Revolutionary War Company from Caswell Co., NC

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List of The officers and soldiers of the Revolutionary War who subsequently resided in Caswell Co., North Carolina


Note:  The first  list was from a box of loose papers  found in the State Archives, transcribed and submitted by Catherine McNeill . It is  not meant to be complete or all inclusive. Additional Pension Applications are listed below. If you have evidence that your own ancestor served in the revolution and subsequently lived in Caswell Co., please send the information to me and I will gladly add them to the list. Nola

Col James Saunders
1.   Maj Richard Saunders
3.   (sic)Maj Thos Donoho
4.   Maj Charles Dixon
5.   Maj John Reed
6.   Capt Samuel Johnson
7.   Doct. Lancelot Johnson
.8.    (? possibly ditto) David Johnson
9.   Capt Gabriel  Lee
10.   Col. Robert Parkes
11.   Col. Henry Williams
12.   Col. John Williams
13.   ---John McMullin
14.   Peter Smith
15.   Capt David Mitchell
16.   William Culbertson
17.   Lewis Corbill
18.   David Barker
19.   Jonathan Starkey
20.   William Sawyers
21.   Capt. William Richmond
22.   Rev. Richard Martin
23.   Robert Martin
24.   Thomas Slade
25.   William Slade
26.   Nathaniel Slade
27.   Jacob Wright
28.   John Ingram
29.   Nathaniel Comer (Cormer?)
30.   Jeremiah Samuel
31.   Archibald Samuel
32.   George Samuel
33.   John Davis
34.   Robert Blackwell
35.   John Price
36.   Mjr Nathaniel Harte
37.   Henry Willis
39.   (so numbered) Joshua Kerney
40.   John Kimbrough
41.   John Taylor
42.   William Mitchell
43.   Isaac Rainey
44.   Wm. Parker
45.   William Berry
46.   James Turner
47.   Capt Wynn Dixon
.48.    Francis  Smith
49.   William Ware
50.   John Ware
51.   Thomas Wiley
52.   Tho. Stephens
53.   Wm. Stephens
54.   Holoway Pass
55.   Robt. Browning
    (no No.) Capt John Graves
57.   Danl. Gwyn
.58.   Berry Hunt
59.   James Lea
60.   Spill(?) Coleman

Abstract of Rev. Pension Application for John Atkinson submitted by Carmen Forquer