Letters and Journal of Paul A. Haralson

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Letters and Journal of Paul A. Haralson


These letters and the journal are being shared by Tommy Booker, a descendant of Paul A. Haralson, [1798-1852]  shown in the photograph.  He served as Clerk of Court in Caswell Co., North Carolina c. 1826 - 1841.

Nothing gives us a better feeling for the life and times of our ancestors like their letters which have been lovingly preserved.  The Journal of Paul A. Haralson is great reading!

Thanks Tommy for this great addition!

2002 Tommy Booker  
No portion of this material is  to be reproduced for any purpose without express written consent of owner(s).
April 15th 1843 Herndon Haralson in Brownsville, Tennessee to his son Paul A. Haralson
June 20, 1844 Abner Miles in Yanceyville, N.C. to Paul A. Haralson in Social Circle, Ga.
19th Augt 1844 Letter from Paul A. Haralson to unknown regarding education of his son
August 28th 1846 F.B.E. Overly addressed to C. A. Haralson Esqr, Social Circle, Walton Co., Ga.
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