The beginning of the Brick Church dates back to the mid 1740's
when George Valentine Clapp (and later his brother John Ludwig Clapp)
came to the Beaver Creek area of North Carolina from Pennsylvania.  It
became a regularly organized church in 1770.  The church in early days
was known as Church on Beaver Creek or The Clapp Church (Der Klapp Kirche).
It was known as The Clapp Church until about 1813 when a brick building
was constructed.  It is located about three miles from where the Battle
of Alamance was fought.  It is still an active church.

Three families arrived in Old Orange from PA in 1748. 
They were on their way to the forks of the Yadkin. 
They had stopped because the next day was the Sabbath and they were 
Sabbath-keeping people. Two of the families were George Valentine CLAPP 
and wife; and his brother John Ludwig CLAPP and wife.  The other family 
was Phillip Carl HUNTER and his wife who was the sister of George Valentine 
and John Ludwig.  They had camped near Beaver Creek in what was to 
become Orange County.  While there, they encountered an old neighbor from PA.

In stories passed down, George Valentine's wife is said to have had a recurring 
dream where she saw a church on a hill overlooking a creek. 
She declared that she had found the spot there at Beaver Creek. 
The two CLAPP brothers stayed and founded Der Klapp Kirche which later became 
known as The Brick Church. Mr. HUNTER continued on to the Yadkin. Whether he made 
it or not is not known.  No record that I know of can be found of his arrival there.

        The Brick Church (as the Clapp family) was German Reformed.  The
difference between German Reformed and Lutheran was not extensive.  For
a while they shared a building with the Lutherans who later formed Low's

    Some of the events in Brick Church, Guilford  Co, NC of the people
    in my database. (From the File of Larry Noah)
Date	        Event	    Individual(s)

