Lot #105 [OO, p. 571]

2422. Jesse H. Mooring and John L. Mooring, both of Beau. Co. [OO, p. 572]

2423. Lot #106/118, Forbes brothers lots [OO, p. 573]

2424. Stephen Carney & Frances; she had interest in Baldree tract, 1857 [OO, p. 577]

2425. Lot #89 [OO, p. 579]

2426. Lemuel Tyson & Sugg Tison land [OO, p. 579]

2427. Lot #105 [OO, p. 586]

2428. Oleph Rollings to son Reuben C. Rollings [OO, p. 588]

2429. Oleph Rollings to grandson Charles Ichabod Rollings [OO, p. 588]

2430. Benjamin Pollard, sells (gives?) the Clark land to Pollard's son William L. Pollard, to son James A. Pollard, and to dau. Mallissa Denny, wife of James F. T. Denny [OO, p. 489/590]

2431. Store of Archibald Forbes owned by Cullen Tripp, 1857 [OO, p. 593]

2432. Henry Hancock of Jones Co., NC., to Jesse Adams [OO, p. 594]

2433. Germain Bernard of Wilson Co., NC, store in Washington, NC, 1857 [OO, p. 594/595]

2434. Lot #50 [OO, p. 598]

2435. Whitmell Hardee of Greene Co. [OO, p. 599]

2436. David Sutton's grist mill owned by Noah Sutton, 1851 [OO, p. 603]

2437. Hardy Whichard md. second to Elizabeth Teel who had children: William J. Teel, Henry D. Teel, Matilda Teel. Elizabeth was dau. of Siley Edwards (her father). 1857 [OO, p. 604/5]

2438. Children of Joab Herrington [OO, p. 605]

2439. W. B. F. Newton, heir of John Newton, dec'd. [OO, p. 606]

2440. Charles Harris was executor of Whitney Nichols, dec'd. 1856 [OO, p. 607]

2441. Burton G. Albritton and William J. Blow in business together in 1847 [OO, p. 610]

2442. Bond--M. G. Cherry, Clerk of Superior Court, 1857 [OO, p. 611]

2443. Lot #89, John H. Brooks lot [OO, p. 613]

2444. Lot in Greenville suburb [OO, p. 613/14]

2445. David Tripp, son of Ophanial Tripp; William Tripp also son of O. Tripp; 1857 [OO, p. 618/619]

2446. Martha Dennis to son Skilton Dennis and to dau. Mary J. Dennis; 1857 [OO, p. 621]

2447. Lot #49 [OO, p. 622]

2448. Eliza W. Jackson, executrix of Jesse S. Jackson, dec'd.; 1856 [OO, p. 623]

2449. Absalum Adams to wife Mary Adams, and to dau. Elizabeth Beddard (wife of Ivey Beddard?); 1857 [OO, p. 624]

2450. Edward Carman of Greene Co.; Blount Archer of Brunswick Co., NC [OO, p. 624]

2451. Hard Scrubble farm, of Benjamin Brown [OO, p. 625]

2452. Matthew Hart had tarkiln on Elias J. Blount land; 1857 [OO, p. 626]

2453. Samuel Vines, Jr., 1857 [OO, p. 628]

2454. Lots #6/18 [OO, p. 628]

2455. Lot #89 [OO, p. 636]

2456. Joshua Kittrell, dec'd.; slave deed [OO, p. 636]

2457. Jolly Old field [OO, p. 637]

2458. Bithel J. Coggins & wife Mary (formerly Mary Womble); 1857 [OO, p. 637]

2459. R. E. Pollard & wife Matilda (formerly Matilda Womble); 1857 [OO, p. 638]

2460. William E. Teel & wife Sally Jane (formerly Sally Jane Womble; heir of Amos Womble, dec'd. [OO, p. 639]

2461. Eddie Brown, dec'd (owned Hunter Buck land); his heirs: Henry Brown, B. W. Brown, John Brown & wife Patsy, William Shivers & wife Eliz M. C. Shivers, and Alfred Moore & wife Betsy [OO, p. 640]

Book PP

2462. Elizabeth Stancil, dau. of Ruel Anderson (Mary E. Stancil) 1854 [PP, p. 25]

2463. Barber landing road [PP, p. 26]

2464. McGilbra M. Staton had quit claim on negroes of Jacob Moore, dec'd. 1835 [PP, p. 30]

2465. Ruthy Wilson had quit claim on negroes of Jacob Moore, dec'd. 1835 [PP, p. 30?]

2466. William B. Taylor to dau. Eliza E. Nelson, wife of Josiah Nelson, 1857 [PP, p. 31]

2467. Samuel Bell of Conwayboro, Horry Dist., SC., Power of attorney to John N. Pearce/Pierce of Greenville; Dec. 8, 1857 [PP, p. 33]

2468. Lot #72 [PP, p. 33]

2469. William Elks, tarkiln, 1857 [PP, p. 34]

2470. Lots #60/72/59/71 [PP, p. 34]

2471. Marriage contract, Sept. 24, 1857: Joseph J. Forbes of Jones Co., NC, and Virginia H. Moody of Mecklenburg Co., Va., dau. of Arthur Moody, dec'd. [PP, p. 35]

2472. Bond, Sheriff Abram Cox, Aug. 7, 1857 [PP, p. 37]

2473. Lot #131/132, store of John Chesnut; list of wines and brandys [PP, p. 42]

2474. James S. Clark and George A. Dancy, in business [PP, p. 42]

2475. Brick store built by G. B. Singletary; 30 ft. in front, 50 ft. deep, s/w corner of lot #105, mortgaged to William Grimes, Jan. 1858 [PP, p. 44]

2476. Luke Short, lot in new suburb of Greenville, sold it to Henry Clark [PP, p. 45]

2477. James S. Clark to Henry S. Clark, lot on which store of Clark & Dancy stands; & turpentine lot; 1858 [PP, p. 46]

2478. Abner Boyd, 4 lots in Greenville [PP, p. 47]

2479. Sampson Hathaway & wife Dicey of Weakly Co., Tenn., Power of attorney to Henry Stancil of Pitt Co.; 1/9 part of estate of Dinah Whitehurst, dec'd.; 1/9 part of estates of Samuel Whitehurst, Jr., dec'd.; 1857 [PP, p. ca. 50]

2480. Lot #114, Odd fellow Hall & alley rooms owned by Goold Hoyt, 1858 [PP, p. 51]

2481. James Nelson had interest in estate of Thomas A. Braswell, dec'd., of Wilson Co., NC; 1858 [PP, p. 56]

2482. Taylor Meeks had a flat boat on river, 1858 [PP, p. 58]

2483. John W. Harper, Jonas Harper, and Margaret Harper, heirs of Edward Harper, dec'd. [PP, p. 60]

2484. Lot #45. Also, Thomas A. Braswell & Tilman R. Cherry in business [PP, p. 61]

2485. John L. Fleming, school in Dist. 22 [PP, p. 62]

2486. John R. Moore, D of G to Wm. D. Moore [PP, p. 62]

2487. Robert Hatton house and land [PP, p. 64]

2488. Benjamin Davis to 2 daus.: Sally Davis & Delphia Davis. Benj. related to Lewis Davis, Sr., and Sally Davis, dec'd.; 1857 [PP, p. 65]

2489. Sally, David, Polly and Easter Adams, related; 1857 [PP, p. 66]

2490. Bennett Briley land, related to Willis Briley [PP, p. 68]

2491. Hunter Buck land [PP, p. 69]

2492. John S. Brown, Ben Brown, & Willie Brown, all related; 1857 [PP, p. 69/70]

2493. Property of Benjamin Crawford [PP, p. 70/71]

2494. Aaron Joyner & wife Elizabeth to son Jacob Joyner, 1858 [PP, p. 72]

2495. Henry Gray of Mart. Co., to son Joseph J. Gray of Pitt, Grays Mill; 1856 [PP, p. 75]

2496. Willoughby Jones land [PP, p. 78]

2497. Lot #83 [PP, p. 79]

2498. Moses Turnage & wife Emily, heir of Sherrod Tison, dec'd. [PP, p. 80]

2499. Frederick Haddock & wife Jemima [PP, p. 83]

2500. Wm. J. (A) Bland of Brunswick Co., NC, Catherine Bland of Pitt, Joseph J. Bland of Pitt and W. T. Braswell & wife Martha J. of SC, all related [PP, p. 84]

2501. Lot #87, Front & Evans St., burial ground of Evans Family, owned by F. L. Bond, R. H. Rose, John M. Bond, Emily G. Mehegan, Mary S. C. Rose, James Mehegan, all of Edge. Co.; 1858 [PP, p. ca. 85]

2502. Moye Place, 1000 acres, of R. R. Foreman, 1858 [PP, p. 88]

2503. James Nelson property; Nelson & Doughty carriage makers, 1858 [PP, p. 94]

2504. Lewis Cox to sister Lesenah Cox, 1858 [PP, p. 94]

2505. Thomas Langley to granddau., Martha E. Moore, 1858 [PP, p. 95]

2506. Heirs of David Knox, dec'd.: 1) Allison Knox, 2) Robert Knox, 3) Orman Knox, 4) Susa Knox, 5) Joshua Nobles & Penelope his wife, and 6) James Knox, dec'd., 5 heirs, including Wm. D. Knox of Charleston Dist., SC, and Ashley Knox of Pitt Co. (other 3?); 1858 [PP, p. 96]

2507. W. L. (or S.?) Briley, heir of Joseph Briley, dec'd., 1857 [PP, p. 97]

2508. Spier Mills place, 1854 [PP, p. 98]

2509. William S. Briley, son of Benjamin Briley, 1858 [PP, p. 100]

2510. Tilman R. Cherry, surviving partner of Braswell & Cherry, 1858 [PP, p. ca. 101]

2511. Lots #6/18 [PP, p. 102]

2512. Lot #98, corner of Front & Evans St. [PP, p. 103]

2513. James D. Doughty, mortgages his house & lot in G'v & his share of Nelson & Doughty carriage factory; 1858 [PP, p. 104/5]

2514. Joseph J. Williams, heir of Nancy M. Williams, dec'd., 1858 [PP, p. 106]

2515. Marshall Diskinson & Tilman R. Cherry, lots beside G'v., 1858 [PP, p. 109]

2516. Joseph J. Bland of Pitt, James Edwards & wife Sarah of Crav., and W. T. Braswell & wife Martha J. of Georgetown Dist., SC, sold 3/8 of 1/8 share of their grandfather, John Brooks, dec'd., land in Pitt Co., to James Brooks of Pitt. Dec. 29, 1856 [PP, p. 110/111]

2517. Marshall Dickins & Henry S. Clark, lots beside Greenville on way to Charles Greenes mills, 1858 [PP, p. 112]

2518. John H. Burney, related to Bryan and William Burney, 1844 [PP, p. 113]

2519. Warren Truss of Pitt Co., to Robert R. Dupree of Pitt, land on S/S of Tysons Creek; 1817 [PP, p. 113]

2520. Frederick Haddock & wife Jemima sell Joseph & Aaron Cox their interest in est. of Abraham Cox, Sr., dec'd., 1830 [PP, p. 114]

2521. Sarah Brickell family; Pattie Sherrod, dau. of Amanda Hoyt, dec'd., Sally N. Hoyt, grandau., who md. A. W. Marshall, and Mary Eliza Hoyt, granddau., who md. Joseph J. Dancy; 1858 [PP, p. 115]

2522. Spires D. Vinson land; Charles Brewer son of Susan Brewer, dec'd.; 1858 [PP, p. 116]

2523. Ivan K. Wetherington to James G. Witherington [PP, p. 118]

2524. Joseph F. B. Gwaltney of Crav. Co., 1854; Zachariah Gardner & wife Susan, heirs of Benjamin Venters [PP, p. 119]

2525. Samuel Little of Pitt Co., to son James C. Little; 1858 [PP, p. 120]

2526. Lot #35 [PP, p. 121]

2527. Samuel Vines, Jr., of Pitt Co., 1858 [PP, p. 121]

2528. Burton Moore, Henry Barnhill and James S. Moore, jointly owned land; 1857 [PP, p. 123]

2529. Allen Bynum of Pitt Co., 1858 [PP, p. 126]

2530. Richard W. Singletary to G. B. Singletary, P. of A.; 1858 [PP, p. 128]

2531. Marshall Dickenson, land & lots beside Greenville, 1858 [PP, p. 128]

2532. Gracy Forbes, Robert G. Forbes, Archibald Forbes and Silas Forbes, sold land to John S. Smith, 1858 [PP, p. 129]

2533. Churchill Perkins, purchased Yankee Hall Tract, 713 ac., from court sale, May 8, 1858 [PP, p. 129/30]

2534. Godfrey Langley sold Cottage Tract, 502 1/2 ac., to Wm. Grimes; Mar. 9, 1858 [PP, p. 130]

2535. Godfrey Langley sold Yankee Hall fishery (seine hole), 2 ac., S/S of Tar River, to Wm. Grimes; Mar. 9, 1858 [PP, p. 131]

2536. Wm. Brewer of Crav. Co., heir of Susan Brewer, dec'd., 1858; also heirs of Susan were Henry Horn & wife Priscilla; 1858 [PP, p. 131 & 132]

2537. E. C. Yellowly land beside G'v., 1856 [PP, p. 133]

2538. Eddie Brown, dec'd., heirs: Lawrence R. Anderson, Reddin Moore & wife Fanny E., and Henrietta L. Moye; 1/7 of 1/10th part of Eddie Brown land; 1858 [PP, p. 133/34]

2539. Dower of Cinderella Manning, widow of Alfred Manning, 1858 [PP, p. 135]

2540. Dower of Lucy Crisp, widow of Wm. M. Crisp; 1858 [PP, p. 135]

2541. Dower of Allie Haddock, widow of James Haddock; 1858 [PP, p. 136]

2542. Dower of Catherine Smith, widow of Major B. Smith; 1858 [PP, p. 136]

2543. Div. of land of Thomas Joyner, 1858, to: John Thomas Joyner, Aman Joyner, James Joyner, Charles Joyner; mentions Maple Streets land [PP, p. 137/38]

2544. Dower of Patience Whitfield, widow of Jesse T. Whitfield; 1858 [PP, p. 138/39]

2545. Div. of land of Newmans Teel, 1857, his children: Wm. E. Teel, Drury W. Teel [PP, p. 139/140]

2546. Div. of land of Edward Harper, 1847, to: John W. Harper, Wm. W. Harper, Nancy Wetherington (md. Gideon Wetherington), Patsey Rasberry (md. Stephen Rasberry), Alexander Harper, Margaret Harper, Albert Harper, Jonas Harper, Catherine Harper. [PP, p. 141]

2547. Div. of land of James W. Moye, widow Henrietta L. Moye, only son Abraham J. Moye (a minor); a map showing dwelling; 1857 [PP, p. 142]

2548. Abner H. Smith, husband of _____ Tyson, dau. of Noah Tyson, dec'd.; Benjamin Tyson, son of Noah Tyson; 1846 [PP, p. 143]

2549. Lots #12/23/35/36/48 (1858), owned by Lambert P. Beardsley, James H. T. Beardsley, and Jacky Ann Beardsley, all minors [PP, p. 143/144]

2550. Simon Keel to grandchildren: Samuel Keel, Benjamin Keel, and Martha A. Keel; 1856 [PP, p. 146]

2551. Bond, Josiah Hodges, High Sheriff, 1858 [PP, p. 147]

2552. Bond, M. G. Cherry, Clerk of Superior Court [PP, p. 158]

2553. Abram Cox, Sr., to Abram, Jr., D of G, slave; 1858 [PP, p. 155]

2554. Rack Gwaltney (Shadrack?), to dau. Mary Ann (md. Thomas W. Stokes), 1858 [PP, p. 159]

2555. Marshal Dickinson's land beside G'v. [PP, p. 159/60]

2556. James Joyner & George Joyner, heirs of John Joyner, 1857 [PP, p. 164/65]

2557. Absley P. Rountree, Fannie A. Rountree, Jesse Rountree, Henry M. Rountree (all of Pitt Co.), Joel Patrick & wife Zilpha, and Caleb Spivey & wife Sarah (last 2 couples of Greene Co.), all heirs of Jesse Rountree, dec'd. Also mentioned, Wm. Rountree, son of Jesse Rountree, dec'd.; 1858 [PP, p. 166]

