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Probate records

Probate records may include wills, petitions, letters testamentary, affadavits and various other legal documents. They are available for the period 1790 to 1980. Probate records from 1790 to 1835 have been transcribed (abbreviated) and indexed in Early New Brunswick Probate Records 1785 - 1835, by R. Wallace Hale, ISBN 1-55613-240-9.

Doug Ayer has kindly donated a listing of probate records for Westmorland County for 1842 to 1908 (reprinted below).

VOL. I INDEX 1787-1832 (page #)
(Contributed by Cleadie Barnett)

Ayer Elijah          - 22
Ayer Joseph          - 71
Ayer Mariner         - 83
Ayer Thomas          - 337
Allan  William, Esq. - 53
Allan George         - 67
Allan Benjamin       - 287
Atkinson Rob't       - 136
Anderson James       - 265
Bremble Jon'n        - 11
Barnes  William      - 23
Barnes Ezra          - 117
Bearsto Mechitable   - 39
Brown Rarhan         - 52
Barlow Sam'l         - 54
Babino Sylian        - 103
Burnham John         - 119
Babcock Frederick    - 128
Bowser Thomas        - 134
Bleakney Uz          - 298
Boyce Alexander      - 318
Bennet Caleb         - 336
Bleakney David       - 339
Buchanan David       - 353
Brewster Will'm      - 173
Carrle Judith        - 3
Conforth William     - 8, 11
Cook John            - 13
Caldwell William     - 33
Coppe Thomas         - 48
Cole Martin          - 64
Cole Jonathan        - 106
Colpit Robert        - 78
Carter Thomas        - 97
Carter Christ'r      - 198
Clark Alex'r         - 179
Campbell Mark        - 205
Charters Timothy     - 209
Charters Benj'm      - 327
Copp David           - 230
Copp Jonathan        - 260
Converse Jesse       - 252
Calkin James         - 331
Delesdennier Moses   - 16
Delesdennier Feior   - 95 *(or Delesdemier ?)
Dundyre William      - 20
Dobson George        - 66
Dobson Richard, Jr.  - 312
Dixon Thomas         - 75
Dixon Charles        - 148
Dixon William        - 352
Daniels William      - 76, 126
Downing John         - 91
Derry John           - 167
Doherty Isaac        - 324
Dickson James        - 334
Dawson James         - 340
Etter Peter          - 17
Evans Isaac          - 18
Emerson Benj.        - 50
Elliot Thomas        - 244
Filmore John         - 15
Fitzgerald James     - 38
Forster David        - 63
Fohinther George     - 73
Fawcet William       - 99, 359
Forsyth Gilbert      - 333
Grace John           - 12
Grant Robert         - 12
Grange Thos          - 37
Goodwin Isaac        - 132
Gunning John         - 347
Hicks Josiah         - 19
Hunt Gamaliel        - 24
Hunt Thomas          - 182
Hogan Thomas         - 26
Hayward Henry        - 61
Harrison Thos.       - 85
Hyde Abigail         - 180
Herrit William       - 185
Harper Christ'r.     - 212
Hall Robert          - 299
Hopper John          - 301
Johnston John        - 34, 297
Kennedy Alex.        - 23
Kielor Mary          - 86
Kielor Robert        - 220
King Hezekiah        - 296
King Thomas          - 325
Knapp Titus          - 309
Kinnear Geo. L.      - 332
Lama Dennis          - 93
L'Andre, ( ___ )     - 268
Lawrence William     - 270
Legere Simeon        - 329
Legere Charles       - 338
McDonald Henry       - 7, 11
McDonald William     - 21
McDonald George      - 354
McMinagle Hugh       - 32
McKenzey, William    - 65
McCarty Arthur       - 90
McAmmon James        - 257
McAmmon Rob.         - 264
McCard Sam'l         - 345
Matthews William     - 7
Metcalf Rich'd.      - 22
Miller Shepherd      - 35
Mooney Patrick       - 280
Mahan Pat'h          - 360
Outhouse Simon       - 88
Oblinns John         - 211
Phillips Fred'k      - 9, 13
Peck Abiel           - 28,46,110
Peck Ruth            - 231
Powel Solomon        - 162
Peardon William      - 206
Palmer Gideon        - 314
Roger George         - 2
Richardson John      - 7
Richardson David     - 353
Ryan Daniel          - 45, 51
Ryan Denis           - 357
Read  Elizb't        - 49
Read  Eliph't        - 201
Reid William         - 170
Reed Duncan          - 222
Reed James           - 255
Reed Gilford         - 259
Reed Otho            - 306
Robinson Bradly      - 307 *?(or Bradbury ?)
Stone David          - 1, 2
Smith Josiah         - 4, 5, 12
Smith James          - 14, 70
Smith Lewis          - 69
Smith Eliz'h.        - 188
Smith Henry          - 277
Stiles Reuben        - 17
Scurr Thomas         - 6
Steeves Jacob        - 30
Steeves Christian    - 215
Steeves James        - 358
Steeves John         - 226, 289
Steeves Nehemiah     - 274
Steeves William      - 348
Stevens Nehemiah     - 196
Sinton William       - 208
Scott Robert         - 283
Siddall Ralph        - 320
Trueman Wm           - 15
Trites Jacob         - 27
Trites Abraham       - 80
Trites Experience    - 82
Thompson John        - 30
Thompson Benjamin    - 87
Thompson Joseph      - 152
Thompson Ralph       - 237
Throop Ichabod       - 41
Tower Benj'm         - 42
Tingley Josiah       - 58, 145
Teed Jonathan        - 84
Turner John          - 114
Turner William       - 349
Trenholm John        - 158, 344
Trenholm Rob't.      - 191
Terrice Elisha       - 192
Terrice James        - 195
Taylor Tate          - 194
Taylor Arch'd        - 279
Wickmire Asa         - 13, 25
Wickmire Peter       - 247
Wood Josea           - 68
Wood John            - 294
Wilson William       - 72
Wilson Richard       - 79
Wilson Benj'm        - 303
Woodman Joseph       - 124
Wilbur Fred'k        - 171
Wells William        - 175, 328
Wheldon John         - 185
Wheldon Thomas       - 264
Wallace John         - 300
Wry John             - 304
Wetherhead Jonathan  - 305
Ward Stephen         - 341
Wright William       - 343
Williamson David     - 354
Wheaton David        - 356

VOL. II INDEX 1833-1839 (page #)
(Contributed by Cleadie Barnett) 

