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Non-Subscribers will not be given connections over this Telephone.

Moncton Transcript Print.


General Instructions

To call the Central Office take the receiver off the hook, place it firmly to the ear and listen for the operator's reply, which should be "Number"?
Answer the calls of your bell promptly.
Face the transmitter, do not talk sideways into it. Keep the mouth about two inches from the transmitter and speak naturally, distinctly, and not too rapidly.
When the conversation is completed place the receiver on the hook with the opening downwards.
Answer calls promptly. This is necessary for good service. Do not blame the operator when kept waiting, it is because the party wanted does not answer promptly.
Subscribers are requested to handle instruments carefully, as they are easily damaged. Never leave your receiver off the hook. Do not use telephone during a thunderstorm.
Ladies are employed as operators, we ask for them courteous treatment.
Subscribers are requested to make complaints of faulty service, or of instrument trouble directly to the Chief Operator; Regular operators are instructed not to receive complaints nor hold any unnecessary conversation over the lines.
If the trouble is not remedied within a reasonable time, kindly notify the Manager.
Just criticism is appreciated, we ask our subscribers to notify us of trouble in service or of incivility on the part of the employees.
Call Chief Operator for names not appearing in the Directory.
Instruments are placed where first directed, any change will be charged for.
Subscribers are respectfully requested to bear in mind that it is in direct violation of their contract with the Company as well as against their interests, to allow persons no subscribers to use their telephones. The instruments are leased for use of Subscribers only, and will be at once removed if hereafter it is found this rule is being ignored.

Note: Names marked ** are handwritten, either by the office at the time of issue of the directory, or by the new subscriber as names and telephone numbers became available. In some cases it was difficult to make out the name or initial-so I either guessed or left it out. Several printed entries had lines drawn through them, but I included them anyway, as they were probably valid entries at the time the Directory was published.

316 Abrams, John & Son, Machine Shop.
68-1 Acadia Sugar Refinery, Office.
242-1 Acadia Drug Store.
244-1 Ackman, George, Residence.
142-3 Alms House.
121-2 Allen, A.A., Law Office.
805-61 Allen, George H., Shediac Road.
28 American Hotel.
278 Appleton, Walter, Residence.
26-1 Archibald, P.S., Residence.
83-1 Advertising Agency & Employment Bureau.**

153 Bank of Montreal.
200 Bank of Nova Scotia.
255-1 Bank of New Brunswick.
223 Baptist Parsonage.
73-1 Barnaby, J.N., Grocer.
85-1 Bakers' White Store.
104 Babang, A.J., Wholesale Flour and Feed.
344-3 Barnes, Hazen B., Residence.
103-1 Bamford, Rev. Fred S., Residence.
196-1 Bell, W.G., Grocer.
212-2 Bell, H.S., Residence.
33-4 Bell, T.W., Residence.
173-1 Berry, John, Residence.
176-2 Bezanson, K., Residence
196-2 Bezanson, K., Jeweller.
366-2 Binney, I.W., Residence.
98-2 Bleakney, Sherman, Office, Coal and Ice.
292-1 Bleakney, Sherman, Residence.
86 Bourque, Dr. L.N., Office and Residence.
804-31 Bourque, E.D. & Sons, Fox Creek.
804-61 Bourque, Vital E., Residence, Fox Creek.
317-2 Bourque, Edmund J., Hotel.
31 Botsford, Dr. R.L., Office and Residence.
203-1 Board of Health, C.E. Northrup, Sec'y.
370-1 Bolton, G.P., Residence.
320-3 Borden, R.A., Residence.
804-71 Bourgeois, Jos. J., Residence, Fox Creek.
100-2 Bourgeois, H.J., Shoe Store.
161-1 Bourgeois, Damien S., Hotel.
320-4 Bowness, W.S., Residence.
187-1 Breau, J.P., Shoe Store.
45-1 Brown, Wm., Residence.
805-31 Brown, D., Residence, Shediac Road.
48-1 Brown, J.T., Residence.
21 Bruce, J.R., Residence
24 Brunswick Hotel.
282-2 Brunswick Sample Rooms.
333-1 Brewster, H.T., Grocer.
148 Burpee, T.C., Residence.
266-1 Burgess, Dr. S.W., Residence.
263-1 Burgess. Dr. S.W., Office.
71 Builders' Wood Working Co., Office.
806-71 Bulman, W.E., Mountain Road.
152-2 Belliveau, P.A. & Co.**
108-2 Boddington & Peters Office.**
67-2 Babineau, Andrew, Residence.**
807-11 Bleakney, Geo. B., Residence.**

