Biographical Sketches

Biographical Sketches
Ashe / Alleghany County, North Carolina


An adventurous, young, well-educated Scotsman named John McMillan asked his sweetheart Marion McLymont to come to America with him. She, wishing to see her family one more time, took a candle and looked at each member before leaving on the boat to sail that night. When the new County of Ashe was formed, John McMillan was selected to be the first Clerk of the Court. The first deed registered in Book 1, October 3, 1799, bore his signature. 

Their tombstones, now standing in Alleghany County near the copper mines, read: "In Memory of John McMillan Born in Scotland, November 13, 1756, Died February 23, 1844 in the 88th year of his age." At his side "In Memory of Marion wife of John McMillan Born in Scotland, Died April 15, 1839 aged 76 years." John was an extensive landowner by grant and purchase. His first land grant was dated November 28, 1801. Fifth generation McMillans still live on part of this land grant property. 

Their children mentioned in the will were:
(ed. note: My direct line listed first)
James, married Thursa Gambill; Peggy, married James Maxwell; Mary, married Willam Andrew Fields; Andrew, married Jennie Fields; John, married Narcessa Gambill; Nancy, married Captain Joseph Phipps; Alexander B., married Mary (Polly) Reeves. It has been a custom in this family for two members of one family to marry sisters or brothers of another family. 

--- Virginia McMillan Porter

Sources: Family tradition, tombstone records, wills, and records of Ashe County, North Carolina.
(biographical sketch from The Heritage of Ashe County, North Carolina) 


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