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List of Taxables, Pitt County, 1763

Transcribed and Contributed by Roger Kammerer and Elizabeth Ross
From the original at the NC Division of Archives and History


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Note: Browse the tables, because some surnames appear in other households.

The 1763 tax enumerators listed the white polls and black polls in two separate documents. Follows is a transcript of the white polls list in the North Carolina Archives; the list of black polls could not be located. The extant list shows totals of blacks and whites on its last page. Edward Salter, Junior Clerk of Court, testified to the authenticity of the list, and probably acted as scribe for this bound copy as submitted to the office of the Secretary of State in 1763. The handwriting is clear and legible, leaving only blobs or aged paper to cause the transcriber much difficulty.

Typesetting conventions: Punctuation has been added for readability. This transcription uses commas to separate the surname of the tax payer, and semi-colons to separate the other names on the same line. No commas have been used to offset titles such as Jr., Sr., or Constable. Original spelling has been retained. Questionable letters are indicated with editorial comments in brackets.

Page 1
Albritton, Mathew1
Averett, Charles1
Averett, James; James Appolless Averett2
Albritton, James; George Albritton2
Aligood, Hillery1
Anderson, Henry1
Allen, Richard1
Autery, John1
Allen, Dempsey1
Atkinson, Amos; Thomas Drake2
Andrew, Solomon1
Andrew, John_
Page 2
Albordson, John1
Avery, George_
Albritton, James Jr.1
Anhderson, William1
Adams, Archebald; Levi Adams; Thomas Adams3
Albritton, Peter1
Boyd, Joseph1
Buck, Isaac; Archebald Cambell2
Buck, Edward1
Brooks, John; Michael Moss; Peter Moss3
Bryan, William1
Buck, Francis Counstable1
Page 3
Barrow, Richard; Rewben Barrow; Joseph Barrow3
Blaxton, James1
Blount, Benjamin1
Barrow, Benjamin; James Handcoake2
Burney, Simon1
Barrow, Abraham1
Brooks, James; Joshua Putnal2
Blount, Jacob; John Ward2
Barber, Joseph1
Ball, John1
Bullock, James Sr.; Joseph Bullock2
Brown, Andrew1
Page 4
Burgis, Solomon1
Burgis, Joseph1
Bowen, Richard; Thomas Bullock2
Butler, William Sr.; John Butlar2
Brown, Arther Wilson1
Barber, John; Thomas Barber; John Whichard3
Barrow, James1
Birket [or Birhet?], Benjamin1
Barrow, Jean1
Brown, Benjamin1
Barrow, Richard1
Breeler, Abraham; William Piney2
Brinson, John; Henry Moore2
Baxter, Israel1
Bland, George1
Butler, William1
Barber, William1
Bryley, Ruth; William Briley1
Bryley, Joseph1
Baldwain, William; Wm. Baldwain Jr.; Wm. Balderee3
Barrow, James; Wm. Barrow2
Barrow, Samuel1
Barnhill, Henry1
Page 5
Bank, Joseph; Charles Bank2
Barnhill, John; Alexander Barnhill2
Bryan, William1
Brown, James1
Bowers, Benjamin Esq.1
Chadwick, David1
Cannon, William1
Cannon, Samuel1
Cox, Benjamin1
Cooms, Thomas1
Cannon, Dennis1
Charlecraft, James; Samuel Cherlcraft2
Page 6
Cordin, Benjamin1
Cannon, John1
Crawford, James1
Cherry, Eleazar1
Congleton, William1
Crandell, James1
Cermean, James; David Knox2
Ceal, ____hard [Richard?]1
Couper, Henry1
Cason, William Sr.; Hillery Cason2
