Roster of 4th NC Cavalry - Caswell Co., Co. B

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4th NC Cavalry--Caswell County --Company B

Contributed by Neil Hunter Raiford

Note:  We are indebted to Neil Hunter Raiford for contributing this  Roster of the 4th NC Cavalry from his book.
Surname Given Name   Rank
Aldridge Rufus Graves Pvt
Austin Joseph B. Pvt
Barker Eaton A. Pvt
Barnwell W. S. Pvt
Beavers James   Pvt
Beavers William T. Pvt
Bennett C. G. Pvt
Bennett Edward W. Pvt
Bennett John N. Pvt
Bennett Thomas G. Pvt.
Bennett William T. Pvt.
Bishop Amos   Pvt.
Boney Thomas E. Pvt.
Boswell Thomas E. Pvt.
Botton W. H. Pvt.
Bradsher David Y. Pvt.
Bradsher William G. Pvt.
Bradsher Wilson   Pvt.
Brandon James C. Pvt.
Brannock William H. Pvt.
Bray Lewis R. Pvt.
Brincefield Thompson A. Pvt.
Brintle James H. Pvt.
Brintle Zachariah   Pvt.
Brooks H. M. Pvt.
Brown Thomas   Pvt.
Bryant William W. R. Corp.
Burke William T. Pvt.
Burns Lawrence   Pvt.
Burton George Moses Pvt.
Burton John Richard Pvt.
Butler Moses M. Pvt.
Chance Yancey   Pvt.
Chandler George W. Pvt.
Chandler James M. Pvt.
Chandler Joseph W. Pvt.
Chapman C. S. Pvt.
Cheek Alexander C. Pvt.
Cooper Warren   Pvt.
Cooper William    Pvt.
Couch G. W. Pvt.
Covington Nathaniel R. Pvt.
Craft Andrew J. Pvt.
Davis George W. Pvt.
Davis Henry W. Pvt.
Dickie James B. Sgt.
Dillard Joseph F. Pvt.
Donoho Charles D. Pvt.
Duffy Philip W. Pvt.
Dunnevant Thomas   Pvt.
Dupont George   Pvt.
Elliott William M. Corp.
Evans Bazley H. Pvt.
Evans Thomas L. Pvt.
Foard Wyatt   Pvt.
Ford James T. Sgt.
Foster John   Pvt.
Foster William A. Pvt.
Fowler Charles J. Pvt.
Fullington Lorenzo L. Pvt.
Fuquay Augustus W. Pvt.
Glidewell Lewis F. Pvt.
Graham Alexander R. Pvt.
Grant Joseph   Pvt.
Groom Calvin   Pvt.
Gwynn Iverson R. Pvt.
Hall Caleb F. Pvt.
Harrelson John L. Pvt.
Haymes John B. Sgt.
Hendricks Thomas W. Pvt.
Henry John   Pvt.
Henry Robert L. D. Pvt.
Hensley William J. Pvt.
Hensly Buford Brown Pvt.
Hester Louis C. Pvt.
Hightower William Daniel Pvt.
Holden Emory Brock 1st Lt.
Hooper Henry   Pvt.
Hooper James   Pvt.
Hooper Woodlieff   Pvt.
Irvine William   Pvt.
Jackson John R. Sgt.
Jeffreys Arch W. Pvt.
Johnson George W. Pvt.
Jones Robert T. 3rd Lt.
Kimbrough Alexander   Pvt.
Knighten James W. Pvt.
Long Thomas Ruffin Ord.Sgt.
Love Apollos   Pvt.
Love Cicero   Sgt.
Love James C. Sgt.
Maddin Samuel Q. Pvt.
Malone James Thomas Pvt.
Malone R. D. Pvt.
Massey Joseph Franklin Pvt.
Massey Levi P. Pvt.
Massey Nathan T. Pvt.
Matkins John W. Pvt.
McCain Henry David Pvt.
McCain Samuel P. Pvt.
McKinney David W. Pvt.
McKinney James Aaron Pvt.
Miles Hammond   Pvt.
Miles Henry   Pvt.
Miles John   Pvt.
Miles Warren W. Pvt.
Mitchell James T. Capt.
Montgomery Elvis L. Pvt.
Montgomery Thomas L. Corp.
Moore Alexander   Pvt.
Moore Evans   Pvt.
Moore James P. Pvt.
Morgan Daniel   Pvt.
Morgan Lorenzo D. Pvt.
Morgan Samuel W. Corp.
Murphy William H. Pvt.
Myers John   Pvt
Neal James William Pvt.
Neal John T. Pvt.
Nunn James   Pvt.
Oakley Thomas P. Pvt.
Oliver Calvin C. Pvt.
Oliver Iverson Lea Pvt.
Page William C. Pvt.
Pass John C. Pvt.
Payne Calvin   Pvt.
Peterson James O. Pvt.
Phillips Paul George Pvt.
Pinnix George W. Pvt.
Pleasant Stephen W. Pvt.
Pleasant W. Haywood Pvt.
Pleasant William Samuel Pvt.
Pool John T. Pvt.
Powell Jarrell   Pvt.
Powell Martin J. Pvt.
Reid Cenephus Albert Sgt.
Richmond Danie(l) W. QM Sgt.
Richmond Henry C. Sgt.
Richmond James Bethel Pvt.
Riggs George Williamson Pvt.
Riggs Nathaniel Thomas Pvt.
Rudd Lorenzo D. Pvt.
Slade Elias M. Pvt.
Smith Elijah R. Pvt.
Smith Thomas   Pvt.
Smith William B. Pvt.
Smith William Rufus Pvt.
Snider John   Pvt.
Stadler John Bentley Pvt.
Stanfield John O. Pvt.
Stephens Benjamin    Pvt.
Tally A. D. Pvt.
Tally Daniel Y. Pvt.
Tate John C. Pvt.
Teague Aquilla   Pvt.
Terrell David   Pvt.
Terrell James R. Pvt.
Terrell Jefferson    Pvt.
Terrell Jesse   Pvt.
Terrell John   Pvt.
Terrell Joseph W. Pvt.
Thaxton Henry S. 2nd Lt.
Turner James R. Pvt.
Turner John   Pvt.
Vaughan Warren T. Pvt.
Vaughan William   Pvt.
Wade John C. Pvt.
Ward Alfred   Pvt.
Warren Barteman H. Pvt.
Warren John   Pvt.
Warren Shelby C. Pvt.
Whitlow William J. Pvt.
Wickers W.   Pvt.
Wiles Thomas Alexander Pvt.
Wilkerson Joseph   Pvt.
Willis James H. Pvt.
Wilson Jordan   Pvt.
Wilson L. J. Pvt.
Wilson Thomas A. Pvt.
Winstead Charles S. Pvt.
Wrenn Hillmon W. Corp.
Wright Sidney R. Pvt.
Yarbrough George W. Pvt.
Yarbrough Richard Loyston Pvt.