Caswell County Historical Markers

Historical Markers

Bright Leaf Tobacco (New Marker)

Bright Leaf Tobacco Historical Marker (New Marker)

Bright Leaf Tobacco (Old Marker)

Bright Leaf Tobacco Historical Marker (Old Marker)

Caswell County Courthouse (New Marker)

Caswell County Courthouse Historical Marker

Caswell County Courthouse (Old Marker)

Courthouse Historical Marker

Bedford Brown

Bedford Brown Historical Marker

Romulus Mitchell Saunders

Romulus Mitchell Saunders Historical Marker

Bartlett Yancey

Bartlett Yancey Historical Marker

Red House Presbyterian Church

Red House Prebysterian Church Historical Marker

Calvin Graves

Calvin Graves Historical Marker

Solomon Lea

Solomon Lea Historical Marker

Bethesda Church

Bethesda Church Historical Marker

Jacob Thompson

Jacob Thompson Historical Marker

William L. Poteat

William L. Poteat Historical Marker

Griers Presbyterian Church

Griers Presbyterian Church Historical Marker

Thomas Day

Thomas Day Historical Marker

Archibald DeBow Murphey

Archibald DeBow Murphey Historical Marker

Washington's Southern Tour

Washington's Southern Tour Historical Marker

List of Caswell County Historical Markers

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    If you have ever wondered why Caswell County historical markers were identified with the letter "G" followed by a number, it is because Caswell County is in District G (along with Alamance, Durham, Granville, Orange, Person, and Vance counties). These signs are installed and maintained by the North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program (administered by the Division of Archives and History Department of Cultural Resources), which divided the state into districts. For more information go to North Carolina Historical Markers. If you have a better photograph of one of Caswell County's historical markers, please submit it to the CCHA Webmaster for inclusion in this section of the website.

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