2558. Impassible Pocosin [PP, p. 169]

2559. John Stubbs Cemetery, 20 yds. square, Barbor Landing road, 1858 [PP, p. 171]

2560. George Bell of Lenoir Co., 1857 [PP, p. 175]

2561. Property of Benj. B. Albritton, 1858 [PP, p. 175]

2562. One-half of May & Tyson grist mill owned by Sherrod Tison, sold to James T. Williams; 1847 [PP, p. 177]

2563. James Wilks to dau. Allie Ann Adaline (md. Abraham Joyner) 1858 [PP, p. 177/78]

2564. B. Brown Williams of Philadelphia, 1858 [PP, p. 179]

2565. Lot #105 [PP, p. 181]

2566. Eddie Brown and, share owned by John C. Driver & wife Elizabeth of Perry Co., Ala., 1858 [PP, p. 182]

2567. Parkers Chapel, 2 acres & 1/2 acres graveyard, on land of Blount Speir, 1851 [PP, p. 183]

2568. Lots #123/124/135/136/157/160 on Short St., the town commons, running south of lot 159, running east of lot 160; property of Clark, Albritton & Co.; all now owned by John J. Cherry; 1857 [PP, p. 185]

2569. J. J. Cherry to James S. Clark and B. G. Albritton (the above lots); 1858 [PP, p. 191/192]

2570. George Bell of Lenoir Co., NC; 1857 [PP, p. 192]

2571. Harry Sutton, dec'd., was heir of Elijah Sutton; Guilford Stokes & wife Trisha Ann were heirs of Henry Sutton (could be Stocks??) [PP, p. 198]

2572. William G. Lang, son of Robert Lang [PP, p. 199]

2573. Meeting house on road from Snow Hill to Greenville, near Contentnea Creek; 1858 [PP, p. 201]

2574. Kizziah Edwards and Catherine Edwards, daus. of John Edwards, dec'd; sell their 2/13th share of his land; 1857 [PP, p. 201/101]

2575. Horace Ives & wife Mary of Pitt Co., related to Lewis Fowler & wife Chally J., of Craven Co.; 1858 [PP, p. 205]

2576. Jonas Lewis & wife Talitha; John May & wife Appy [PP, p. 207/208]

2577. W. M. Crisp, d. intestate in early 1857, Pitt Co.; his widow Lucy; children: 1) Ezekiel Crisp, 2) Ashley Crisp, 3) Levi Crisp, 4) Silas Crisp, 5) Jane Crisp, 6) Becca (md. R. Owens?), 7) Lucy (md. James Wooten), 8) Betsy (md. John Whitley), 9) Rhoda (md. C. R. Johnston), 10) Penny (md. W. R. Langley), 11) Eaton Crisp, dec'd, and his children: a) W. S. Crisp, b) Celia Crisp, c) Eaton Crisp. [PP, p. 209]

2578. Div. of land of Josiah Hodges, Aug. 1858; heirs: 1) John Hodges, 2) Mary Baldree, 3) Josiah Hodges, 4) Robert Hodges, 5) Willis Hodges, 6) Mary Hodges, 7) Elizabeth Vincent (wife of Hasty or Harty Vincent) [PP, p. 211]

2579. Land of James Johnston, dec'd., S/s of Tar, owned by Stephen F. Johnston [PP, p. 216]

2580. Samuel Smith of Georgetown Dist., SC; 1858 [PP, p. 217]

2581. Lot #40 [PP, p. 218]

2582. Wm. A. Stocks, son of Allen Stocks, dec'd.; Wm. A. Stocks owned 1 acre on Kinston Road formerly owned by Archibald Forbes; 1859 [PP, p. 220]

2583. Woods lawn tract; Edmond Moore selling alot of his land; 1 acre graveyard, 1/2 acre graveyard, district of Tranter's Creek; Jan. 1, 1859 [PP, p. 223/224]

2584. Marriage agreement, Dec. 29, 1858, between Frances A. Little and Nathaniel M. Terrell. Her brother Lewis G. Little, her sisters Eliza, former wife of Nathaniel M. Terrell, and Delia, wife of Benjamin F. Eborn; Frances's son Alexander Thomas [PP, p. 225]

2585. Archibald Forbes to Wm. A. Stocks, 1 acre on Kinston Rd., 3 miles from Greenville; Dec. 23, 1858 [PP, p. 228]

2586. Each owned 1/11 share of land: Sherrod Belcher, Moses Belcher, Benjamin Belcher, George Belcher, Orpah Belcher, Elizabeth Belcher, Annie Belcher, Martha Belcher, Laney Belcher (md. Wm. Norris), and William Belcher; 1858 [PP, p. 229]

2587. Lot #73, of James T. Quartermus; 1859 [PP, p. 230]

2588. Abram Cox, late Sheriff, 1859 [PP, p. 230]

2589. Caleb Nelson & Elizabeth his wife to son James G. Nelson. Caleb was son of Giles Nelson. 1859 [PP, p. ca. 231 or 2?]

2590. Guilford Williams of Greene Co., NC [PP, p. 233]

2591. John Vinson, Jr., son of John Vinson, Jr.; 1858 [PP, p. 233]

2592. Jesse Cherry land and graveyard, sold to Charles H. Johnson [PP, p. 234]

2593. Four-acre Forbes mill [PP, p. 237]

2594. Simon B. Kilpatrick, John B. Kilpatrick, Wm. P. Kilpatrick, and Lemuel H. Mewborn & wife Levi; all related [PP, p. 238]

2595. Edwin Petitt owned land of Wm. Wilson, dec'd., sold it to Joseph Wilson; 1857 [PP, p. 239]

2596. James D. Wilson, nephew of Wm. Wilson, dec'd., sold share to Joseph Wilson [PP, p. 239]

2597. James Wilson sold share of Wm. Wilson, dec'd., land to Joseph Wilson; also Dicey Cox sold her share to same; 1858 [PP, p. 240]

2598. Jesse Rountree heirs [PP, p. 241]

2599. Thomas John Wiggins to nephews: Thomas Greenleaf Rice and Charles Alexander Rice; his sister Susan Caroline Rice; 1857 [PP, p. 242]

2600. Winefred E. Wilson, guardian of infant heirs of Lewis Wilson, dec'd,: John Wm. Wilson and Benjamin Jesse Wilson; sold 5th share of Wm. Wilson, dec'd., land to Joseph Wilson; 1854 [PP, p. ca. 244]

2601. Petition of Phenetta Wilson and others vs. James Wilson, Sr., about selling land to Joseph Wilson; 1859 [PP, p. 245]

2602. Mill of Dr. R. F. J. H. Williams [PP, p. 246]

2603. Lots #51/52/63/64 [PP, p. 247]

2604. Lots #45/46 [PP, p. 248]

2605. Lot #104, James A. Tyson [PP, p. 248]

2606. N. B. Cobb, bond, Clerk & Master in Equity [PP, p. 249]

2607. John H. Jenkins of Crawford Co., Ga., heir of Prudence H. Jenkins, dec'd. of Pitt Co.; both heirs of John Jenkins, dec'd; Carr Stokes homeplace; 1858 [PP, p. 250]

2608. G. B. Singletary house beside Greenville in new development [PP, p. 250]

2609. Joel James to son Matthew James [PP, p. 251]

2610. Amanda A. Little of Pitt Co., her sisters: Mary Jane Wilson and Nancy E. Little, all granddaus. of Christopher Crandell; 1858 [PP, p. 252]

2611. Loctetia (Lectitia?) Hemby, dec'd., to dau. Absley A. (md. Thomas Willoughby), related to Wm. Hemby; 1859 [PP, p. 253]

2612. Lot #34 [PP, p. 254]

2613. Mary P. Smith (md. Lewis Dixon) lived in Craven Co.; she was heir of Lewis Smith, dec'd.; 1858 [PP, p. 254]

2614. Benjamin F. Eborn to son Wm. B. Eborn, lots #51/52/63/64; Norcotts lots where Thomas A. Gorham lived & Benj. F. Eborn now lives; 1858 [PP, p. 255/256]

2615. James Highsmith of Pitt Co. to dau. Julia F. (md. John A. Roberson/Robason of Martin Co.); 1858 [PP, p. 260]

2616. James R. Congleton graveyard [PP, p. 261]

2617. Henry S. Clark grave lot beside Greenville [PP, p. 261]

2618. Britt Place owned by Wm. Hemby [PP, p. 262]

2619. Simon B. Wilson for love to Sarah E. Cox, wife of Archibald Cox, a negro; 1857 [PP, p. 265]

2620. Joel James for natural love to son Alfred James [PP, p. 266]

2621. Land of George Easton divided, to dau. Mary Parker for life & after her death to her children; also John S. Easton & wife Mary E. sell their 1/12 part of the division to Abram D. Moye; 1858 [PP, p. 267]

2622. Thomas A. Gorham & wife Susan Zelota of Charleston Dist., SC, Power of Attorney to Henry C. Jordan; sale of lots #51/52/63/64; 1858 [PP, p. 268/273]

2623. Noble Stancil to dau. Elizabeth Highsmith and her children: Nancy Cooper (md. Caswell Cooper), William S. Highsmith, Bunyan Highsmith, Robert S. Highsmith and Lucy James; 1859 [PP, p. 272]

2624. Roderick Carson heirs: George (Gardge?) R. Carson, James R. Carson, Elemean Carson and Joseph Carson; 1859 [PP, p. 274]

2625. Deed Dec. 22, 1803, Levi Stocks to Abram Stocks; in 1859 Levi is either dead or a non-resident of Pitt Co. [PP, p. 278]

2626. James L. Crandell to sisters: Mariah E. Crandell and Margaret M. Crandell, a negro (excepting life estate of Elizabeth Keel); 1858 [PP, p. 278]

2627. James L. Wilson & wife Mary Jane; she had interest in Christopher Crandell land along with Nancy E. Little; 1859 [PP, p. 279]

2628. Patrick Jarrell to children: James Jarrell and Martha Jarrell (md. James D. Wilson); 1858 [PP, p. 280]

2629. Reuben Witherington to son Wm. Witherington [PP, p. 280]

2630. Cordellia Carman to grandson Edward C. Carman [PP, p. 283]

2631. Willie Bell, Raccoon Creek Seine place [PP, p. 284]

2632. Lot #11 [PP, p. 284]

2633. Lots #45/46 [PP, p. 285]

2634. Lots $58/71 [PP, p. 286]

2635. Lot #61 on Ferry Street, Jan. 8, 1859 [PP, p. 286/287]

2636. Negros used in building new courthouse? by Dabney Cosby security to Abram Cox; 1858 [PP, p. 287]

2637. Howard & Cosby [PP, p. 288]

2638. Jesse Hart of Greene Co.; 1859 [PP, p. 291]

2639. Water lot in Greenville, of Sherrod Tison [PP, p. 292]

2640. Theophilus Slaughter to heir Lucy Tripp (md. John Tripp); 1859 [PP, p. 293]

2641. Mrs. Elizabeth Cherry land & graveyard, widow of Jesse M. Cherry [PP, p. 297]

2642. John Hardee, Jr., dec'd., land; it was sold by Franklin Hardee to Sarah and Elizabeth Hardee; 1857 [PP, p. 300]

2643. Land beside Flat Swamp meeting house [PP, p. 301]

2644. Gracy Forbes house & farm [PP, p. 302]

2645. Robert Moore son of Nancy Moore [PP, p. 304, ca. 1856 — 58]

2646. Radford Cannon, Rebecca (wife of Coachworth Cannon), and William Cannon [PP, p. 305]

2647. Churchill Gorham, dec'd., willed land to Toney Gorham & wife Edith; mentions Sherrod graveyard [PP, p. 306]

2648. William Burney and wife Eliza of Pitt Co., Simon Wooten of Randolph Co., Ga., Counsel Wooten of Jefferson Co., Fla.; all heirs of John H. Burney, dec'd., and of Bryant Burney, dec'd.; 1858 [PP, p. 308]

2649. Jesse Nelson of Greene Co.; 1856 [PP, p. 309]

2650. Sarah Wilson, Jesse Nobles & wife Rachel, William P. Kilpatrick, Simon B. Kipatrick and Louisa P. Mewborn (wife of S. H. Mewborn), also heirs of John H. Burney, dec'd., and of Bryant Burney, dec'd. [PP, p. 310]

2651. Telfair tract of Norcotts neck; G. B. Singletary [PP, p. 312]

2652. Dower of Anna Britt, widow of Jesse Britt [PP, p. 312]

2653. Dower of Eliza Moore, widow of Wedigan Moore; 1858 [PP, p. 314]

2654. J. Hodges, Sheriff; 1858 [PP, p. 314]

2655. Dower of Polly Bullock, widow of Lacey D. Bullock; 1858 [PP, p. 314]

2656. Dower of Betsy Ward, widow of Lanier Ward; 1858 [PP, p. 315]

2657. Dower of Catherine Jackson, widow of Shadrick Jackson; 1858 [PP, p. 315]

2658. Dower of Peggy Hardee, widow of Franklin Hardee; 1859 [PP, p. 316]

2659. Dower of Celia Mills, widow of Henry Mills; 1859 [PP, p. 316]

2660. Div. of land of Wm. Cox; 1858; his children: Mary Phillips, Nancy Stokes, Martha (Patsey) Cox, Eliza Jane Cox, and Lewis Cox [PP, p. 317]

2661. John Teel, dec'd., to children: Richard Teel, Rachel Teel, George Teel; 1859 [PP, p. 319]

2662. Bond of Josiah Hodges, Sheriff; 1859 [PP, p. 321]

2663. Meeting house tract of Jesse J. & R. R. Foreman [PP, p. 322]

2664. Benjamin May & wife Maryanna of Pitt Co., heirs of Finetta Amanda Dupree (formerly Finetta A. Williams); 1858 [PP, p. 324]

2665. Joel Patrick & wife Zilpha of Greene Co. 1859 [PP, p. 325]

2666. James L. Wilson's tar kilns; 1856 [PP, p. 329/30]

2667. Marriage settlement, Aug. 17, 1859, between Wm. A. Bernard and Mary A. H. Smith [PP, p. 333]

2668. James L. Cobb & wife Fanny, heirs of Wm. Williams, dec'd. [PP, p. 335]

2669. Norcott neck plantation, Telfair Tract; 1858 [PP, p. 337]

2670. Henry P. Easton, John S. Easton, and Martha V. Easton, all of Pitt Co., and Moses B. Clements & wife Sophia E. of Greene Co., Ala., all related; 1855 [PP, p. 339]

2671. Nancy Whitehurst to daus.: Martha Whitehurst and Mary M. J. Bowers (good list of household articles; 1859 [PP, p. 339]

2672. Robert Forbes land; Gracy Forbes [PP, p. 341]

2673. Wm. Ross & wife Rebecca to son Samuel R. Ross, and to dau. Sarah Ross; 1857 [PP, p. 342]

2674. William H. Campbell, tarkiln; Albritton & Cherry (J. J.); 1859 [PP, p. 343]

2675. Wm. Ross to dau. Isabella Robuck; 1857 [PP, p. 344]

2676. Thomas J. Gardner & wife Mary A. B. of Wilson Co.; 1859 [PP, p. 348]

2677. Oliver Beddard & wife Elizabeth of Lenoir Co., and Senetta Hart of Greene Co., were heirs of Benjamin B. Tyson, dec'd. (who was heir of Noah Tyson); 1859 [PP, p. 350]

2678. Lots #123/124/135/136 [PP, p. 351]

2679. Steam mill warehouse of James S. Clark and B. G. Albritton, beside Greenville; 1859 [PP, p. 352]

2680. Wm. S. Darden, Richard D. Warren and Joseph Ann E. Williams, all of Greene Co., sold their interest in Whitney Nichols land to Charles Harris; 1859 [PP, p. 354]

2681. Bond, Joseph John Dancy, Clerk of Superior Court; 1859 [PP, p. 355]

2682. Lots beside Greenville; Maria Brewer; 1857 [PP, p. 357]

2683. Thomas A. Cherry, son of T. R. Cherry [PP, p. 358]

2684. Dower of Frances L. Cobb, widow of James L. Cobb; 1858 [PP, p. 360]

2685. James H. Pritchett & wife Elizabeth M. owned share of Thomas Jordan tract; 1859; also owned share was Amanda R. Jordan [PP, p. 361/362]

2686. John N. May, son of William & Polly May of N/s of Tar River; share to Thomas D. May; 1859 [PP, p. 363]

2687. Wm. G. Jordan, heir of Thomas Jordan; 1859 [PP, p. 366]

2688. Heirs of John Willoughby, dec'd.: Mary Ann Willoughby and Louisa Willoughby (signed Louvenia instead of Louisa) [PP, p. 366]

2689. Johnsons mills, N/s of Tar [PP, p. 369]

2690. Heirs of Wm. Gardner: Sarah (md. Wm. Cox); 1859 [PP, p. 371]

2691. Will of Wm. Ross proved August term 1859; legatees: Wm. A. Ross, John L. Ross, James R. Ross, Samuel Ross, Stanley Overton & wife Hannah, George Roebuck & wife Isabella [PP, p. 374]

