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Audrey Annable Franklin
Surnames Researcher(s) Web Page(s)
Aldridge Audrey Annable Franklin
Fred Daniel Gragg
Tamara G. Suttle
Atkinson Audrey Annable Franklin  
Baird/Beard Audrey Annable Franklin
Banner Terry L. Harmon  
Barrier Emily Clark  
Benfield Audrey Annable Franklin  
BraswellAudrey Annable Franklin
Bill Waller
Brewer Bill Waller  
Brown Laurie Beth Calhoun Web Page
Buchanan Deone Crecelus
Paul Buchanan
Burleson Tamara G. Suttle
Bill Waller
Cable John F. Cable  
Calloway Gene Calloway
Audrey Annable Franklin
Tamara G. Suttle
Calhoun Laurie Beth Calhoun
Tamara G. Suttle
Web Page
Carpenter Audrey Annable Franklin  
Cassette Tamara G. Suttle  
Chambers Emily Clark  
Childers Bob Klein  
Clark Emily Clark  
Crowe Thomas F. Finley III  
Crump Edith Kaylor Clayton  
Culberson Fred Daniel Gragg  
Cuthbertson Bill Waller
Tamara G. SuttleEmily Clark
Daniels Tamara G. Suttle  
Danner Bill Waller  
Davenport Janet Ariciu  
Dickens Audrey Annable Franklin  
Dugger Bill Waller  
Eggers Audrey Annable Franklin
English Deone Crecelus  
Franklin Audrey Annable Franklin
Leslie Ward
Freeman Stephen M. Taylor  
Gragg Audrey Annable Franklin
Fred Daniel Gragg
Graybeal Laurie Beth Calhoun Web Page
Greene Audrey Annable Franklin
Stephen M. Taylor
Greer Pat Vance Web Page
Griffin Tamara G. Suttle  
Guy Bill Waller  
Gwyn Becky Ashley  
Halley Stephen M. Taylor  
Harman-Harmon Chuck Smith  
Hicks Mike DeLoach
Audrey Annable Franklin
Web Page

Hilemon/Hoilman Gregory D Hoilman  
Holden Kevin Holden
Chuck Stamey
Holtsclaw Claude Townsend  
Hopson/Hobson Deone Crecelus  
Hughes Tamara G. Suttle
Leslie Ward
Isaacs Audrey Annable Franklin  
Johnson Audrey Annable Franklin
Tamara G. Suttle
Ledford Bob Klein  
Linkous/Links/Lincus/Linkus LRHogan  
Love Audrey Annable Franklin  
Markes Tamara G. Suttle  
Mathias LRHogan  
McGee Sharon Peterson  
McKinney Tamara G. Suttle  
Moody Mike DeLoach
Nancy Leavitt
Web Page

Morphew Pat Vance Web Page
Norman Kevin Holden
Terri Sounik
Chuck Stamey
Oaks Audrey Annable Franklin  
Ollis Yvonne Jackson  
Owens Rebecca Woody Ellis  
Pennington Audrey Annable Franklin  
Pope Laurie Beth Calhoun Web Page
Pritchard Audrey Annable Franklin
Bill Waller
Proffit/Proffitt Robert E. & Lynn Sherrill Proffit  
Pyatte Leslie Ward  
Queen Anita Payne  
Ray Pat Vance Web Page
Rose Maureen  
Smith Becky Ashley  
Sudderth Kevin Holden
Bill Waller
Suttle Tamara G. Suttle  
Taylor Mike DeLoach
Audrey Annable Franklin
Yvonne Jackson
Leslie Ward
Web Page
Teaster/Tester LRHogan  
Tolley Mike DeLoach
Audrey Annable Franklin
Web Page

Townsend Claude Townsend  
Trantham Bob Klein  
Treadway Tamara G. Suttle  
Vance Tamara G. Suttle
Pat Vance
Web Page
Wall(s) Bill Waller  
Walsh Jane B. Walsh  
Wilcox James J. White Web Page
Wise Patricia Wise  
Wiseman Janet Ariciu
Pat Vance
Leslie Ward
Web Page
Witt Yvonne Jackson  
Wooten Robert E. & Lynn Sherrill Proffit  

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