Bissett Cemetery, Upper Kintore

 GPS  Co-ordinates: (taken from where the path leaves the main Scotch Colony Road)

 N 464406, W 67 35 07




This small private cemetery is located on the Scotch Colony Road in Upper Kintore, Victoria County, New Brunswick. There is only one stone remaining, that of Archibald and Euphemia Winter, and is located on property once belonging to the Bissett family. Euphemia Bisset married Archibald Winter and they lived on the property until their deaths in the 1930's,  followed by their daughter, Elizabeth Winter. Another daughter, Margaret Winter, married Ernest Pimlott and lived on a property across the road. Margaret and Ernest's daughter, Alice, married first to Burton Barclay, and later in life, to Archie Christie, maintained the cemetery property for some time. (Since the writing of this, Alice passed away in 2009).

The Spring, 2001 issue of Generations ( a publication of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society)  includes a list of known burials in this cemetery. It was contributed by Frances MacKellar, who has provided the following list of burials and permission to publish this information.


(granted to children of Wm. Bisset January 4, 1886)

Upper Kintore, Victoria Co.,New Brunswick

John (Jack) Keillor, s.o. John Keillor/Catherine Bisset

born - Oct. 26, 1861, Inverarity & Methy,Scotland

died - May 20, 1876, Upper Kintore, Vic. Co., N. B.

Mary Winter, d.o. Archibald Winter/Euphemia Bisset

born - October 26, 1877, Upper Kintore, Vic. Co.,N.B.

Died - October 27, 1877, Upper Kintore, Vic. Co.,N.B.

Frank Stevenson, s.o. James Stevenson/Mary Bisset

born - April 26, 1868, Dundee, Scotland

died - 1878 Upper Kintore, Vic. Co., N. B.

Mrs. William Bisset (Euphemia Taylor) d.o.James Taylor/Barbara Galloway

born - April 21, 1816,Errol, Perthshire, Scotland

Died - Sept. 24, 1878, Upper Kintore, Vic.Co.,N.B.

Baby Stevenson child of James Stevenson/Mary Bisset 1878

Mrs.James Stevenson (Mary Bisset) d.o. Wm. Bisset/Euphemia Taylor

born -December 25, 1842, Newtyle, Scotland

died - November 11, 1878, Upper Kintore, Vic. Co.,N.B.

Isabella McKenzie Winter d.o. Archibald Winter/Euphemia Bisset

born - December 8, 1878 Upper Kintore, Vic. Co.,N.B.

Died - January 17 1884, Upper Kintore, Vic. Co., N.B.

William Bisset s.o. Peter Bisset/Eupham Bruce

born - Aug. 24, 1806, Kilspindie, Perthshire, Scotland

died - Sept, 7, 1884, Upper Kintore, Vic.Co., N. B.

Walter Brough (Henry Walter Stevens Brough) s.o. John Brough/Elizabeth Bisset

born - October 1881, Upper Kintore, Vic. Co., N. B.

Died - before 1891

Baby Winter died spring 1893

Barbara Taylor Lawson Winter d.o.Archibald Winter/Euphemia Bisset

born - May 12, 1887, Upper Kintore, Vic. Co.,N.B.

Died - July 5, 1893, Upper Kintore, Vic. Co., N. B.

Archibald Winter s.o. James Winter/Elizabeth Ramsay

born - November 20, 1846, Kirriemuir, Scotland

died - March 5, 1937, Upper Kintore, Vic. Co.

Mrs. Archibald Winter (Euphemia Taylor Bisset) d.o. William Bisset/Euphemia Taylor

born - August 8, 1847, Newtyle, Scotland

died - November 5, 1939, Upper Kintore, Vic. Co., N. B.


Prepared by: Frances MacKellar -

July 10, 2001



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