Anderson  James      - 17
Allen George         - 71
Allen (Conus?)       - 82
Allen Samuel         - 140
Brewster Thos        - 7
Bishop Ezra          - 11
Brownel Jerh.        - 48
Brewster Nath.       - 69
Chapman John         - 18
Copp William         - 21
Cooke Ralph          - 39
Crowson Thomas       - 50
Carter Catharine     - 149
Daniels John         - 8
Elliott Levi         - 107
Fawcett John         - 87
Harper William       - 23
Heritt/? Moses       - 53
Harrington Wm.       - 123
Jones William        - 32
Kellam Solomon       - 56
Keating John         - 79
Leam Timothy         - 118
Milne Thomas         - 22
Murray John          - 28
Mitten John          - 35
Murray Richard       - 68
McLatchy James       - 105
Oulton George        - 109
Passmore Joel        - 45
Perry James          - 54
Robinson Martin      - 41
Rogers James         - 100
Redforth/? Hamilton  - 142
Smith Robert         - 9
Steeves Leonard      - 16
Stiles Oliver        - 30
Stevens Anthony      - 38
Smith Margaret       - 40
Smith Bowen          - 59
Simpson Alex         - 73
Turner Jos. W.      - 51
Trites Abraham       - 57
Trites Christian     - 65
Taylor George        - 138
Taylor Will.         - 1_3?
Welling John         - 1
Walsh Philip         - 26
Woodworth John       - 33
Wallace John         - 43
Wallace Michael      - 63

INDEX 1831-1842(A-E)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1831 through 1842 (A-E), LDS microfilm #1,464,496
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11553] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Thomas Anderson
James Bray
Samuel Cochran
Gilbert Forsyth
John Geldart
Thomas King
Andrew Renton
William Snowdon
James Steves (Senior)
Frederick Steves
William Wells
David Wheaton
Laurent Belliveau
James Derry
John Fawcitt
Dennis Ragan
Jacob Steeves
James Steves
Margaret Wells
Ezra Bishop
Thomas Brewster
Rufus S. Cole
John Daniels
George S. Kinnear
John Lang
Patrick Mahan
Robert Smith
Leonard Steeves
John Welling [surname on folder is illegible]
William Harper
Moses Herrett
Thomas Milne
John Mitten
John Murray
Joel Passmore
Martin Robinson
Alexander Simpson
Margaret Smith
Anthony Stevens
Oliver Stiles
Philip Welch
John Woodworth
Jeremiah Brownell
Thomas Crowson
James McLatchey
James Perry
Joseph Turner
George Allan
Nathaniel Brewster
Mrs. Jane Crowson (Dorchester)
Lemuel Fillmore
Michael Grace
Edward Murphy
Richard Murray
Bowen Smith
Abraham Trites
Christian Trites
John Wallace [surname on folder is illegible]
Cyrus Wood
Jonas Allen [surname on folder is illegible]
John Fawcett
William Fawcett
William Goff
John Keating [surname on folder is illegible]
Solomon P. Killam
Levi Elliott
Humphrey Gilbert
William Hanington
Cyprian Killam
Timothy Lean
George Oulton [surname on folder is illegible]
George Taylor
Mary Taylor
William Taylor
John Vance
Samuel Allen
John Dudgeon
Patrick Gaiton
John Pearson [surname on folder is illegible]
Robert Rogers
Marmaduke Lloyd Backhouse
Peter Dupuys
Agrin Fillmore
Amos Fowler
Henry Jones
Robert Leeman
David Melanson
John Pearson
Job Steves
Michael Steves
George Tingley
George Bowser
Freeman Breau
John Brownell
George Bulmer
John Colpitts
Phary Constantine (Salisbury)
William Mills Constantine
Joseph Daniels
Paul Dujay
William Evans
Alfred Hunt
George Irving
Catherine Knapp
Thomas Lowerison
William Lowther
David Pugsley
Hamilton Redpath
Thaddy Richard
James Rogers
Mary Scott
William Sinton
Aaron Stevens
Thomas Townshen
George Wells
Henry Babcock
Joseph Belliveau
James Easterbrooks
John Grace Easterbrooks
William Easterbrooks

INDEX 1842(J-Z)-1849(A-G)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1842 (J-Z) through 1849 (A-G), LDS microfilm #1,464,390.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film. (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Henry Jonah Sr.
Patrick Hayse
Samuel Kilpatrick
Thomas McFee
Jane Redpath
Charles Smith
Elizabeth Taylor
Thomas Oulton
John Boudrot
William Colpitts
Levi Hicks
Robert Keech
Charles Main
Joseph Steves (Senior)
Danial Tingley
Joseph D. Wells
Andrew Wheldon
Peter White
Jesse Ballon [Ballou?]
Francis Doiron
George Duncan
Thomas Franklin
Eady Hoar
Patrick Keeffe
Thomas King
John McRae
Joseph O'Brian
Nicholas Pearson
Robert Pettigrew
Joseph Robinson
Rufus Smith
Jane Wallace
John Anderson
Maturang Bourgeois
Aaron Brownell
David Chapman (Dorchester)
George Chappell
William Horsman
Jacob McFarlane
Margaret Mitton
Matthias Somers
James Steeves
Aaron Steves
Trueman Thompson
John Wilson
Matthew Allen
Michael Casy
John Charters (Moncton)
Valentine Easterbrooks
Paul Gould
Marcel LeBlanc
Stephen Legere
Donald B. Mackay
Joseph Richardson
Charles Steeves
Rufus Trenholm
William Trenholm (Sr.)
Ralph Beaty
Mary P. Gay
Samuel Gay
Charles LeBlanc
Patrick Marly
Charles D. McCardy
Jane Sears
[Daniel Sears will & probate papers. Died August 1847]
[Will of Ovid/Obed Sears dated 2 May 1901, wife Jane]
[Miles Sears will dated 11 May 1875, wife Cynthia]
John Denick Wortman
William Bateman
James Beck
Henry Chapman (Westmorland)
Bill Chappell
Joseph Cormea
William McFee
Adam McKim?
Rosanna Trites
John Weldon
Elizabeth Allen
Ormond Ayer
Joseph A. Bain
Jeremiah Dalton
Patrick Dunphy
Anthony Gagnon (file 1 of 2)
Anthony Gagnon (file 2 of 2)

INDEX 1849(K-Z)-1854(A-Ca)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1849 (K-Z) through 1854 (A-Ca), LDS microfilm #1,464,391.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film. (contributed by Doug Ayer)

