Thompson Family Bible - Caswell Co., North Carolina

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Thompson Family Bible
Taken from the Thompson Bible in possession of J. T. Bradsher of Milton, NC, 23 December 1978.
Contributed by Martha Spencer


Joseph S. Thompson married Mary A. Leath the 17th February 1831.
Joseph S. Thompson departed this life April the 11, 1891, in his 86 year --- only 9 days of being 86.
Mary A. Thompson departed this life July 2nd 1905, in her 97th year, only one month and 17 days of being 97.
Justina L. Thompson was married to John C. Wilkerson the 25th of March 1852.
Joseph R. Thompson married Manerva Ann Winstead the 20th of December 1855.
Jacob A. Thompson was married to Louisa J. Torian the 11 of April 1860
. Laura R. Thompson was married to Z. T. (Zachary) Bradsher the 17th of Feb. 1876.
Laura's second marriage to J. A. Long was May the 23, 1883.
Joseph Sidney Thompson was born the 30th of April, 1805.
Mary A. Thompson, wife of Joseph S. was born the 19th of August 1808.
Justina L. Thompson was born 18th December, 1831.
Joseph R. Thompson was born 24th December 1833.
Jacob A. Thompson was born 24th of June 1836.
Mary A. Thompson was born March 17, 1838.
James N. Thompson was born March 27, 1840.
Catharine A. Thompson was born 15th September 1842.
Laura Rebecca Thompson was born 24th June 1845.
Mary Ella was born December 1, 1847.
John Sydney Thompson was born the 9th August 1852.
Mary, daughter of Z.T. and Laura Bradsher was born January 7, 1877.

The next two were loose handwritten scraps of paper that appeared to have been taken from another Bible:

Nancy S. Leath departed this life October the 12, 1850.
John A. Leath departed this life the 5th March 1843 in his 36th year.
Mary A. Thompson departed this life 8th Oct. 1838 , age 6 months and 21 days.
M. Ella Thompson departed this life 9th November 1851. Age 3 years, 10 months, and 9 days.
John Sidney Thompson departed this life 13th October 1853. Age 1 year, 2 months, and 4 days.
James N. Thompson departed this life April the 4 - 1863, age 23 years, one month and 27 days. [He died in the Civil War.]
Eugenia Thompson Bradsher departed this life October 20th, 1901.
Lucy A. Thompson departed this life, October 6, 1902 in her 14th year.
Jacob A. Thompson departed this life January 12th, 1903 in his 67th year.
Nicholas Thompson, our father, departed this life 28th of July 1857 in his 77th year.
Lucretia Thompson, our mother, departed this life 19th of March 1858.
Z. T. Bradsher departed this life June 30, 1877, age 30 years and 2 months.
Mary Bradsher departed this life September 5, 1880.
Joseph R. Thompson departed this life August 5, 1897.
Mary E. Thompson, wife of Dr. J. A. Thompson, departed this life July 17, 1905.
Minerva A. Thompson, wife of Joseph R. Thompson, departed this life March 22, 1910 in her 79th year.
[* There is an error in my copying at this point. I have mixed together the death of Minerva A. Thompson
and Justina Wilkerson. I do not know which of the two women died on March 22, 1910.]
Laura Rebecca Thompson, wife of J. A. Long, departed this life May 10, 1930 in her 84th year.

Obituary with penciled date 1891 loose in Bible:
Joseph Sidney Thompson, taken ill April 8, 1891, died April 11, 1891, age 85. Born April 20, 1805.
Five children survive: Joseph Thompson of Oregon, Dr. Jacob Thompson and Mrs. Kate Bradsher of Leasburg,
Mrs. Jessie Wilkerson of Durham and Mrs. J. A. Long [this must be from the Roxboro newspaper as that is where
Mr. and Mrs. Long lived.]

Obituary clipping undated:
Died April 4, 1863 at General Hospital No. 2, Lieutenant James W. Thompson of Manley's Battery of North Carolina.

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