Rev. Pen. info for David Mitchell of Caswell Co.

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Data gained from a Rev War Pension application, on the family  of David and Ann  Mitchell of Caswell Co.  NC  (an abstract of David’s will is already in the Caswell Digital Archives


On  20 June 1843 Ann Mitchell, aged 81 years, widow of David Mitchell, pensioner, who died 30 Aug. 1831,stated that she married David Mitchell  13 June 1782.

There is a statement from a William Mitchell of Rutherford Co. Tenn, aged about 78 years, saying that David Mitchell deceased,  of Caswell Co. NC was his brother and that he was present when David Mitchell married Ann Anderson of Orange Co. NC, at the home of her father, William  Anderson “shortly after the end of the war.

There is a statement from David Mebane of Orange Co. NC , that he was present when David Mitchell  of Caswell Co. married Ann Anderson   of Orange Co, “sometime in June of 1782”     (note from compiler_-David was Ann Anderson’s uncle, her mother was Janet Mebane, dau. of Alex. Sr.

In June 1852 John Mitchell, son,   applied for  administration of estate of Ann Mitchell.

On 21 July 1852, John Mitchell, Ex. of David Mitchell and admin. of Ann Mitchell, gave a power of attny to someone in Washington DC to collect what is due in pension money to estates.  There is a Govt.  certificate issued 16 Oct 18 50?, “payable to surviving children”  In order to prove the children there  is what appears to be a  page taken from a Bible listing the births:

John Mitchell was born 28 April 1783

William Mitchell born 5 May 1785

David Mitchell born 2 April 1787

Robert Mitchell born 1 March 1789

Jane Mitchell born 10 May 1791

Frances Mitchell born26 Sept 1795

Samuel Mitchell born 19 March 1798

Anderson Mitchell born 13 July 1800

Elizabeth Mitchell born  30 Nov 1802

William Mitchell,brother of David, above , served in the war with him, told something of their service, and referred to his own pension application.  I sent for this and  it yielded  these facts.

He was born in Orange Co NC in May 1765 “according to what his parents told him”.  David was older than he and entered the war first, William  entered   abooout 1 July 1780, age 16.

He lived in Caswell Co. NC until 1815, when he moved with his family to Rutherford Cco. Tenn , about three miles from Murfreesboro, where he has lived since.

Submitted by:  Catherine

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