James Kay
William Peacock
James Sayre
Thomas Sewel
Andrew Somers (part I of II)
Andrew Somers (part II of II)
George Trueman
Simon White
Thomas Wood
Joseph Belliveau
Martin Blanche
James Charters
Christopher Harper
John Horsman
Charles Jones
Vernon Kay
John Keillor
Archibald MacKay
William Mitten
George Richardson
Joseph Sears
Gideon Smith
George Taylor
John Thompson
[Toler Thompson estate]
Robert Trenholm
John Walton
Richard S. Bowser
John Burns
Maria Franklin [Trenholm?]
Ichabod Lewis
Nathan Herritt [Merrill?]
Thomas Prince
James Robertson
Thomas Anderson
John Godet
Simon Legere
William Linen?
Martin Oulton
John W. Smith
William Snowdon
Rufus Wood
Ephraim Allen
Fidele Bourke
Eliza Bowser
John Brothers
William Crane (file 1 of 4)
William Crane (Sackville)(file 2 of 4)
William Crane (Sackville)(file 3 of 4)
William Crane (Sackville)(file 4 of 4)
John W. Dixon
Michael Downing
James Hamilton
Robert Hamilton
George L. Hanington
Larian LeBlanc
Matthew McMorris
Benjamin C. Scurr
William Tingley
[David Roy Quigley]
Charles Trenholm
Lorane Felix White
John Carter

INDEX 1854(Co-Z)-1860(A-Ho)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1854 (Co-Z) through 1860 (A-Bo), LDS microfilm #1,464,392.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB microfilm F11544). (contributed by Doug Ayer)

James Corbet
Robert Duncan
Asa Jones
William Jones
James Lewis
James Amos
George Barnes, Jr.
Edward Dalton
Charles Holstead
Lydia Jones
Pharz Mills
Robert Powell
Charles Trites
James Barry
Thomas Brownell
William Carter (Dorchester)
Ralph Colpitts
Amelia DesBarres
Abial Hicks
Eliphalet Read Hicks
Courtney Kinnear
Margaret Purrinton
Ritchie Trenholm
Hugh Walker
Dominique White
John Anderson
Jonathan L. Black
Matthew Dicky
Thomas Ferguson
Robert K. Gilbert
Mary Hanington
Abigail Lewis
William McDonald (2 folders)
Robert Moore
Thomas O'Corcoran
Joseph Tower
Gilbert Wall
Alexander Wortman
Charles F. Allison (2 folders)
Nelson Atkinson
William Atkinson
Edwin Ayer
Ebenezer Bowser
Edward Bowser
Adam Boyd
William Chapman
Alexander Cowie (Moncton)
Joseph Crandall (Salisbury)
George Evans
John Bell
Henry Fillmore
Gesner Harris
William Lamb
William Lane
Peter McNeil
John Sterling
Theodore Terrio
James L. Wilmot
Bruno Belliveau
Frank Bourgeois
Joseph Bourgeois
Thomas Bowser
Peter Buck (probably Burk)
Job Dobson
Martin Godet
Patrick Keegan
Pollett LeBlanc
John Murray
Mary Ann Purdy
Thomas Sayre
George W. Scales
Alexander Tait
Lilas W. Trueman
Thomas Trueman
William Wilmot
Isaac Bleakeney
Amos Boultenhouse

INDEX 1860(Bo-Z)-1864(A-M)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1860 (Bo-Z) through 1864 (A-M), LDS microfilm #1,464,393.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11545] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

William Boultenhouse
John T. Dobson
Malcolm Cockrane (Moncton)
Martha S. DesBarres
Mary Jane Guiou
Benjamin Jonah
William Keillor
Laimable Legere
Henry Lonchester
William Lynch
Gideon Maxwell
David McLellan
John Morice
Alexander M. O'Brien
William O'Brien
Edward C. Scott
Charles Wallace
Michael Welch
Eleanor Wheaton (includes will of David Wheaton)
William Anderson
Sarah Bell
Thomas Blacklock
William Hazen Botsford (2 folders)
Maximin Boudrot
Jancenth Burling
Lancaster D. Burling
Alexander Cummings
Edward Dixon
George English
William Dukson [sic] Knapp
Taddy LeBlanc
Anthony Legere
Jude Legere
Elijah Miles
James Ogilvie
William Steves
Ann Stiles
Marie Trenholm
Edward Trites
Charles White
James Wry
James A. Black
Richard Brundage
George Bulmer
John Cadman (Botsford)
Christian Colpitts (Dorchester)
Dennis Donovan
Lucy Dunlop
Francis Dunn
William Fawcett
Samuel Fowler
Patrick McKinley
William Milne
George Trenholm
Martin Walsh
John Wright
Joseph F. Allison
Isaac Alward
Mary Atkinson
Elizabeth Beecham
Eliza Bell
Ronald Campbell (Sackville)
John Elliot
Thomas Elliott
William Fowler
David Johnston
Charles Lockhart
Edward Bulmer
Charles Bulmer
Charles Cahill
James Chambers
James Clark
George Dobson
Robert Irving Forrest
Nelson Gooden
Thomas Howsham
Jacob C. Jones
Frederick LeBlanc
Richard Lowerison
Zachariah Lutz
Charles McLean
James Moore

INDEX 1864(P-Z)-1870(A-Si)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1864 (P-Z) through 1870 (A-Si), LDS microfilm #1,464,615.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11548] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Charles Prescott
Thomas Steadman
Andrew Weldon
Joseph A. Black
William Botsford
Catharine Burnett
Albert J. Carter
Joshua Chappel
John Copp
James Fardy
William Foshay
Elizabeth Ann Gilbert
Hiram N. Haines
William C. E. Hamilton
Edward Keillor
James McFee
Reuben Taylor
Benjamin Welling
William J. Wright
Samuel Ackles
John Anderson
William Ayer
Joseph Carter
William Cole/Call
George Crowson
Jonas Cutler
George Grant
William Humphrey
Barbara Johnston
James Lyons
Samuel Murray
Christopher Richardson
John P. Richardson
Joseph Richardson
Winslow Steves
George Trites
Henry Wilson
James Anderson
Samuel D. Angus
Edward Barnes
Jannett Blacklock
William Brown
Paulett Burk
Barnwell Cahill
Abel G. Carter (Sackville)
Ebenezer Cole (Dorchester)
David Dobson
John Dougherty
Alexander Duff
James Evans
Daniel H. Fairweather
William Farrow
Stephen B. Goodwin
Mary Lawrence
Robert B. Smith
Job Trenholm
Gideon Trueman
John Raworth
Edward Riley [surname on folder is illegible]
James Robertson
William Rogers
Frederic Sears
Thomas Simpson
James R. Smith [surname on folder is illegible]
John Snowball
Gabriel Steeves
William Taylor
Albert Trenholm
John C. Turner
Graham Walton
Benjamin Allen
Isaac Atkinson
John Atkinson
William Bateman
Samuel Burgeois
Joseph Bowser
Anne Copp
Charles Howard Delesdernier
Ferdinand Delesdernier
Hugh Gallagher
Robert Godfrey
Eliza Johnston [surname on folder is illegible]
Henry LeBlanc
William McDowell
Francis [David] Melanson [surname on folder is illegible]
Wilson Mitten
Thomas Robson
Archibald Taylor
Alexander Teakles
Charles Tidd
Henry Trites
Amos Wilson
John Wheaton [surname on folder is illegible]
Alexander C. Amos
Titus Anderson
Joseph Avard
John W. Black
William H. Black
Polett Boudreau
Peter Boyce
Rosamond Carter
James Chandler
Abraham Dobson
Caleb Dobson
Amanda Duffy
William Easterbrooks
Samuel Holsted
William Johnston
Jacob Jones
Joseph Landry
George Lawrence
Cyrus Raworth
Anthony Simpson

