York County Cemeteries
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The following is a list of http://www.s94660560.onlinehome.us/cgwcem/NB/index.html in York County. They have been listed, first by Parish and then by locality, in an attempt to make it easier to locate. This list of http://www.s94660560.onlinehome.us/cgwcem/NB/index.html has been mostly composed by Cleadie B. Barnett.

Several of the links below link to cemetery listings found on New Brunswick's Past. Be sure to check out that site as well for more useful information.

** It's important to remember that like all On-Line Genealogical Records, they should just be used as leads, and every effort should be made to find original documentation. The information has passed through several hands in some cases, and errors may occur by accident. It is possible that not all individuals buried in a Cemetery are listed. The Cemetery Names , usually by place/church here, may vary from some Official Records when you go looking for originals. If you are aware of any name variations, please let the site administrator know.

It seems a bit unusual that all the stones in the Harvey area have only the year of birth and death etched thereon, unlike Fredericton, for example, where many show full dates as well as army service. No doubt such data exists, but unfortunately, it is not available here

 ** <External> This is simply a notation that these Cemetery Listings are currently stored on other external sites. They are listed as a convenience to let the user know when they have left the York County GenWeb site. To return to the York County GenWeb from these sites, simply close the new window that opened.

There may also be some photos of tombstones linked to these cemetery records. This is especially so with those linked to New Brunswick's Past.

| Bright | Canterbury | Douglas | Dumfries | Fredericton | Kingsclear | Manners-Sutton |
| McAdam | New Maryland | North Lake | Prince William | Queensbury | St. Marys |
| Southampton | Stanley |


Bright Parish

Keswick Cemetery
Mactaquac Cemetery<External>
Zealand Cemetery
Zealand Station - St Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery

Canterbury Parish

Chapman Cemetery, Bear Trap Pt. Road <Maxwell, off Hwy540>
Chapman Cemetery, Bear Trap Pt. Road - addition
Canterbury Cemetery

Douglas Parish

Birdton Settlement - United Church Cemetery
Burtt's Corner Cemetery
Cardigan Cemetery
Carlisle Cemetery - Near Rockland Station, Lower End Douglas
Dorn Ridge Cemetery<External>
Dayton Cemetery Inc.
Douglas Rural Cemetery
Kingsley-Seymour Memorial Cemetery
McKeen Corner Cemetery
Mouth of Keswick Cemetery
North Cardigan United Church Cemetery
Pugh's Crossing - War Veteran's Memorial<Names Only> 
Tay Creek - St. Joseph's Anglican Cemetery

Dumfries Parish

Dumfries - Christopher Murray Property Cemetery
Dumfries Cemetery
Pokiok Cemetery

Fredericton Parish/City

Fredericton - Forest Hill Cemetery
Fredericton - Hermitage (Roman Catholic) Cemetery
Fredericton - Old Roman Catholic Cemetery
Fredericton - The Old Graveyard <Surname Index Only>
Fredericton Rural Cemetery Extension
Fredericton (North) - Miles Graveyard
Marysville - United Baptist Church Cemetery and Extension
Marysville - United Church Cemetery <Methodist>
Nashwaaksis - St. John the Evangelist Church <two copies/some differences>
Sgooali Isreal Cemetery (prob, in Fredericton)
South Devon - St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Cemetery
South Devon - St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Cemetery Native Section
South Devon - Sunny Bank Cemetery
South Devon - Sunny Bank Cemetery Extension

Kingsclear Parish

Kingsclear - Youth Training Centre Grounds
Kingsclear Cemetery
Newmarket St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery
Springhill - St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery

Manners-Sutton Parish

Acton - Presbyterian Cemetery
Brockway Cemetery
Cork Cemetery
Harvey Area - Misc. Burials
Harvey Station - Cherry Hill Cemetery
Harvey Station - Robison Cemetery
Harvey Station Cemetery

McAdam Parish

Rockland Cemetery<External>
St. Croix Cemetery - with photos

New Maryland Parish

Nasonworth - Morgan Cemetery
Nasonworth Cemetery
New Maryland - Anglican Church Cemetery <St. Mary the Virgin>
New Maryland - Morgan Cemetery
New Maryland - United Church Cemetery

North Lake Parish

Forest City Cemetery International
Fosterville http://www.s94660560.onlinehome.us/cgwcem/NB/index.html

Prince William Parish

Lake George - Micmac
Lake George - Roman Catholic Cemetery
Lake George - United Cemetery
Magaguadavic - All Saints Anglican Cemetery
Magaguadavic - All Saints Anglican Cemetery - Second copy with photos
Magaguadavic - Pine Grove / Sunny Bank Cemetery
Mugundy - St. John's Anglican Cemetery
Mugundy - Old Mugundy Cemetery
Prince William - Community Cemetery 1798-1983
Prince William - St. Clements Cemetery
Prince William Cemetery

Queensbury Parish

Bear Island - Jordan Cemetery
Bear Island Cemetery
McNally's Cemetery (above Mactaquac)
Scotch Lake Cemetery
Scotch Settlement Cemetery
Staples Settlement Cemetery
Upper Caverhill Cemetery
Upper Hainesville - Union Cemetery
Upper Queensbury Cemetery

St. Marys Parish

Durham - St. Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery (Cowperthwaite stones only)
Durham - Van Horne Property Graveyard
Lower St. Mary's - Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Nashwaak - McLean Pt Cemetery
Nashwaak Bridge - Community Cemetery (In NBGS's  Generation v.3)
Nashwaak Cemetery <on river bank>
Nashwaak Village - United Cemetery
Nashwaak Village Cemetery
Penniac - United Church Cemetery
Taymouth - Community Cemetery
Taymouth - Highland Regt Cemetery
Upper Durham - United Church Cemetery
Zionville Cemetery

