Alleghany County Lookups

1860 Alleghany County Census
Volunteer: Sandra Lassen

Alleghany County Cemeteries through 1986
Volunteer: Erlene Irwin

Do you live in Alleghany County?
Do you have access to resources of genealogical interest?
If so, and
you'd like to volunteer to do lookups, e-mail me,
with "Alleghany County lookups" as the subject line.

Volunteers are needed for:
Census Records
Cemetery Records
County History
Vital Statistics (Birth, Death, Marriage, Land Records, etc.)
Miscellaneous Records

E-mail me to volunteer!

Guidelines for Requesting a Lookup

  • be kind -- limit your request to ONE at a time.

  • put Alleghany County lookups in the subject line.

  • be specific - names, dates, locations

  • double check for accuracy before sending!

  • don't forget to thank the volunteer for their time & help!


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