INDEX 1870(Si-Z)-1872(A-V)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1870 (Si-Z) through 1872 (A-V), LDS microfilm #1,464,616.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11549] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Anthony Simpson [continued from previous film]
Alexander Smiley
Peter Smith
Leander Trenholm
Jacob Westman [Wortman]
Newlove Wry
George K. Adamson
Mary Allison
Hance Atkinson
John Layton Bowser
Smith H. Brown
Thomas Casey
William Harper
John Humphrey
Margaret Knapp
William Lowther
Bedford McFarlane
Hugh McMonagle
Crosier Robinson
Joseph Sears (part I of II)
Joseph Sears (part II of II)
Thomas E. Smith
James Trenholm
Lorang A. White
John Allan, Sr.
Joseph W. Allen
Stephen Barnes
Tinson B. Bent
William Wallace Bissett
Stephen Binney
George W. Black
Charles C. Carter
George Chapman
Jonathan Cole
John S. Colpitts
Caleb Easterbrooks
Andrew Ford
Pierre Genéreux
William Haines
Shearman Hanington
Joseph C. Harper
James Lamb
William McConnell
Charles McManus
Peter MiIls
Joseph Moore [surname on folder is illegible]
John Niles
Michael Noonan
Gilbert Patterson
John Patterson
John Robertson
Jeremiah Sears
Malcom Steeves
Aives [James] Sterling
Thomas Vickey [Vickery] (file 1 of 2)
Thomas Vickey (file 2 of 2)

INDEX 1872(W-Z)-1875(A-Ch)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1872 (W-Z) through 1875 (A-Ch), LDS microfilm #1,464,617.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11550] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Thomas D. Vickery [continued from previous film]
John Wright
George Anderson
George W. Avard
Henry E. Bevier
John Boyd
John Chapman
Andrew Cook
Charles A. Copp
Howard Copp
Silas D. Copp
Dominick Cormier
Patrick Doherty
John Donald
Peter Dugay
William Keith Duncan
Peter Etter
John Gordon
Samuel Hicks
William R. Hicks
John Laley
Isaac Ketchum Lamb
Laurent LeBlanc
Joseph Lowerison
William Mitchelmore
Philip Palmer
Thomas Scurr
Young Sherman
Hector Sutherland
Henry Wire
Strang Allen
Robert Amos, Jr.
Smith Anderson
Georgiana Babang
John Bateman
Young Beck
George A. Belcourt
James Buck, Sr.
Daniel B. Campbell
John Charters
William Cole
Robson M. Dixon (1 file of 1)
Robson M. Dixon (2 file of 2)
Daniel Donovan
Mary Ann Easterbrooks
James Jeffery Estabrooks
Mary Ann Flewelling
Charlotte Frier
Matthew Gay
Thompson Hicks
John Kennedy
David MacLaren
Joseph McCordick
John McGuire
William McWilliams
Elisha Randall
Thomas Read
Samuel T. Sherman
Harrison I. Smith
Joseph Cook Smith
Ralph Steves
Stephen (B) Trueman
Maurier [Mariner?] Wood
Harvey A. Anderson
Joseph Ayer
Thomas C. Barnes
Jane Beckwith
John Bent
George F. Black
Sarah Lowell Botsford
Philip Brine
John Chappell

INDEX 1875(Co-Z)-1878(A-Go)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1875 (Co-Z) through 1878 (A-Go), LDS microfilm #1,464,618.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11551] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

John Chappell (continued from previous film)
George Cook [file also contains will of James Coxen]
Joseph Cook
Timothy Copp
George Dernier
Leonard Dixon
Hugh Doherty
John Eddington
Margaret Fitzgerald
Josiah Hicks
Stephen Humphrey
Solomon Jones
Daniel Keith [surname on folder illegible]
William Lamb
Laban Lawrence [surname on folder illegible]
Nathan Lawrence
Sarah Ann Lawrence
John McDougall
Andrew Murray
David Murray
Charles A. Noonan
John Robb
Ruth Stiles
Arnold Wilson
Uz Bleakeney
Christopher Boultenhouse
Henry L. Carey
William Creed
Benjamin Allan
William Allen
Joseph H. Archibald
Stephen B. Atkinson
William Atkinson
Thomas Baird
James Cummins
John Cummins
Thomas Gamble
Christopher Harper
John Howarth
John Kelly
Watson King
Thomas B. Moore
John Francis O'Sullivan
George Oulton
John Patterson
James Price
John Stephens
Archibald Steves
Robert Steves
Richard Walker
Silliker Allen
Daniel H. Beckwith
Rufus Chappell
Lucy A. Copp
Silas E. Crane
Edward B. Dixon
Ambrose Godet
Sarah E. Godfrey
William Hicks
John Irving
Thomas Joice
William Kinnie
Titus William Knapp
Onezime LeBlanc
Thaddy J. LeBlanc
Howard Lowerison
William Ward
Mary Isabella Wells
Hugh McLean
Christopher Milner
William E. Moore
Henry Ogden
William Weldon Richardson
George Somers
Enoch Thompson
Sandford Wilson
Frederick Wortman
John Amos
James Anderson
Joseph Atkinson
Annie E. Babcock
Caleb Babcock
John Belliveau
William Bird Boyer
John Brown
George Buck
Edward Clowson
Eliza Dixon
Stephen Goodwin [name on folder illegible]

