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Updated 12 March 2011

This site is intended to inform genealogists of various surnames in our area of North Carolina that are being researched. Our quarterly bulletin, "Footprints in Time", contains articles of interest on many of those families as well as information on the Lincoln, Gaston, Cleveland, Rutherford and surrounding counties.

Currently we boast nearly 150 members throughout the United States. If you're one of us, please check your address and list of surnames for accuracy and advise if corrections are needed. Also, if you do not wish to have your information included on this site, let me know and I will remove it immediately.

To ensure privacy, we will not post mailing addresses, or telephone numbers, unless specifically requested to do so, in writing, by the member. Please send your request to my attention at the address listed above. In the meantime, check your "Footprints in Time"  or ask us for the missing information to contact a fellow member, and enjoy the trek.
Judith Parker-Proctor

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Surname Listing


Allen County Public Library
Genealogy Periodicals
PO Box 2270
Fort Wayne IN 46801-2270

,Peony...State Flower of Indiana...

March 2010

Alson, Rebecca R

Coon, Kuhn, Cauble, Rhodes

March 2010 Armstrong, Bob Armstrong, Goodson
December 2010

Barnwell, Lee Ann

Martin, McCurdy, Kerr, Armstrong, Stewart

Beal, Mary L Charter member...

Beal, Blanton, Hovis, Peeler, Fry, Bradshaw, Richard, Heyl, Hoyle, Rhyne, Edisen, Towery, Wilkins

September 2010

Beam, Bill

March 2010 Bennett, Jo Riley/Rily/Reilly, Worke/Work, Harwell, Walker, Webb, Tubb, Ragsdale, Gregory, Mathews, Bratcher, Justus
March 2010

Bentley, Carol K

Henderson, Rudisell, Rudasill, Burnett, Beam, Stancil, Parker, White, Atkins, Campbell, Carpenter, Heyl, Hoyle, Ramsour, Rupert

December 2010 Bianchi, Patricia Shuford Shuford, Wyant

Bridges, Mills Y Charter member...


March 2010

Byers, Jill A & Mickey

Lay, Laye, Leigh, Lee, Allan, Alan, Allen, Abernathy, Abernethy, Whithers, Weathers, Ford Armstrong, Hawkins, Smith

March 2010

Cabitto, Julie

Jenkins, Clemmer, Payseur, Stowe, Long

March 2008

Carpenter, Dorothy R

Carpenter, Senter, Center, Rudisill, Quickel, Froneberger, Lau, Lowe, Ramsour, Rhyne, Thornburg, Kiser, Cloninger, Murphy, Jenkins, McLuck, Summit, Glatfelder

March 2010

Carpenter, Robert C Charter member...

Carpenter, Kiser, Plonk, Froneberger, Friday, Huffstetler, Hovis, Senter, Center, Pasour, Summery, Rhyne, German families from Gaston & Lincoln areas

March 2010

Carpenter, Robert RCharter member...



Carpenter, Sue Charter member...

Carpenter, Kiser, Plonk, Froneberger, Friday, Huffstetler, Hovis, Senter, Center, Pasour, Summery, Rhyne, German families from Gaston & Lincoln areas

March 2010 Cason, Nancy Halman/Holman, Brown, Reel, Dellinger, Bollinger, Gingerich/Kingry, Willis, Lantz, Cline, Stroup, Rhyne, Rudisill, Schnapp, Savitz, Anthony, Moody, Wilfong
December 2010

Chaconas, Nancy H

McCulloch, McCullough, Falls, Robinson

Chawalik, Julia F Charter member...

Leeper, Leaper, Leiper, Clowney, Armstrong, Murphey

March 2010

Clark, James & Sally

Carroll, Neal, Bean

March 2010

Clements, Elsie

Clements, Dale, Buff, Hill, Guffey, Gettys, Morehead, Nanney, Lane, Crawley, Mace, Farr, Clark, Clarke, Allen, Keller, Hoover, Watts, Hoyle, Cook, Cooke, Flack, Mull, Hass, Hauss, Blankenship, Pearson, Smith

March 2010

Clemmer, Leonard

Clemmer, Hoyle, Linebarger, Stowe, Saunders, Harwell


Clevenger, DougCharter member...