227-1 Cassidy & Belliveau.
179-1 Canadian Express Office.
63 Campbell, John, Residence.
208-1 Campbell, Clad. Co.
211-2 Cameron, Owen, Residence.
366-4 Cameron, Harry C., Residence, Sunny Brae.
366-3 Carroll, Thos., Residence, Sunny Brae.
170-2 Christie, William, Bakery.
258-1 Chapman, R.A., Office.
327-3 Chapman, R.A., Residence.
68-2 Chapman, A.C., Office.
244-2 Chapman, A.C., Residence.
137-1 Chandler, W.B., Office.
261-2 Chandler, W.B. Residence.
110 Chandler, Dr. E.B., Office and Residence.
204-1 Charters, H.C., East India Tea Store.
327-2 Chief of Police, Residence.
803-11 City Reservoir.
122 City Clerk's Office.
253-3 City Pumping Station.
177 City Electric Light Station.
30-1 Clarke, R., Residence.
303-1 Clarke, J.W., Residence.
801-41 Clarke, D., Residence, Upper Coverdale.
804-11 Clerke, W.H., Residence, Fox Creek.
81-4 Cochrane, Geo. H., Residence.
335-1 Colpitts, R.R., Book Store.
290-2 Colpitts, R.C., Residence.
359-3 Colpitts, H.J., Plumber.
325-1 Cormier, Henry, Hotel, Duke Street.
339-2 Cormier, Mrs. E.D., Residence, Lewisville.
358-3 Cormier, E.C., Residence.
163-3 Cormier, Nap., Residence.
178 Cole, E.C. & Co., Store.
96-1 Cole, E.C., Residence.
145 Cooke, J. McD., Druggist.
348-2 Cooke, J. McD., Residence.
233-2 Condon, D.M., Residence.
150 C.P.R. Telegraph Office.
156-1 Creaghan, J.D. & Co., Store.
11 Customs House.
210 Curling Rink.
217-1 Cuthbertson, Joseph, Residence.
291-2 Chapman, A.E. Residence.**
75-1 Crandall, John, Residence.**
230-2 Crighton, W.L., Residence.
389-1 Cummins, J.C., Store.
199-4 Crandall, Percy, Residence.

234 Daigle, L.C., Residence.
45-2 Davidson, Walter S., Residence.
113 Delahunt, J.P., Livery Stable.
276-1 Dennison, Wm., Residence.
266-2 Dickson, R.P., Residence.
150 Dominion Express Co.
65-1 Dominion Textile Co.
52-1 Dobson, T. & F., Grocers.
18-1 Doyle, Jas. & Son, Grocers.
81-3 Dunlap, J.H., Residence.
803-71 Duff, Jas. A., Residence, Irishtown.
356-4 Dernier, N.W., Residence.**
347-1 Dunham, Geo. W., Residence.**
74-3 Dryden, Gilbert, Residence.**
807-31 Daly, M.C., Residence.**

250 Edgett, J. Fred., Residence.
164 Edgett, W.H., Grain, Feed and Produce.
215 Edgett, W.H., Residence.
70-1 Edington, John, Residence, City Engineer.
290-3 Edwards, Jas., Residence.
281-2 Emmerson, F.W., Residence.
328 Estano, L.H., Plumber.
77 Evans, Thomas, Residence.
267 Evans, Dr. Wm. M., Osteopath, Office & Residence.