INDEX 1878(Go-Z)-1880(A-Co)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1878 (Go-Z) through 1880 (A-Co), LDS microfilm #1,464,619.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11552] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Stephen Gooden [continued from previous film]
William Grant, Jr.
Thomas Hope
George A. Jonah
Silas C. Lockhart
Timothy McCarty
Alexander McKay
David McKenzie
John Mitton
John Morice
Asa Perrigo
David Purinton
William D. Savage
Henry A. Scovil
George L. Smith
William Smith
Joseph Allen [surname on folder illegible]
William Beal
Olive Emeline Bell
Thomas Nelson Bell
John Bowser [contains list of descendants of immigrant Thomas Bowser with age and residence]
Joseph P. Boyce
Thomas C. Brownell
Phebe Carter
Mary Jane Chapman
Francis B. Cormier
Hugh Davidson
Edward Dobson
James Dunlap (1 file of 2)
James Dunlap (2 file of 2)
Bradford Gilbert
William Gowland
Merritt D. Harris
Albert J. Hickman
John Holland
Alfred Kinnear
John Knox
Richard Lowerison
Hannah Lowther [surname on folder illegible]
John Marshall
Thomas McEwen
Sophia Murray [surname on folder illegible]
Margaret Outhouse
Samuel A. Pyne
Charles Russ
Jane McCray Smith
Oliver Smith
William Smith [surname on folder illegible]
Israel Steeves
N. Merrit Steeves
Samuel Tait
Benjamin A. Wells
Thomas Wheaton [surname on folder illegible]
John Wesley White
Isaac Wry
Samuel D. Allingham
Robert Amos
Marcelle Anketell
Sarah Bell
Arabella Boultenhouse
William C. Boyd
J. Duncan Campbell
Seth M. Campbell
Stephen Milbert Chandler
George A. Cochran
John Conden
Calixte Cormier

INDEX 1880(Co-Z)-1883(A-C)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1880 (Co-Z) through 1883 (A-C), LDS microfilm #1,464,620.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11553] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Calixte Cormier [continued from previous film]
Damien Cormier
Lorong Cormier
Mary Charlotte Dixon
John Dowd
Richard Cook [contains John Dowd records]
Emma Jane Hicks
Henry A. Jacobs
Henry Jones
Patrick King
Jeremiah Mahoney
Tereval McManus
John McVey
Edith Palmer [contains McVey records]
Edith Palmer
Gideon Palmer
John Pinsent?
Jude Purrell
James Rodgerson
Dennis Rutherford
William S. Smith
William Sherman Smith
William Spence
William W. Teakles
Josephine Trenholm
Martha Jane White
Oliver Wood
Nelson Allen
John C. Alward
Thomas Anderson
Cyprian Ballard
John Cameron
Layton Card
Rufus Smith Carter
Joshua Chandler
Henry Chase
Joseph Doherty
Asa Filimore
Fraklin [sic] Gooden
William Gooden
Gustavus W. Hamilton [surname on folder illegible]
George S. Jarvis
Ruth A. Jones
Oliver LeBlanc/White
Clement G. Leger [surname on folder illegible]
Horatio W. Lewis
John Mahoney
George Milton [surname on folder illegible]
John Peacock
Stephen Peacock
Asa Read
Henry Robinson
Patrick Savage
Georgiana Scurr
Owen Sherry [surname on folder illegible]
George Hazen Smith
William Steeves [surname on folder illegible]
George Thom
William Townsend
Ritchison Trenholm
Frank Vautour
Olives [sic] White
Job D. Allen
Richard T. Allen
Charles Alward
Henry Babcock
Joshua Berry
John Brown
John Carey
Charles U. Chandler
Stephen S. Colpitts
Edward F. Cough
Amos Crosman
Nelson Dobson
John Elliott
William Foxlow
James George
Clement Gotreau
Jerome Legere [surname on folder illegible]
Abram Lutes
Celastain Melanson
William Peacock
Peter Schurman
Matilda Smith
James Spence
William Tait
William Wilson
William Edwin Atkinson
Pacifique A. Belliveau
John E. Boultenhouse
Dominick Breau
J. Richard Buck
John W. Buck
Samuel Carter
Arthur G. Chase
James Clark
George Cochran
Valentine Cole
James Cook

INDEX 1883(H-Z)-1885(A)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1880 (Co-Z) through 1883 (A-C), LDS microfilm #1,464,621.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11554] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

William J. M. Hanington
Timothy Hartnett
Josiah Hicks
George H. Hillson
Daniel Holmes
David Horsman
Nicholas Keenan
Mary A. Keillor (widow of John)
D. C. King
M. Jane King (file 1 of 3)
M. Jane King (file 2 of 3)
M. Jane King (file 3 of 3)
William D. Knapp
John D. Mahoney
John Melanson
John H. McArt
Alice M. McCready
Archibald McRay
Timothy Murphy
Cornelius Noonan
John Oulton [surname on folder is illegible]
Thomas Oulton
Timothy Outhouse
Stephen W. Palmer
James R. Peacock
James Robertson
Hareford Sharpe
Sir Albert J. Smith
Andrew Smith
Eunice Smith
James Snow
Ephraim Steeves
Jabes Steeves
George Vandall
Samuel Wilbur
Charlotte Wright
Rufus Ayer
Tobies Addey
Jonah Allen
Milcah Allison
Thomas Ayer
Charles C. Barnes
Joshua Breau
Thomas Butler
Rufus Bliss Carter
Richard Rufus Chapman
E. Howard Chapman
James Cummins
Mary Dunivan
Edward Dupuis
Amos Goodwin Sen.
Charles A. Hallett
John Hargraves
John Harney
Edmund Harris
Bartholomew Hennessey
David P. Knapp
John L. LeBlanc
Gideon Maxwell
William J. McConnell
Ann F. McKay
Ephraim Raworth
William McMorris
Henry O'Blenis
George Raworth
John Raworth
Jane Spence
James Sullivan
Affie Turner
William Watherston
Andrew Dale Weldon [surname on folder is illegible]
William John Weldon
John Welch
Joseph A. White
Samuel S. Wilmot
Ammi Anderson
Mariner Ayer

INDEX 1885(B-Z)-1887(A-Ke)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1880 (Co-Z) through 1883 (A-C), LDS microfilm #1,464,622.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11555] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