March 2010

Cloninger, Bruce

Cloninger, Hoover, Civil War Information

June 2008

Cloninger, Nard B Charter member...

Hamsbracher, Rhyne, wilk, wills, Wiltz, Sherrill, Withers, Ingle, Baresley, Black, Shelton, Alexander, Cloninger, Mundy, Dellinger, Aderholt, Aderholdt, cody, Chronister, Allen, Edwards, Stroup, Hill, McGinnis, Heavner, Rudisill, Lockmar, Sides, Sieta, Robison, Middleton, Smith, Lynch, Linch, Emerson, Martin, Goodin, Earhart, Earnhardt, Forney, Zimmerman, Carpenter, Freeman, Young, Little, Lockman, Ramsour, Ramsaur, Ruppert

March 2009 Cooweesta, Ann Colby 6/08 Carpenter, Rankin, Witherspoon

March 2010

Collins, Robyn & Jeff

Robinson, Pollard, Hager, Beal, Beale, Deal

March 2010

Coulter, Phillip P & Laura

Coulter, Stilwell, Plonk, Finger, Warlick, Eaker, Wise, Mills, Costner, Hildebrand, Rudisill
March 2010

Cox, Barry & Glenda Huffstetler

Rhyne, Clemmer, Hoyle, Jenkins, Green, Greene, Jonas, Stroup, Stroupe, Beam, Huffstetler, Brown, Davis, Cobb, Bumgarner, Shuford

March 2010

Craig, Allan F

Craig, Davenport, Fay, Howard, Kelly, Morris, Nunnally, Prestwood, Clark, Clarke, Rankin

March 2010

Craig, William & Wilma


March 2008

Crosby, Berley M & Carole F

Payne, Phifer, Ramseur, White, Baird, Adams, Neil, Hedick, Friday, Warlick, Summey, Weidner, Givens, Hartshorn, Fronberger, Jenkins, Mauney, Kiser, Carpenter, Brem, Goforth, Larabee, Huffstetler, Hambright, Heavner, McLurd, Ferguson, Hempstead, Batcheller


Cunningham, Greg

Cunningham, Watson

March 2010

Dallery, Edgar L

Dallery, Drum


Day, Peggy Cato Charter member...




Paul Hampton Dellinger, Sr. Charter member...



1 Sept 1929 - 21 Jan 2007

Memorial at findagrave


Dellinger, Eddings, Howell, Sparks, Ingle, Goldnig, Pasour, Williams, Martin, Head, Parton, hays, Zimmerman, Soleme, Cook, Rucky, Gossett, Hawkins, Partin, Carpenter, Upchurch, Hawkings, Morton, Ledbetter, Johnston, McGinnis, Golden, Deppen, McKinny

March 2010

Dellinger, Ann & Robert

Patton, Erwin, Howard, Murr of Burke County, NC; William & Ann Hawkins, Dunlap, Moore, Beal, Loftin, Shuford of Rowan County, NC; Dellinger, Hovis, Howard, Shrode

June 2008 Doyle, Bernice H Hope, Deal, Quinn
June 2008 Durden, Alta M Mitchem, Mitchum, Reynolds, Best, Williams, Tucker
March 2010

Early, Glenn W

Earley, Eplee, Conner, Thompson, Medford, Liles, Schrum, Parker, Daniel, Bishop, Chunn, Wagoner, Surrett, Bryan, Crook, Surrat

March 2010

Eddleman, William R & Hope

Eddleman, Fulbright, Best/Bess, Holland Rhyne, Rusidaele, Dadler, Smith, Welker, Wills

