George Leff Midgett Cemetery

George Leff Midgett Family Cemetery  

Manteo, Dare County, North Carolina

On Wingina, across the street from Mt.Olivet/Manteo Cemetery

    On Tombstone       Actual Name/Date
1   Peace Be Thine        
    Sallie Midgett       Sallie Ann Hooper
    July 1, 1870       July 1, 1869
    Jan 13, 1932        
2   Peace Be Thine        
    G. L. Midgett       George Leff Midgett
    Sept. 18, 1862        
    Feb. 10, 1928        
    Our Loving Father        
    Now has gone        
    From Earth to Heaven        
    There to dwell        
3   John A. Midgett       John Allen Midgett
    Born May 10, 1836     (Father of George Leff Midgett)  
    Died Nov. 29, 1913        
    He served his time in        
    The service of the Lord        
    And departed this life in peace        
4   Ruby May       Ruby Mae Midgett
    Daughter of G L and Sallie A. Midgett        
    Junne 10, 1907       June 10, 1911
    Aug 12, 1919        
    She has gone to the Mansions of Rest        
5   Lenard R.       Lenard Roosevelt Midgett
    Son of GL and SA Midgett        
    April 15, 1902       April 13, 1902
    May 1, 1903        
    Only Sleeping        

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