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List of Taxables, Pitt County, 1762

Transcribed and Contributed by Roger Kammerer
From microfilm "Records of the States of the United States"


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Note: Browse the tables, because some surnames appear in other households.

 "List of Taxables for the Secretarys office at Wilmington
 a true copy of the List of Taxables for the County of Pitt For the year 1762"

Page 1WhitesSlavesTotal
Albritton, James134
Albritton, Mathew11
Albritton, Thomas11
Avory, James; Archibald Campbell; James Apps. Avory33
Adkins, James11
Albritton, James112
Adams, Archibald11
Allegood, Hillery11
Averett, Thomas11
Atkinson, Amos134
Page 2
Averet, David11
Anderson, Henry11
Allen, Dempsey Rite11
Arnet, William22
Anderson, John11
Allen, Richard123
Autery, John Sr.11
Andrew, Solomon11
Allen, Presilla; Meriman Allen11
Autery, William; James Autery22
Avory, George112
Boyd, Joseph; Robert Boyd22
Buck, Francis; Edward Buck189
Burney, Simon156
Buck, Francis Couns. [Constable]11
Brooks, John; Michael Moss; Peter Moss33
Buck, Isaac11
Barrow, Benjamin112
Barrow, Richard; Ruben Barrow; Joseph Barrow325
Barrow, Abraham; Lewis Hudson213
Page 3
Blount, Jacob; John Ward213
Blackston, James11
Brooks, James11
Blount, Benjamin; John Williams22
Barber, Joseph112
Beaman, William11
Barnet, John; James Barnet23
Barrow, James; Samuel Barrow; William Barrow347
Barber, William11
Barnhill, Alexr.11
Britton, Bennet112
Bryley, Ruth11
Barber, John11
Bullar, William [Butler?]11
Brown, Andrew11
Bullock, James11
Barnhill, John; Henry Barnhill213
Burges, Joseph11
Bowen, Richard
Ball, John; James Benton [or Berton?]
Barrow, Richard11
Page 4
Burket, Joseph Senr.11
Burket, Mary; Joseph Burket11
Barrow, Thomas112
Brown, Benjamin11
Bryley, Joseph11
Brady, William11
Bland, George; Willm. Alford; Charles McLain33
Butlar, William11
Bagget, James11
Breler, Abraham; John Hurley22
Brinson, John; John Norris; Henry Moore33
Bairfield, Thomas11
Brown, James11
Bryan, William66
Bowers, Benjn. Esqr.22
Chadwick, David11
Coombs, Thomas11
Cannon, Samuel11
Connor, William11
Cordin, Benjamin11
Cirvin, Luarance11
Charlecraft, James11
Cox, Benjamin11
Cannon, Denis145
Page 5
Cannon, John134
Cooper, Henry11
Crandell, James123
Coward, William11
Cason, Henry11
Congleton, William11
Cirganus, Francis [Gurganus?]
Cason, William; Hillery Cason22
Clark, William112
Cason, John; Zackeriah Pinket; Thos. Pinket314
Cason, James11
Cooll, Edward [Cole?]11
Cherry, Eleazar11
Cermean, James [Sermon? Creaman?]
Crandell, James Junr.11
Crawford, James123
Cobb, Edward; James Cobb22
Cobb, James Junr.
Cooper, John112
Cobb, Edward Junr.11
Clark, Thomas11
Crummell, Alexr.; Elisha Crummell; Alexr. Crummell Junr.314
Page 6
Church, John11
Cobb, James Senr.; Willm. Keel22
Charlecraft, John11
Church, Jesse; Cornelias Church22
Colohon, John; Richard Bryley22
Culs, Joseph Penton [Cerls?]11
Cross, Henry11
Cross, Thomas11
Cox, Charles11
Cox, Abiah22
Cook, John22
Corbit, John11
Dixon, William11
Daniel, Thomas; Willm. Butlar, Josiah Daniel325
Dixson, Walter; Roland Dixson22
Dixson, John123
Davis, Thomas; Thos. Davis Junr.22
Deal, John; Adam Deal22
Denmark, William11
Dixson, Edward11
Dean, Moses11
Dudley, James11
Daniel, Robert Esqr.145
Page 7
Dowen, John11
Dickons, Charles11
Deloack, James11
Dikes, George; David McLain22
Dikes, George Junr.11
Donesin, John [Donovan?]
