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Westmorland County is located in southeast New Brunswick; bordered on the north by Kent County, on the west by Kings County, on the south by Albert County, and on the east by Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.  Click here for a map of the county. 
Westmorland County was one of the original counties set up with the creation of New Brunswick in 1784.  Until 1845, it included present-day Albert County.  The shire-town (or county capital) of the County is Dorchester. 
Westmorland County is divided into seven parishes; from west to east, these are: Salisbury, Moncton, Shediac, Dorchester, Sackville, Botsford and Westmorland.  The original parishes were Westmorland, Sackville, Moncton, Dorchester and Salisbury, as well as Hopewell and Hillsborough parishes, which are now parts of Albert County.  Botsford parish was set off from Sackville in 1805.  In 1827, Shediac parish was formed from parts of Dorchester, Sackville, and Westmorland.   Albert County was set off from Westmorland in 1845.

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