2692. Josiah Barrett & wife Salina to son Wm. A. Barrett; marlbed; 1859 [PP, p. 375]

2693. Josiah Barret & wife Salina to son George W. Barrett [PP, p. 377]

2694. Richard Randolph to son Charles A. Randolph, and son Thomas E. Randolph, and dau. Mary A. Randolph; 1859 [PP, p. 379/380/381]

2695. Cordilia Cannon to dau. Emily Lyons (md. Wm. Lyons) of Greene Co.; 1858 [PP, p. 382]

2696. Benjamin Daniel to son E. P. Daniel [PP, p. 386]

2697. Lots #160/150/151 [PP, p. 388]

2698. Joel E. Bryan to Mason Jenkins, 1 acre near Bethel meeting house; 1858 [PP, p. 392]

2699. Robert S. Adams, Jesse H. Adams, Richard H. Adams, and Nancy J. Dortch (md. L. J. Dortch) of Pitt Co.; all related; 1847 [PP, p. 395]

2700. Lots #1/13/14 [PP, p. 396]

2701. Hotel lots #125/126/137 [PP, p. 397/398]

2702. John W. Wilson (of firm of Stevens & Wilson); 1859 [PP, p. 401]

2703. Bythel James, son of Clifton James, related to Nancy James and David H. James (also son of Clifton); 1859 [PP, p. 410]

2704. Dr. D. P. Cutchin of Falkland, NC; office, list of people he helped; 1860 [PP, p. 412]

2705. Richard Randolph to daus: Laura E. Johnston, Mary A. Randolph and Henrietta Randolph; 1859 [PP, p. 415/416]

2706. Lot #34 [PP, p. 416]

2707. Lot #86, corner of Evans and Front Sts. [PP, p. 418]

2708. Shadrach Jackson to dau. Betsy (md. Lindley Taylor); 1860 [PP, p. 423]

2709. Benjamin Belcher to dau. Laney (md. Wm. Norris); 1860 [PP, p. 424]

2710. W. W. Andrews to James R. Ward, 2 acres near Bethel meeting house; 1859 [PP, p. 426]

2711. Edward Harper to dau. Margaret Harper; 1858 [PP, p. 427]

2712. Marriage settlement of E. S. M. Blount, made in Hyde Co., Aug. 11, 1845 (Bk. 1, p. 457) [PP, p. 428]

2713. Land of Elizabeth English [PP, p. 430]

2714. Bond--Marshall Dickinson, Clerk & Master of Equity; 1860 [PP, p. 432]

2715. Heirs of Enoch Pollard: Cynthia Pollard, Smythy Ann Pollard, Betsy Pollard and Parthenia Pollard; 1860 [PP, p. 436/439]

2716. John Harvey & wife Alice A. of Greene Co., Macon Moye & wife Emily E. of Wilson Co., and Mathew L. Carr & wife Sarah E. of Pitt Co.; all related; 1859 [PP, p. 438] Note RK: all daus. of Absalum Saunders

2717. John May, Sr. & wife Eliza T. to son John May, Jr. [PP, p. 441]

2718. Sylvester B. Garris & wife Penelope, Elizabeth Kittrell, Sarah Kittrell, Martha Kittrell, and Noah Kittrell heirs of Jonathan Kittrell and of Joshua Kittrell [PP, p. 443]

2719. Abner Smith & wife Holland of Darlington Dist., SC; 1860; heirs of Benjamin B. Tyson & Sarah Ann Tyson (heirs of Noah Tyson) [PP, p. 444/445]

2720. Work house in yard of Rachel Teel [PP, p. 447]

2721. Richard Randolph, Sr., for natural love to son Richard A. Randolph, Jr. [PP, p. 449/467]

2722. Heirs of Eddy Brown, dec'd., of Pitt Co.: David Reed & wife Harriet of Davidson Co., Tenn., Guilford Reed & wife Elizabeth of Sumner Co., Tenn., John M. Wallace of Holmes Co., Miss., and W. W. Wallace of DeSota Co., Miss; 1859 [PP, p. 455-58]

2723. J. Thomas N. F. Alston of Warren Co., NC, gave to Julian V. Perkins, son-in-law, and to dau., Lucy F. Allston Perkins; 1860 [PP, p. 459]

2724. Land of James O. Cherry [PP, p. 464]

2725. Thomas Jordan homestead; Fred Mobley land; John Jordan (grant 1782) to son Thomas Jordan [PP, p. 465]

2726. Lot #80 [PP, p. 468]

2727. Land of Benjamin Venters, dec'd., and Milla Venters [PP, p. 474]

2728. Wm. Barber to dau. Polly Harrington; George McGlawhorn had interest in estate [PP, p. 475]

2729. Gideon & Sarah Fulford, dec'd., had heirs Worley White & wife Jacky Ann [PP, p. 479]

2730. C. Crandell Little, George E. Little and William W. Little, Jr., were sons of the dau. of Christopher Crandell [PP, p. 481]

2731. James C. Albritton sells crossroads, N/s of Tar, formerly owned by Mary Parker, to Adam Fleming; 1853 [PP, p. 484]

2732. Falkland lodge lot; 1860 [PP, p. 485]

2733. Arey Jones to Betsy Taylor, wife of Lindley Taylor [PP, p. 487]

2734. Lots #45/46 [PP, p. 487]

2735. R. C. Crandell and Nancy E. Little were children of the dau. of Christopher Crandell [PP, p. 488]

2736. Sarah Wilson, had interest in estate of John H. Burney, dec'd; 1860 [PP, p. 489]

2737. Lemuel H. Mewborn & wife Louisa [PP, p. 491]

2738. Benjamin Davis to sons Richard B. and Alfred Davis; 1860 [PP, p. 489]

2739. Malsey Nelson, insane, at NC asylum; Theophilus Bland commissioner; 1859 [PP, p. 493/94]

2740. Poor house mentioned [PP, p. 494/495]

2741. Lydia Beddard and Sarah Cone related [PP, p. 495]

2742. John Moore, dec'd, heirs: William Moore, Oliver Moore, Elizabeth Moore, Edwin Brooks & wife Patsey, Penetta Tucker, Warren Moore, Nancy Moore, John Moore, Sally Ann Moore, Harriet Moore, Jane Moore, Annis Moore, Ricky Moore; 1860 [PP, p. 497]

2743. Elizabeth Kilpatrick, heir of John H. Burney, dec'd. Heirs of Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Simon B. Kilpatrick, John B. Kilpatrick and Lemuel H. Mewborn & wife Louisa P.; mentions family burying ground and Broom Ridge field. [PP, p. 498/499/500/501]

2744. Wm. A. Pugh of Lenoir Co. had first wife named Elenor, dec'd., and had son Burney P. Pugh, now dec'd.; he had 3 other children: William, Bettie & Martha Pugh; July 1860 [PP, p. 502/503]

2745. Joshua Hodges, Sheriff Bond, Aug. 1860 [PP, p. 506]

2746. John Harvey & wife Alice A. of Greene Co.; Alice was dau. of Absalom Saunders, dec'd.; will of Absalom dated Nov. 1, 1836, named wife Laodicia, also mentioned 2 graveyards on Plantation. Alice sold her share to Peter Hines of Pitt Co., Jan. 25, 1859 [PP, p. 509]

2747. Jeremiah Worthington, son of Spier Worthington [PP, p. 511]

2748. John R. Hart, infant son of Matthew Hart; Franklin Nichols for natural love to John R. Hart [PP, p. 512]

2749. John Wallace died in Ouschita Parish, La, in Fall of 1859; heired his land on Red River in La. in Sept. 1860, to heirs: his brothers and sisters: Wm. Wallace, James A. Wallace, Sally Wallace, Nancy Wallace, and Martha Jones, wife of Willoughby Jones; also his mother Mary Wallace [PP, p. 514]

2750. Joseph John Dancy, bond for Superior Court Clerk, Sept. 1860 [PP, p. 515]

2751. Hannah Braxton to sister Penny Harrington, wife of James Harrington; daus. of John Braxton, dec'd.; Sept. 1860 [PP, p. 516]

2752. Amos Womble land [PP, p. 516]

2753. Sarah Womble land, mentioned graveyard [PP, p. 517]

2754. Land of Winifred Garner [PP, p. 519]

2755. Lot #42, Dr. Samuel B. Marsh, dec'd. [PP, p. 512]

2756. Lot #87 [PP, p. 521/522]

2757. Willow Point Marsh, part of Norcotts neck, leased by James S. Clark to G. B. Singletary, June 1859 [PP, p. 522]

2758. Road leading from Greenville to Coxville; 1859 [PP, p. 524]

2759. Jonas & Joseph Wilson sold land to Wm. Cox; 1858 [PP, p. 525]

2760. Edward Gatlin land [PP, p. 528]

2761. John Willoughby, dec'd., C. J. O'Hagan app'td. admin.; 8 parts of estate; among heirs: Josiah R. Willoughby, John F. Willoughby, Lorenzo Sermons & wife Ann E., and the heirs of Viney Sutton; Nov. 18, 1859 [PP, p. 529/530]

2762. Locker Ringgold, heir of Joseph Ringgold, Sr., dec'd.; Oct. 1860 [PP, p. 531]

2763. Lot #113, E. S. M. Smith, Joseph E. Blount [PP, p. 532/533/534/535/536]

2764. Lot #101, residence of B. M. Selby [PP, p. 535]

2765. Mathew Sirmons (Simmons) of Pulaski Co., Ga., heir of John Willoughby, dec'd.; Feb. 1860 [PP, p. 536]

2766. Robert Tugwell & wife Delphia [PP, p. 538]

2767. John J. C. Wynn & wife Alvana, and Willie Briley & wife Mary Ann, were heirs of Charles Davenport, dec'd., 1860 [PP, p. 539]

2768. Samuel Vines, appts. Joseph L. Ballard Power of Att'y. to sell negroes, loaned Ann E. Briley by will of Benj. Briley; May 1860 [PP, p. 541]

2769. Lot #113; 1857 [PP, p. 542]

2770. James A. Hanrahan sold Wm. T. Marsh Norcotts neck; 1856 [PP, p. 543]

2771. Wm. Little to niece Louisa E. Crandall, his hometract of 224 acres; July 1858 [PP, p. 546]

2772. Dower of Susan Perkins, widow of W. L. Perkins, Dec. 1859 [PP, p. 548]

2773. B. C. Pearce, deputy sheriff, Dec. 1859 [PP, p. 548]

2774. Dower of Cinderilla Davis, widow of Frederick Mobley; Dec. 1859 [PP, p. 549]

2775. Dower of Betsy Turner, widow of Reuben Turner; Dec. 1859 [PP, p. 550]

2776. Dower to Penelope Moore, widow of John Moore; Oct. 1859 [PP, p. 551]

2777. Dower to Mary Hemby, widow of Wm. Hemby; Nov. 1859 [PP, p. 552]

2778. Dower to Sally Ann Ewell, widow of R. M. Ewell; Feb. 1860 [PP, p. 553]

2779. Dower to Martha A. Kittrell, widow of Stanly Kittrell; Feb. 1859 [PP, p. 554]

2780. Dower of Cynthia Pollard, widow of Enoch Pollard; Feb. 1860 [PP, p. 555]

2781. Map of Div. of John H. Burney; Feb. 1, 1860; Kilpatricks & Wootens, Sarah Wilson heir, Jesse Nobles & wife Rachel [PP, p. 557]

2782. Div. of land of John Boyd, dec'd.; heirs: J. J. Cherry & wife Mary, J. F. Boyd, other minor heirs; mentioned 2 seine holes; Dec. 1859 [PP, p. 562]

2783. Div. of land of Benjamin Corey, dec'd., heirs: Samuel Corey, Benjamin Corey, Wyatt Gardner & wife Mary, Louisa Corey, John Corey, Speir Worthington & wife Rebecca (Margaret?), Rebecca Corey; no date, ca. 1859-60 [PP, p. ca. 563]

2784. Suburb beside Greenville; 1860 [PP, p. 563]

2785. Div. of land of John Brooks, dec'd., 1860; James Brooks, John, Susan & Jane Kinsaul [PP, p. 564/565]

2786. Div. of land of Benjamin Whitford, heirs: Temperance Whitford, Gardy & Mary Whitford; Dec. 14, 1857 [PP, p. 566]

2787. Div. of slaves of Alfred Forbes between Alfred A. Forbes, Richard H. Forbes, W. J. Evans & wife Susan C.; June 1860 [PP, p. 568]

2788. James Ringgold of Pitt Co., will dated Feb. 9, 1829; executor Joseph Ringgold. Son Joseph; later says only heir of James was Locker Ringgold (was he named Joseph Locker Ringgold?) [PP, p. 569]

2789. Wm. Sermons & wife Susan for natural love to Mary Ann Jones, lived next to Elias Sermons; 1854 [PP, p. 575]

2790. Theophilus Slaughter d. intestate Pitt Co., no issue; Ada Slaughter--brother--d. intestate Pitt Co., had issue [PP, p. 575]

2791. Children of Ada Slaughter: 1) Cassandra Slaughter (md. John Sylvester), 2) Moses Slaughter, 3) Joseph L. Slaughter, 4) Watson G. Slaughter, all of Dallas Co., Iowa. Power of Att'y to Calvin Evans of Pitt Co.; Sept. 24, 1860 [PP, p. 575/577]

2792. Elizabeth Slaughter, widow of Ada Slaughter, had dau. Martha Cooper of Madison Co., Ohio [PP, p. 577/579]

2793. McGilbra & Ormond Cherry, related; 1860 [PP, p. 582]

2794. Dabney Cosby of Raleigh (Mortgage), Dabney Cosby, Jr. of Halifax Co., Va.; house & lot of Dr. H. Z. Cosby in Greenville; 1860 [PP, p. 585/587]

2795. Sarah Turner of Randolph Co., Indiana; Power of Atty. to Calvin Evans; share of estate of Theophilus Slaughter; July 1860 [PP, p. 589]

2796. Heirs of Wm. Gardner: Wm. Kirkman & wife Milly, and John Stocks & wife Susan; 1860 [PP, p. 590]

2797. Elihu Briley, Sr., to Elihu Briley, Jr.; 1860 [PP, p. 592]

2798. Benj. Fleming, Sr. for natural love to Benj. Fleming, Jr. [PP, p. 594]

2799. Charles F. Summerell, son of Wm. R. Summeral, dec'd. [PP, p. 595]

2800. Frederick Johnson's mill pond [PP, p. 596]

2801. Elizabeth Edwards, dau. of John Edwards, 1/13 part; 1/12 part of interest in Elizabeth's brother, Isaac Edwards, dec'd. [PP, p. 596/597]

2802. Other children of John Edwards: Wm. H. Edwards & wife July, Wm. S. Corbitt & wife Catherine; Asa Edwards, Major B. Hardee & wife Alley, Harvey McGlowhorn & wife Nancy [PP, p. 600]

2803. Heirs of Wm. Gardner: John Kirkman & wife Amelia of Crav. Co.; 1860 [PP, p. 603]

2804. Abram D. Moye sold to E. C. Yellowley; Wm. D. Moye, dec'd.; beside Greenville, beside E. C. Yellowley, public road to Washington; 1861 [PP, p. 605]

2805. Lot #7 [PP, p. 606]

2806. Lots #121/122 [PP, p. 607]

2807. Lot #19 [PP, p. 610]

2808. Lot #41 (old academy lot), Wm. Grimes & wife Elizabeth to T. R. Cherry; Feb. 6, 1861 [PP, p. 611]

2809. Kilpatrick-Burney land [PP, p. 612]

2810. Grant to Allen Anderson, 1859; grant to Wm. H. Britton (Button?), 1858 [PP, p. 620/621]

2811. Ballards Store mentioned; James M. Hines to Willis Briley, Sept. 31, 1860 [PP, p. 622]

2812. Children of Lucinda Sugg & Pheasanton Sugg: Margaret Sugg, Charles W. Garrett & wife Mary, Arthur C. Smith & wife Frances, Reddin S. Sugg, Josiah P. Sugg, Lucy Sugg, Elizabeth Sugg, Peter Sugg, Wm. Sugg, Anne F. Sugg. Penny Hill to George C. Sugg. [PP, p. 625]