166 Fairweather Bros., Druggists.
212-1 Fairweather, H.M., Residence.
117 Fawcett's Flour Mill.
84 Ferguson, Dr. W.A., Office and Residence.
219-3 Ferguson, Elmer M., Residence.
294-4 Fielding, R.E., Residence.
217-2 Fielding, John, Florist, Sunny Brae.
284-2 Flett, John A., Residence.
187-2 Flett, John A., Dry Goods.
79 Flemming, H.B., Residence.
336-1 Fogarty, Mrs. M., Grocery Store.
142-2 Forbes, M.P., Residence.
346-2 Forbes & Charters, Gents' Furnishings.
136 Fryers, E.A. & Co., Market.
199-1 Fryers, E.A., Residence.
80-1 Fraser Bros., Florists, Main St.
286-1 Fraser Bros., Residence, Lewisville.
804-41 Fraser, N.F., Mason, Chartersville.
182 Freight House, I.C.R.

356-1 Gallagher, T.J., Residence.
801-21 Gaskin, J.W., Residence, Up. Coverdale.
291-1 Geary, Jas., Residence.
64 Givan's Steam Laundry.
353-3 Gibson, David, Residence.
108-1 Globe Steam Laundry.
359-2 Glover, Mrs. W.H., Residence.
340-3 Gorbell, G.H., Residence.
57-2 Grace, C.L., Residence.
57-1 Grace, C.L., General Store, Lewisville.
369-3 Grace, Clifford, Residence.
338-2 Grass, Z.B., Residence.
128 Gross, W.K., Market.
274-1 Gross, W.K., Residence.
105 Gross & Dawson, General Store.
219-1 Gross, Mrs. Geo., Residence
25-1 Gautreau, T.C. & Co.**

48-3 Hayward, Samuel, Residence.
369-1 Hammett, B.E., Residence.
305 Hamm, P.N. Co., Biscuit Manufacturers.
239-1 Hall, F.N., Residence.
62 Harris, Geo. L., Law Office.
81-2 Harris, Geo. L., Residence.
169 Harris, J.H. Co., Wholesale Office.
102 Harris, J.H. Co., Private Office.
262-1 Harris, J.H., Residence, City.
806-31 Harris, J.H., Residence at Gorge.
309 Harris, Dr. L.C., Office and Residence.
216-3 Hewson, R.W., Residence.
123-1 Hewson, R.W., Law Office.
225 Henderson, T.E., Residence.
268 Henderson, J.D., Fish Market.
361-2 Hebert, Richard, Residence.
149 Higgins, L. & Co., Wholesale Office.
236 Higgins, L. & Co., Retail Store.
82 Higgins, L., Residence.
170-1 Holman, J.A., Livery Stable.
181 Holstead, A.E., Druggist.
159 Holstead, A.E., Residence.
32 Hospital.
257-1 Hotel LeBlanc
361-1 Hodge, Alfred J., Restaurant.
349-1 Hopper, P., Residence.
805-51 Hopper, E.H., Residence, Shediac Road.
73-2 Humphrey Woollen Mills.
49 Humphrey Clothing Store.
98-1 Humphrey, W.A., Palace Stables.
73-3 Humphrey, W. T., Residence.**
358-1 Harmer, Geo. R., Residence.**

188-1 Imperial Oil Co.