Duffield, Thomas11
Edwards, Willm11
Edwards, John; Daniel Edwards213
Ellit, William11
Eastwood, Joseph11
Evans, Richard11213
Edwards, James; James Edwards Jr.; John Burket33
Edwards, Samuel11
Evans, Benjamin112
Edwards, Christopher11
Edwards, Walker11
Ewill, Thomas112
Evans, John; Willm Gwaltney22
Edwards, William; Charles Edwards22
Eason, Isaac145
Evans, James11
Edmonson, James22
Ellis, Henry11
Page 8
Evans, Joseph11
Ellis, Benjamin; Benjn Ellis Junr.213
Evans, Benjamin; Charles Evans213
Foran, Thomas [Fornes?]11
Fore, Daniel11
Flake, Arthur11
Flake, Robert11
Flake, Mary11
Fleming, John; Jno Fleming Junr.; George Fleming33
Floyd, John; Griffen Floyd246
Fincken; Charles11
Forbes, Joseph223
Forbes, Charles Couns. [Constable]123
Godley, Nathan112
Grist, Richard123
Grist, William145
Grist, John134
Green, Samuel11
Garrald, Willm; James Garrald22
Page 9
Giddins, Abraham; James Giddins224
Ginkins, John [Jenkins]11
Goff, Thomas11
Glisson, Abraham11
Glisson, James; Joseph Glisson; Robert Ward314
Gainer, Joseph112
Grimmer, Robert11
Gwaltney, Thomas11
Green, David11
Gwaltney, Thos. Senr.11
Grisard, Hardy11
Giddins, Isaac11
Giddins, Thomas11
Giddins, Willm11
Giddins, Jacob156
Gofford, Andrew22
Ginkins, Henry [Jenkins]11
Harding, Stephen; Henry Hagan22
Hodges, Ellis167
Hardee, Robert; Robert Hardee Junr; Josiah Hardee325
Herrington, Paul11
Harding, Marke; James Handcock213
Hudson, Joseph11
Hardee, Thos. Junr.11
Page 10
Haddock, John; Jno. Haddock Junr.22
Hardee, Andrew11
Hardee, John Junr.123
Holland, Apshee; Willm. McKimney134
Hardee, John Esqr.178
Hardee, Thomas11
Harris, William; Willm Harris Junr.; Tim'y. Harris; Thos. Harris; Majr. Harris Couns. [Constable]55
Hennington, John11
Harris, George11
Hatton, John11
Hodges, John112
Hewbanks, Richard [Eubanks]11
Hodges, John Senr.; Howell Hodges Couns. [Constable]246
Hodges, Mathew11
Hodges, Henry145
Hodges, Robert; Arthur Holdon235
Hattaway, David [Hathaway]11
Hattaway, David Senr.; Francis Hattaway22
Hattaway, Edmund11
Hattaway, Thomas11
Hobson, Francis145
Page 11
Hearne, Willm11
Hill, James11
Hopkins, Arnell33
Hudson, Lewis11
Heart, John11
Harper, Thomas11
Harget, Peter11
Harris, Timothy112
Hood, Robert11
Jones, Simon; Willm Jones; James Jones; Ambrose Jones4913
Joyner, William11
James, Lanck; Thomas James; John Whealer33
Jolley, Joseph; William Jolley213
James, Lamuel; John James; Henry James33
Jenkins, Thomas11
Judkins, William11
Jolley, Joseph Senr.; Jonathan Jolley; John Jolley33
James, Absalom11
Jones, Margaret44
Joyner, Israell11
Page 12
Joyner, John11
Jolley, Jessee11
Jordan, John11
Johnston, James Senr.11
Johnston, Nathan11
Joyner, Abraham11
King, Sarah widow; Britton King; Jessee King; Ethrilread King33
Killey, John; Willm Killey; Benjamin Warner33
Kite, Samuel11
Keneday, Edmund11
Knox, William; Josiah Knox22
Keneday, John; Jessee Keneday22
Laughinghouse, Thos11
Lewis, Mary free neg.33
Lewis, William11
Little, Isaac; James Little22
Leaget, Benj. Rite11
Latham, James112
Lanear, William; Michael Ellis279
Page 13
Little, John11