11 Apr 1767	Baptism	    Judith FOUST-7213
14 Feb 1771	Baptism	    Jacob MAY-9261
22 Dec 1771	Baptism	    Anna Barbara MAY-9054
20 Jan 1772	Baptism	    John "White John" CLAPP-8718
20 Feb 1772	Baptism	    Margaret CORTNER-9520
7 Nov 1772	Baptism	    David CLAPP-8501
1 Dec 1772	Marriage    Jacob CLAPP-7151 and Anna Barbara FOUST-3004
1773	        Burial	    George Valentine CLAPP-8010
abt 1774	Burial	    Anna Barbara STIESS-8011
9 Jan 1774	Baptism	    Anna Catherina CLAPP-6418
20 Feb 1774	Chr	    Dorothea "Turley" INGLE-8904
20 Feb 1774	Baptism	    Elizabeth CLAPP-3744
12 Mar 1775	Baptism	    John "Hatter John" CLAPP-3000
12 Mar 1775	Baptism	    John Phillip CLAPP-9337
16 Jun 1775	Baptism	    George CORTNER-9522
6 Oct 1778	Baptism	    Magdelina CLAPP-9339
6 Apr 1779	Marriage    Mathias SWING-9171 and Mary Barbara CLAPP
22 Jun 1780	Marriage    Adam LUGER-9258 and Anna Margaret CLAPP-8499
6 May 1781	Baptism	    Anna Marie CLAPP-9274
12 Oct 1781	Chr	    Elizabeth FOUST-7231
15 Dec 1782	Baptism	    George Tobias CLAPP-9336
1783	        Marriage    Barnhardt (Barney) CLAPP-7370 and Judith                          
9 Oct 1792	Marriage    Daniel ALBRIGHT-3743 and Elizabeth CLAPP
20 Oct 1793	Chr	    Peter HOFFMAN-8772
6 Jan 1794	Baptism	    Maria Barbara CLAPP-10550
20 Jan 1794	Baptism	    Sarah "Sallie" CLAPP-9278
20 Jan 1794	Baptism	    Maria Barbara SWING-10419
20 Oct 1795	Baptism	    Sarah Ann "Sally" BURK-10181
2 May 1799	Baptism	    Catherine "Katy" CLAPP-8729
22 Apr 1801	Baptism	    David CLAPP-9292
26 Nov 1801	Marriage    John CLAPP-9348 and Mary COBLE-10559
10 Dec 1801	Marriage    John William CLAPP-9350 and Elizabeth FOUST
14 Oct 1802	Marriage    George NEESE-8713 and Barbara FOUST-7232
26 Dec 1802	Baptism	    Hannah CLAPP-10131
15 Feb 1803	Marriage    George FOUST-6471 and Catherine Elizabeth   
7 Apr 1803	Marriage    George TROXLER-8824 and Margaret COBLE-8825
17 Apr 1803	Baptism	    Elizabeth CLAPP-9293
17 Apr 1803	Baptism	    George Daniel MAY-9366
21 Aug 1803	Baptism	    Elizabeth DEVAULT-8878
12 Feb 1804	Marriage    John GARRETT-9706 and Barbara INGOLD-9705
17 May 1804	Marriage    Conrad SWING-9172 and Catherine PHILLIPI
26 Aug 1804	Marriage    John George FOUST-6413 and Philippina SWING
8 Jan 1805	Baptism	    John GRAVES-10382
3 Mar 1805	Baptism	    Maria Sophia HAGEY-9396
31 Mar 1805	Baptism	    Catharine INGLE-10371
8 Sep 1805	Baptism	    Daniel Walter CLAPP-10133
15 Jan 1806	Baptism	    Solomon HOFFMAN-10506
30 Mar 1806	Baptism	    Elias GARRETT-10507
12 Oct 1806	Baptism	    Joshua CLAPP-8820
18 Dec 1806	Marriage    William Henry CLAPP-9275 and Anna Philipena 
                            "Pena" ALBRIGHT-9299
24 Mar 1807	Marriage    Daniel CLAPP-9276 and Maria "Polly" HOLT
7 Feb 1813	Baptism	    John Holt CLAPP-9304
7 Feb 1813	Baptism	    William Albright CLAPP-9305
3 Oct 1813	Baptism	    Elizabeth CLAPP-10137
3 Oct 1813	Baptism	    Lilly DEVAULT-9362
17 Dec 1814	Baptism	    Sally Reiley CLAPP-9306
29 Jul 1815	Baptism	    John George CLAPP-10138
14 Nov 1815	Baptism	    Augustine (Augustus) R CLAPP-10349
12 Mar 1820	Baptism	    Sarah "Sallie" CLAPP-10140
2 Apr 1820	Baptism	    Anna CLAPP-10373
22 Apr 1821	Baptism	    Daniel Monroe CLAPP-9309
1 Jun 1822	Baptism	    Emily "Milly" Jane FRIDDLE-6880
5 Jun 1824	Baptism	    Laban FRIDDLE-9129
26 May 1826	Baptism	    Hezekiah CLAPP-10374
6 Jun 1829	Baptism	    Isaac CLAPP-10375
7 Mar 1830	Baptism	    Alphonso Giles CLAPP-9962
18 Jul 1830	Baptism	    David Sidney INGLE-8847
20 Jan 1833	Baptism	    Nelly HUFFMAN-9075
10 Sep 1842	Burial	    Elizabeth CLAPP-9293
27 Apr 1843	Burial	    Daniel ALBRIGHT-3743
6 Aug 1843	Baptism	    Albert INGLE-10524
17 Nov 1843	Burial	    Anna Barbara MAY-9054
1 Dec 1843	Burial	    William MONTGOMERY-9648