March 2009

Edwards, Jane


March 2008

Edwards, Suzanne & Harry

Hoffman, Rhyne, Hovis, Best, Willis, Glattfelter, Davis, Seay, Dunlap, Foster, Wingo, Hoyle, Lineberger, Copland
March 2008

Elmore, Kelly L Jr

Rhea, Rea, Rae, Shields, Shelton, Huit, Wright, Ford, Featherston, Elmore, Wells, Henry, Irby, Graham, Wishon, Porter, Ducks, Rushing, Munday, Lutz

December 2010

Engelhardt, Andrea

Elmore, Mauney, Mooney,

March 2010 Falls, Harold B Falls, Kerr, Neill
March 2010

Findlay, Katherine

Clubb, Stiles, Styles, Hovis, Rhyne, Montgomery,

December 2010

Gardner, Kenneth & Mary B Kennedy

Gardner, Ballard, Shoemaker, Sparks, Dowell, Moore, Reynolds, Privett, Long
March 2010

Geiger, T Jean

Abernathy, Abernethy, Alexander, Beatty, Beattie, Bess, Best, Bradt, Bratt, Buschler, Dales, Diehl, Devault, Gattis, Grote, Howard, Heyl, Hoyl, Hoyle, Parr, Parum, Rankin, Smith, Thornburg, Tillman, Turner, VanDerHeyden, Wilson



James Donald Gladden Charter member...



17 June 1933 - 11 Sep 2007

Memorial at findagrave


Gladden, Paysour, Pasour, Stroup, Stroupe, Williams, Smith, Jenkins, Withers, Weathers, Shannon, McKee, Logan, Prather, Baker

March 2008

Gladden, Lila Charter member...

Gladden, Paysour, Pasour, Stroup, Stroupe, Williams, Smith, Jenkins, Withers, Weathers, Shannon, McKee, Logan, Prather, Baker


Gometz, Anne E


June 2008 Goodman, Mary Anne Spencer, McArver, Jenkins, Hoffman, Dilling, Oakley, Shetley, Pogue

Goodnight, Libby Wyatt Charter member...

Goodnight, Wyatt, Sims, Burgin, Jenkins, Rankin, Cansler, Knox; Reynolds & McPherson of Moore County, NC; Roberts of Starke, FL & GA; Wisenbaker of FL

March 2008

Goodson, Thelma Charter member...

Abernathy, Cline, Keener, Killian, Lawing, Goodson, Shrum, Finger, Cobb, Wardr, Borders, Moss, Bell


Greenhill, Loree W Charter member...

Weaver, Jenkins, Hilton, Helton, Conner, Weidner, Whitener, Cline, Dyer, Houck, Abernathy,Abernety, Hoffman, Huffman, Rein, Rhyne, Fry, Frye, Anthony, Kiser, Kaiser, Plonk, Sigmon, Sigman, Cobb, Moser, Wilkie, Rogers, Rodgers, Hoyle, Sain, Saine, Greenhill, Houser, Pollard, Black, Elmore, Traffelstrut, Travis, Cornwell, Harris, Shytle, Shitle, Shidal

March 2008 Griffin, Dale Caldwell, Stockton, Lockman, Coleman, Gunter, Waggoner, Thompson, Givens, Hume, Emory
March 2010

Grigg, Rebecca Adams

Dickson, Hoyle, Adams, James Smith & his wife Nanny Hunt - late 1700s


Harkey, Darrell
Historical Coordinator
for Lincoln County, NC



Haskin, Jean T

Haskin, Hasking, McCall, Turnmire, Turnmyre, Turnmeyer

March 2009

Haynes, Kathy

Goodson, Falls, Dickson, Harmon, Stroup, Baker, Brandon, Haynes, Laughter, McLure, McClure, Lackey, McKelvey

March 2010

Hedick, George A Jr Charter member...