Intercolonial Railway

357 Accountants.
55 Advertising Agent.
34 Auditor of Disbursments.
41 Car Mileage.
16 Chief Clerk.
207 Chief Engineer, Private Office.
17 Chief Engineer, Clerks.
315 Chief Train Dispatcher.
2 Comptroller and Treasurer
106 Claims Agent.
186 Division Master Mechanic.
23 Engineer of Maintenance, Private Office.
37 Engineer of Maintenance, Clerks.
38 Electrician.
185 Freight Claims.
182 Freight House.
285 Fuel Clerk.
221 General Manager.
1 General Freight Agent.
308 General Passenger Agent, Private Office.
15 General Passenger Agent, Clerks.
6 General Storekeeper.
22 General Storekeeper, Clerks.
4 Mechanical Accountant.
10 Mechanical Accountant, Clerks.
44 Master Mechanic, Loco, and Car Works.
229 Round House.
12 Superintendent of Motive Power.
92 Superintendent of Motive Power, Clerks.
5 Store No. 1.
3 Station Master.
50 Superintendent of Car Service.
101 Traffic Manager.
7 Train Despatcher.
9 Track Master.
76 Track Blacksmith Shop.
46 Yard Master.

135-1 Jones, A.H., Resdence.
126-1 Jones, A.H., Office.
61 Jones, G.R., Residence.
130-1 Jones, M.B., Office.
321-1 Jones, M.B., Residence.
27-2 Jones, Mrs. O., Residence.
163-2 Jones, Thomas, Residence.
147-1 Jones, Miss C., Residence.
337-4 Jones, Charles W., Residence.
274-2 Jones, Fred C., Residence.
238 Joughins, G.R., Residence.
353-2 Joyce, Joseph, Residence.
96-3 Johnson, Miss J.F., Residence.
355-2 Jonah, Walter P., Residence.
314 Jones, W.G., Office.**
74 Jones, Chas., Residence.**

294-3 Kelly, Harvey, Residence.
294-4 Keenan, John A., Residence, Irishtown Road.
212-3 Keith, Dr. M.F., Residence.
347-3 Killam, A.E., Residence.
803-51 Killam, Fred, Residence.
95-1 Kinnear, W.S., Residence.
42-1 Kinnear, R.F. Residence.
369-2 Kinnear, Chas., Residence.
134-1 Knight, J.M., Law Office.
211-1 Knight, Mrs. M.E., Residence.
246-1 Knight's Bakery.

260 Lavoie, Louis, Residence.
91-3 Lawrence, Watson, Residence.
326-1 Lawrence & McKinnon, Grocery.
803-21 Larracy, A.J., Residence, Irishtown.
118 Lea, Paul Co., Mill.
119-2 Lea, Paul, Residence.
35-1 Leaman & Walsh, Grocers.
91-4 Leaman, H.J., Residence.
161-2 Leger, O.S., Union Hotel.
325-2 Leger, T.& A., Stoves & Tinware.
243-1 Leslie, A., Residence.
286-2 Lewisville Brick Co.
70-2 LeBlanc, Philip N., Contractor, and Builder.
142-1 LeBlanc, S.B., Leger's Corner.
65-2 LeBlanc's Bakery.
209-1 LeBlanc, T.D., Residence.
213-2 LeBlanc, J.D., Tailor.
301 Lockhart, J., Residence.
40 Lockhart, W.J., Residence.
198 Lockhart, LeB. D., Residence.
146 Lodge, M. Residence.
103-3 Lodge, Miss L.A., Lewisville.
152-1 Lounsbury & Co.
806-41 Lutz, B.A., Residence, Lutz Mountain.
19-1 Lutz, B.A., Grocery Store.
114-2 Lutes, G.B., Residence.
806-82 Lutes, Mrs. Temple, Residence, Gorge.
805-21 Lutes, Fred, Residence, Shediac Road.
96-4 Lyster, A.N., Residence.
20 Lyons, J.M., Residence.
142-4 LeBlanc, A.B., Residence.**
67-1 Leau, Mrs. E., Residence.**
162-2 Larracy & Hogan.**
232-3 Lockhart, Jas. A., Residence.**

