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Indian Woods Deed

The Tuscarora Indian Tribe of Indian Woods, Bertie County, had requested that Governor Tryon appoint 3 trustees to arrange for the sale of their land to pay the tribe's debts and finance their journey to New York to join the Six Nation.

The gentlemen Jones, Williams and Pugh had been appointed by Governor Tryon as trustees.

Book L-2 page 56 of Bertie County Deeds. Indian Woods Deed

James Allen
John Wiggins
Billy George
Snifnose George
Bile Cain Charles Cornelius
Thomas Blount
John Rogers
George Blount
Wineoak Charles
Bille Basket
Bile Owens
Lewis Tuffdick
Isaac Miller
Harry Samuel
BridgersThomas, Seniear
Thomas Howell
Bille Sockey
Bille Carelius John Seniear,
Thomas Baskett
John Cain
Billy Blount
Tom Jack
John Litewood
Billy Roberts
James Mitchell
Capt. Joe
William Pugh,
as chieftans of the Tuskarora Indians,

to Robert Jones Jr. attorney of NC province, & William Williams
& Thomas Pugh gent. of same.

12 Jul 1766. 1800 pounds proclamation.

8000 acreas on north side of Roanoke River, joining Deep Creek (Called Falling Run).
Wit. David Standley, Samuel Wynnes, James Bate.

Sept Ct 1767
CC: [county clerk] John Johnston

More information may be found in "The Correspondence of William Tryon and Other Papers".

The Chronicle (publication of Bertie Historical Association) article by Dr. Herbert R. Pascal, Jr.

Deed information contributed by David Hoggard

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