Hedick, Hefner, Abernathy, Baxter, Cansler, Friday, Ramsour, Warlick, Rudisill, Finger, Stone, Wallace, Bidwell, Graff, Detter, Devepaugh, Costner

March 2008

Helms, Catherine Beattie & James A

Beattie, Cobb, McGill, Ferguson, Hardin, Ramsey, Oates, Falls, Griffin, Ferris, Dickey, Walker


Hickory Public Library

375 3rd Street NE

Hickory NC 28601


March 2010 Hoffman, Sonja Alexander Costner, Hoffman, Lineberger, Hoyle, Hovis, Dellinger and related connecting lines
September 2010

Holland, Judy Blackwood

Blackwood, Niell, Neill, Brown, Rush
September 2010 Hopper, William & Mirian 6/08 Hopper, Lutz, Hagans, Shaw, Martin, Harry

Hoover, Willie Elmina Robinson Charter member...

Robinson, Hoover, Cole, Huffstetler, Moss, Lingerfeldt, Lingerfelt

March 2010 Jacobs, Nelle Robinson, Davis, Beaty
March 2010

Jackson, Miss Louise Charter member...

Jackson, Knox, Youngblood, Currence, Howell, Goforth, Ormand, Whisonant, Gordon, Floyd

June 2008 Jarrett, William 6/08 Forney, Jarrett, Hoke, Johnson
March 2010 Jenkins, Jennifer Dawn Dunn, Crews, Ogletree, Turner, Strickland, Parker, Andrews
June 2008

Johnson, Harry & Donna

Joy, Fisher, Abernethy, Hoover, Rankin, Warlick, Farrar
March 2010

Johnson, Helen Jenkins

Smith, Miller, Jenkins, Long, Cox, Schronce, Bynum, Abernathy, Hogan (s), Bradshaw, Robinson, Summitt, Mundy, Lynch, Linch

December 2010

Jones, James L 6/08

Ramsey, Castleberry, Mull, Burris, Fant, Quiett, Quait

June 2008

Jones, Dr John Rison Jr

Rhyne, Hoffman, Shuford, Wills, Brandon (Josiah),
Brown, Erwin


Kidd, Reiley MD Charter member...

McCall, Newton, George, Queen

June 2009 Kidd, June  
March 2010

Kiser, Cheryl M & Darrell

Mauney, Lowe, Rhyne, Adams, Kiser, Walker, McElwaine, Morris, Stroup, Brown, Sides, Wells, Alexander, Barringer, Cox, Carpenter, McClurd, Holland, Castles, Watts, Froneberger, Killian, Finger, Rhyne, Decker, Abernathy

March 2009 Kiser, Harry Kiser, Froneberger, Carpenter, McClueg, Long, Graham, Rhyne, Beam, Woods, Sellers, Hostetler, Wills, Arrowood, Sides
March 2010

Killian, Robert L

Killian, Lantz, Finger, Coon (Koon), Seagle, Cansler, Carpenter

March 2010 Killian, Samuel Lee Killian, Dietz, Weaver, Cline, Yoder, Starr, Finger, Blackburn

Lavender, Bobby H Charter member...

Hamilton, Cloninger, Huitt, Fisher, Lavender, Davis, Clary, Hansil, Cole

March 2008

Lawrence Philip Leonard Charter member...


3 Jan 1942 - 1 Mar 2008

Memorial at findagrave

,George Dellinger of Indian Creek, Jacob Wacaster, Aaron Goins, Anthony

March 2008

Liming, Fulton L

Liming, Barber, White, Proctor, Dewilde, Carpenter, Zimmerman, Knight, Cosler, Tabler, Carson, Freeman, Brown, Browne


Lincoln County Public Library

306 W Main Street

Lincolnton, NC 28092

March 2010

Loftin, Joyce Street

Loftin, Street, Bailey, Broadwater, Sherrill, King, Hardin, Harrison

March 2008 Long, Jerry F Long, Cody, Faulkenberry, Alexander

Love, James F III Charter member...