31 Dec 1843	Burial	    Elizabeth ALBRIGHT-8728
2 Jun 1844	Burial	    Samuel CORTNER-9525
9 Oct 1844	Burial	    Sarah ALBRIGHT-9291
15 Nov 1845	Burial	    John "Hatter John" CLAPP-3000
14 Dec 1845	Burial	    John Henry CLAPP-10367
5 Jul 1846	Burial	    John George "Brickhouse George" CLAPP-8727
4 Nov 1849	Confirm	    Jacob Crawford CLAPP-8821
18 Jun 1859	Burial	    Jacob CLAPP-10134
28 Feb 1865	Marriage    Levi B BARNHART-9566 and Barbara Harriet LOW
	Burial	Anna Barbara FOUST-3004
	Burial	Daniel FOUST-7137
	Burial	Jacob CLAPP-7151
	Burial	John FOUST-7154
	Burial	Anna Philipena MOSER-7369
	Burial	Barnhardt (Barney) CLAPP-7370
	Burial	John CLAPP-7371
	Burial	Anna Marie KELLER-3729
	Baptism	Anna "Barbara" CLAPP-7206
	Baptism	Jacob CLAPP-8037
	Baptism	Anna Margaret HOFFMAN-7246
	Burial	Anna Margaret HOFFMAN-7246
	Burial	George CLAPP-5801
	Burial	Anna Elizabeth ALBRIGHT-6603
	Burial	Sophia Catherine ALBRIGHT-3714
	Burial	John ALBRIGHT-3718
	Burial	Elizabeth CLAPP-3744
	Burial	John William ALBRIGHT-6604
	Burial	Eve (Eva) CORTNER-8721
	Burial	Jacob "Miller" CLAPP-8720
	Burial	Mary CLAPP-8722
	Burial	Joshua CLAPP-8820
	Burial	Barney INGLE-8822
	Burial	William Riley INGLE-8851
	Burial	Anna Maria MOSER-8890
	Burial	Georgie Ann CLAPP-8493
	Burial	Otis Michael NOAH-8980
	Burial	Valentine DEVAULT-9055
	Burial	Elizabeth DEVAULT-8878
	Burial	Polly CLAPP-9062
	Burial	George Washington CLAPP-9130
	Burial	 CLAPP-9136
	Burial	Simeon Riley CLAPP-9131
	Burial	Martha RIGHTSEL-9139
	Burial	Charles Theodore Mason CLAPP-9140
	Baptism	Mary Elizabeth MAY-9265
	Burial	John "White John" CLAPP-8718
	Burial	Catherine FOUST-7155
	Burial	Daniel F CLAPP-9285
	Burial	John Jephuna CLAPP-9288
	Burial	John Jacob CLAPP-9295
	Burial	Anna Philipena "Pena" ALBRIGHT-9299
	Burial	Sally Reiley CLAPP-9306
	Burial	Elisa (Eliza) CLAPP-9308
	Burial	Anna Maria CLAPP-9314
	Burial	Barbara CLAPP-9315
	Burial	Jane HUFFINES-9526
	Burial	Ludwig ALBRIGHT-3728
	Burial	Johan Ludwig KLAPP-3005
	Burial	Levi B BARNHART-9566
	Burial	Henry B BARNHART-9568
	Burial	Mary (Polly) LINN-9569
	Burial	Myra Talma BARNHART-9565
	Burial	Maria "Polly" BOONE-9563
	Burial	Elizabeth RICHARDSON-8823
	Burial	Catharine "Katie" CLAPP-9644
	Burial	Isaac CLAPP-9343
	Burial	Philabena DUIRR-8767
	Burial	Peter INGOLD-9703
	Burial	George CORTNER (CARTNER)-9277
	Burial	Lewis BOON-9527
	Burial	Sarah "Sallie" CLAPP-9278
	Burial	Nancy Craig STOCKARD-9068
	Burial	Peter GORTNER-9712
	Burial	George FRIDDLE-8100
	Burial	Judith FOUST-7213
	Burial	Delilah HUFFMAN-8769
	Burial	Odena Helena "Nelly" CLAPP-9571
	Burial	Catherine FREELAND-8723
	Burial	Mable I SMITH-10099
	Burial	Daniel Walter CLAPP-10133
	Burial	Mary Caroline CLAPP-10139
	Burial	Temperance "Tempy" HOBBS-10145
	Burial	Sarah "Sally" FOUST-10352
	Burial	Elizabeth CLAPP-9564
	Burial	Abraham (Abram, Colonel) CLAPP-9300
	Burial	David CLAPP-10354
	Burial	Lucinda SUMMERS-10355
	Burial	Polly CLAPP-10356
	Burial	Emanuel CLAPP-10358
	Burial	Elizabeth TROLLINGER-10359
	Burial	Benjamin CLAPP-10368
	Baptism	John George "Middlebar George" CLAPP-9342
	Baptism	William Henry CLAPP-9275
	Baptism	Daniel CLAPP-9276
	Baptism	Barbara Maria CLAPP-9349
	Burial	Anna CLAPP-10373
	Burial	Henry FOUST-10380
	Baptism	John Matthew CORTNER-9518
	Baptism	John FOUST-7214
	Baptism	Barbara FOUST-7218
	Baptism	Jacob FOUST-7219
	Baptism	Christian FOUST-7217
	Baptism	Mary Magdalena (Molly) CORTNER-9523
	Baptism	John George "Brickhouse George" CLAPP-8727
	Baptism	Catherine Elizabeth HAGEY-8677
	Baptism	John STRADER-10505
	Baptism	John Adam BROWN-9398
	Burial	Philipena "Penny" CLAPP-9318
	Baptism	Solomon CLAPP-10551
	Baptism	Helena CLAPP-10552
	Baptism	Sophia CLAPP-10553
	Baptism	Martha CLAPP-10554
	Baptism	Sarah CLAPP-10556