Little, Joseph; John Little22
Lassey [Lacey?], Parker; Adams Levey [or Levi Adams?]22
Lanear, James123
Mills, John; Isaac Mills213
Mills, Jno. Junr.11
Mainor, James; Robert Mainor; Richard Mainor33
McGlawhon, Adam11
Mills, Anthony11
Moore, William112
Moore, Jesse11
Moore, Arthur; Shadrack Moore22
Mills, Nasbey; Nasbey Mills Junr.22
McNemar, Francis11
Moore, Mathias11
Moore, Samuel145
Moore, Edward11
Moore, George11
Moye, John Junr.11
Moreing, John11
Moore, John11
Page 14
McLamar, Laurance11
Moore, Jacob; Jacob Moore Jr.; Henry Moore; Nathan Womwell [Womble]44
Moore, Thomas11
Moye, John Senr.123
Moye, Mary44
Moy, George Esqr.134
Mundine, Stephen; John Mundine224
Mounts, Jonathan11
Meeks, Francis11
Meeks, Thomas11
Mayo, Nathan11
Mayo, John11
Mayo, Richard11
Meeks, John Couns [Constable]; Nathan Meeks22
Meeks, Walter11
Meeks, James11
Moore, Arthur11
Meire, Joshua; Thomas Moore22
Meire, Joseph; Willm Murry22
Moore, John; Wood Moore; Marke Moore; James Moore44
Moore, Nathan11
Page 15
May, John; Benjn May; James May336
Moore, William; Britton Moore22
Moore, Thomas11
Moore, Abraham; Nathaniel Moore22
Mezell, William22
Mezell, James11
Moberley, William22
Mayo, William33
Mayo, James22
Mayo, Peter11
Moore, John11
Martin, Francis11
Oneal, Richard11
Omerry, Richard11
Ottery, Alexander [Autry?]11
Nelson, Martin11
Nelson, Martin Senr.; Peter Nelson; John Nelson; John Mayo44
Noble, Isaac11
Noble, Nathaniel11
Norket, William11
Norard, Thomas11
Nobles, John44
Nobles, Thomas11
Page 16
Nicholas, Willm11
Nox, Robert [Knox]11
Nox, Isaac11
Nobles, Isaac11
Powell, Marke11
Pearce, Lazarus123
Price, Charles11
Powell, William; Willm Turner; Nedum Turner; Stephen Powell44
Phips, Thomas11
Price, John11
Parker, John11
Price, John Junr.112
Proctor, William11
Prescot, Simon11
Palmore, Jacob [Palmer? Paramore?]11
Porter, George11
Parish, John11
Paramoore, James; Mathew Paramoore; Ezekill Paramoore33
Pincomb, Samuel11
Poyner, Samuel112
Paramoore, James Junr.11
Patten, Thomas11
Pinket, Wm Daniel112
Page 17
Pussell, James [Purser? or Russell?]11
Pollard, John11
Pollard, Benjn.11
Pollard, Willm11
Petpool, Abraham112
Purkins, Absalom11
Pipkin, Daniel11
Pilford, John; Phillip Ryland; Thos Allen; Roger Allen; Peter Allen;55
Powers, David11
Quaturmus, James11
Quaturmus, Patrick; Patk. Quaturmus Junr; Josiah Quaturmus; Thos. Quaturmus44
Richard, Thomas11
Richard, Ralf11
Rountree, Francis; Obed Rountree; David Perkins314
Rountree, Jesse; Micager Heart; Abraham Hill33
Rogers, Robert112
Page 18
Rogers, Isaac11
Rogers, William11
Rogers, Absalom; Moses Burket22
Reaves, Peter156
Robinson, Solomon; Willm Robinson; Jno Robinson325
Riggs, John11
Rickoson, Joseph123
Reawes, Richard [Reaves?]112
Simpson, John; Edward Hoist268
Salter, Edwd Esqr.; Edwd. Salter Junr.; Robert Salter33134
Sutton, Solomon11
Smith, John112
Stocks, Isaac112
Stocks, John11
Smyth, William; Willm Smyth Junr.; Christr. Smyth33
Spear, Joseph11
Slaughter, Jno Junr.11
Page 19
Slaughter, John11
Surmon, Edward; Joseph Surmon22
Stansell, John11
