Cemetery Book 1
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Cemeteries
Volume 1, North Mecklenburg

The first volume of the Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Cemetery Books is now available.

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Cemeteries
Volume 1, North Mecklenburg

Compiled by Mel and Pinny Cook.
8 1/2” x 11” soft cover, xvi+272pp. ISBN 0-9720960-1-9

Tombstone inscriptions and relevant family information are recorded for 11 early church and family cemeteries in northern Mecklenburg County. Some burials date from the Revolutionary War.

The first volume contains information on the following:

Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Bethesda Methodist Church Cemetery
Cook's Memorial Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Davidson College Cemetery
Davidson Family Cemetery
Gilead A.R.P. Church Cemetery
Hopewell Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Robin S. McGee Cemetery
Ramah Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Rocky River Baptist Church Cemetery
Trinity Methodist Church Cemetery

Also included are eight small church and family cemeteries now under the waters of Lake Norman:

Baker Cemetery
Caldwell Family Cemetery
Clark Family Cemetery
Cornelius Family Cemetery
Flemming Family Cemetery
Hunter’s Chapel M.E. Zion
John Abernathy Grave
Little Family Cemetery

Abernethy, Alcorn, Alexander, Allen, Allison, Anderson, Armstrong, Auten, Baker, Barnett, Barnhardt, Beard, Beaty, Bell, Berry, Black, Blackwelder, Blakely, Blythe, Booe, Boyles, Bradford, Bradley, Brady, Brown, Bumgarner, Byrum, Caldwell, Campbell, Cannon, Carr, Cashion, Cathey, Christenburg, Clontz, Cook, Cooper, Cowan, Cox, Cumming, Davidson, Davis, Deaton, Dellinger, Dinkins, Dishman, Donaldson, Douglas, Dunn, Eaton, Elliott, Ellwood, Ervin, Evans, Ewart, Faires, Feimster, Fidler, Flanagan, Fleming, Flow, Fulham, Gamble, Gibson, Gilbert, Gillespie, Glasgow, Goodrum, Gray, Hager, Hall, Hamilton, Hampton, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hastings, Helms, Helper, Henderson, Herron, Hill, Hipp, Holton, Hood, Houston, Hovis, Howard, Hubbard, Hucks, Hunter, Irvin, Jamison, Jetton, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kale, Keistler, Kelly, Kennerly, Kerns, Kerr, King, Knox, Lafferty, Lawing, Lingle, Linker, Little, Long, Luckey, Martin, Maxwell, Mayes, Mayhew, MaCauley, McCall, McClure, McConnell, McCord, McCorkle, McCoy, McCracken, McCullough, McDonald, McElroy, McGahey, McGee, McIntosh, McKee, McLure, McManus, McQuay, Miller, Mills, Mock, Monteith, Moore, Morrison, Morrow, Mundy, Munroe, Nance, Nantz, Neel, Norket, Norment, Oehler, Osborn, Outen, Overcash, Parker, Patterson, Peoples, Pettus, Phillips, Plummer, Potts, Price, Prim, Puckett, Rankin, Reid, Riley, Robbins, Robinson, Rogers, Rozzelle, Sample, Scofield, Shelton, Sherrill, Shields, Shinn, Simpson, Sims, Sloan, Smith, Sofley, Sossaman, Spain, Spurrier, Stanley, Stephens, Stewart, Stillwell, Stinson, Thomason, Thompson, Thornburg, Thornton, Todd, Torrence, Turner, Underwood, Vance, Wallace, Wally, Warsham, Washam, Weddington, White, Whitley, Wilhelm, Williams, Wilson, Withers, Wooten, Young + MANY OTHER NAMES.


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