Civil War Maps of Bertie County, North Carolina
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Bertie County, North Carolina

Civil War Maps of Bertie County

During 1863-1864 cartographers of the Confederate Engineers' Corps constructed large, detailed maps of the southern potential battle areas which included the western side of the Albemarle region. (Union forces had already occupied Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk in VA, and Elizabeth City, Hertford, so there are no maps of the eastern region.) They are usually referred to as "The Gilmer Maps". The following inscriptions were on the maps:

Surveyed under the direction of A.H. Campbell
Capt of Engineers and Ch'f Topog'l Dept N.D. Va.

April 1863
Scale of 1/80,000

Map from the Confederate Engineer Bureau in Richmond, VA
General J.F. Gilmer, Chief Engineer
Presented to the VA Historical Society by his only daughter
Mrs. J.F. Minis, Savannah, GA
The maps gave details of the landscape useful for war, but now contain much helpful material for genealogists. You'll note that much of the land was still heavily wooded. Symbols of marsh grasses indicate wetlands around the branches, creeks and runs. Looking closely you can see the dams forming the Mill Ponds--used for meal-grinding and timber-sawing.

These maps measure about 18 inches square, and had to be divided into sections so that they could be used on the Web pages.

Each of the following Web pages contains a copy of the same map shown in three different resolutions.

The first view is a thumbnail of the map to show its location and scale.

The second view is a closeup of a portion of the map, and shows the detail that is included in the map.

The third view is a link to the entire map section, presented in complete detail. These are large files and may take a long time to download. After a map is downloaded, you can save it on your own computer by clicking on it with the right mouse button, and designating where you want it saved on your hard drive.

Windsor Area

Colerain Area

Holly Grove Area

Indian Woods Area

Snake Bite Area

Roquest Swamp Area

Roxobel - Woodville Area

Merry Hill Area


How to Order the Gilmer CSA maps

Write to:
NC Department of Archives & History
Historical Publication Section
109 East Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601-2807

They charge the standard search-by-mail fee plus per page copied.


Go in person and ask the Archivist in the NC Search Room for the Gilmer map.
They will copy it in 6 parts for 25 Cents a page (18 x 19)and then you can glue them together to create one large map.


The Virginia Historical Society owns the original Gilmer maps - 94 of them. The Museum Shop sells a very high quality reproduction of each map, and are reported to be superior to those from NC Archives. There are five maps that may be of interest to the Bertie, according to the information the shop has sent me:

#89  Bertie County, NC  1863
#90 Bertie County, NC   1863 (1 of 2)
#91 Bertie County, NC 1863 (2 of 2)
#93 Eastern NC  1864
#94  Hertford and part of Northampton and Bertie Counties, NC 1863

There are several versions of the Bertie 1863 map. Gift Shop can be reached at: (804)3429671 if you need to ask questions.

Each map is 24" x 36" and cost $30.00 each (10% discount if you join the Virginia Historical Society for $35).

Please send questions, comments or suggestions to:
Virginia Crilley

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