Cannon, George1
Cason, Henry1
Ceal, Hardee1
Crandell, James; Thomas Davis2
Page 7
Corbet, John; John Corbet Jr.2
Cobb, James Senr.1
Cobb, Edward Jr.1
Church, John1
Couper, John1
Clarke, Thomas1
Cobb, Edward; James Cobb2
Church, Isaac1
Cobb, James Jr.1
Cannady, Edmond1
Cason, James1
Clarke, William1
Cox, Charles1
Cross, Henry1
Cook, John; William Cook2
Daniel, Thomas; Josiah Daniel; Wm. Butler3
Dixson, Roland1
Dixson, Walter1
Dixson, William1
Deal, William; Harbourd Deal; William Jones3
Deal, John; Adam Deal2
Davis, Thomas; Thomas Davis Jr.2
Page 8
Dixson, John1
Deal, Edward1
Degg, James1
Dean, Moses1
Dudley, James1
Daniel, Robert Esq.1
Dikes, George; Samuel Huzzie2
Dikes, George Sr.; Charles McLain; David McLain3
Dixson, Edward1
Duffield, Thomas1
Dudley [or Duffield?], Richard1
Dinkens, Charles1
Dowden, John1
Dunisin, John1
Page 9
Daves, Samuel1
Edwards, William1
Edwards, Isaac1
Edwards, John; Daniel Edwards2
Evans, George1
Eastwood, Joseph1
Elliot, William1
Edwards, William; Solomon Edwards2
Evans, Benjamin; Charles Evans2
Evans, Benjamin1
Edwards, James Sr.; James Edwards Jr.2
Page 10
Edwards, Walker
Edwards, Samuel; Ambrose Edwards2
Evans, John; Thomas Gwaltney2
Ellis, Benjamin; Benjamin Ellis Jr.2
Eason, Isaac1
English, James1
Edmonson, James1
English, Thomas; Thos. English Jr.; Wm. English3
Fips, Thomas1
Floyd, John; Griffen Floyd2
Fulford, John; Philip Ryland; Thomas Allen; Roger Allen4
Page 11
Forbes, Joseph1
Forbes, Charles Counstable1
Flemmen, John; George Flemmen; John Flemmon3
Flake, Arthur; John Flake2
Flake, Robert1
Finaken, Charles1
Grist, William1
Grist, Richard1
Grist, John1
Godley, Nathan1
Green, Samuel1
Grey, William1
Garrald, William; James Garreld2
Gainer, Joseph1
Gurganus, Fremels; Solomon James2
Page 12
Glisson, Abraham1
Grimmer, Robert1
Gwaltney, Thomas Sr.1
Gwaltney, Thomas Jr.1
Green, David; Ezekel Green2
Goff, Thomas1
Giddins, Isaac; I. Giddins Jr.2
Giddins, Thomas1
Giddins, Jacob; Jacob Giddins Jr.2
Giddins, William1
Grizard, hardy1
Ginkins, Henry1
Gofford, Andrew1
Hearn, William1
Hill, Joshua1
Page 13
Harding, Stephen; Henry Hussee2
Hodges, Elias; Eleazar Hodges2
Haddock, John1
Hardee, Thomas1
Hardee, Isaac1
Hudson, Joseph1
Hardee, John Jr.1
Herrington, Paul1
Hardee, Thomas1
Hardee Robert; Joseph Hardee; Robert Hardee Jr.3
Hardee, Andrew1
Hardee, John Esq.; Samuel Cherry2
Hardee, Thomas1
Page 14
Hodges, John Sr.1
Hodges, John Jr.1
Hodges, Robert1
Hodges, Henry1
Hodges, Matthew1
Hodges, Howell1
Hodges, Joseph1
Hewbanks, Richard1
Holland, Richard1
Hattaway, David Sr.; Francis Hisson2
Hattaway, David1
Hattaway, Thomas; Edmond Hattaway2
Kickman, Joseph1
Hobson, Francis Esq.1
Hitch, Robert1
Harris, Timothy1
Page 15
Hargett, Peter; Benjamin Buck2
Harper, Thomas; James Johnston2
Hardin, Marke1
Harris, George1
Hennington, John; Jonathan Hennington2
Harris, William; Timothey Harris; Thomas Harris3
Harris, Edward; John Harris2
Hatton, John1
Harris, William Jr.1
Hopkins, Arnol; William Hopkins2
Hudson, Lacey1
Hysmith, John1
Jones, Simon; William Jones; James Jones; Simon Jones Jr.4
Page 16
Jenkins, John1
Joyner, William; Israel Joyner2
Jackson, George1
Jordan, John1
James, Lannch [?]; Thomas James2
Jolley, Joseph; Wm. Jolley2
