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Saturday, 20-Apr-2002 03:35:06 MDT
19 Apr 2002,
  • Began an update to remove the top window in the frames in early April, uploaded the first pages this date. Now most of the pages have a top link banner.
  • Began to upload the 1881 census for the entire County of York. This is in both the transcribed and image format, and it will take a long time to complete
12 Mar 2002, 
  • updated more links to surnames 
  • spelling error (Finnemore/Finamore = should have been Finnamore) on Rural Cemetery
  • names mis-labeled (PIKE should have been POND) on Marysville United Baptist Church Cemetery NOTE: Pike names not there so may be some names missing 
7 Feb 2002, Fallen behind with the update report for ths site. In January and Feb I added or fixed the following pages -
  • added a considerable number of cemetery records to this site at the end of Dec
  • updates family  & surname links
27 Dec 2001, Time to update this page - Items added in November & December
  • Additional Cemetery Records mounted
  • Colour scheme revised due to poor visability of the light green type that had been used.
  • Allen Family files
  • Cork Cemetery file
  • A "Guest Book" has been added for Comments, Brick Walls, etc. Feel free to use this means to contact others interested in York County, and to add items you think will be of interest to others.
  • Cemetery files have been cross linked to those records on New Brunswick's Past
  • E-mail addresses have been placed on the "E-Mail" page, for easier corrections (as needed)
  • A "Comments" page had been added to hold misc. items for this site that were too small for a full page of their own. This was removed and items added to the Guest Book in late December.
On 5 Nov 2001, I Cleadie B. Barnett, officially took over as the host of the York County GenWeb site. On that day I set up a new frames format, changing the backgrounds (slightly) as well as colour scheme, but otherwise keeping most of the data in the format used by the former host (Bill Boone). 

Bill has permitted me to use his data, as is - or change it as I like. For the most part, changes have been to remove the top banner he had been using, and putting most of it into the top window. Occasionally other minor variations in format have been made, due at time with the change of removing his old contact information.

Mounted: 5 Nov 2001