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Naming Patterns - Typical of Bertie County

Surnames used as Christian Names


One of the earliest with the surname was Thomas Whitmel, who became Sheriff in 1745 and member of the Assembly from 1754 to 1759.

The name Whitmel(l) , a prominent surname in early Bertie Co. history, died out - at least in Bertie Co.- by the early 1800s; seems there were plenty of Whitmel daughters that married and remained in the area, but few sons. Of the direct male line, one moved to TN, others died young, or are unaccounted for. It has been a popular first and middle name since then, either as Whit or Whitmel(l). The Whitmell line is currently online, and I'll be happy to send it to you if you email me. Molly


Joyce There was a Adam Thorogood in Va. and a Thorogood Dempsey in Bertie Co. in the late 1760s.
Pate family Horace Peele


Horace Peele In Pate and Peele family




Used in Powell family.




Isa Gordon Powell, 1862 - 1912 married Edgar Powell; Isa Benedicta Gordon, born 1842, married Joseph Gordon Granbery, her cousin; and their child named Isa Gordon Granbery who married Nathan Tucker.


Norfleet line


Terri Powers

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