Speir, John; James Tyer2911
Stansell, William; Willm Stansell Junr.; Peter Stansell314
Steward, Daniel; John Stewart22
Shairs, Jonas [Shivers?]11
Smith, Lewis11
Swinson, John; Levi Swinson224
Steward, Alexr.; Willm Grimes268
Spivey, Caleb11
Shingleton, Willm11
Speir, William; John Speir Junr.; Brannoak Owings3912
Page 20
Sheilds, Willm11
Sanders, Benjn.; Hardee Keel22
Sumrell, Thos. Junr.11
Sumrell, Thos. Senr.; Jacob Sumrell; Jessee Sumrell; Flowers Sumrell44
Sumrell, Edward11
Smyth, Joseph Lightfoot11
Stokes, Samuel11
Sillavant, Darbey11
Sillivant, Joseph11
Stansell, Godfrey22
Smith, Johntn11
Session, Walter33
Stokes, William11
Shannon, John123
Stafford, Edwd Esqr.134
Sugg, Joell; Allen Sugg22
Stokes, John Senr.112
Page 21
Stone, Richard11
Stafford, Willm; Willm Stafford Junr.; Richard Stafford347
Spear, James11
Smyth, Samuel123
Taunt, John11
Taylor, John11
Taylor, Willm; Willm Taylor Junr.224
Taylor, Jacob11
Taylor, Simon11
Taunt, Thomas11
Taylor, Willm Junr.123
Taunt, Willm11
Tyson, Samuel11
Tindell, Saml.11
Tyson, Moses Senr.11
Page 22
Tyson, Abrahm Esqr.; Joel Sugg; Allen Sugg31215
Tyson, Jonathan11
Tildesley, Thomas134
Travis, Thomas134
Travis, William11
Tucker, Joshua11
Teel, Emanuel11
Teel, William; Joseph Teel22
Thain, James11
Tyson, Edmond11
Tyson, Moses123
Tyson, Mathias11
Tyson, Aaron11
Tyson, George11
Tyson, Jno Esqr.; Samuel Tyson224
Taylor, William11
Truss, Samuel11
Tyson, Thomas112
Tyson, Jno. Babtist11
Page 23
Worsley, Joseph; Benjn. Pearce257
Wall, Joseph Couns. [Constable]11
Watkins, John112
Watkins, John112
Watkins, Willm123
Wall, Howell11
Watkins, Willm Junr.11
Willson, Robert11
Waller, Jessee11
Wall, Elizabeth112
Wilson, William11
Wilson, John; Thos. Garret; Willm Wilson33
Williams, Jno., Wrastler [the wrestler]11
Wootten, Neamiah11
White, Jacob11
Wilson, Daniel11
Wilson, Daniel [possibly a duplicate of previous line?]11
Williams, David112
Williams, Edmond; Archebald Adams22
Williams, Jessee11
Williams, Jane
Williams, Willm11
Page 24
Wrotten, Leven11
Ward, John11
Ward, Samuel; Saml Ward Junr.22
Williams, John11
Swinson, John [out of alpha. order]11
Williams, Dove11
Whitaron, John [Whitacre??]11
Wallace, John112
Whichard, John11
Willis, Thomas112
Whichard, Solomon11
Williams, Thomas; Thomas Bullock22
Williams, Thos.; Thos. Williams Junr.22
Willis, William145
Womwell, Benjamin [Womble]11
Write, William11
Williams, John; Joshua Williams22
Washington, John11
Ward, Michaell; Thos. Ward; Michl. Ward Junr.314
Page 25
Wiles, William11
Whitfield, Joseph11
Worsley, John11
Wilkinson, Benjn.11
Windom, John Junr.11
Whitehouse, Batson [Whitehurst]11
Wallis, Caleb112
Williams, John112
Williams, Richard112
Williams, John11
Woten, John;
Johnston, James Senr.?22
Williams, Edward; James Williams213
Williams, Robert112
Wilson, Thomas11
Willis, Thomas112
Walston, George; John Walston; Thos. Walston; William Walston44
Williams, Roderick11
Total number6763601036

A true copy from the original
Edward Salter Junr. C.I.C.

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