205-1 MacKay, Francis, Druggist.
320-2 MacKay, Francis, Residence.
349-2 Magee, J.S., Residence.
805-11 Magee, Aza W., Shediac Road.
168 Marr, H.G., Millinery Store.
279 Marr, H.G., Residence.
155-1 Main, H.L. Co., Boots and Shoes.
183 Masters, J.E. Co., Coal and Ice.
216-2 Masters, J.E., Residence.
132 Matthews, Geo. C., Market.
213-1 Marks, J.H.
58-1 Maritime Engineering Co.
228 Melanson, H.H., Residence.
235-2 Melanson, T.S., City Book Store.
214-2 Metzler, A.E., Residence.
366-1 Mellish, W.A., Residence, Lewisville.
351-2 Merritt, Jas., Residence.
190 Minto Sample Rooms.
115 Minto Hotel.
801-71 Mitton, H.E., Residence, Up. Coverdale.
244-3 Mitchell, C.H., Residence.
66 Moncton & Buctouche Railway Station.
165 Moncton Carpet & Furniture Co.
292-2 Moncton Rural Cemetery.
100-1 Moncton Farm Implement Co.
355-1 Morrell, David, Residence, Truckman.
356-2 Mott, Mrs. John, Residence.
327-1 Murray, A.D., Residence.
222 Murray, Dr. C.A., Dentist, Office.
331-1 Murray, Wm., Grocer.
54 Myers, Dr. A.R., Office and Residence.
235-1 Melanson S., Grocer.

299-2 McAnn, L.W., Residence.
151-1 McBeath, Wm. J., Residence.
59-1 McCuaig, Dr., Brunswick Stables.
337-1 McCarthy, C.S., Residence.
53-1 McCarthey, Miss M., Residence.
193 McCully, F.A., Law Office.
280 McCully, F.A., Residence.
341-1 McCleave, J.H., Livery Stable.
277-2 McCoy Printing Co.
242-2 MacDonald, Allan, Paint Shop.
93 McDonald, J.J. Co., Millinery.
253-1 McDonald, Mrs. Jas., Dunlap House.
367-1 McDonald, D., Tailor.
89-1 McDougall, F., Residence.
219-4 McDougall, Wm. D., Residence.
359-4 McDougall, Wm. D., Main St.
283-2 McGee, Jennie, Restaurant.
243-2 McGinley, Harris A., Residence.
48-2 McHaffie, A., Residence.
72 McKenzie, W.B., Residence.
219-2 McKenzie, Geo. S., Residence.
335-2 McKnight, Dr. A.J., Dental Parlor.
27-1 McLaren, John, Residence.
103-2 McLean, A.T., Residence, Lewisville.
341-2 McLean, Mrs. K.A., Store, Highfield St.
252-1 McLean, Roderick, Grocer.
346-1 McLeod, Murdock, Store.
284-3 McLeod, Murdock, Residence.
359-1 McLeod, Mrs. A., Residence.
147-2 McLellan, A.M., Residence.
369-4 McMillan, M.H., Residence.
331-2 McNairn, W.J., Store.
288 McNaughton, Dr. J.A., Office.
91-1 McNeil, James, Residence.
320-1 McOdrum, Rev. D.
180 McSweeney Co., Peter, Dry Goods.
214-4 McSweeney, Peter, Residence.
806-21 McSweeney, Geo., Residence, Mountain Rd.
294-4 McFarlane, Job S., Residence.**
78-1 McSweeney, A.E., Residence.**

179 Newman, A.H., Office.
68-2 N.B. Wire Fence Co.
133 N.B. Petroleum Co.
290-1 Nickerson, John S., Residence.
294-1 Northrup, C.E., Residence.
203-1 Northrup, C.E., Board of Health.
290-4 Nugent, John, Residence.
26-2 Nicholls, J.R., Residence.**
32-2 Nurses Home.**

356-3 O'Blenis, Fred, Residence.
42-2 O'Dwyer, J.S., Residence.
801-31 Oulton, Geo., Residence, Coverdale.

