North Carolina Forts

Fort Allen
Camp Amory
Fort Amory
Battery Anderson
Camp Anderson
Fort Anderson
Camp Andrews
Camp Argyle
Camp Ashe
Asheville Civil War Defenses
Fort Astor
Camp Badger
Battery Atlantic Beach
Ballast Point Battery
Fort Barnwell
Fort Bartow
Bath Town Fort
Camp Battle
Beacon Island Fort
Bear Island Fort
Camp Beech Grove
Camp Belvidere
Camp Benbow
Fort Benjamin
Fort Blanchard
Blowing Rock Fort
Battery Bolles
Boone Court House Fort
Boyles Mill Redoubt
Camp Branch
Fort Branch
Fort Brice
Fort Brown
Brunswick Town Battery
Battery Buchanan
Fort Buchanan
Fort Buffalo
Camp Burgwyn
Fort Burnside
Fort Campbell
Burnt Canebrake Blockhouse
Fort Butler
Camp Cameron
Camp Canal
Battery Cape Hatteras
Cape Lookout Fort
Carolina City Camp
Castle Island Battery
Fort Caswell
Cathey's Fort
Cauchi Blockhouse
Fort Cerris
Fort Chase
Camp Chronicle
Fort Clark
Camp Clingman
Fort Cobb
Fort Comfort
Conaby Redoubt
Fort Conpher
Cooweechee Blockhouse
Croatan Line
Davidson's Fort
Camp Davis
Fort Davis
Deep Gap Fort
Fort Defiance
Fort Delaney
Fort Dillard
Fort Dixie
Fort Dobbs
Fort Dutton
Edonton Battery
Fort Ellis
Eaton's Station
Fayetteville Earthworks
Fort Fisher
Flag Pond Battery
Camp Florida
Fort Forrest
Fort Landing Stockade
Fort Foster
Camp French
Fort French
Camp Gaston
Fort Gaston
Battery Gatlin
Camp Gatlin
Fort George
Camp Georgia
Camp Gibbins
Camp at Gilbert Town
Camp Glenn
Camp Graham
Graham's Fort
Fort Granville
Fort Grey
Grove Camp
Fort Gun Battery
Half-Moon Battery
Fort Hal
Fort Hall
Fort Hamby
Fort Hamilton
Fort Hampton
Fort Hancock
Fort Hatteras
Hatteras Inlet Fort
Havelock Station Blockhouse
Camp Heath
Fort Hembree
Heron's Bridge
Camp Hill
Fort Hill
Fort Hoffman
Battery Holland
Camp Holmes
Fort Holmes
Hough's Blockhouse
Fort Huger
Huggin's Island Fort
Camp Huntington
Fort Hyde
Camp Irwin
Camp Jackson
Camp Jeter
Fort Johnston
Fort Jones
Fort Jourdan
King Hancock's Fort
Kure Beach Reserve
Battery Lamb
Camp Lamb
Fort Lane
Fort Lee
Camp Leventhorpe
Fort Lindsay
Fort Lombard
Battery Lookout
Battery Macon
Fort Macon
Camp Massachusetts
McDowell's Station
McFadden's Fort
McGaughey's Fort
Camp Mast
Fort Meares
Fort Mercer
Fort Monteil
Fort Montgomery
Fort Morgan
Mound Battery
Fort Neorooka
Newport Barracks
Fort Ocracoke
Old Fort
Fort Oregon
Owen's Fort
Painted Rock Blockhouse
Camp Palmer
Fort Parke
Camp Patterson
Camp Patton
Fort Pearson
Fort Pender
Camp Pendleton
Camp Pettigrew
Camp Pierce
Plymouth Civil War Defenses
Fort Pollock
Potecasi Creek Earthworks
Pott's Fort
Camp Radcliff
Camp Raleigh
Fort Raleigh
Camp at Ramsour's Mill
Fort Reading
Camp Reno
Fort Reno
Camp Rescue
Roanoke Island Fort
Rodman's Point Battery
Fort Rollins
Fort Rowan
Fort Russell
Fort Rutherford
Fort St Philip
Fort San Juan de Xuala
Fort Scott
Battery Shaw
South Mills Battery
Fort Spinola
Fort Stevenson
Battery Stokes
Fort Strong
Sugarloaf Signal Station
Fort Sullivan
Fort Thompson
Battery Tirza
Fort Totten
Fort Union
Upper Fort
Camp Vance
New Forte in Virginia
Warm Springs Blockhouse
Fort Warren
Camp Washington
Fort Washington
Washington Civil War Defenses
Camp Watauga
Fort Wessells
Camp Whiting
Camp Wilkes
Fort Williams
Wilmington Civil War Defenses
Post at Wilmington
Fort Winfield
Fort Wingfield
Camp Winslow
Wofford's Fort
Camp Woodfin
Camp Wool
Battery Worth
Camp Wyatt
Young's Fort
Zeke's Island Battery

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