        Stoner's Church became an active congregation about 1801.  The
church was dissolved about 1886.  The cemetery is presently located in a
pasture near the village of Belmont in Alamance County.  It is thought
that before they organized as Stoner's they were associated with the
Lutherans who later formed St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

    Some of the events in Stoner's Church of the people
    in my database.

Date            Event        Individual(s)
------------    ----------   ---------------------------------------

15 Feb 1807	Baptism	John Ludwig FOGLEMAN-8883
 3 Mar 1821	Baptism	Henry SHARP-9233
 3 Mar 1821	Baptism	Edward SHARP-9234
30 Nov 1822	Baptism	Jeremiah SHARP-9235
10 Dec 1824	Baptism	Eli SHARP-9238
14 Aug 1831	Baptism	Mary Catherine SHARP-9236
 7 Jun 1834	Baptism	William Graves SHARP-9237
 4 Nov 1843	Burial	George NOAH-6738
31 Mar 1846	Burial	John NOE-6740
28 Aug 1846	Burial	William FOUST-7157
26 Nov 1848	Burial	Rebecca Carolina MEBANE-8730
23 Sep 1849	Burial	Barbara BASIN (BASON)-8433
28 Oct 1849	Burial	Catherine GARRETT-8217
28 Aug 1855	Burial	Mary Polly NEASE-2968
	Burial	Anna "Barbara" CLAPP-7206
	Burial	Johan FAUST-3365
	Burial	Anna Barbara ALBRIGHT-3009
	Burial	George NEASE-6741
	Burial	Peter FOUST-6986
	Burial	Mary SNOTHERLY-6987
	Burial	George FOUST-7130
	Burial	Peter FOUST-7136
	Burial	George FOUST-7138
	Burial	Henry FOUST-7158
	Burial	Christian SHARP-7205
	Burial	Maria Philopena GRAVES-2999
	Burial	Anna Barbara KIVETT-6398
	Burial	Jacob ALBRIGHT-3716
	Burial	Sally WOLFF-3717
	Burial	Henry ALBRIGHT-3722
	Burial	Mary GIBBS-3723
	Burial	Jacob (John Jacob) GRAVES-8299
	Burial	Catherine "Katy" CLAPP-8729
	Burial	John EFLAND-8234
	Burial	Maria Duffy HOLT-8725
	Burial	George ALBRIGHT-8623
	Burial	Sebastian (Boston) SHARP-8216
	Burial	William SHARP-9051
	Burial	Elizabeth ALBRIGHT-9050
	Burial	Joseph ALBRIGHT-3720
	Burial	Jacob ALBRIGHT-7254
	Burial	Margaret MAY-9053
	Burial	Sally SHARPE-7300
	Burial	Henry GARRETT-9083