2813. Henry Brinkly land [PP, p. 627]

2814. James Hysmith, heir of Nancy Hysmith, dec'd.; 1860 (Highsmith) [PP, p. 628]

2815. Isaac Hardee owned old Wm. Wilson, dec'd., old place, S/s of Tar, 300 acres [PP, p. 630]

2816. Ballard & Bakers Store mentioned; John T. Baker to Richard H. Baldree; 1857 [PP, p. 634]

2817. John May & wife Appy owned Isaiah Windom land; 1861 [PP, p. 635]

2818. Heirs of Wm. Gardner: Needham Loften & wife Donna Mariah/Maria [PP, p. 636]

2819. Heirs of Arnold Taft, Sr.: Louisa Taft, Godfrey Taft, John Taft, of Pitt Co., and Addison E. Ricks & wife Emily of Edge. Co.; graveyard [PP, p. 637]

2820. Sold Taft land to Garrison & William Tucker, Jan. 7, 1861 [PP, p. 637]

2821. Josiah Hodges sold 18 acres near Ballard & Bakers Store to James M. Hines, July 25, 1860 [PP, p. 639]

2822. Eason James, admin. of Roderick Carson, dec'd.; 1856 [PP, p. 641]

2823. Heirs of George Belcher, dec'd.: Mary A. Thompson, L. A. Tarver, Mary E. Tarver, John Belcher, Elbert D. Mullin and Mary Mullin, all of Georgia, and Benjamin Belcher, Sr., Elizabeth Joyner, Sherrod Belcher, and Henry Joyner [PP, p. 642]

2824. Asa Stocks & wife Louisa were heirs of William Gardner [PP, p. 643]

2825. Benjamin W. Turnage, son of Martha Turnage [PP, p. 644]

2826. Wm. Shivers and Sarah Shivers related [PP, p. 648]

2827. Bryant Adams of Tishomingo Co., Miss., Power of Atty. to brother Jesse Adams of Pitt; Oct. 13, 1860 [PP, p. 652]

2828. Richard C. Parker of Pitt Co., a drunkard; lot of Mrs. Sophia Parker in Greenville; J. C. Albritton his guardian; Apr. 8, 1861 [PP, p. 655/656]

2829. Sophia, dau. of Allen Tison, md. 1st Charles Vines of Edge. Co.; md. 2nd _______ Johnson [PP, p. 657/658]

2830. Joseph Ringgold to granddau. Martha Jane Hardee; 1860 [PP, p. 658]

2831. Joseph Ringgold to dau. Louisa W. Hardee; 1860 [PP, p. 659]

2832. Lots #160/150/151, of Dabney Cosby, sold to Falk Odenheimer; 1861 [PP, p. 662]

2833. Grant to Batson Whitehurst, Oct. 26, 1860 [PP, p. 665]

2834. Marriage contract: Drury W. Teel and Parthenia Pollard, Jan. 3, 1861 [PP, p. 666]

2835. Barnes Bland, heir of John Brooks; 1861 [PP, p. 669]

2836. Wyatt James heir of Clifton James, dec'd.; 1860 [PP, p. 670]

2837. Cordelia Cannon of Pitt Co. to dau. Emily Lyons of Greene Co.; 1858 [PP, p. 673/674]

2838. Nimrod Nelson to son Ephriam Nelson; 1861 [PP, p. 675]

2839. M. Flake of Pitt Co., dec'd., heir: Amsey Flake (male). Amsey appts. John C. Flake P. of A.; 1860 [PP, p. 676]

2840. Thomas E. Neson to Alfred Forbes, land beside Greenville, beside academy lot; Aug. 31, 1860 [PP, p. 679]

2841. Samuel Little to son Wm. G. Little; 1860 [PP, p. 684]

2842. James Parker to son Richard H. Parker; 1861 [PP, p. 684]

2843. R. R. Foreman sold 1200 acre plantation of his to P. A. Atkinson; Dec. 18, 1860 [PP, p. 685]

2844. Children of Moses & Anna Jones: Wm., James, and John Jones [PP, p. 686]

2845. Flaxwood Branch [PP, p. 687]

2846. Dower of Eliza Tison, widow of Lemuel Tison; Dec. 1860; mentioned Alfred Forbes land, Forbes Cemetery [PP, p. 691]

2847. Dower of Mary A. Mills, widow of Naisby Mills; 1860 [PP, p. 692] Note ER: Maiden name: Mary Ann Boyd, according to correspondent Allen W. Suggs of Raleigh.

2848. Dower of Rebecca Witherington, widow of Spires Witherington; 1861 [PP, p. 693]

2849. Dower of Caroline E. Williams, widow of R. F. J. Williams; 1861 [PP, p. 694]

2850. Dower of Mary A. E. May, widow of Benjamin May; 1860 [PP, p. 695]

2851. Dower of Martha Horn, widow of J. R. Horn; 1861 [PP, p. 696]

2852. Div. of land of John Moore; heirs: Sally, Elizabeth, Jane, Anna, Martha, Penetty, Roderick, Warren, Nancy and Harriet Moore; 1860 [PP, p. 697/699]

2853. Robert G. and Silas Forbes, land divided; 1861 [PP, p. 699]

2854. Div. of land of Levi Gardner; heirs: George Gardner, Guilford Gardner, Harvey Gardner, and Eliza Oxley; 1860 [PP, p. 700]

2855. Div. of land of Spiers Worthington; heirs: Lewis McGlohorn & wife Martha, John Slaughter & wife Mary, Andrew J. Wethington & wife Susan, Jeremiah Wethington; 1861 [PP, p. ca. 701]

2856. Div. of land of Sarah Fulford; heir Samuel Kittrell; 1860 [PP, p. ca. 702]

2857. Div. of land of John Willoughby; heirs: John F. Willoughby, Josiah Willoughby, John Bedford & wife Eliza Jane, Mathew Sermons & wife Eminiza, Lorenzo Sermons & wife A. Frances, Mary Ann, Louiza and Wm. B. Willoughby; 1861 [PP, p. 704/705]

2858. R. H. Baldee [Baldree?] & wife Mary; Mary was heir of Josiah Hodges [PP, p. 706]

2859. Willie C. Moore md. Rebecca, dau. of Mrs. Clara Tucker; 1861 [PP, p. 707]

2860. John Hodges, son of Josiah Hodges, dec'd. [PP, p. 709]

2861. Jordan Avery land; 1860 [PP, p. 711]

2862. Samuel H. Langley to cousin Manisa/Maniza J. Langley [PP, p. 712]

2863. Bond--George A. Dancy, Clerk of Court, Aug. 8, 1861 [PP, p. 713]

2864. The Jim Field near Farmville; 1858 [PP, p. 717]

2865. Edmond Moore, got slaves from 1st wife now dec'd.; list of slaves of Edmond Moore. Edmond Moore had 2 children: John Robert Moore, Mary Elizabeth Moore; 1852 [PP, p. 718]

2866. Division line of land of John Adams, dec'd.; 1859 [PP, p. 721]

2867. Stanley & Martin Moore ditch [PP, p. 723]

2868. Samuel Vines, exctr. to will of Henry Williamson, dec'd.; 1861 [PP, p. 725]

2869. Adams Corbitt, Amos Corbitt, Washington Corbitt, Edmond Edwards, Shadrick W. Edwards, and Hyman Norville of Edge. Co., all of Pitt Co., all sell a slave to Allen J. Corbett; 1859 [PP, p. 726]

2870. Cornelius James, son of William James, dec'd., had 1/7 interest in his land; 1861 [PP, p. 727]

2871. Bond--James L. Paul, Clek of Superior Court, Sept. 2, 1861 [PP, p. 728]

2872. Lot #77, where Gracy Merrills lives; 1860 [PP, p. 730]

2873. James E. Brooks & wife Mary E. owned interest in, and were heirs of Wm. Gardner's land; 1861 [PP, p. 731]

2874. Lots #18/6; 1861 [PP, p. 732]

2875. John J. Cherry & wife Mary were heirs of John Boyd, dec'd; 1861 [PP, p. 733]

2876. Lot #133, where Nancy Merritt lives [PP, p. 734]

2877. Ashley J. Barnhill, heir of Sarah Harris, dec'd.; 1858 [PP, p. 735]

2878. Augustus Buck, heir of Aris Buck, dec'd.; 1859 [PP, p. 735]

2879. Lots #60/72, also lot on Plank Rd. [PP, p. 738/739]

2880. J. J. Cherry lived on Plank Road; 1861 [PP, p. 740]

2881. James W. J. House of Edge. Co., land drawn from father's estate in Pitt Co; 1858 [PP, p. 741]

2882. John K. Wetherington to dau. Louisa F. Wordsworth & husband Thomas Wordsworth; 1861 [PP, p. 743]

2883. Nancy Thompson, L. Augustus Tarver & wife Mary E. (formerly Williams), all of Jefferson Co., Ga., Power of Att'y. to Sherrod Belcher and Henry Joyner; they to receive part of estate of George Belcher, dec'd.; 1860 [PP, p. 745]

2884. Elbert D. Mullings & wife Elizabeth E. (formerly Williams) of Jefferson Co., Ga., Power of Att'y. to Sherrod Belcher and Henry Joyner, they to receive share of estate of George Belcher, dec'd.; 1860 [PP, p. 747]

2885. Lawrence A. White purchase 1 acre from Frances Taylor; 1861 [PP, p. 749]

2886. Jesse Hart & wife Catherine of Greene Co., NC, sold to Catherine Harper, 50 acres, being lot 1 of Edward Harper land; 1861 [PP, p. 749]

2887. Joseph Ringgold, trustee for Locker Ringgold; 1862 [PP, p. 751]

2888. Bond--W. H. Perkins elected Tax Collector, Feb. 7, 1862 [PP, p. 753]

2889. Caleb Nelson to son James G. Nelson; Caleb was son of Giles Nelson; Caleb's wife was Elizabeth; 1862 [PP, p. 754]

2890. Bond--G. A. Dancy, County Court Clerk, Aug. 1861 [PP, p. 756]

2891. Joel Patrick & Pamelia E. Patrick, heirs in common of land of John Coart, sell share to Coart Patrick; 1862 [PP, p. 756/757]

2892. William A. Pugh, grandson of Coart Patrick, sold share of Coart Patrick land to Coart Patrick; 1859 [PP, p. 757]

2893. Elisha M. Greene & wife Nancy B. of Henry Co., Ala.; heirs of John Burney, dec'd.; Power of Att'y. to Jesse Noble of Pitt Co.; 1861 [PP, p. 758]

2894. Bond--James L. Paul, Superior Court Clerk; [PP, p. 759]

2895. Bond--Marshall Dickerson, Sept. 4, 1862; Clerk & Master in Equity for Pitt Co.; [PP, p. 761]

2896. Jeremiah Witherington had slave, fell to him as heir of Allen Stocks, dec'd.; William A. Stocks, heir of Allen Stocks; 1862 [PP, p. 761]

2897. N. C. Hughes & wife Adeline of Henderson Co., NC, sold to Drury Oliver Spain, 1 acre at Pillsboro beside his old lot; 1861 [PP, p. 763]

2898. Priscilla Moore, dec'd., estate; Woody Moore, dec'd., estate; Woody Ann Allen (md. to Gideon Allen) had a 1/9 share in Priscilla's estate; 1862 [PP, p. 766/768]

2899. Willie Williams & wife Priscilla, Willie Cobb & wife Elizabeth, all heirs of Woody Moore, dec'd., & his wife Priscilla Moore, dec'd.; 1862 [PP, p. 771/772]

2900. Bond--Wm. Flannigan, Sheriff, Aug. 1862 [PP, p. 773]

2901. Bond--Wm. H. Perkins, Tax Collector, Feb. 7, 1863 [PP, p. 774]

2902. William Joyner & wife Elizabeth were heirs of Wm. Hemby, dec'd.; 1863 [PP, p. 775]

2903. Edwin Pridgeon & wife Emily were heirs of Woody Moore & wife Priscilla, dec'd.; 1862; also heirs were Isaac Worthington & wife Penelope [PP, p. 776]

2904. Wm. Hanrahan to Marshall Dickinson, 640 acres, N/s of Tar; 1830 [PP, p. ca. 777]

2905. James Sheppard, Sheriff of Pitt Co. 1827 [PP, p. 779]

2906. Arnold Baldree & wife Delitha, heirs of Woody Moore & wife Priscilla, both dec'd.; 1863 [PP, p. 780]

2907. Huel Hemby, heir of Wm. Hemby, dec'd.; also heirs were Wm. Burnett & wife Orphia; 1863 [PP, p. 781/782]

2908. Harriot Joyner to dau. Maria T. Bynum, wife of Allen Bynum; negroes [PP, p. 783]

2909. Marriage contract between Levi S. Yates and Louisa Staton of Mart. Co.; Louisa owned homeplace where Thomas Biggs resided at time of death; was dau. of Thomas Biggs, dec'd.; Louisa was former wife of McGilbry M. Staton; Feb. 10, 1863 [PP, p. 784 — 786]

2910. Bond--O. P. Humber, Pitt Co. Auctioneer, Aug. 5, 1863 [PP, p. 788]

2911. Nov. 2, 1863; Richard Williams & wife Henrietta, Wm. M. B. Brown & wife Jane M., all sold interest in lot #79, house & lot of late Charles Greene who d. intestate; sold to Robert Green [PP, p. 789]

2912. Graveyard, 1 acre on Gourd Vine Swamp; Jesse Cherry land, owned by C. H. Johnson and sold to Charles Alexander White; 1863 [PP, p. 791]

2913. Lot #87 whereon Betsy Womble lived for several years; owned by Henry S. Clark, bought by him of legatees of Thomas Bond [PP, p. 792]

2914. Luke Short, lot on Plank Rd. [PP, p. 793]

2915. Marl bed of Peter E. Hines [PP, p. 796]

2916. Bond--J. B. Cherry, Superior Court Clerk, Mar. 9, 1864 [PP, p. 797]

2917. Lot of Germain Bernard; mentions Paint shop & shelter, Blacksmith Shp.; 1864 [PP, p. 798]

2918. Bond--John F. Boyd, Register, Feb. 2, 1864 [PP, p. 799]

Book QQ

2919. Lot #79, of Robert Green to Harriet T. Dill; Marshall Dickinson, 14 acres; 1863 [QQ, p. 1]

2920. Marshall Dickinson to Hugh A. Sutton, land beside academy; 1864 [QQ, p. 2]

2921. Norcott neck land of G. B. Singletary & wife Cora [QQ, p. 4/5/6]

2922. Lot at Bethel Meeting house, 1 acre; 1862 [QQ, p. 9/10]

2923. Henry Joyner to Pitt Co. Female Institute; beside Antioch Church; Trustees: John May, Sr., Josiah Barrett, George Joyner, L. P. Beardsley, J. N. Bynum, James W. May; Aug. 6, 1860 [QQ, p. 12]

2924. William Sermans for natural love to Elias Sermons [QQ, p. 14]

2925. Kinchen Barnhill for natural love to Ashley J. Barnhill [QQ, p. 16]

2926. James W. May to Common School Committee; land; 1860 [QQ, p. 17]

2927. Henry Joyner to trustees of Antioch Church: Josiah Barrett, Sherrod Belcher, James Wilkes and Thomas King; 1860 [QQ, p. 18]

2928. Bond--Wm. Flanigan, Sheriff, Aug. 4, 1864 [QQ, p. 20]

2929. Richard Randolph to children: Mary A. Randolph, Henrietta Randolph, Thomas E. Randolph, Charles A. Randolph, and to son-in-law Charles Johnson; all Richard's interest in estate of Richard A. Randolph, lately dec'd.; 1864 [QQ, p. 21]

2930. Richard Randolph to son Thomas E. Randolph; slaves; 1859 [QQ, p. 23]

2931. Edward Gray Leggett & wife Louisa of Beaufort Co., NC; she was dau. of Wm. Spain, dec'd; 1864 [QQ, p. 27/28]

2932. Land beside academy, Hugh A. Sutton to J. J. Perkins [QQ, p. 31/32/39]

2933. Wilie Williams to son Ely Williams; 1855 [QQ, p. 33]

2934. Norcott neck land & Telfair Tract, of John D. Williams & wife Mary [QQ, p. 35]

2935. A. M. Lewis & wife Sarah M. of Wake Co., NC, to David L. Swain; 1863 [QQ, p. 37]

2936. Abram Cox, Sheriff of Pitt Co. in 1858; lots#131/132 of Marshall Kinsaul [QQ, p. 40]

2937. Henry Clark to Purnell Patrick, lots #94/95; 1863 [QQ, p. 44]

2938. Bond--Wm. Flanigan, Sheriff, Nov. 9, 1865 [QQ, p. 50]

2939. Joshua Smith & wife Winefred for natural love to Joshua W. Smith; 1865 [QQ, p. 56]

2940. Wm. Tucker & wife Elizabeth to dau. Susan (md. Charles F. Harris) [QQ, p. 59]

2941. Lewis Dupree & wife Henrietta Amanda [QQ, p. 61]

2942. Silas Avery & wife Mary Ann [QQ, p. 63]

2943. Bond--Benj. W. Brown, County Trustee, Feb. 6, 1866 [QQ, p. 65]

2944. Bond--J. B. Cherry, Clerk of Superior Court; 1865 [QQ, p. 69]

2945. Benjamin Joyner & wife Sarah, heir of Priscilla Moore, dec'd. [QQ, p. 71]

2946. Lot #86 [QQ, p. 73]

2947. Harriet L. Overton had brother Willis R. Overton, dec'd.; 1865 [QQ, p. 75]

2948. Samuel W. Latham Plantation [QQ, p. 76]

2949. Marriage contract of Wm. Whitehead and S. V. Atkinson; Sept. 16, 1865 [QQ, p. 78 — 80]

2950. Dower of Celia Edwards, widow of Shadrick Edwards; 1864 [QQ, p. 81]

2951. Dower of Winny Brown, widow of Benjamin Brown, dec'd.; 1863 [QQ, p. 82]

2952. late Arden Moore, Mar. 14, 1866 [QQ, p. 84]