Alexander, Love Rhyne

March 2010 Lucas, Barbara R  

Lundy, Sue

Long, Willard

March 2010 Mann, Kay Johnson Johnson, Flowers, Arney, Earney, Rudisell, Hovis, Summerow, Chunn
March 2010

Marks, Susan Dameron

Hoyle, Franklin, Poteat, Lutz, Padgett, Splawn, Crosby, Carpenter, Erwin/Ervin, Dameron, Arrowood, Watts, Boyle

March 2010

Martin, Hall A

Martin, Bumgarner, Harmon, Allen, Fry, Rhyne,

June 2008 McDonald, Vickie 6/08 Sanford, Poovey, Reep, Weaver, Spake Coon, Dellinger, Herman, Baker, Starr, Bowman, Bollinger, Killian, Fry, Ramsey, Hicks, Thompson, Jenkins, Summey, Mauney, Bumgardner, Cline, Abernathy, Rhyne, Hoyle, Fulton, Arnot, Hoffman, Brancher
March 2008

Messer, Rita B

Bell, Willis, Hullett, Leonard, Taylor, Gaines

September 2010

Miller, Joan Sims

Hoyle, Loretz, Shuford, Ramsour, Warlick, Costner
March 2010 Mitchell, David & Barbara Rhyne, Hoyle
December 2010 Murray, Becky Wyont, Allran, Tutherow, Ramsey, Davis, Blackburn, Costner, Metcalf
March 2010 Norusis, Kay Harmon Harmon, Burris, Newton, Cloninger, Moore, Norusis, Kuksta, Krapinskas, Hoover
September 2010 Parker, Ruby Hewitt Barber, Jenkins, Huffstetler
March 2010

Parker-Proctor, Judith

Judy's e-mail
Judy's website

Parker, Morrison, Cogdell, Green, Hamrick, McKinney, Buchanan, Devine, Willis, Weathers, Horn, Mode, McEntire, Smith, Hull, Wacaster, Peace, Pitman, Pittman, Morris, Gosnell, Ballew, Barnett, Cantrell, Harrison, Tucker, Harris, Fisher, Hammond, McElrath, Proctor, Helms, Lackey, Whitworth, White, Plumley, Phillips, Barton, Womack, Reid, O'Neal, Fisher & more!

March 2008

Pasour, Raymond & Gretel


Pasour, Lewis, Hamrick, Biggerstaff

September 2010

Perkins, Lois

Clay, Bengel, Bangle, Pangle
March 2008

Peters, Mike & Linda

Styers, Peters, Garrett, Bradley,

March 2010

Philbeck, Miles Charter member...

Mooney, Mauney, House, Hefner


Quackenbush, Carolyn Rhyne Charter member...

Wylie, Washburn, McSwain, Leeper, Armstrong, Herron, McDowell, Ward, Abernathy, Cobb, Tillman, Parram, Parham, Dunne, Gaston, Clemmer


Rhyne, Dr Howard S Charter member...

Rhyne, Collins, Dickson, Etheridge, Fisher, Baker, Hall, Dye, Ferguson


Richard, Nellie E

Richard, Rhyne, Hovis, Dellinger, Mauney, Welch

December 2010

Rick, JoAnn S Charter member...

Sigmon, Loftin, Rick, Raby, Rhinehart, Painter, Allen

March 2010

Roberts, Spurgeon A

William Magness, Jacob Fullenwider, Roberts

March 2008

Robinson, Donna W

Hauss, Hause, Huss, McDaniel, McDonald, Poteat

March 2010

Ross, Manuel O

Costner, Ross, Ledford, Lovelace, Green

March 2010 Rudasill, Linda C. Rudisill, Correll, Clody, Hovis, Keener
March 2010 Rudasill, John & Vickie Bailey, Bess, Bingham, Carpenter, Costner, Crowder, Dellinger, Eaker, Engle, Foster, Gold, Hamrick, Ingle,Lancaster, Ledford, Lovelace, Martin, Padgett, Peeler, Rudasill, Webb, Wright, Williams
March 2010