John H. Bateman
Robert Borden
Humphrey Bowser
William R. Budd
Horatio Nelson Cannon
Joseph Chapman
Samuel Charters
Reuben Chase
Rufus Cole
William Dawson
William J. Gilbert
Moses L. Gross
John W. Horsman
Elias Keith
James King
John King
Edmund Kinnear
Charles T. C. LeBlanc
Joseph A. LeBlanc
Philias LeBlanc
Olive McFee [surname on folder is illegible]
John R. McLellan
David J. Mills
Robert Ogden
Andrew N. Palmer
Charles G. Palmer
Irene Parkin
Joshua Read
Edward Richardson
Mary Richardson
Thomas Rolston
Joseph Thompson
Robert G. Thomson
Lamuel Tower
Michael Wallace [includes Warren Wallace]
William Welch
Thomas White
Milcah Allen
William Allen
Willis Allen
Mary Jane Ayer
Ann W. Buck
George Chandler
Minnie Chandler
Blair Estabrooks
Matthew Colpitts William Fitchet
William C. Gallagher
David Godart [Godard]
Ella G. Hallett
Peter Keenan
James Keith
Elizabeth Killam
Isaac Lowerison
James G. McCurdy
Mary D.? Monacott
James Ogilvie
Rufine Poirier
William Power
Alexander Robinson
Ralph Siddall
Benjamin Snowdon
Ernest D. (et al infants) Snowden
John Stronach
William Torrie
George Maurice Wells
George W. Allen
William B. Allen
Goodwin Amos
Edward Anderson
John Anderson
Lilly Atkinson
David Bleakney
Blair Botsford
James R. Clark
William A. Coleman
Marie C. Delorey
Isabella Dixon
John Downey
James T. Gifford
Jeremiah Hartnett
Timothy Hayes
Edward Henderson
Harmon Humphrey
Thomas Keillor (file 1 of 4)

INDEX 1887(Ke-Z)-1889(A-C)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1880 (Co-Z) through 1883 (A-C), LDS microfilm #1,464,623.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11556] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Thomas Keillor (file 2 of 4)
Thomas Keillor (file 3 of 4)
Thomas Keillor (file 4 of 4)
Sarah Kelley [surname on folder is illegible]
James G. Killam
Dominick P. Legere
Sarah R. Lockerby? [surname on folder is illegible]
Mary A. Lyons
James Main
Ambrose Newman
William T. Newman
Joseph B. Peck
James Ponting
Abigail Pugsley
William Robertson
John Sinclair
John C. Smith
Jabes Steeves
Mary Stevens
David Taylor
Robert Tower [should be Towse][died 9 Oct 1884]
James Towse
John L. Trites [surname on folder is illegible]
Edward J. Welling
Richard Willis
Richard Wilson
Catherine Wood
George Allingham
William James Ayer
Thomas Bastian
John Blacklock
William E. Buck
George Buck
Thomas Carroll
Timothy Charters
Sarah Jane Cleveland [surname on folder is illegible]
John A. Cook
William H. Cook
Docity Dujay
Thomas Gatchell
Charles B. Godfrey [wife Julia Ellen]
Phoebe J. Hallet
George A. Harrison
Charles Hicks [wife Clara, no children, brothers Joseph, Guilford, sister Laleah]
Litus [Titus] Hicks
James Kearney
Catherine Keeffe
George Keeffe [surname on folder is illegible]
Mary Keeffe [name on folder is illegible]
Hedley King
Robert Leaman
Thomas King Milner? [name on folder is illegible]
Andrew Pugsley
Caraline Roberts
Stephen Siddall
Edward Thomas Smith
Nancy Smith
Robert Somers
H. Thadeus Stevens
Charles Trueman
John D. B. Wells [name on folder is illegible]
Wesley Wilbur
Alexander Wright
Edward Allen
James Amos
Howard Atkinson
James F. Atkinson
Elizabeth Bell [surname on folder is illegible]
John Bell
Lucinda E. Bowser
Sarah Jane Bulmer
Georgia Coleman
Bertha J. Cook [mentions late John A. Cook]
Richard Costello

INDEX 1889(D-Z)-1891(A)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1889 (D-Z) through 1891 (A), LDS microfilm #1,464,624.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11557] (In general the names on the folders in this group were hard to read and in one case was missing) (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Albert J. Dobson
Charles Dobson
William E. Fowler
Sarah Jane Gilbert
Frank Maurice Hamilton
William Hannah
Emma S. Harris
John Harris
Sarah C. Harris
Joseph Hickman
Uz Keith [surname on folder is illegible]
Charles E. F. LaFrance
John Lamb
Paullit P. Legere
Hugh Lyon
James McDevitt
Margaret McKenzie
Judith Parkinson
Charlotte E. Paver
Matilda Elizabeth Raworth
William Robertson
William C. Robinson
Anselme Robichaud
Daniel Rogers
William Weeks
Thomas Wilbur
Allan Wilmot (no name on folder)
James Wilson
George Ritchie Allen
James Bannister
Marcus W. Bateman
R. Gordon Baxter
Rosalie Belliveau
Emily Binney
William H. Bissett
Bliss Botsford
Charles F. Bowser
Edward J. Bowser
Mary Jane Bowser
John Brown
William L. Brown
Emily Cahill
Daniel S. Carpenter
Phoebe W. Chandler
John S. Chapman
John Clark
William Crowe?
Mary Ann Dickie
Robert Dickson
John Dixon
William Dixon
Charles Minard Dobson
Robert Dobson
Martin Dowling
Ellen Dunn
Lawrence Durant
David Eagles
Ann Francis
Thomas Gallant
Ferdinand L. Gauvin
Albert Gooden
Charles Gorham
Amos Hicks
Nathan Hicks
Margaret M. Hooker/Hooken?
Morton Jones
Lovell Lewis
John McConnell
William McKenzie
Joseph McLeod
John Palmer
Marcus Palmer
Rachel Peck
Humphrey Pickard
Matilda E. Prescott
Charles B. Record?
Arthur H. Russell
Joseph Stultz
James W. Trites
William Trites
Johnson Trueman
William Wells
Horace Whitney
William Edward Woodin
Elizabeth ______? [George A. Whelan]
Henry B. Allison
Bliss B. Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson
Mary Anderson
John Appleton
William Byron Atkinson