2953. Dower of Julia A. Daniel, widow of Wm. B. Daniel; 1864 [QQ, p. 86]

2954. Dower of Margaret Little, widow of Lorenzo D. Little; 1864 [QQ, p. 87]

2955. Dower of Mary J. Mills, widow of Henry J. Mills; 1864 [QQ, p. 88]

2956. Dower of Elizabeth Turnage, widow of Benjamin W. Turnage; 1862 [QQ, p. 89]

2957. Dower of Emily Nichols, widow of Franklin Nichols; 1862 [QQ, p. 90]

2958. Dower of P. A. E. Hearne, widow of John Hearn; 1862 [QQ, p. 91]

2959. Dower of Martha J. Moye, widow of Abram D. Moye; 1862 [QQ, p. 92]

2960. Dower of Henrietta Fleming, widow of Luke Fleming; 1861 [QQ, p. 93]

2961. Dower of Elizabeth Manning, widow of Wm. Manning; 1861 [QQ, p. 94]

2962. Dower of Eliza T. May, widow of John May [QQ, p. 96]

2963. Div. of land of John [QQ, p. 97]

2964. James Highsmith, Div. of land to heirs, 1862: John A. Robinson & wife Julia, Menisa Highsmith, Arcena Highsmith, Matilda Highsmith [QQ, p. 101]

2965. Dower of Ruthy Teel, widow of Tamby Teel; 1862 [QQ, p. 103]

2966. Dower of Louisa Stocks, widow of Asa Stocks; 1863 [QQ, p. 104]

2967. Dower of Fanny Dixon, widow of John C. Dixon 1863 [QQ, p. 105]

2968. Marriage contract, R. M. Speir to Frances E. Dixon; July 25, 1865 [QQ, p. 106 — 108]

2969. Dower of Sarah F. Jordan, widow of John (Q.? or L.?) Jordan; 1858 [QQ, p. 109]

2970. Dower of Marthy J. Nobles, widow of Nathaniel Nobles; 1863 [QQ, p. 110]

2971. Dower of Susan Edwards, widow of Edmund Edwards; 1862 [QQ, p. 111]

2972. Lot #105 [QQ, p. 112]

2973. Div. of land of Alfred Forbes [QQ, p. 113 — 116]

2974. Dower of Elizabeth Eborn, widow of W. B. Eborn; 1862. Lots #51/52/63/64/62. [QQ, p. 117]

2975. Dower of Winny May, widow of James T. May; 1864 [QQ, p. 118]

2976. Heirs of Wm. R. Frizzle, dec'd.: Jonathan R. Frizzle, Charles Rogers & wife Frances, Edward R. Coward & wife Sarah, Zilpha R. Brown, J. T. Murphrey (guardian to his infant children), Edward Carman & wife Elizabeth; 1862 [QQ, p. 119]

2977. Dower of Penina Elks, widow of Jacob Elks; Oct. 19, 1865 [QQ, p. ca. 120]

2978. Div. of land of Henry E. Joyner & Ann Joyner, dec'd., 1864; heirs: L. R. Anderson & wife Mary, and Moses Joyner [QQ, p. 123]

2979. Div. of land of John Boyd, dec'd., 1865; heirs: John W. Taft & wife Bettie [QQ, p. ca. 125]

2980. All property of Reddick Carney; 1866 [QQ, p. 128 — 131]

2981. John Foley of Long Island, NY, leased plantation from John D. Williams; Norcotts neck; 1866 [QQ, p. 132 — 133]

2982. Peter Evans and Amos G. Evans, sons of Edmund Evans, dec.'d. [QQ, p. 138 — 141]

2983. C. Perkins & Son Store; 1859/1861 [QQ, p. 157]

2984. John B. Pollard & wife Elizabeth, and James A. Pollard were heirs of Laurence Pollard, dec'd.; 1866 [QQ, p. 165]

2985. Amanuel J. Whitehurst & wife Angelina sold 1 acre to N. M. Hammond at Bethel Meeting house; 1865 [QQ, p. 184]

2986. Littleberry Thigpen lived on 226 acres; his heirs: John L. Fleming & wife Emily S. Fleming, James A. Thigpen, and Jesse L. Thigpen; 1866 [QQ, p. 187]

2987. Bond--G. A. Dancy, Clerk of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Nov. 9, 1865 [QQ, p. 189]

2988. Jonathan Meglohon of Pitt Co. to son Samuel Meglohon (Jonathan was son of Jeremiah Meglohon/McGlohon); 1865 [QQ, p. 191]

2989. Jonathan McGlohorn of Greene Co. to son Jeremiah McGlohon, the Brown place bought of Charles Rountree; 1858 [QQ, p. 193]

2990. Zeno H. Greene of New Hanover Co. sold to James J. Perkins, land of Charles Greene, dec'd.; 1866 [QQ, p. 204]

2991. Jonathan Meglohon of Greene Co. to son Joseph Meglohon, the Carr place; 1858 [QQ, p. 206]

2992. Nimrod Nelson to 2 daus.: Alice and Martha Nelson; 1866 [QQ, p. 208]

2993. Heirs of Nimrod Nelson: Jesse Nelson, John L. Nelson, Alice Nelson, Martha Nelson, Bryant Tripp and wife Abigail (Abby). These heirs sold to their sisters: Elizabeth Nelson and Harriet Nelson; 1866 [QQ, p. 209]

2994. Jonathan Meglohon of Greene Co. to son Jesse R. Meglohon, the old James Powell place; 1858 [QQ, p. 211]

2995. Nimrod Nelson to dau. Abby Tripp, wife of Bryant Tripp; 1866 [QQ, p. 215]

2996. Nimrod Nelson to son John L. Nelson; 1866 [QQ, p. 220]

2997. Old Wm. Elks tract sold by Bryant Smith to Wm. Elks; 1849 [QQ, p. ca. 225]

2998. Dower of Piety Crandall, widow of Willis Crandell; Feb. 14, 1866 [QQ, p. 226]

2999. D. F. Whichard, deputy Sheriff of Pitt Co., 1866 [QQ, p. 226]

3000. Dower of Felitia L. Moore, widow of James A. Moore; 1866 [QQ, p. 227]

3001. Dower of Mary Ann Anderson, widow of L. R. Anderson; 1866 [QQ, p. 228]

3002. Dower of Lucretia Vanderford, widow of Wm. Vanderford; 1866 [QQ, p. 229]

3003. Dower of Lucy Bullock, widow of Willie Bullock; 1866 [QQ, p. 230]

3004. Dower of Elizabeth Whitehurst, widow of John Whitehurst; 1866 [QQ, p. 231]

3005. Div. of land of Edmund Evans; 1863; heirs: Allen T. Porter & wife Mary, Edmund Evans, Ivey J. Evans, L. J. Lockamy & wife Martha, Amos G. Evans, Johnson Evans, Alvany Everette [QQ, p. 232 — 235]

3006. Div. of land of Willis Crandell, dec'd., to children: Robert C. Crandell, Louisa Crandell, Henry Biggs & wife Catherine, Asa Harrison & wife Mary A., Samuel R. Ross & wife Margaret; Feb. 14, 1866 [QQ, p. 235 — 238]

3007. Dupree's Landing [QQ, p. 249]

3008. Store of Wm. Watford, 1866 [QQ, p. 253]

3009. Lot #89, Wm. Watford's store lot, sold to Allen Forbes; 1866 [QQ, p. 255]

3010. Levi S. Yates & wife Louisa (widow of McGilbry M. Staton) [QQ, p. 257/258]

3011. Lot #133 [QQ, p. 260]

3012. Jennie Jenkins to son John Howell Jenkins; 1866 [QQ, p. 265]

3013. Strawberry Hill Plantation where James A. Dixon lived; Edward O. Dixon, son of James A. [QQ, p. 270]

3014. Agnes Bell, widow of John Bell [QQ, p. 277]

3015. Kinchen Barnhill to son Ashley J. Barnhill [QQ, p. 278]

3016. Drupiny Staton of Edge. Co., to son Joseph S. Staton; Carrol O. Staton, dec'd., also son of Drupiny; 1865 [QQ, p. 280]

3017. Hollon Carroll to dau. Patsy Ann Carroll (lists property of Hollon Carrol), and to son Adam Carroll, and to dau. Nancy Haddock; 1866 [QQ, p. 286]

3018. Hardy J. Smith to son George W. Smith; other heirs of Hardy J. Smith: Abner Smith, Charles J. Smith, Hardy Smith, Emeline Smith, Almarine Hutson, wife of John Hutson/Hudson; 1866 [QQ, p. 298]

3019. Tempe Flake, dau. of Mancel Flake; 1866 [QQ, p. 301]

3020. Lot #117 [QQ, p. 308/309]

3021. Joab Herrington had interest in estate of Johnston Nobles, dec'd.; 1866 [QQ, p. 310/311]

3022. George H. Staton to provide & take care of Joseph S. Staton of Edge. Co., for $300/yr.; 1865 [QQ, p. 320]

3023. Carroll O. Staton, dec'd., and George H. Staton were tenants in common of land. Carroll died intestate leaving no widow or family; George H. was his brother. [QQ, p. 321/322]

3024. Carroll O. Staton, d. Pitt Co. Oct. 1864, intestate (lists his property); his heirs (brothers and sisters) were: James B. Staton, Fernando B. Staton, and Hannah G. Jenkins, all of Edge. Co. [QQ, p. 324]

3025. Moses Tyson to son Seth Tyson; 1866 [QQ, p. 327]

3026. Thomas Stokes sold land to Edward Stokes; Aug. 18, 1866 [QQ, p. 330]

3027. Thomas Stokes sold land to Calvin Stokes; Aug. 18, 1866 [QQ, p. 332]

3028. Sherrod Tyson sold his interest in the dower land of widow Eliza Tyson to Allen Tyson; 1866 [QQ, p. 339]

3029. Marriage contract, Aug. 30, 1866, John S. Whichard to Hannah Peel, widow of Craven Peel [QQ, p. 340]

3030. Bond--Louis Hilliard, Clerk & Master of Equity for Pitt Co.; Sept. 5, 1866 [QQ, p. 350]

3031. Samuel V. Tyson sold his interest in the dower land of widow Eliza Tyson to Allen Tyson; 1866 [QQ, p. 351]

3032. Delila Herrington, land descended to heirs of William Herrington, dec'd.; 1866. John R Stocks & wife Malvinia sold their 1/5 interest to Paul Herrington [QQ, p. 352]

3033. Thomas King, John King, Robert W. King, Nannie W. King, and George W. Parker & wife Mary E., sold their interest in the Hodges Place to Wm. M. King; 1861 [QQ, p. 354]

3034. Marshall Dickinson sold his home near Greenville to Mary E. S. Ernull; Oct. 18, 1866 [QQ, p. 357]

3035. Wm. A. Stocks to brother Elbert Stocks; 1866. Wm. A. Stocks md. to _____ Tyson, dau. of Lemuel Tyson; division of property of Lemuel Tyson in 1866. Wm. A. Stocks owned a piano forte. [QQ, p. 362]

3036. Lot #86, the Gum Long lot [QQ, p. 365]

3037. Lot #89, residence of T. R Cherry [QQ, p. 365]

3038. William Smith & wife Mary owned interest in estate of John Tripp, dec'd.; sold interest to Jesse Hart and Nicy Tripp, both of Pitt Co. [QQ, p. 367]

3039. Scuffleton Bridge & store, copartners: Joel Patrick and D. Mc Monroe; land sold to Coart Patrick; 1866 [QQ, p. 369]

3040. Thomas W. Stokes & wife Mary A., and William S. Smith & wife _____; wives were sisters. W. S. Smith & wife had no children; he is making arrangement for Mary A. Smith's support; 1866 [QQ, p. 371]

3041. Mourners Branch on Cow Swamp [QQ, p. 374]

3042. Frederick Davenport for natural love to Wm. C. Davenport; 1866 [QQ, p. 378]

3043. Turner Pollard & wife Elizabeth sell undivided interest in land to Hardee Tripp; land near Reedy Branch meeting house; 1866 [QQ, p. 380]

3044. Thomas E. Chance, Simon Chance, William W. Roberson mentioned [QQ, p. 386]

3045. Lot #74; 1859 [QQ, p. 390/391]

3046. Thomas E. Chance to dau. Harriett Gainer, wife of Joseph Gainer; 1865 [QQ, p. 393]

3047. Lot #78, where W. J. Blow lived and died [QQ, p. 395]

3048. Jordan Payne & wife Pernettie of DeSota Co., Mississippi, appt. Jordan Payne attorney to receive share of Pernettie in estate of Kinchen Davis, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; 1866 [QQ, p. ca. 400]

3049. John H. Jenkins, admin. of late Wm. A. Whitehurst; Staton Whichard of Edge. Co. mentioned; 1866 [QQ, p. 401 — 403]

3050. Michael Manning of Hyde Co. sold land to Reuben Hatton; 1865 [QQ, p. 404]

3051. Interest of Marshall Dickinson in land (note: in Red Oak area), to Martha Watford, wife of Wm. Watford; 1866 [QQ, p. 405/407]

3052. Howell Whitehead to dau. Penelope E. S. Moye, wife of Moses T. Moye; Singletary land, Norcotts neck; 1865 [QQ, p. 410]

3053. Div. of land of Benjamin May; heirs in 1862: Wm. May, Benjamin F. Parrott & wife Martha, Mary F. May, Penelope May, Benjamin May [QQ, p. 412/413]

3054. Dower of Absaley Evans, widow of Edmund Evans, dec'd.; 1861 [QQ, p. 415]

3055. Dower of Tabitha Spain, widow of Drury Spain; 1861 [QQ, p. 417]

3056. Dower of Elizabeth Corbett, widow of Hardy Corbett; 1861 [QQ, p. ca. 418]

Book RR

3057. Lot #89, residence of T. R. Cherry [RR, p. 1]

3058. Land given to Benjamin Tyson by George Tyson [RR, p. 3]

3059. Brothers and sisters, and heirs of John Tripp, dec'd., 1866: Thomas Tripp, Joshua Tripp, Reging [Redding] Tripp, Bryant Tripp, Caleb Tripp, Nicy Tripp, Jemima Hart wife of Jesse Hart, and Mary Smith wife of Wm. Smith [RR, p. 4]

3060. John J. Harder of Johnston Co. [RR, p. 5]

3061. W. L. Tyre, executor of Redding Gray [or Gay?] [RR, p. 6]

3062. Alfred Gorham, a negro, dec'd.; lot in Greenville mentioned; 1866 [RR, p. 7]

3063. J. J. Perkins & wife Martha E. (dau. of late Wedigan Moore), land nr. Greenville [RR, p. 8/9]

3064. Lot #74, Alfred Forbes to Samuel Cherry [RR, p. 10/11]

3065. Churchill Perkins sold to Julian V. Perkins and Rufus S. Tucker, the Yankee Hall lands, the VanNorden lands, Jordan land; 1866 [RR, p. 11 — 12]

3066. Land mentioned, S/s of Tar; public road from Greenville to Tarboro. Alfred Forbes tract, dwelling of Mrs. Eliza Tyson, widow of Lemuel Tyson; John H. Johnston land [RR, p. 13/16]