Southampton Parish

Hartfield Cemetery
Hawkins Corner Cemetery
Hurlett Road - White Family Cemetery
Lower Southampton - Calder Cemetery <near Nackawic>
Lower Southampton - Otis Cemetery Inc.
Millville Cemetery
Nackawic - Day Hill Cemetery <St. Jude's Roman Catholic>
Nackawic - MacFarlane Cemetery
Nackawic - Munro Cemetery
Nackawic Cemetery 1
Nackawic Cemetery 2
New Lenintine Cemetery
Nortondale Cemetery <Hwy 585>
Temprance Vale - Baptist Cemetery
Temprance Vale - St. Luke's Anglican Church Cemetery

Stanley Parish

Astle - United Church Cemetery
Bloomfield - Old Cemetery
Bloomfield Ridge - Baptist Cemetery
Bloomfield Ridge - United Church Cemetery
Hayesville - Palmer Family Cemetery
McGivney Community Cemetery
Parker Ridge - Pentecostal Cemetery
Parker Ridge - United Cemetery
Parker Ridge - Misc.
Stanley Protestant Cemetery

        {have to check which parish these belong to and move them to that listing}

    PANB files:

    03 v.2 13 McNally's Cemetery (above Mactaquac)
    04 v.2 32 Sgooali Isreal Cemetery (prob. Fredericton?)
    05 v.2 26 Tay Creek - St. Joseph's Anglican Church Cemetery

    Misc v.1 01  - Mactaguac - NB Power Comm Survey Records.
    Check this list at PANB, may be some not accounted for in these recordings. There are often photos for these stones

    The following may be combined with others of similiar names.
    Misc v.2    Lower Carverhill Road
    Misc 2       Kingsclear Cemetery (on scraps) (can't locate)
    Misc 02     Temprance Vale - (on scraps)
    v.II 12        Old Roman Catholic Cemetery (34 pp)  ?/may be E-05

    Items below are only part listings
    = Collins surname - identified from the following http://www.s94660560.onlinehome.us/cgwcem/NB/index.html:
            Baptist Cemetery, Penniac
            Mactaquac Church Cemetery
            Nashwaak Creek Cemetery
            Mouth of Keswick Cemetery

Published Cemetery Listings
Many cemetery records have been published, and I will list their Table of Contents here, if known

NORTHWESTERN YORK COUNTY http://www.s94660560.onlinehome.us/cgwcem/NB/index.html by  R. Wallace Hale (This book was only "published" in a very limited edition. One copy was placed at  PANB, Fredericton, NB; one at the Fisher Memorial Library, Woodstock, NB; and several (?) to friends.)
      01. Barony, Parish of Dumfries
      02. Bear Trap Point, Parish of Canterbury
      03. Canterbury RC Cemetery, Parish of Canterbury
      04. Forest City, Par of North Lake
      05. Upper Fosterville, Par of North Lake
      06. Lower Fosterville, Par of North Lake
      07. Hartin Settlement, Par of Canterbury
      08. Hillman Cemetery, Ritchie, Par of Canterbury
      09. New Lenentine Cemetery, Par of Southampton
      10. Union Cemetery, Par of Southampton
      11. Marne, Parish of Canterbury
      12. Millville, Parish of Southampton
      13. Nortondale, Par of Southampton
      14. St. Clements Cemetery, Prince William
      15. Skiff Lake Cemetery, Par of Canterbury
      16. Temprance Vale, Par of Southampton
      17. Temprance Vale, St. Luke's Anglican, Par of Southampton

      Fredericton - The Old Graveyard , by Lillian Maxwell Brown / index listed above.

    The Old Burying Ground, Fredericton, NB - by Isabel Louise Hill - Vol. 1,  2 & 3 - distributed by Fredericton Heritage Trust, P.O. Box 546, Fredericton, NB Canada E3B 5A6

    Published in We Lived:
    New Maryland - Morgan Cemetery (We Lived v. 12) listed above

    Published in Generations:
    Many cemetery records have been published in Generations, the New Brunswick Genealogical Society's newsletter. The list below gives the name of the cemetery, and the vol. numbers in which they were published.
    These http://www.s94660560.onlinehome.us/cgwcem/NB/index.html are also listed in their proper parishes in the main listings. They will probably not be put on line in the foreseeable future. (There may have been more published since I made this list. I will try and update this list occasionally.)

      North Cardigan United Church Cemetery (NBGS 3,7)
      Cardigan Cemetery  (NBGS 3,7)
      Pokiok Cemetery   (NBGS 12)
      Newmarket R.C. Cemetery (NBGS 9)
      Cork - Roman Catholic Cemetery  (NBGS 10)
      Acton - Presbyterian Cemetery (NBGS 17)
      Harvey Station - Cherry Hill Cemetery  (NBGS 9,22)
      Harvey Station - Robinson (Pte) Cemetery  (NBGS 9)
      Harvey - Cemetery  (NBGS 10)
      Harvey area - Burials Without Stones, Harvey Area  (NBGS 10)
      Brockway Cemetery (NBGS 22)
      Prince William - Community Cemetery 1798 - 1983    (NBGS 18)
      Lake George - Roman Catholic Cemetery   (NBGS 12)
      Lake George United Cemetery   (NBGS 13)
      Magaguadavic Cemetery - Pine Grove - Sunny Bank  (NBGS 23)
      Magaguadavic Cemetery - Anglican   (NBGS 16)
      Nashwaak Bridge - Community Cemetery  (NBGS 3)
      Zionville - Cemetery        (NBGS 13/14/15)
      Hawkins Corner - Cemetery (NBGS v.11)
      Parker's Ridge - Pentecostal Cemetery   (NBGS 6)
      Bloomfield Ridge - United Church Cem   (NBGS 3)

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