INDEX 1891(B-Z)-1893(A-E)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1891 (B-Z) through 1893 (A-E), LDS microfilm #1,464,625.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11558] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Eustache Babin
Norman Beaton
Albert W. Bennett
Clementina Black
Laurent Bourque
William K. Chapman
Olivia Cook
Aimie J. Cormier
Charles Dixon
Robert Oscar Dobson
Dennis Downey
Mary Ann Etter
John Fawcett
Martin Fawcett
Robert Fawcett
James Henry
Sarah J. Johnston
Placide LeBlanc
Zachariah Lockhart
James McAllister
Emma McFarlane
Nichol McLaren
Cordelia McLean
Sarah McLean
Sarah A, Negus
Mary Robb
Clifford Sayre
William Taylor
Mary Tingley
Maxwell Tower
Howard Trites
James Walton
Joseph Wells
Reuben Wheaton
Arabella L. B. Wortman
George N. Allen
William Anderson
William Henry Babcock
Frederick Burton Bass
Joseph Belliveau
Willie A. Bleakeney
Celia Bowser
Nathaniel C. Calhoun
Daniel A. Cameron
Edwin Carter
John N. Chapman
Eliza Emma Crane
Jesse Oney Day
William Dobson
Annie Downie
John B. Elliott
Charles E. Evans
John Ford
James Gilligan
Rufus Gooden
John Grant
Patrick Hayes
Mariner Hicks
Richard Kennedy
Henry B. Killam
John Kinnie
Eunice Lamb
Rev. Vital D. LeBlanc
William Lewis
John P. McAllan
John McMurrey
William Murphy
Edward Murray
William H. Murray
Sarah Jane Newcomb
Thomas Nicholson
Mary I. Oulton
Alexander Robb
James C. Russell
Mary Searle
Samuel Sharp
Cynthia Snowdon
Joseph Steadman
Jane E. Steeves
June Steeves
Charles Taylor
Frank Taylor
George Taylor
Colin van Buskirk
Albert W. Wilmot
John Alexander
Henry Bass
George H. Beckwith
Thomas J. Belliveau
Andrew S. Bourgeois
Adam Copp
Cyrille D. Cormier
Joseph C. Dixon
Martin Estabrooks

INDEX 1893(F-Z)-1895(A-B)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1893 (F-Z) through 1895 (A-B), LDS microfilm #1,464,626.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11559] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Martin Estabrooks [continued]
Melinda French
William N. Fullerton
William Rogers Givan
Florence Goodwin
Alexander Gray
Charles Wesley Hamilton
Jeremiah Hennessey
Michael Holohan
Elizabeth Ann Keillor
George King
George P. LeBlanc
Lemuel Bent
Frederick Loasby
Martin McDonald
Margaret McKean
John McQuade
John Murphy
James Murray
Simon Outhouse
Richard A. Palmer
William J. Robinson
Archibald Simpson
Sarah K. Skynner
Dickey Steeves
Fanny Sweatman
Catherine Tait
Edward Tait
Josiah Tingley [contains Mary Tingley bond for Josiah Tingley Junr dated 4 March 1807]
Lucy Rogers Towse
Clifford B. Trueman
Thomas A. Welling
Harvey Wilbur
Lois Wilbur
Amos Edwin Botsford (file 1 of 2)
Amos Edwin Botsford (file 2 of 2)
Mary Botsford
Edward Coleman Bowser
Gideon Buck
John E. Cahill
Jane Chapman
J. Albert Church
Thompson Estabrooks
Patrick Fogerty
William Herman Gratto
Clara E. Greaves
Jehial Hoar
Eliza Jane Holland
David C. Lawson
Hazen Lowther
William Mahoney
William McConnell
Moses McMorris
John Mills
Stephen Mills
William Mills
Humphrey Mitton
Alexander Monro
Alfred E. Oulton
Charles N. Raworth
Daniel Sears
John Simpson
Robert J. Sisson
Chipmon Smith
Wellington Sprague
Gilbert F. Steeves
Dennis Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney
Elizabeth Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Michael W. Walsh
John Watson
William Wilbur
Gilbert Wry
Richard L. Wry
Charlotte Allen
Jane O. Anderson
John C. Bent
Edmund Donald Booth
Eustache D. Bourque

INDEX 1895(C-Z)-1897(A-Ha)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1895 (C-Z) through 1897 (A-Ha), LDS microfilm #1,464,627.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11559] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Eustache D. Bourque (continued)
Amelia Chapman
Eliza Charters
John D. Cochran
Edward Cogswell
David G. Dickson
Walter Dobson
Mary Elliott
Silas Estabrooks
G. Chappell Fawcett (file 1 of 2)
G. Chappell Fawcett (file 2 of 2)
George Fillmore
Allan D. Fraser
John McLaren Girvan
James Hannagan
Lucretia Hicks
John A. Humphrey
Samuel Keith
Thomas A. Kinnear (file 1 of 2)
Thomas A. Kinnear (file 2 of 2)
Martin Lowerison
Peter P. McNaughton
Samuel Mills
Kate M. Patterson
Spurgeon Powell
Alfred Raworth
Isaac B. Raworth
Lamable Richard
Burton Richardson
John R. Richardson
Henry J. Scott
William Sears
Thomas Spence
Charles W. Sprague (Botsford)
Ann Margaret Stone
Cornillus Sullivan
Zachariah Tingley
Ellen Walsh
Reuben Ward
W. Freeze Wortman
Carritte A. Allen
Christopher Atkinson
Adam Avard
Joseph A. Babineau
William G. Bateman
Samuel S. Bazley
Flora Beaton
Marie Belliveau
Samuel Bishop
Alexander Boudreau
Stephen W. Branscombe
Thomas K. Casey
Damien J. Cormier
Rosalie Cormier
Eunice Easterbrooks
James R. Gibson
Alexander Girvan
Kinnear Gooden
Hiram Humphreys
William H. Kinnie
Joseph Landry
August P. B. LeBlanc
William M. McNaughton
William A. Moore
Jane O'Leary
Mary Ann Sherry
William Stewart
Elias Tower
Barker Turner
Bedford D. Turner
William Turner
Mary Cartman Welling
Mary J. Welsh
Nathan Anderson
Robert S. Arnold
Mark?? Arseneau
Thomas Bentley
James H. Blacklock
Patrick Bradley
Richard Carter
David Cochran
Edward Cole
Joseph Davis
Celia Dickie
William E. Dixon
John Etter
Christopher Harper

