King Hancock's Fort

Also Known As Cotechney and Catechna

The fort was a Tuscarora stronghold. The first battle of the Tuscarora War fought here on 27 Feb 1712 ended with a treaty which was unsatisfactory to both sides. The Tuscarora held settlers captive and the South Carolinian force led by Col Barnwell could hear their screams as they were tortured. Chief Hancock promised to kill all of the captives if the fighting continued. With the promise of their release, Barnwell's forces withdrew. The Tuscarora released twelve captives and the remainder were to be released later. However, the Tuscarora did not make the meeting. On 7 Apr 1712, a second battle was fought. Negotiations were made this time as well, with the Tuscarora turning over Chief Hancock and three of his lieutenants. Chief Hancock was executed by the settlers.

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