3067. Lot #23 [RR, p. 14]

3068. Land & lots beside Greenville, Sherrod Tyson to James T. Williams; 1866 [RR, p. 14]

3069. Olive P. Hardee mentioned [RR, p. 15]

3070. Bond--Joseph H. Gray, Sheriff, Nov. 1866 [RR, p. 17]

3071. Bond--M. G. James, Coroner, Nov. 7, 1866 [RR, p. 18]

3072. Isaac Hardee had tarkiln on land of John S. Taft [RR, p. 19]

3073. Joseph Ringgold to W. D. Tucker, 100 acres nr. Greenville; 1867 [RR, p. 23]

3074. Benjamin Davis to son Alfred Davis; 1858 [RR, p. 28]

3075. Dower of Sarah Nelson, widow of Fenner Nelson; 1866 [RR, p. 29]

3076. Charles W. Smith, store at Penny Hill, cotton gin; 1867 [RR, p. 30]

3077. Dower of Eliza Jane Davis, widow of B. A. Davis; 1866 [RR, p. 31]

3078. Dower of Winefred Rountree, widow of H. M. Rountree; 1864 [RR, p. 32]

3079. Nancy James gives all property to Margaret A. Jones; 1866 [RR, p. 32]

3080. Lot #89, residence of Wm. Watford [RR, p. 34]

3081. Samuel Mills, brother of Susan Mills; 1867 [RR, p. 34]

3082. Land of Clifton James, dec'd.; heir: David H. James. David seels share to Wm. A. Ross; 1867 [RR, p. 37]

3083. Pulaski Dudley sold all property to Edward B. Dudley; 1866 [RR, p. 41]

3084. Land of Luke Fleming, dec'd.; heir: Osmyn/Osmond Fleming. Osmond sold share to Luke S. Fleming; 1867 [RR, p. 42]

3085. Pleasanton Sugg family, Penny Hill [RR, p. 48/49]

3086. Huel Hemby sold all property to Wm. H. Burnett; 1867 [RR, p. 52]

3087. Daniel W. Jordan of Horry Co., SC, sold to Churchill Perkins, the Wm. Jordan land, the VanNorden land; 1857 [RR, p. 53/54]

3088. Rutha Teel sold land to A. J. Corbitt who boarded and clothed her; 1865 [RR, p. 56]

3089. Lemuel & Sugg Tysons tract [RR, p. 57]

3090. Lots #107/108/119/120, Thomas E. Nelson to John Moore; 1867 [RR, p. 60]

3091. Joseph P. Hardy & wife Mary A. of Lenoir Co.; she was heir of Elias Turnage, dec'd., of Pitt Co.; 1862 [RR, p. 62]

3092. Major Jones to son Robert M. Jones & wife Martha F. Jones; 1866 [RR, p. 63]

3093. Samuel Vines land, head of Tysons Creek; Wm. Laughingouse to Bryan Smith; 1866 [RR, p. 65]

3094. Chicod Plantation of John Boyd, dec'd.; heirs: John S. Taft & wife Elizabeth [RR, p. 67]

3095. Land of Isiah Windom, dec'd.; heir: Appy May wife of John May; Lewis Bridge [RR, p. 68]

3096. Meadow Branch, Wallace Place [RR, p. 69]

3097. Lot #33 [RR, p. 70]

3098. Lots #8 and 20 of Sarah Chamberlain in Greenville; her land beside Greenville mentions Tar River, lands of George A. Dancy, town limit, lots of Cornelius Stephens, Richard House, Methodist & Episcopal churches, Wm. Bernard, the bridge street, lot of Charles J. O'Hagan. This land to Wm. L. Cherry, then to T. R. Cherry; 1863 [possibly part(s) of Cherry Hill Cem.] [RR, p. 72/73/74]

3099. Lot #8 and 20 to Louis Hillard [RR, p. 74]

3100. The Mary Vines tract and the Samuel Vines tract were deeded to Samuel Vines, Jr.; 640 acres owned by Wm. M. Nelson and sold by him to Wm. J. Laughinghouse excepting the Samuel Vines burying ground; 1863 [RR, p. 80]

3101. Joseph Ringgold & wife Martha sold to Franklin Johnston, 100 acres on E/s of Green Mill run; Feb. 1867 [RR, p. 81]

3102. Sarah Adams to nephew James W. Smith [RR, p. 82/83]

3103. Samuel Vines of Choctaw Co., Ala, sold to Wm. M. Nelson the Mary Vines & Samuel Vines tract, except burying ground of Samuel Vines, Sr.; Sept. 8, 1863 [RR, p. 83/84]

3104. Charles H. Snead had plantation near Greenville, formerly Ed. C. Yellowley's; Snead had store in Greenville [RR, p. 86]

3105. Wallace Place near Falkland [RR, p. 88]

3106. Marriage contract: Jeptha Walston and Mary J. James, Apr. 17, 1866 [RR, p. 89/90]

3107. Nick Williams tract near Falkland [RR, p. 92/93/94]

3108. L. B. Hardee had interest in estate of Elias Turnage, dec'd., and in dower land of widow; 1862 [RR, p. 93]

3109. John Stubbs sold to Wm. Whitehead, 10 acres at Parker's Crossroads, N/s of Tar; 1859 [RR, p. 95]

3110. Bexley Swamp Canal Company, Lewis B. Pugh contractor; list of officers, John P. Quinerly was president; 1847 [RR, p. 97/99]

3111. John S. Smith, gin on plank Rd.; 1867 [RR, p. 100]

3112. Wallace Place near Foreman's Landing; 1867 [RR, p. 103]

3113. Lot #118, W. A. Stocks & J. J. Forbes to Alfred Worthington; 1867 [RR, p. 106/107]

3114. Lot #133, occupied by Mary Braxton; 1867 [RR, p. 107]

3115. Washington & Hamilton road crosses Briery Swamp, the Williamston road forks off it near Thomas J. Sheppard's house; along Williamston Rd. the avenue to James W. Rollins's old place; 1867 [RR, p. ca. 110]

3116. Nathaniel Dail land [RR, p. 111]

3117. Charles Rountree marl bed [RR, p. 114]

3118. Charles Rountree to Charles D. Rountree, 350 acres with 3 buildings built on road, a log barn, log house and 1 frame house; 1876 [RR, p. 115 — 116] (Note: should this be 1867?)

3119. Charles Rountree to Erastus A. Rountree, land, a place designated by the sd. Erastus to erect a building where Barton Gibson now preparing to build 2 log houses & stables; 1867 [RR, p. 117]

3120. John Smith to nephew John F. Hellen; 1867 [RR, p. 118]

3121. James Powell place [RR, p. 119]

3122. Susan Smith sold Abram Smith, for $1, land for her support for life; land descended from Willie Cannon to children, containing 50 acres whereon Joel McGerman lived; part of patent to Edward Cannon dated July 3, 1762; 1867 [RR, p. 120]

3123. Johnson Nobles land, whereon Barnes S. Sumrell lives; 1857 [RR, p. 122]

3124. John Rogers land, formerly called the Carr land, drawn by Richard D. Warren. Also: Jonathan McGlohon to son Joseph McGlohon, and to son Enoch McGlohon (Note, are these two gleanings from the same deed, or just on the same page?) [RR, p. 123]

3125. Augustus and Mary A. James [RR, p. 124]

3126. Bond--Wm. J. Evans, Pitt Co. Tax Collector; 1867 [RR, p. 125]

3127. Bond--James B. Cherry, Clerk of Superior Court; 1865 [RR, p. 126]

3128. Dower of Sarah Kinsaul, widow of M. Kinsaul; involved lot #15; 1866 [RR, p. 128]

3129. Dower of Mary E. Allen, widow of Harvey B. James, dec'd. (note from REK: lived at Frog Level); 1866 [RR, p. 129]

3130. Dower of Nancy Jane Carney, widow of J. R. Carney; 1866 [RR, p. 129]

3131. Dower of Mimey Evans, widow of Ivy J. Evans; 1866 [RR, p. ca. 129]

3132. Dower of Lukey Smith, widow of Cullen Smith; 1866 [RR, p. 130]

3133. Charles Rogers and wife Frances A., to dau. Mary A. E. Rogers, and to son Wm. E. Rogers, Charles and Frances's interest in the estate of Wm. R. Frizzle; 1867 [RR, p. 131 — 133]

3134. Land beside Poorhouse in Lauren Swamp; 1847 [RR, p. 133]

3135. Marriage contract, Dec. 13, 1866, William H. May and Amanda Little [RR, p. 137/138]

3136. Lot #114, Odd Fellows Hall and blwling alley, bult by Gould Hoyt; 1867 [RR, p. 142]

3137. Lot #105, brick store house, formerly owned & erected by George B. Singletary; 1867 [RR, p. 143/144]

3138. Allie Albritton, widow of B. G. Albritton, dec'd., sold her dower of land to John Foley; 1867 [RR, p. 145]

3139. George W. Venters, Sr., to son George W. Venters, Jr.; 1867 [RR, p. 147]

3140. Rebecca A. Jenkins and Charles F. Jenkins, heirs of John Jenkins, dec'd. [RR, p. 148/149/151]

3141. Henry D. Roberson of Mart. Co. owned Joel James place in Pitt Co. whereon James J. Rawls lived; 1866 [RR, p. 151]

3142. Ezekiel T. Keel of Memphis, Tenn., gave Power of Atty. to Jonathan C. Keel of Pitt Co.; Ezekiel was son of Samuel Keel, dec'd.; Dec. 1, 1860 [RR, p. 152]

3143. Wm. Joyner to son-in-law Wm. H. Smith; 1866 [RR, p. 153]

3144. James S. Clark leased to Miss Harriott Williams for lifetime, for 50 per year, 1 acre; she to build a comfortable log house & garden on it; the land to be laid off near the place her grandfather used to live; Jan. 31, 1850 [RR, p. 155]

3145. David C. Adams house mentioned [RR, p. 155]

3146. Burton G. Albritton, dec'd., had owned the Bell land; 1867 [RR, p. 157]

3147. John C. C. Jenkins, heir of John Jenkins, dec'd. [RR, p. 158/159]

3148. George W. Venters, Sr., to son Benjamin F. Venters; 1867 [RR, p. 160]

3149. Mary Greene for natural love to G. E. Harris, lot #127; 1867 [RR, p. 162]

3150. Samuel Cory (4/6 parts), Speir Wetherington (1/6 part), and Rebecca A. S. Cory (1/6 part), were heirs of John G. H. Cory, dec'd; 1866 [RR, p. 164/165]

3151. Div. of land of B. G. Albritton; heirs: Wm. Albritton, Polly Albritton, James Albritton, Nancy Albritton, Fanny Albritton, and Louisa Albritton--all under 21. These heirs vs. Joseph Bell, G. W. Peay & wife Sarah, and Sarah Arney, all heirs of James Bell; Albrittons were entitled to 2/5 of the Bell land; 1866 [RR, p. 168]

3152. Children of Luke Fleming, dec'd.; 1866: David S. Fleming, Henry Fleming, Helena Fleming, Canzetta Fleming (widow of Wm. B. Fleming, dec'd.), Kenneth H. Fleming, Osmyn Fleming, Harriet L. Fleming, Sarah A. Fleming, Martha A. Fleming, Luke S. Fleming, Henrietta Fleming, Leonard F. Fleming, and Littleberry Fleming (the last 3 minors) [RR, p. 169]

3153. Children of Henry Mills, dec'd., 1866: James H. Mills, Naisby Mills, Calvin Mills, Washington Mills [RR, p. 173]

3154. Div. of land of Benjamin May, Sr.; 1866 [RR, p. 174/175]

3155. Heirs and children of Wm. L. Perkins, dec'd. (w/map): James M. Perkins, Wm. L. Perkins, Sarah E. Perkins, Leonard T. Perkins, Susan E. Perkins [RR, p. 176/177]

3156. Div. of land of Marshall Kinsaul, Nov. 3, 1866; lot #15 to Miss Susan Kinsaul; lots #131/143/106 to B. C. Pearce and wife A. [Ann] M. Pearce [RR, p. 178]

3157. Children of David Moore, dec'd., 1866: Samuel Moore, George B. Moore, William C. Davenport & wife Sarah E., David C. Moore, William Frances Moore [RR, p. 179]

3158. Div. of land of John Whitehurst, 1866; heirs: John H. Whitehurst, James B. Whitehurst, Louisa Whitehurst, John Whitehurst & wife Mahaly, McGilbra Whitehurst, Robert D. Whitehurst, Harriet Whitehurst, George G. Whitehurst, Nelly J. Whitehurst, and the children of Wm. A. Whitehurst, dec'd., who were Temperance M., Jesse Ann, Martha Jane, James W., Wm. Ann Ashley Whitehurst [RR, p. 181]

3159. Div. of land of Wedigan Moore, dec'd., to J. J. Perkins & wife Martha Elizabeth; the Abel Moore tract); 1866 [RR, p. ca. 182]

3160. Dower of Emily A. Daniel, widow of Joseph Daniel; 1866 [RR, p. 184]

3161. Dower of Sarah Jane Teel, widow of Wm. E. Teel; 1866 [RR, p. 185]

3162. Lot #30 [RR, p. 185]

3163. D. J. Rich, Luke Usher, Byron Loflin, A. H. Loflin, and W. B. Rich, were partners under name of D. J. Rich & Co., cultivating a plantation in Pitt Co. called Bellevue; 1867 [RR, p. 187 — 190]

3164. Bond--B. W. Brown, County trustee; 1867 [RR, p. 191]

3165. Bond--Edward Hoell, Treasurer of Public Buildings of Pitt Co.; 1866 [RR, p. 192]

3166. Bond--B. C. Pearce, Treasurer of Public Buildings of Pitt Co.; 1867 [RR, p. 193]

3167. Joseph H. Langley, Lemuel Langley, and Godfrey Roberson & wife Elizabeth, were related; selling or giving to Elizabeth Langley, widow of Elijah Langley, dec'd.; 1862 [RR, p. 194]

3168. Dower of Alvana (Ally) Albritton, widow of B. G. Albritton; 1865 [RR, p. 195]

3169. Dower of Holland Keel, widow of Samuel Keel, dec'd.; 1865 [RR, p. 195]

3170. Dower of Alabert Gurganus, widow of Willie Gurganus; 1865 [RR, p. 196]

3171. Dower of Sarah A. House, widow of Jaret House, dec'd.; 1866 [RR, p. 197]

3172. Dower of Marina F. Ward, widow of James R. Ward; 1866 [RR, p. 197]

3173. Dower of Hannah Peel, widow of Craven Peel; 1865 [RR, p. 198]

3174. Dower of Marina R. Langley, widow of David Langley; 1865 [RR, p. 199]

3175. Div. of land of James A. Staton, to: James A. Staton, Susan E. Staton; 1865 [RR, p. 199]

3176. Dower of B. F. Whitehurst, widow of Wm. A. Whitehurst; 1866 [RR, p. 200]

3177. Dower of Elizabeth James, widow of Ivey James; 1866 [RR, p. 201]

3178. Dower of Mary Jane Hardee, widow of Cornelius Hardy; 1865 [RR, p. 201/202]

3179. Dower of Mary Hodges, widow of Josine Hodges; 1864 [RR, p. 202]

3180. Dower of Priscilla Williams, widow of Willie Williams; 1864 [RR, p. 203]

3181. Dower of Mary E. Easton, widow of John S. Easton; 1865 [RR, p. 203]

3182. Dower of Lydia Gray, widow of Joseph J. Gray; 1865 [RR, p. 204]

3183. Dower of Eliza Sermons, widow of Elias Sermons; 1865 [RR, p. 204]

3184. John Foley owned B. G. Albritton's 400-acre plantation and John D. Williams's plantation; 1867 [RR, p. 211]

3185. Pasneck branch [RR, p. 215]

3186. Charles A. White & wife Louisa, Wyatt Gardner & wife Elizabeth, were heirs of John G. H. Cory; 1866 [RR, p. 217]

3187. Isaiah Daniel & wife Treasey of DeSoto Co., Mississippi; 1859 [RR, p. 219]

3188. Bond--D. J. Rich, Sheriff, Aug. 8, 1867 [RR, p. 223]

3189. Bond--David F. Whichard, Register for 4 yrs.; 1867 [RR, p. 224]

3190. Bond--George A. Dancy, County Court Clerk; 1867 [RR, p. 225]

3191. Lot #138 owned by James C. Albritton, dec'd., bought by Churchill C. Moore; 1867 [RR, p. 227]

3192. Hillary Moore & wife Polly mentioned [RR, p. 228]

3193. Samuel Williams to dau. Martha J. Mills; 1856 [RR, p. 232]

3194. Land beside Greenville, Alfred Forbes; 1867 [RR, p. 236]

3195. Lot #75, Thomas E. Nelson to Henry E. Nelson; 1867 [RR, p. 236]

3196. List of Thomas E. Nelson's porperty, store on lot #119; 1867 [RR, p. 238]

3197. James Parker & wife Winny, heir of Benjamin F. Jenkins, dec'd. [RR, p. 239/240]

3198. Gould Hoyt tract (note from REK: Frog level area); 1866 [RR, p. 243/266]

3199. Dower of Mary Little, widow of C. C. Little; 1867 [RR, p. 244]

3200. Heirs of James R. Congleton, dec'd., 1866: James R. Congleton, Wm. H. Congleton, Harriet E. Congleton, Abram Congleton, Asa B. Congleton, Gertrude Whichard [RR, p. 245]