INDEX 1897(Ha-Z)-1899(A-O)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1897 (Ha-Z) through 1899 (A-O), LDS microfilm #1,464,628.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11560] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Christopher Harper (continued)
E. George Harshman
Narcisse D. Hebert
John Hickman
Mary Elizabeth Hickman
William E. Jones
Emma J. Logan
Daniel McCarthy
James Milner
William Milton
Ruth Mitchell
Allen D. Murray
Sarah Jane Peck
Sarah Raworth
John Sharp
Charles H. Smith
Mary A. Sonier
Clarke Steeves
Thaddeus Steeves
Caroline A. Stevens
Rufus Stiles
Charles C. Thompson
Amos Tingley
Heber Tingley
Ovid Weldon
Benjamin Wells
Huietta [Henrietta?] Whitney
Jacob Wortman
Mary J. Wright
Almira Allen
Isaac Allen
Elizabeth A. Allison
Charles E. Atkinson
Howard Joseph Avard
Alfred Bishop
Mary Blacklock
Francoise Boudreau
Gregoire Boudreau
George T. Bowser
Thomas Alexander Buckley
Albert Cahill
John R. Chapman
Rosinah Chapman
William E. Cooke
John Palmer Daniels
Herbert H. Fawcett
Joseph L. Gallant
Ellsworth Hamilton
John L. Harris
George N. Hayward
Henry Hayward
Ruth Caroline Hickman
Ira Snow Jonah
Daniel Keith
Margaret Keith
Paul M. LeBlanc
Alphe G. Leger
Marguerite Legere
Arthur McFarlane
Alexander McNaughton
Lottie Murray
George Ogsett
James W. Oulton
Philip Richard
John Riley
Arthur McNutt Russell
Henry Stultz
David Taylor
Ida May Tower
David Trites
Amasa Weldon
Cynthia Weldon
Hugh Wright
Joseph H. Avard
John Cassidy
Elizabeth J. Cochran
Benjamin Crue
Charles Dickie
Jessie W. Fawcett
Laura Fawcett
Rufus Fillmore
Josiah Finney
Nancy Finney
William F. George
Oliver Jones
Robert Kay (file 1 of 2)
Robert Kay (file 2 of 2)
Mary Jane Keillor
Horatio N. Kinnear
Jane Lawrence
Byron McDonald
Angus McQueen
Olivier P. Melanson
Thomas Edwin Oulton

INDEX 1899(P-Z)-1902(A-Bi)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1899 (P-Z) through 1902 (A-Bi), LDS microfilm #1,464,629.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11561] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Thomas Edwin Oulton (continued)
James Patterson
Charles Wesley Patterson
Hipolyte Robicheau
John B. Smith
Rankin Steeves
Margaret Taylor
Annie Thom
Ida May Thompson
James Tingley
Edward Trueman
Daniel Turner
Charles Allen
Joseph S. Allen
William Backhouse
Dora Belden
John Boyce
Odbur William Coleman
Charles Bedford Cook
John L. Cook
Albert Dernier
John Fram
Henry Allen Horseman
James Crawford
Eliza Crocker (Jacob)
David F. Crossman
William C. Horsman
James Chandler King
Susan Kinnear
Jeremiah D. Mahoney
James McAleese
John McAllister
James G. McKenzie
David Murray
Charles Wesley Oulton
Thomas Plummer
Cynthia Prince
John Prince
Annie Rand
Abigail Read
Mary Read
Jacob Boyd Scott
Robert Simpson
Eleanor Skeffington
Almira Smith
Peter Smith
Patrick Sullivan
Harriet M. Towse
Mary Turner
Gilbert T. Wall
James Walton
Joseph C. Weldon
S. Waldo Welling
James Wood
Michael Atkinson
Obadiah Ayer
Jane M. Barnes
Arthur W. Best
John Bickerton
Charles A. Black
Nathalie Bourque
Mary Ann Bowser
Ephraim Carter
Patrick Connors
Charity Crocker
Henry Crocker
Jacob Crocker
Isabella Duff
Edward Estabrooks
Elijah Estabrooks
Joshua Etter
Alice Alberta Folkins
Marguerite Gautreau
William Harper
John Hastings
Joseph Hicks
John P. Johnson
Malcolm Jones
Eliza B. Knapp
Calixte C. Legere
Elizabeth MacKay
David McLeave
George McPhee
James G. Moir
George Peters
Charles H. C. Pinsent
Nettie Marie Rodgers
Esther Augusta Scott
Frederick Sprague
James Stephens
Alvah Tingley
John Trenholm
Siliker Trenholm
Edward Tweedie
John Wesley Wall
Eleanor Ward
Woodbury Wells
William Wheaton
R. Dixon Wood
William Yates (file 1 of 2)
William Yates (file 2 of 2)
Edmund Babcock
Edmund Bishop

INDEX 1902(Bl-Z)-1908(A-Bi)

Westmorland Co. NB Probate, 1902 (Bl-Z) through 1908, LDS microfilm #1,464,630.
The following names are listed on the folders in the order found on the film.
[Note: this is PANB film no. F11562] (contributed by Doug Ayer)

Edmund Bishop [continued]
William Blacklock
Donald H. Bliss
Henri Bourque
Robert Buck
John Casey
Elizabeth Mary Chapman
Byron Chappell
Joshua Chappell
Phileas E. Cormier
Margaret Crowley
Ada E. Ferguson
Bernard Ferris
Gordon Foster
Mary Ann Furman
Edward Gayton
John Gillis
Avard Gooden
Charles Green
Charles C. Hamilton (file 1 of 2)
Charles C. Hamilton (file 2 of 2)
Hiram Hicks
Joseph Howard
Andrew Kinnear
Ferdinand A.. Landry
Philip Placide LeBlanc
David A. Long
J. Stanley Long
Thomas Lowerison
Susan Lowery [wid/o John Wesley Lowery; also names children]
Clarke Lutz
Mary J. McCarthy
Agnes McDonald
Elizabeth MacKay
John W. McManus
Charles H. Murray
Isabella Murray
Mary Jane Ogden
Charity Palmer
Philip S. Pellerin
Eva J. McFarlane Powell
Jacob Frederick Raworth
Frederick P. Reid
John Ring
Clarence E. Ripley
Adam Simpson
Beverley S. Smith
Daniel Sowerby
Thomas Taylor
Mary C. Thomson
Malinda Wheaton
John N. Allen
Maggie Barnes
Calvin T. Bent [father of Claude Bent]
Christopher Bowser
Minnie C. Bulmer
Charles C. Carlyle
Donald Carmichael
Allan W. Chapman
James Chapman
Thomas V. Cooke
Samuel Crossman
James T. Douglas
Charles A. Doull
William Fawcett
Christina Fleming
Thomas Fram
Olive Gaudet
Clara E. Hale
Duncan S. Harper
Eliza Harris
Sarah Jones
Ezra Keith
Sarah C. King
Hance W. Masters
Lytle McGrath
James McLatchey
John O'Neill
Cynthia Ogden
Ebenezer C. Palmer
Ruth K. Patterson
John Potter
Maria Richard
Anna Elizabeth Richardson
Phelicien Robichaud
George Smith
Hannah Spence
Mary Sullivan
John Sutton Sr.
Otho Tingley
Hiram Turner
Emma Wells
Joseph Atkinson
Burton E. Black
Helena Black
James W. Brewster
Amelia E. Cook
Thomas Cudmore
Harriet Dernier
Amasa Dixon
Thomas Egan
Isaac N. Evans
Ruth G. Ford
William Johnson
Polly Jones
Joshua King (file #1)
Joshua King (file #2)
John H. Marr
Marcus Barlow Palmer
David Rawline
Edward J. Smith
Stephen Bamford Atkinson
Alexander Black


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