York County Probate Court Index

In the following files you will find the index for the probate papers for the County of York, in Province of New Brunswick. Due to the size of these listings, they are being broken down into alpha files. Most files will contain only surnames beginning with one letters, while a few of the shorter lists will be in groups of two letters. There are no surnames beginning with X or Z.

These probate records may contain a will, letter of administration and/or details of the estate, heirs, etc. All files DO NOT contain all items. Copies can be had from the Provincial Archive of New Brunswick - see their site for contact information details.

Extracts of Probate records have been published, for the whole of New Brunswick, up to the year 1835, by R. Wallace Hale, under the title of "Early New Brunswick Probate Records 1785 - 1835" (I do not have an address of where this can be purchased.)

There are also additional files at the Provincial Archives, which deal with intestate estates, etc. I believe an index to these is on their site, under Estate Papers., in the Finding Aid for the Correspondence of the Provincial Secretary section. (You will need the Adobe Reader, which is a free downloadable program.)

Since most browsers retain a copy of files in memory, when you have used the file, if you use your back button to return to this page it will speed things up.

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