Jolley, Jonathan1
James, Solomon1
Jolley, Joseph Sr.; Absalom James2
Johnston, Nathan1
Johnston, James1
Johnston, William; Benone Johnston2
Joyner, John1
Judkins, William1
James, Samuel [Lemuel?]; John & Henry James3
Judkins, Thomas1
Jones, John1
Jolley, Jesse1
Page 17
Kite, Samuel1
Kennedy, John1
Kirven, Laurence1
King, Britton; Jesse King; Etheldread King3
Kennedy, John1
Knox, William1
Knox, Isaac; John Knox2
Knowis, John1
Knowis, John Jr.; David Pirkins; Anthony Whichard3
Keel, William1
Laughinghouse, Thomas1
Lawhon, Adams1
Little, Thomas; James Little; Josiah Little; George Little4
Lewis William; Josiah Knox2
Legget, Benjamin Write1
Little, John1
Latham, James1
Page 18
Laneir, William; John Laneir; Michael Ellis3
Loach, James1
Little, Joseph; Jno. Little2
Laneir, James1
Lacey, Parker1
Little, Isaac; James Little2
Mills, John Junior1
Mainer, Christian1
Manior, James; Robert Manior; Richard Manior3
Mills, Nasbey; Nasbey Mills Junior2
Mills, Anthony1
Moore, Jesse1
Moore, Arthur Jr.1
Moore, Arthur; Shadrack Moore2
Mills, John; Isaac Mills2
Moye, John; Samuel Barr2
Page 19
Mayo, James1
Merrett, Hezekiah1
Moore, William1
Moore, Edward1
McNemar, Francis1
Barret, Wm.* 1
Mayo, Nathan1
Meeks, James1
Meks, Walter1
Mayo, Jon1
Mayo, Richard1
Mace, William1
Meeks, John Counstable; Nathan Meeks2
Meeks, Francis1
Mayo, John; Benjamin Mayo; James Mayo3
Moore, William; Britton Moore; Wm. Moore Jr.3
Moore, Abraham; Nathan Moore2
Moore, Nathan1
Moore, Thomas Jr.1
Moore, Thomas Sr.1
Page 20
Moore, John; Wood Moore; Marke Moore; James Moore4
Mitchell, William1
Mundin, John1
Mundine, Stephen1
Mooring, John1
Moore, George1
Moore, Thomas1
Moore, Matthias1
Moore, Samuel; Samuel Moore2
Moye, John Jr.1
Moore, John1
Moye, George Esq.; Richard Moye2
Mayo, William; Wm. Mayo Jr.2
Mizell, William1
Moore, John1
Mayo, James; Nathan Mayo; James Mayo Jr.3
Page 21
Mayo, Peter1
Mobeyley, William; Middleton Mobeyley2
McLam, Daniel1
Meeks, Thomas; John Meeks2
Nelson, Martin Jr.1
Nelson, Martin; Peter Nelson; John Nelson3
Nobles, Nathanell; Wm. McLemar2
Newell, William1
Noble, Isaac Sr.1
Nuson, Simon1
Norriott, William1
Norrald, Thomas1
Noble, Isaac1
Nobles, John; Solomon Chuney [Chauncy?]; Samuel Chuney; Drury Sims4
Nox, Roland1
Nicholass, William; John Nicholas2
Page 22
Nobles, Thomas1
Ollehon, John1
Outlon, Palatine1
Ozbourn, William Counstable; Joshua Hodge2
Pearce, Lazarus1
Powell, Marke_
Powell, William; Wm. Turner; Nedum Turner; Stephen Powell4
Parker, John1
Price, Charles1
Price, John; Joseph Rogers; Wm. Smith3
Paramoore, James1
Paramoore, James Sr.; Matthew Paramoore; Ezekiel Paramoore; John Brinkley4
Poyner, Samuel; Griffith Howell2
Page 23
Pincomb, Samuel1
Pinket, William1
Pollard, John1
Pollard, Benjamin1
Pope, Simon1
Russell, James* 1
Powers, David1
Price, John Jr.1
Perkins, Abazanna; John Norris2
Pender, Joseph Cutts1
Pipkin, Daniel1
Pettepool, Abraham1
Pumphry, Silvanus; Nathan Pumphry2
Prescott, William1
Prescott, Simon; Chrish Bray2
Powell, Elijah1
Palmer, Jacob1
Quaturmus, Patrick; James Quatermus; Patrick Quartermus Jr.; Josiah Quatermus;
Thomas Quatermus
Page 24
Richards, Thomas1
Richards, Ralph1
Rahme, Jeremiah1
Rountree, Francis; Obed Rountree; Moab Rountree3