	St. Paul's is the oldest Lutheran Church in Alamance County.  It
was believed to have been originally a Union Church with German Reformed 
member who later moved to Brick Church and Stoner's.  The original name 
was "Graves Church" after the family that donated the land. 

   Some of the events in St. Paul's Church of the people
in my database.
Date	    Event   Individual(s)

4 Jun 1848  Burial Polly CURTIS-10565
23 Oct 1881 Burial Daniel NOAH-6924
	Burial	Frederick MOSER-6898
	Burial	Margaret  "Peggy" ANTHONY-6899
	Burial	Joel SHARP-6758
	Burial	Henry ANTHONY-7201
	Burial	Mary GARRETT-7202
	Burial	Hezekiah NOE_(NOAH)-6744
	Burial	Elizabeth ANTHONY-6759
	Burial	Rebecca A. NOAH-6873
	Burial	Martin MOSER-6909
	Burial	Polly D. ROBERTSON-6916
	Burial	Thadious Lucian MOSER-6919
	Burial	Mary NOAH-6927
	Burial	Daniel GRAVES-6929
	Burial	Emily M. SHARP-7004
	Burial	Austin ISLEY-7008
	Burial	Nimrod MOSER-7160
	Burial	Rachael REITZEL-7161
	Burial	James Adam MOSER-7164
	Burial	Jacob ANTHONY-7203
	Burial	Mary Magdaline "Mollie" SHOFFNER-7204
	Burial	Elizabeth SHARP-3738
	Burial	Mary TROXLER-3737
	Burial	John Ludwig ALBRIGHT-3736
	Burial	Catherine LOY-3376
	Burial	Daniel ALBRIGHT-3375
	Burial	Sophia ALBRIGHT-3702
	Burial	Michael SHOFFNER-8763
	Burial	Margaretha VOGLEMAN-8764
	Burial	Daniel "Flat Rock" ALBRIGHT-8625
	Burial	Peter SHARP-8220
	Burial	Michael SHOFFNER-8766
	Burial	Frederick SHOFFNER-8808
	Burial	John Frank CHEEK-8484
	Burial	Charlie N CHEEK-8949
	Burial	John B CHEEK-8951
	Burial	William E CHEEK-8954
	Burial	William L. ISLEY-7127
	Burial	R Frank ALLRED-8982
	Burial	Daisy CAPPS-8983
	Burial	Isaac GREESON-8916
	Burial	John NEACE-7279
	Burial	Milly GRAVES-9435
	Burial	Sarah F. E. MOSER-7166
	Burial	Michael SHOFFNER-9639
	Burial	George SPOON-9681
	Burial	Sophire GREESON-9680
	Burial	Paul G KINNEY-9484
	Burial	Christina COOKE-9697
	Burial	Rachel SHADDY-9598
	Burial	Henry FOGLEMAN-9968
	Burial	George FOGLEMAN-9967
	Burial	Eve SHOFFNER-8508
	Burial	Evelyn (Eva) MOSER-8031
	Burial	Barbara CLAPP-9280
	Burial	Daniel SHOFFNER-10379
	Burial	Calvin F MOSER-10516
	Burial	Sarah FOGLEMAN-10527
	Burial	George ISLEY-10538
	Burial	Barbara GRAVES-10539
	Burial	Edwin ISLEY-10540
	Burial	Elizabeth SPOON-10541
	Burial	Malachi IZLEY-10542
	Burial	Mary Magdalene -10543