Forebears and Descendants of Landreth Pioneers

1. Nathaniel LANDRETH (About 1760 - Apr 1836) & Mary GRAYSON
    1. Thomas LANDRETH (About 1780 - 1847) & Martha "Patsey" BURTON (1784 - 1852)
    2. Solomon LANDRETH (1782/1784 - 1852/1860) & Elizabeth HAMMONDS
    3. John LANDRETH* (1784 - After 1860) & Elizabeth HAMMONS ( - 1865)
    3. John LANDRETH* (1784 - After 1860)
    4. Sarah LANDRETH (1785 - After 1850) & John HAM Sr. (1780 - 1850)
    5. Zachariah LANDRETH (1785 - 1859) & Catherine LONG
    6. Jane LANDRETH (1786 - ) & John WYATT
    7. Mary "Polly" LANDRETH (1792 - 21 Feb 1861) & William WYATT (1792 - 1856)
    8. Hannah LANDRETH (1794 - 1834)
    9. Millecent "Milly" LANDRETH (1798 - ) & John PRICE
    10. William "Buck" LANDRETH (1810 - 1869) & Marjorie "Margaret" COX


Dear LaRae,

Thanks for your inquiry and listing.

My book, "Forebears and Descendants of Landreth Pioneers", is the result of over 27 years research. It has 430 pages 8 1/2 x 11 and is bound with a plastic spiral. Most people like it that way because it will lay flat when opened. It is fully indexed. It is a very good book. The current book is the Twenty-Third Edition.

The information in the book is professionally organized in a genealogical manner. The numbering system is all my own and simple to follow. My late wife and I traveled to all forty-eight states in collecting the info. We sat in libraries, courthouses, state and federal archives for weeks at a time. We made five trips to the Mormon Family Research Center in Salt Lake City. We corresponded with thousands of Landreths in USA, Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand and probably others. We went to the Federal Archives and Record Center in East Point GA many times for up to a week at a time.

There is a chapter in front of the book on Traditional Landreth Ancient History. Most can trace their ancestry back to Patrick Landreth born about 1580 in Scotland. It begins with the history in 1070 when the King of Scotland invited a Flemish Colony to settle there. The next edition lends evidence that the Landreths originated in Alsace-Lorraine, a strip of land between Germany and France...more from France than Germany. 

A further note...I have only a few copies left of the Twenty-Third Edition. When these copies are gone, I do not intend to make more copies of that edition. I am working on the TWENTY-FOURTH EDITION which I hope to complete by late this fall.

I think I have pretty well described the book and its contents. You can get what you need from this Email for your record. I am 83 years old.

Thanks again for your interest and support.

Best wishes.....Eugene Landreth


post note: 

From Eugene Landreth's AOL personal website:
"Unfortunately, Eugene passed away in September.
You can still contact his grandson, Jon Morgan at

If you are interested in the Landreth Genealogy Book -
"Forbears and Descendants of Landreth Pioneers" Contact

This book contains 30,000 names and if your name is in it,
you can probably trace your Landreth line back to 1580 in Scotland."


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