3201. Div. of land of Churchill Moore (children); 1866: Asa Moore, Wm. B. Garris & wife Penelope, Edwin Moore, Sarah Moore, Iredell Moore, John Moore, Israel Moore, Mary C. Moore, Dawney Moore [RR, p. 246]

3202. Div. of land of Lewis B. Pugh, 1866, children & heirs: Samuel Rasberry & wife Mary E., Rachael F. Pugh, Margaret A. Pugh, Sarah L. Pugh, Lewis B. Pugh, and Sarah E. Pugh [RR, p. 249]

3203. Div. of land of Wm. Gaskins, 1866, children & heirs: Major Gaskins, Polly Tingle, and Ida Gaskins [RR, p. 252]

3204. Div. of land of David Langley, 1866, children & heirs: Thomas H. Langley, George W. Daniel & wife Deborah, M. Jasper Langley, Elizabeth Langley, David Langley, Sophia Langley, Laura Langley, and Marina Langley [RR, p. 253]

3205. Div. of Benjamin W. Turnage, 1866, heirs: Robert E. Turnage, Moses Turnage, Joseph L. Ballard & wife Seletia Ann, Sherrod Tyson & wife Jane, Richard L. Tyson & wife Margaret, Henry Joyner & wife Allie, Martha King [RR, p. 254]

3206. Div. of Redding Bell, 1866: John Hunt & wife Jane, Margaret Bell [RR, p. 256]

3207. Div. of Samuel Wilson 1866, children & heirs: Mary Smith, Wm. Burney & wife Susan, Edward A. Wilson, Lewis H. Wilson, Samuel R. Wilson, Jesse C. Wilson, and Thomas W. Wilson. [RR, p. 258]

3208. Div. of P. A. Atkinson, 1865: Benjamin S. Atkinson, Francis M. Atkinson, Wm. Whitehead & wife Susan V.; lands: Bensboro plantation, 1387 acres; Clark plantation, 1101 acres; Foreman plantation, 1200 acres; Murphy plantation, 166 acres. Benj. S. got Bensboro & Murphy plantations. F. M. got Clark & Foreman plantations. [RR, p. 260/262]

3209. Ruel Anderson tract [RR, p. 263]

3210. James S. Clark, lot in Greenville to Joseph L. Ballard; James S. Clark to 2 sons: Wm. E. Clark and James E. Clark; 1863 [RR, p. 267/268]

3211. Jonathan McGlawhorn to son Samuel McGlawhorn; 1858 [RR, p. 269]

3212. Dower of Elizabeth Clark, widow of Kincheon Clark; 1867 [RR, p. 274]

3213. Dower of Mary Smith, widow of Guilford Smith; 1867? [RR, p. 275]

3214. Dower of Mary Baker, widow of Abram Baker; 1867 [RR, p. 275]

3215. Dower of Permelia Sutton, widow of Noah Sutton; 1867 [RR, p. 276]

3216. Dower of Artemissa Vainright, widow of Wm. Vainright; 1867 [RR, p. 276]

3217. Dower of Mary C. Highsmith, widow of Wm. S. Highsmith; 1867 [RR, p. 277]

3218. Dower of Elizabeth Bryan, widow of Frederick J. Bryant; 1867 [RR, p. 277]

3219. Dower of Margaret J. Pugh, widow of Lewis B. Pugh; 1867 [RR, p. 278]

3220. Heirs of Alfred L. Brown; 1867: Thaddeus A. Hodges the infant son of M. R. Hodges, dec'd., Amos E. Brown, M. F. Latham, and Josephus Latham assignee of A. J. Latham [RR, p. 281]

3221. Heirs of James L. Holton; 1867: Charles Gasins & wife Luvenia, Alexander Holton, Alonzer Holton, Jacob Holton, and Seaphus Holton [RR, p. 282]

3222. Lot #89 [RR, p. 283]

3223. James O. Cherry land [RR, p. 285]

3224. Moses T. Moye and Churchill Perkins owned George E. B. Singletary land at Norcott neck [RR, p. 286]

3225. Steam sawmill owned by Benjamin Belcher and Blaney Joyner [RR, p. 287]

3226. Wm. Whitehead sold Parkers Crossroads; 1867. Wm. had brother, James S. Whitehead, dec'd. [RR, p. 289]

3227. John P. Quinerly to son Stephen S. Quinerly [RR, p. 289]

3228. Ivy FLeming to son Leonidas Fleming [RR, p. 291]

3229. Drury Vinson land [RR, p. 294]

3230. Lot #29, B. C. Pearce, Marshall Kinsaul [RR, p. 295/296]

3231. Spencer Haddock & wife Lovey owned interest in Joshua Smith land. Other heirs of Joshua Smith: Charity Taylor, Rittey Smith, Moses Stocks & wife Mary, Clemmy Smith [RR, p. 297 — 301]

3232. Alfred Forbes family [RR, p. 307]

3233. Div. of land of Cornelius Patrick, 1867; children & heirs: James W. Patrick, Christopher L. Patrick, Florence L. Patrick, Mary E. Patrick, Sarophine Patrick, and Lucy Jane Patrick [RR, p. 308]

3234. Dower of Lydia Gaskins, widow of Wm. Gaskins; 1867 [RR, p. 310]

3235. Dower of Maria McGlawhorn, widow of Cullen McGlawhorn; 1867 [RR, p. 311]

3236. Dower of Elizabeth Carney, widow of James Holton; 1867 [RR, p. 311]

3237. Dower of Emily Hearn, widow of James J. Hearn; 1867 [RR, p. 312]

3238. Dower of Sarah Cox, widow of Aaron Cox; 1867 [RR, p. 312]

3239. Lewis B. Dupree for natural love to Henry W. Dupree, the Tyre place; 1865 [RR, p. 313]

3240. David Wells to Peyton H. Mayo, shares in Clockwork Mill on Kitten Creek; 1867 [RR, p. 319]

3241. Leroy M. Whitehurst had interest in old aunt's estates, they being Milly, Tilitha, and Allifair Taylor; he sold the interest to Clayton Taylor; 1859 [RR, p. 323]

3242. Thomas E. Chance to dau. Nancy Andrews of Mart. Co.; 1865 [RR, p. 328]

3243. Caswell Carson & wife Nancy, Jesse Briley & wife Mary A., owned Hosea Barnhill land (were they sisters?) [RR, p. 330]

3244. Charles W. Smith Store; 1867 [RR, p. 333]

3245. Wm. Wilson, dec'd., old place, owned by Alfred Hardee; 30 yard square graveyard [RR, p. 335]

3246. Daniel Hill to granddau. Perlina A. Davenport; 1868 [RR, p. 335]

3247. Mary, wife of J. J. Cherry, was heir of John Boyd, dec'd. [RR, p. 336/337]

3248. Lot #106/118, land of James A. Forbes [RR, p. 337/338]

3249. George A. McGowan to mother-in-law [meaning step-mother], Catherine L. McGowan, widow of my father John McGowan; 1868 [RR, p. 340]

3250. George W. Andrews and wife Susan to sons George H. and Wm. W. Andrews; 1867 [RR, p. 344/345]

3251. Asa Gardner to son Amariah Gardner [RR, p. 346]

3252. Bithel James & wife Nancy L. to Wm. Briley & wife Ethalinda, the Moses Highsmith Place. Children of Ethalinda: John Henry Whitehurst and Layandrus Briley; 1868 [RR, p. 347] [Note by ER: Nancy James was dau. of James Highsmith and Anne Pollard, and had md. 1st to Lemuel Henry Ross.]

3253. Moses Teel & wife Fennetta to daughters: Caroline Teel, Drucilla Wilson Brewer and Rebecca A. Teel; ca. 1868 [RR, p. 350/351/352]

3254. Asa Gardner to daughters: Serepta Gardner, Julia Walls, and Eliza Gardner [RR, p. 354/355]

3255. Lot #33, James J. Perkins house [RR, p. 358]

3256. Asa Garris, son of Susan Garris [RR, p. 359]

3257. Heirs of Benjamin Brown: D. H. Cherry &wife Martha J., Richard Short & wife Sally P. B., all of Pitt Co., and Joseph W. Brothers & wife Winnefred B. R. of Lenoir Co., and Wm. C. Brown & wife Olivia [RR, p. 362]

3258. Marriage contract, Jacob McCotter and Mrs. Emeline Pittman, of New Bern; ca. 1867? [RR, p. 365]

3259. Dower of Harriet Cobb, widow of Stephen Cobb; 1867 [RR, p. 369]

3260. Dower of Penelope Peaden, widow of Wm. Peaden; 1868 [RR, p. 369]

3261. Dower of Arrena Spear, widow of W. A. Speir; 1867 [RR, p. 370]

3262. Dower of Arrena Mills, widow of Samuel Mills; 1867 [RR, p. 370]

3263. Div. of Shadrick Jackson, 1867, children & heirs: Joseph J. Jackson, Henry Turnage & wife Nancy, Richard A. Jackson, and Martha Jackson [RR, p. 371]

3264. Heirs of Willis Wilson, 1858, 5 parts: Cannon Wilson (1/5), Sarah Wilson (1/5), Joseph, Robert, James, Jesse, Mary (md. John Garris), Carly, Louisa, Harriet, Sally, Philey, Jonas, Edward & Lewis, children of Jonas Wilson, dec'd. (1/5), Mary Smith, Lewis H., Edward, Susan (md. Wm. Burney), Warren, & Jesse, children of Samuel Wilson, dec'd. (1/5), and Robert W. Wilson, Wm., Mary (md. John Campbell), children of Jesse Wilson, dec'd. (1/5). [RR, p. 372]

3265. Div. of Frederick Johnson, 1868: Allen Johnson, Edward A. Johnson, and Mary E. Johnson [RR, p. 375]

3266. Div. of Stanley Kittrell, 1867: Grizzy A. C. Kittrell, John H. Kittrell, Matthew L. Kittrell, and Martha S. W. Kittrell [RR, p. 377]

3267. Div. of Wm. Peaden, 1868: (all surnames Peaden): Richard, Emily, Lewis T., Mary, Nancy Ann, Harriet, John R., Charles N., and Wm. A. Peaden. [RR, p. 378]

3268. Chicod Plantation of John Boyd [RR, p. 381/382]

3269. Elbert Stocks, heir of Allen Stocks [RR, p. 383]

3270. Holland J. Evans & wife Martha, and Peter Evans & wife Louisa; related [RR, p. 386/387]

3271. Ridge Spring, East side of Scuffleton bridge; Jesse Hart of Greene Co. [RR, p. 388]

3272. Garrison Tucker to daughters: Mary L. Nelson, Levinda Rachel (md. Wm. Stokes), and Sarah A. (md. James H. Mills); 1867 [RR, p. 389/390]

3273. Gideon Ward land owned by Joseph T. Ward [RR, p. 391]

3274. Lewey Braddy to grandson James Lewis Smith; 1867 [RR, p. 392]

3275. Crummies Branch [RR, p. 393]

3276. Garrison Tucker for natural love to Joseph J. Tucker, the Arnold Taft land [RR, p. 394]

3277. Newett E. Rodgers, dec'd., son of John Rogers, dec'd.; old warehouse landing at foot of Scuffleton bridge. Charles Rountree built stores there; 1853/1856 [RR, p. 395/400]

3278. Bryan Cox and Wm. S. Windley & his wife Amanda Windley, related; sell to John H. Cox. Mentions graveyard 30 yards square excepted; 1868 [RR, p. 396]

3279. Gracy Ann, wife of Robert M. Starkey, was dau. of Allen Stocks; 1868 [RR, p. 399]

3280. Lot #60/72 & land beside Greenville on Plank Rd.; Mary Cherry, wife of J. J. Cherry [RR, p. 400]

3281. D. J. Rich, Sheriff, made deputies: Charles Rountree and Charles D. Rountree, Aug. 8, 1867 [RR, p. 401]

3282. Asa Gardner to dau. Allicy Moore; 1867 [RR, p. 402]

3283. James W. McGowan and Jacob Wainright were tenant farmers on farm of Noah Joyner at Marlboro, NC; 1868 [RR, p. 403]

3284. Samuel Little to son Ichabod H. Little; 1868 [RR, p. 405/406]

3285. Marcus C. S. Cherry lost home to debt; it was sold at Sheriff's sale to Reuben Mayo of Edge. Co.; 1868 [RR, p. 406/407]

3286. Lots #60/72 [RR, p. 410]

3287. Lot #30, store house & shelter [RR, p. 413]

3288. Lot in Farmville, James W. May to Fanny HInes, next to Antioch Church; 1860 [RR, p. 414]

3289. Richard A. Randolph, son of Richard Randolph [RR, p. 415]

3290. Robert G. Forbes, dec'd. [RR, p. 417]

3291. Lot #40, Sophia M. Paul, wife of James L. Paul; James W. Murray & wife Jane W. [RR, p. 419]

3292. Lot #36/48, 2 lots on edge of town [RR, p. 420/421[

3293. Bond--John Foley, Sheriff, Jan. 31, 1868 [RR, p. 422]

3294. Crossroads at or near Falkland [RR, p. 423]

3295. Div. of land of Major B. Smith, 1867; children: Major C. Smith, Charles J. Smith, Lewis B. Burney & wife Julia A., Lewis H. Smith, and Ervin C. Smith [RR, p. 424]

3296. Div. of land of Benjamin Brown, 1868; children: D. H. Cherry & wife Martha J., Joseph W. Brothers & wife Winefred R., and Richard Short & wife Sally P. [RR, p. 426]

3297. Div. of Allen Stocks (d. 185_?, intestate); heirs: John R. Stocks, Wm. A. Stocks, Sarah Stocks md. Levin J. Bedford, Elbert Stocks, Gracy Ann Stocks, Nicy Stocks, and Mary Stocks [RR, p. 428 — 430]

3298. Dower of Elvira Tyson, widow of Benjamin Tyson; 1868; Bryant Nichols tract [RR, p. 430]

3299. Div. of Cullen McGlawhorn, 1867; children: John T. McGlawhorn, Susan McGlawhorn, Nancy E. McGlawhorn, Margaret McGlawhorn, Peter Evans & wife Louisa, Johnson Evans & wife Patsy, Charles Smith & wife Mary, W. C. McGlawhorn, and Georgeann, Margaret and H. W. Smith [last 3 Smiths?] [RR, p. 432/434]

3300. Lot #105, Brick storehouse owned by Alfred Forbes [RR, p. 437]

3301. Allen Tyson's land, Lemuel Tyson's land--Eliza Tyson sold dower [RR, p. 438/439/440]

3302. Mayo & Brother store, Falkland; 1868 [RR, p. 441]

3303. Mrs. Nancy M. Williams to 2 daughters: Nancy (md. James P. Simpson), and Penelope Williams [RR, p. 443]

3304. Lot #95 [RR, p. 447/448]

3305. Thomas Murphey made wagons & buggies at Marlboro, NC; mortgated all his stock in coach shop at Marlboro owned by James & Noah Joyner to Henry J. Whitehurst; 1868 [RR, p. 449]

3306. John S. Stocks to dau. Susan M. (md. Archibald Forbes) [RR, p. 450]

3307. Perkins & Rollins Store in Pactolus; 1868 [RR, p. 457]

3308. Burton McGowan to son Henry C. McGowan; 1866 [RR, p. 457]

3309. Lot in Farmville [RR, p. 459]

3310. Lots #131/132 [RR, p. 461]

3311. John Hunt & wife Mary Jane were heirs of Redding Bell, dec'd.; 1868 [RR, p. 463]

3312. Lot #108/120, mentions street running to public road to Green Mill [RR, p. 468]

3313. About land of Godfrey Langley [RR, p. 473]

3314. James Galloway & wife Nancy P. E. owned the Naisby Mills house tract, the Church Bright land, and the John Stephens land; 1868 [RR, p. 474]

3315. John McGowan to sons: Archibald D. and George McGowan; owned Simon Keel land. Archibald D. was md. to Chloe Ann _______ [note from ER: Galloway?]; 1868 [RR, p. 476]

3316. Burt Haddock tract [RR, p. 482]

3317. Susan Stocks d. intestate; 7 children: W. H. Witherington & wife Margaret C., Lemuel Summril & wife Melvina, John B. Witherington & wife Sebrina A., Shadrack F. Witherington & wife Nancy Jane, Nancy P. Witherington, Richard W. Witherigton, and Joshua W. Smith & wife Susan A.; 1867 [RR, p. 484/486]