318 Pay Station, I.C.R. Station.
138 Pay Station at Brunswick, Second Floor.
97 Pastuerized Milk Co., Lewisville.
174 Peters, A.E., Residence.
0 Peters, George C., Office.
350 Peters, George C., Residence.
241-1 Peters, H.A., Residence.
324-3 Peters, B.C., Residence.
299-1 Peters, Frank, Residence.
96-2 Peters, O.J., Residence.
334-2 Peters, Ernest, Residence.
214-3 Polleys, C.J., Residence.
107 Police Station.
29 Pottinger, D., Residence.
157 Price, Dr. L.H., Office and Residence.
56 Price, Dr. O.B., Dentist, Office
273-1 Price, Arthur A., Funeral Director.
337-3 Price, C.W., Residence.
320-1 Presbyterian Manse.
39 Purdy, Dr. C.T., Office and Residence.

340-1 Rayworth, J.S., Residence.
248 Rand, N.L., Residence.
231 Reid, F.P. & Co., Wholesale Office.
127 Reid, F.P. & Co., Private Office.
306-1 Read, L.B., Residence.
270 Reade, Dr. B.F., Dentist, Office.
116 Record Foundry & Machine Co.
195 Reilly, E.A., Law Office.
317-1 Richard, Dr. F.A., Office.
253-2 Richard, Dr. F.A., Residence.
282-1 Richard, D.E., Grocer.
295 Riverside Hotel.
120 Royal Bank of Canada.
340-2 Robinson, F.C., Residence.
233-3 Robinson, C.W., Residence.
137-2 Robinson, C.W., Law Office.
158 Robertson, Geo. A., Grocery and Hardware.
156-2 Robblee, D.H., Store.
804-21 Robichaud, Rev. A., Residence, Fox Creek.
337-2 Robb, B.P., Residence.
348-1 Rogers, J.H., Residence.
140 Ross, Dr. J.D., Office and Residence.
224-1 Ross, J.M.m Tailoring.
173-2 Rowe, F.H., Residence.
125-1 Ryan, J.T., Grocer.
801-11 Ryan, S.S., Coverdale.
238-2 Richard, T.S., Store.**
257-2 Richard & Melanson, Tinsmith.**

230-1 Scott, D.B., Residence.
80-2 Sellick, Joseph Co.
298-1 Selig, A.C., Residence.
94 Seaman, H. & G., Grocers.
47 Seaman, Geo., Residence.
292-3 Seaman, S.W., Residence.
368 Shannon, S.L., Residence.
330-1 Sherren, Jas. C., Law Office.
201 Sinclair, Norman, Residence.
194 Singer Sewing Machine Co.
90 Smith, J.W.Y., Residence.
125-2 Smith, B.E., Furniture Store.
33-3 Smith, B.E., Residence.
51 Smith, Dr. G.T., Office and Residence.
307-1 Smith, W.S., Restaurant.
802-71 Smith, J.N., Coverdale.
801-61 Smith, W.A., Residence, Coverdale.
121-1 Somers, Dr. L., Dentist, Office.
233-1 Somers, Dr. L., Residence.
206-2 Somers, Andrew, Residence.
172 Soper, J.W., Market.
284-1 Spencer, Mrs. F.L., Residence.
112 Spencer, Geo. O., Druggist.
199-3 Spencer, Geo. O., Residence.
802-21 Steeves, J.B., Residence, Coverdale.
806-11 Steeves, Allen, Residence, Mountain Rd.
803-61 Steeves, Brunswick, Residence, Irishtown.
802-11 Steeves, H. Lorne, Residence, Coverdale.
802-61 Steeves, Jarvis, Residence.
247-1 Steeves & Allanach, Grocers.
199-2 Steeves, R.A., Residence.
304 Steeves, David, Grocery.
162-1 Steeves, Wm., Livery Stable.
131 Steeves, Dr. E.O., Office & Residence.
87-1 Steeves, H.S., Livery Stable.
338-1 Stevenson, D., Residence.
289-1 Stephenson, A.G., Meat Store.
806-42 Stephenson, John, Residence, Mountain Rd.
139 Stratton, Geo. O., 4 Flag Store.
232-2 Stratton, Geo. O., Residence.
353-4 Stratton, Joseph, Residence.
365-1 Stratton Babbitt and Car Bearing Co.
192 Strathcona Coal Co., Office.
214-1 Strothard, Rev. James, Residence.
803-31 Sullivan, Wm. A., Residence, Irishtown.
240 Sumner Co., Office.
175 Sumner Co., Hardware Store.
254 Sumner, F.W., Residence.
191-1 Sweeney, F.J., Law Office.
807-61 Steeves, B.E., Residence.**
807-21 Steeves, Thos. A., Residence.(Salisbury Road)**
807-31 Steeves, John W., Residence. (Salisbury Road)**
807-41 Steeves, Manzer D., Residence (Salisbury Road)**