Rogers, Robert1
Rountree, Jesse; Micager Hart2
Rogers, Isaac1
Rogers, Daniel; Wm. Miller2
Rogers, William1
Rogers, Absalom1
Reaves, Peter1
Robinson, Solomon; Wm. Robinson; John Robinson3
Rotten, Levin1
Reaves, Richard1
Richoson, Joseph1
Salter, Richard Esq.; Edward Salter Jr.; Robert Salter3
Page 25
Simpson, John; Edward Hocott2
Sutton, Solomon1
Stocks, John1
Slaughter, John, Jr.1
Smith, John1
Stocks, Isaac1
Slaughter, Wm.1
Smith, Wm.; Joseph Smith; Christopher Smith; Lazarus Smith4
Sermon, Edward; Joseph Sermon2
Stewart, Alexander; Wm. Grimes2
Swinson, John Sr.; Levi Swinson2
Speir, William; John Speir2
Stewart, Daniel; John Stewart2
Spivey, Caleb1
Stansell, Samuel1
Sanders, Benjamin1
Page 26
Shingleton, William1
Smith, Neil1
Swinson, John Jr.1
Sumrel, Thos. Jr.1
Spain, Drury1
Sumrel, Thomas; Jacob Sumrell; Flowers Sumrell; Jesse Sumrell4
Sumrell, Edward1
Smith, Joseph Lightfoot1
Sugg, Joell1
Stoakes, William1
Stone, Richard1
Scarborough, William1
Stoakes, John1
Stafford, Edward Esq.1
Stafford, William; Richard Stafford; Wm. Stafford Jr.3
Swaringam, Thomas1
Stansell, William Jr.1
Stansell, William; Peter Stansell2
Page 27
Stoakes, Samuel1
Sillavant, Joseph1
Spears, Joseph1
Spears, Jesse1
Sillavant, Darbey1
Shivers, Jones [Jonas?]1
Speir, John; James Tier2
Smith, Thomas1
Stansell, Godfrey1
Sessions, Walter; John Sessions2
Taylor, John; William Taylor Jr.2
Taunt, John1
Taylor, Wm. son of Jacob Taylor decąd.1
Taunt, Thomas1
Taunt, William1
Taylor, William Sr.1
Taylor, Simon1
Tindell, Charles1
Travis, Thomas1
Travis, William1
Page 28
Tison, Jonathan1
Tison, Samuel1
Tison, Edmond; William Tison2
Tildesley, Thomas1
Taylor, William1
Thain, James1
Teel, William; Joseph Teel2
Teel, Emanuel1
Truss, Samuel1
Tison, Thomas1
Tison, Moses1
Tison, George1
Tison, Edmond Jr.1
Page 29
Tucker, Joshua1
Taylor, Jonathan; John Taylor; Anthony Holdson3
Vance, Davis1
Watkins, William Jr.1
Watkins, John1
Watkins, William1
Walls, Jos. Counstable; Thomas Cambell2
Wall, Howell1
Wrotten, Neatmiah1
Wilson, William1
Wilson, Daniel1
Wilson, John; Willis Wilson; Thomas Garrett3
Wilson, Robert1
Willis, William1
Williams, David1
Page 30
Warner, Benjamin1
William, Jno. Rostlen1
Whit____ [Whithouse?], John1
Wallace, John1
Ward, John1
Williams, Shingleton Jr.1
Whichard, Solomon1
Williams, Thomas1
Ward, Robert1
Ward, Edward; Samuel Ward2
William, Thomas Sheriff1
Williams, Dove Morgan1
Williams, John1
Wombwell, Benjamin1
Williams, John1
Wrotter, John; James Williams2
Williams, John1
Williams, Edward1
Page 31
Williams, Robert; Elijah Welch; John Jones; Robert Hood4
Wallis, Caleb; Benjamin Hurley2
Wilson, Thomas1
Wells, Henry; Jacob Wells; Abraham Wells; Isaac Wells4
Williams, Richard; Merreman Allen2
Williams, John; Jacob Waller2
Washington, John1
Walston, George; Thomas Walston; William Walston3
Williams, Edmond; Archebald Adams2
Ward, Michael; Thomas Ward; Michael Ward Jr.; David Ward4
Williams, Jean; Wm. Williams; John Cason; Thomas Pinket; Zachariah Pinket5
Williams, Jessee1
Windham, John1
Worsley, John1
Whithouse, Batson1
Wilkinson, Benjamin1
Whitfield, Joseph1

* Out of order in alphabetical listing.

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