3318. Dead Island Swamp [RR, p. 486]

3319. John C. Boyd had 1/5 interest in Bezar Boyd land in Beaufort Co.; sold all his land to Elizabeth Hardee, Sarah Smith and Louisa Hardee; 1868 [RR, p. 490]

3320. Edward Chapman d. intestate, no issue; brother Richard S. Chapman; sister Sarah (md. to John Galloway); 1868 [RR, p. 492]

3321. Land of Theophilus Slaughter, dec'd. [RR, p. 497]

3322. Land of Robert Greene [RR, p. 498/499]

3323. Land of Henry Barnhill [RR, p. 503]

3324. Lot #59/71 [RR, p. 500]

3325. Margaret Bell, heir of Redding Bell; 1868 [RR, p. 501]

3326. Bexley Swamp Bridge [RR, p. 505]

3327. Wm. Bernard, Sr., dec'd., children & wife (all surnames Bernard): Germain, Wm. A., Ann E., Ann, John P., T. P., and F. M. Bernard; 1868 [RR, p. 506]

3328. Piney Woods tract [RR, p. 513]

3329. Wm. W. Little, homestead laid off, list of what he owned; 1868 [RR, p. 514/515]

3330. Sherrod land [RR, p. 516]

3331. Wm. J. Foreman, son of John L. Foreman [RR, p. 517]

3332. Wm. A. Cherry house beside Greenville [RR, p. 517]

3333. Benjamin Turnage to dau. Margaret (md. Richard L. Tyson) [RR, p. 520/521/554]

3334. Land of George Joyner [RR, p. 523]

3335. Wm. H. Williams Homestead; 1868 [RR, p. 524/525]

3336. Lots #128/140, where Abner Boyd lives; 1868 [RR, p. 527]

3337. M. G. White homestead [RR, p. 533/534]

3338. L. A. White homestead [RR, p. 534/535]

3339. Robert White homestead [RR, p. 536/537]

3340. Elijah E. Pollard lot in Farmville; 1869 [RR, p. 527]

3341. Ivy Fleming & wife Nertia to dau. Elizabeth R. (md. John W. S. Brown), and to son Leonidas Fleming [RR, p. 538/539]

3342. James T. Williams, Sr., to son James T. Williams, Jr.; 1867 [RR, p. 543]

3343. Joshua W. Tucker land [RR, p. 544]

3344. Div. of land of Willie Williams, 1868; children: James Flanagan & wife, Lota Williams, Wm. Williams, Franklin Joyner's heirs, Wm. Cobb's heirs, J. F. Joyner's heirs, and Eli Williams [RR, p. 545]

3345. Telfair tract, Norcott neck [RR, p. 548]

3346. A. L. Blow, deputy of Sheriff John Foley; 1869 [RR, p. 550]

3347. Samuel Smith's Patent dated 1784 [RR, p. 552]

3348. Wallace Place near Foreman's Landing [RR, p. 553]

3349. Dilda Tract [RR, p. 555]

3350. Thomas C. Singletary tract; Jesse S. & Eliza Jackson land [RR, p. 558/559]

3351. Land beside Greenville, Henry S. Clark and Goold Hoyt [RR, p. 560/561/562]

3352. Long bridge across Tar River; 1860 [RR, p. ca. 562?]

3353. Lot #42 [RR, p. 562]

3354. James Galloway & wife Nancy P. E. to John Elks, the Isaac Buck patent, the Isaac Boyd patent; 1869 [RR, p. 565]

3355. Noah Joyner to Zeno H. Greene of Wilson, NC, lot in Marlboro with store; 1869 [RR, p. 566]

3356. Ritty Moore sold her interest in land of Dinah Moore, dec'd., to Major Jones; 1869 [RR, p. 567]

3357. Bynum Teel homestead; 1869 [RR, p. 569]

3358. Calvin Cox, Probate Judge of Pitt Co., 1869 [RR, p. 573]

3359. Lot #40 [RR, p. 573]

3360. James W. & Tabitha May sold 1 acre lot in Farmville to E. E. Pollard; 1868 [RR, p. 575]

3361. Staton Whichard to dau. Jennett L. (md. James R. Nelson); 1 acre in front of his house & 50 acres extra; 1868 [RR, p. 580]

3362. Lots #146/147/156/157, brick yard ots of Robert Greene, formerly owned by G. B. Singletary; 1869 [RR, p. ca. 582]

3363. R. F. Butts had steam sawmill on land of Bynum Teel; 1869 [RR, p. 584]

3364. Archibald D. McGowan & Chloe Ann his wife [RR, p. 585]

3365. List of property of Jonathan McGlohon [RR, p. 588]

3366. John Randloph had wine & brandy, and a brandy still; 1869 [RR, p. 597/598]

3367. Sherrod Belcher, Robert J. Weaver, James W. May and Tabitha May [possibly Farmville town commissioners?] sold an acre lot beside Sherrod Belcher for $35 to M. Ann May; Dec. 30, 1868 [RR, p. 598]

3368. Kinchen Bell resided on John Bell land N/s of Tar River; Sarah L. Bell owned John Bell land; 1869 [RR, p. 601]

3369. Bynum Teel to son R. A. Teel; 1868 [RR, p. 602]

3370. Frances D. Carson, lot at Bethel; 1869 [RR, p. 603]

3371. J. M. Perkins rented Perkins land from H. G. Whitehead for 1 yr.; 1868 [RR, p. 609]

3372. Lot #12, Henry S. Clark to John Clark (colored). John Clark had dau. Zorah; 1869 [RR, p. 611]

3373. John P. Hardee of Lenoir Co., bankrupt; 1869 [RR, p. 612]

3374. Lemuel McGowan had a 1-eyed mule; had interest in estate of John McGowan, dec'd.; 1869 [RR, p. 613]

3375. Log landing on Grindell Creek [RR, p. 615]

3376. Hunter Buck tract, formerly the estate of Eddy Brown, dec'd., owned by Louisa Taft [RR, p. 617]

3377. Lemuel McGowan and A. D. McGowan sold Legget land together, to Wm. W. McGowan; 1869 [RR, p. 618]

3378. George A. Dancy homestead, list of all property in lot in Greenville; privy to be moved; 1869 [RR, p. 619/620]

3379. Wyatt L. Laughinghouse and Joseph John Laughinghouse, partners trading under the name W. L. Laughinghouse & Brother; want to operate store & farm and to get advance in money from F. B. Satterthwaite; Mar. 8, 1869 [RR, p. 620]

3380. Willis R. Whichard & wife Mary A. A., to Violetta Whichard, lot #30; 1869 [RR, p. 622]

3381. Eight acres in Farmville, list of streets: Church St., George St., Belcher St.; 1869 [RR, p. 624/625]

3382. Land allotted to John B. Baker & wife Licetta in Div. of land of Thomas Carson, dec'd. [RR, p. 628/629]

3383. James Murray of Greene Co.; 1869 [RR, p. 630]

3384. Robert Turnage to son Moses B. Turnage; 1869 [RR, p. 631]

3385. Wiley/Willie Hardee (colored on Bryan Hardy plantation; 1869 [RR, p. 634]

3386. Robert Turnage for natural love to dau-in-law Caroline Turnage, wife of son Moses Turnage [RR, p. 635]

3387. Benjamin Tripp to son Thomas Tripp; 1854 [RR, p. 638]

3388. Eleazer Ellis & wife Nancy B., to Flora Ellis & her husband Green; 1866 [RR, p. 638]

3389. Nelson's Landing on Chicod Creek; John S. Taft & wife Elizabeth, she was heir of John Boyd, dec'd.; 1869 [RR, p. 642 — 644]

3390. Wm. M. Nelson & wife Sydney C. [RR, p. 613]

3391. John C. Cox & wife Elizabeth to Thomas Tripp, lands adj. Smith, Tripp, Slaughter [RR, p. 615]

3392. Thomas Tripp & wife Jackann [RR, p. 616]

3393. James H. Jenkins homestead [RR, p. 648]

3394. Lot beside Greenville on street to bridge [RR, p. 652/654]

3395. James T. Williams, Sr., & wife Margaret, for natural love to Emma P. Forbes and to Emily A. Tyson; 1869 [RR, p. 654/653]

3396. Richard L. Tyson homestead [RR, p. 655]

3397. Abram Baker, dec'd., land [RR, p. 660]

3398. Dr. John P. Redding [RR, p. [RR, p. 661]

3399. Henry Harrington homestead; 1869 [RR, p. 663]

3400. Richard Teel homestead [RR, p. 664]

3401. Lemuel Brittain homestead [RR, p. 665]

3402. George W. Andrews homestead [RR, p. 666]

3403. Reuben C. Rollins homestead [RR, p. 668]

3404. Eliza Tyson, dower conveyed to Allen Tyson; 1867 [RR, p. 670]

3405. Thomas Little to dau. Sally (md. James H. Satterthwaite, Jr.); 1855 [RR, p. 671]

3406. Gustus Braxton & wife Gatsey; former land owned by Arthur Tripp, where his house is, to Thomas Tripp; 1869 [RR, p. 671]

3407. John S. Daniel homestead, lived on Joel Albritton land. John S. Daniel sold it to John W. Daniel; 1869 [RR, p. 684]

3408. James W. Rollins homestead [RR, p. 682]

3409. Henry C. Harris homestead [RR, p. 683]

3410. Ransom Mills, heir of Charles Smith, Sr., dec'd.; 1848 [RR, p. 685]

3411. George G. Perkins homestead [RR, p. 686]

3412. Joshua Harrell homestead [RR, p. 687]

3413. John L. Roberson homestead [RR, p. 689]

3414. Blount Nobles tract [RR, p. 690]

3415. Charles A. Randolph homestead [RR, p. 691]

3416. Valentine Harrell homestead [RR, p. 693]

3417. Gaston J. Hathaway homestead [RR, p. 694]

3418. Gin house & screw of John L. and Lydia Robinson [RR, p. 699/700]

3419. Mc. Portus, nephew of Eli Portus [RR, p. 701]

3420. Elizabeth Hearne, heir of Benjamin Hearne, dec'd. [RR, p. 702]

3421. Richard Randloph homestead [RR, p. 703]

3422. James Joyner homestead; had library; Marlboro [RR, p. 704]

3423. Allen Cotton lived in Marlboro [RR, p. 705]

3424. C. J. O'Hagan homestead; 6 town lots #9/10/21/22/11/23; had books and prints [RR, p. 706/707]

3425. Gaston J. Hathaway was md. to dau. of James Braddy, dec'd.; 1869 [RR, p. 707]

3426. Thaddeus P. Bernard, son of Wm. Bernard, Sr., and wife Ann N. [RR, p. 708]

3427. John F. Boyd homestead; lot #71; 1869 [RR, p. 709]

3428. John Hardee to dau. Almeta (md. Henry C. McGowan); 1869 [RR, p. 711]

3429. Richard E. Rives homestead; had books & mirror [RR, p. 712]

3430. Moses Robinson (Roberson) homestead [RR, p. 714]

3431. Linches Creek [RR, p. 717]

3432. John Arney Moore & wife Margaret J., to Bethel S. Moore [RR, p. 716]

3433. T. R. Cherry & wife Sallie Ann [nee Johnson], to A. L. Perkins & children (by her present husband J. M. Perkins); 1869 [RR, p. 718]

3434. Nancy Teel homestead [RR, p. 722]

3435. Bear land [RR, p. 728]

3436. Joseph L. Ballard, adm. of Josiah Hodges, dec'd. Brothers & sisters of Josiah Hodges: Richard Baldree & wife Mary, Willis, John and Robert Hodges; 1867 [RR, p. 735/736]

3437. H. S. Clark to wife, Alavana M. Clark; 1869 [RR, p. 740]

3438. Children of Harriet Gray, dec'd, 1869: Joseph H. Gray, Robert W. Gray, and Wm. J. Carney & wife Loucinda/Luenda [RR, p. 741]

3439. Lem Williams land [RR, p. 743]

3440. James H. Taft, store & foarm [RR, p. 744]

3441. Land beside Greenville, Marshall Dickinson land [RR, p. 746]

3442. Ichabod Harris land [RR, p. 748]

3443. Joseph L. Ballard mortgaged his land & house; 1869 [RR, p. 749?]

3444. Wm. Tripp land; Allen Kittrell land [RR, p. 750]

3445. Arden & Jane Nichols sold their interest in Nobles land to Wright Nobles; 1869 [RR, p. 751]

3446. Wright Nobles & wife Bethany sold interest in Nobles land to Silas Nichols; 1869 [RR, p. 752]

3447. W. R. Frizzle land; E. C. Carman land; Wm. E. Rogers land [RR, p. 753/755]

3448. Fish hole on hen coop swamp [RR, p. 754]

3449. A. J. Brown, son of Alfred L. Brown and Nancy E. Brown [RR, p. 757]

3450. Wm. A. Cherry & wife Melissa; house lot, 4 lots beside Greenville; 1868 [RR, p. 759]

Book SS

3451. J. J. Nobles supplied farm supples; 1869 [SS, p. 1 — 4]

3452. Henry Joyner & wife Alice to Alfred M. Allen; 1 acre for $35 [in Farmville]; 1868 [SS, p. 11]

3453. Allen Wilkes had horse named "Willoughby" [SS, p. 17]

3454. Richard C. Parker land; 1844 [SS, p. 20]

3455. James Moye tract of Arden Nichols [SS, p. 22]

3456. Alfred Moye to son Wm. Joel Moye; 1848 [SS, p. 25]

3457. Paul Nichols land; Shade Garrett land [SS, p. 26]

3458. Lot #92, of George A. & Penelope E. Dancy [SS, p. 26 — 29]

3459. Wm. G. Lang bought Toll house No. 2 and 4 acres, Jan. 31, 1868 [SS, p. 29]

3460. Lot #79 [SS, p. 30]

3461. Perkins & Rollins; 1869 [SS, p. 33]

3462. Lot in Marlboro [SS, p. 41]

3463. Sarah J. Teel homestead [SS, p. 42]

3464. Lot #85 [SS, p. 43]

3465. Lot in Farmville [SS, p. 44]

3466. Feb. 19, 1869: W. L. Tyre to Falkland Lodge AYM (Ancient York Masons) #196; David P. Kitchen, master; W. L. Tyre, Senior Warden; Wm. May King, Junior Warden. For $50, 1/4 acres on which Falkland lodge building, store & warehouse now stand [SS, p. 47]

3467. Moses T. Moye to Ann P. Lang, wife of W. G. Lang; land around Toll house, 170 acres; June 3, 1856 [SS, p. 53]

3468. Jonathan C. Keel, Seth P. Keel, and Theophilus Keel; related [SS, p. 59]

3469. Joshua James land [SS, p. 60]

3470. Samuel & Wm. Morrell related; 1866 [SS, p. 62]

3471. Lot in Farmville, J. W. May & Co. [SS, p. 65]

3472. Lot in Falkland [SS, p. 66]

3473. Wm. Cox to son G. W. Cox and wife Nannie P. Cox; 1868 [SS, p. 67]

3474. Wiley Daniel land, half interest owned by J. S. Smith & wife Sarah [SS, p. 70]

3475. Lot #106, lot inherited by Ann M. Pearce, wife of Blount C. Pearce, from her father M. Kinsaul [SS, p. 71]

3476. Dower of widow of Simon Keel [SS, p. 75]

3477. Wyatt Phillips owned Collins tract [SS, p. 76]

3478. Joel James to son Alfred James; 1862 [SS, p. 79]

3479. George Teel & wife Marthy, owned 1/2 of Mansel Flake tract, and land of John Teel [SS, p. 80]

3480. Land of Samuel Jordan, dec'd., owned by: John L. Godley & wife Sally, Marshall G. Buck & wife Elizabeth, James W. Dixon & wife Sophia Jane, Charles Elks, Polly Dixon, and Martha Elks. They sold their share to Charles A. Elks; 1867 [SS, p. 81]

3481. Road from Red Banks landing to Martin Moore's [SS, p. 83]

3482. Henry A. Barnhill and Sinda R. Powell were heirs of Wm. Hopkins, dec'd., and his wife Barbary Hopkins; 1862 [SS, p. 91]

3483. Silas Averett land; Jordan Averett & wife Fanny [SS, p. 92]

3484. Lot in Marlboro [SS, p. 99]

3485. J. L. Kitchen, sawmill in Farmville [SS, p. 100]

3486. Solomon Whichard to son James Whichard. Solomon was son of John Whichard. John had 8 parts in estate; 1843 [SS, p. 101]

Contributed by Roger Kammerer; All rights reserved.

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