274-3 Taylor, M.W., Residence.
334-1 Taylor, Dr. Fred, Office and Residence.
297 Tennant, Fred N., Residence.
340-4 Thomas, Rev. H.E., Residence.
347-2 Thompson, H.G., Residence.
91-2 Thompson, J.H., Residence.
206-1 Thompson, Mrs. C.D., Residence.
103-4 Thompson, E.J., Residence.
81-1 Tingley, A.J., Residence.
804-51 Tingley, Geo. A., Residence, Fox Creek.
226 Tiffin, E., Residence.
143-2 Times Printing Co., Business Office.
143-1 Times Printing Co., Editor's Office.
160 Toombs & Son, Commission Merchants.
111 Transcript Office, Business Office.
322 Transcript Office, Editor's Office.
344-1 Tracey, M.L., Residence.
806-81 Trites, Harvey, Residence, Mountain Road.
806-61 Trites, Alfred, Residence, Mountain Road.
338-4 Trites, Jas. E., Residence.
114-1 Tuttle, A.A., Undertaker.
171 Tweedie, Miss Hattie, Books & Stationery.
159-2 Taylor, Edwin, Res.**
74-2 Taylor, Everett, Res.**
274-4 Thompson, Frank L., Residence.**

258-2 Vye, Clifford P., Meats & Fish.
360 Victoria Rink.

347-4 Watson, Samuel, Residence
203-2 Watson, Wm., Plumber.
60 Wallace, J.J., Residence.
805-71 Walker, Jasper, Residence, Shediac Road.
256 Walker, J.J., Residence.
363 Walberg, E.A., I.C.R. New Shops.
217-3 Watters, Horace B., Residence, Sunny Brae.
217-4 Warren, J.A., Residence, Sunny Brae.
8 Western Union Tel. Office at Station.
283-1 Western Union Tel. Office, Main St.
184-1 Welch, D.I., Law Office.
176-1 Welch, D.I., Residence.
59-2 Weldon, W. McK., Coal Office.
276-2 Weldon, W.J., Residence.
144 White, Dr. Fred J., Office and Residence.
249 Whelpley, F.E., Residence.
261-1 Whitney, H.A., Residence.
88 Windsor Hotel.
36 Williams, Thomas, Residence.
332 Williams, A.E., Residence, Pleasant Street.
362 Williams, E.A., Res., I.C.R. Police Inspector.
802-51 Wilmot, Walter, Residence, Coverdale.
806-51 Wilbur, D.M., Residence, Mountain Road.
801-51 Wilbur, Fred L., Residence, Coverdale.
338-3 Wilkinson, A.E., Residence.
239-2 Willett, Geo. B., Residence.
277-1 Willett, Geo. B., Office.
344-2 Winter, John Jr., Residence.
52-2 Wyse, R.N., Dry Goods.
232-1 Wyse, R.N., Residence.
355-3 Wilbur, , Residence and Store.**
807-71 Weldon, Charles, Residence.

281-1 Y.M.C.A.


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