Rzeminski, Peter J

Swanson, Thornburg, Ikard,Killian, Lorance, Nantz,

March 2010

Saunders, Kerin Drum & Robert

Saunders, Drum, Josey, Gilleland, Bell, Calloway, Turner,
Ward, Miller, Sherrill

March 2008

Scott, Teresa

Dilling, Sherrill, Froneberger, Holland, Jenkins, Case, Kimble, Rhyne

March 2010 Schronce, Vernon Schronce, Johnston, Morgan, Strickland, Soles
March 2010

Scott, Charlotte

Sherrill, Dilling, Case, Kimble, Froneberger
March 2010 Sewell, Diane Lampkin, Lamkin, Lambkin, Hoyle, William Smith
March 2010

Sherrill, Fred L Jr  & Gwen

Ikerd, Smyre, Hunsucker, McCorkle, Isenhower, Herman, Sherrill, Howard, Hoke, Smith, Bolick, Little, Brady, Goodhart, Starr, Coulter, Young, Dellinger, Killian, Rowe, Bost

March 2010

Shytle, Ray D Charter member...

Shytle, Scheiklt, McDade, Davis, Culbreth, Froneberger, Sherrill

March 2009

Sifford, Gail & John

Sifford, Helton, Van Pelt, Mullinax, Pryor
March 2010

Smith, Ray H

Smith, Hoyle, Taylor, Heavner, Homesley

March 2010 Smith, Richard & Patsy Smith, Stamey, Hauss, Hass, Haas, Abernathy
March 2010

Snider, Col Neil A

Snider, Fish, Conrad, Jones, Ohrall

March 2010 Sparrow, Tom & Marilyn Sparrow, Dews, Howell, Love, Bigham, Boyd, Hartis, McCall, Quinn
December 2008

Spearman, Jerry & Evelyn

Crawford, Spearman

Steffy, Juanita H Charter member...

Brown, Hudspeth, Patrick, Thomasson, Whitesides

March 2009

Stewart, Mr Lynn

Ingle, Hope, Jenkins, Yarborough, Towery, Copeland, Morsetller, Mosteller

March 2009

Sumlar, Donald R

Roberts, Briggs, Rhodes, Friday from Gaston, Lincoln & Cleveland Counties, NC

December 2010

Stroupe, Sid

Stroup, Stroupe, Hicks, Bridges

December 2008 Taylor, Shirley H Haywood, Benton
March 2010

Thomason, Randy T

Ratchford, Gaston, Hardy, Worthy, Ashley, Houser, Jones, Smith, Feemester

March 2010

Thompson, Shirley C

Abernathy, Abernethy, Clemmer, Rhodes, Crawford, Durham, Fikes, Gault, Hicks, Guthrie, McKinney, Thompson, Rhyne

March 2010

Thornburg, Elizabeth

Thornburg, Strong, Harmon, Ormand/Ormond/Orman/Ormon


Todd, Jane Alice Charter member...

Groner, Rhodes, Bennett, Dilling, Smith, Murrell, Merrill, Huffstetler


Todd, Jean Wood Charter member...


March 2010

Washington, Edwin B Jr.

Coulter, England, McCorkle, Pharr, Ramseur, Ramsaur, Ramsour, Reinhardt, Rinehardt

March 2010 Welch, William Welch
June 2008

Wilson, Richard E  & MaryCharter member...

Wilson, Burns, West, Wright


Wisconsin Historical Society
Acquisitions Section
816 State Street
Madison WI 53706-1482

,Violet...State Flower of Wisconsin...

March 2010

Yount, Agnes Bell Charter member...

Adams, Arnex, Baird, Bell, Bird, Clemmer, Cloninger, Costner, Falls, Ferguson, Gibson, Hoffman, Howell, Jenkins, Kiser, Kistler, Kuhn, Keener, Leonhardt, Morrow, palmer, Plonk, Rhyne, Robinson, Rudisill, Shetley, Smith, Spencer, Wright, Wyatt

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