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Bertie County Mailing List | Carolina Cuzins


The Bertie County Mail List is a friendly place to seek information about the County and your ancestors. There are over 250 subscribers to this list, many who have been researching the area for a long time.

To subscribe, send a message to:
[email protected]

On the top line of the message, put the word:     subscribe

You will receive a Welcoming Message within 24 Hours.

All messages for the Bertie County Mail List (NCBertie) have been archived. You can retrieve them by searching for a surname or place.

Searching Hints

Use quotes around words, i.e. "War of 1812"     "Burden Mill Pond"
Use NCBERTIE-L to see ALL the messages for the year arranged in Match order There have been a huge number of messages, so this could take some time!
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Threaded Message Search Engine

Here's an even easier method to see the messages that have been posted and this can be done by Chronological Order!

There is a Threaded Mailing List Search Engine.... Type in NCBERTIE or Choose from an alphabetical listing Then select the year that you're interested in.... Hope you'll be pleased with the results!

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Whenever you post a Query on the Bertie County Gen Connect Query Boards, you will receive to your personal e-mail a Query answer. Queryanswers are sent out to anyone who has posted a query or document to a board and who receives a response to that query or document provided that you didn't remove the default check mark in the box that indicates they want to be notified when a response is posted.

You also had the option of receiving a notice when ANY new Query is added whether it is in answer to your query or not. The second type of notification is the maillist which users can subscribe to in order to be notified of each post to made to a board (rather than just their own posts). You can check whether someone is subbed to the maillist by typing in the password as indicated above and clicking on the button to "list addresses." If the address appears on the address list then notices are being sent out for ALL new posts made to the board. Joan


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We have just started a new mailing list, for the exchange of information, research tips, announcments, and more. Why not come be a part of the fun.
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