The following Surnames are being researched in Sunbury County

The following Surnames are being researched in Sunbury County. The format is Surname, Place, Researcher. You can click on the Researcher Name to contact them via their email. If you have any Surnames that you would like have added to this page, simply send a note to the site administrator and I will be added to the list. Be sure to include the Surname, Place in Sunbury County, your Name and your Email address. And please clearly use the exact format below. This section is not for queries. I'll also add your home page URL if you so desire (and it relates to NB Genealogy).

Surname Place (in Sunbury County) Web Page Time Frame Info Researcher
ADAMS   Adams page     Cleadie Barnett
ALEXANDER Fredericton Junction area (Gladstone)       Beth McAvoy
ARMSTRONG         Shaunee Power
BANKS   Banks page     Cleadie Barnett
BARKER         Ruth- Ann [---]
BARTLETT         John E. Bartlett Taylor
BELL         Mari Anne Hussen
BRADLEY         Rose Staples


Maugerville and Sheffield Descendants of Samuel Bridges and Sarah Stickney     Lezlie Carson
BRIGGS Sheffield   pre 1901   Lorraine Cooper
BROWN         Roger Bohn
BROWN         Heather Waddingham
BUCKINGHAM         Lisa Zajkowski
Nancy Doherty-Perry


Fredericton Junction


      Malcolm Burns
BURDEN / BORDEN   Brown / Borden / Burden     Heather Waddingham
BYERS Blissville       Judy Burns
CARR         Jennifer Phillips Brown
Stacey Hughes
CASE Burton       Mike Cavanaugh
CAVANAUGH Burton       Mike Cavanaugh
CHASE         Derek Chase
COGSWELL         Roger Bohn
DINGEE         Carl Dingee
FLYNN         Roger Bohn
FREDERICK     1700-1856   Janet Chadwick
FRITCH         Marianne Wakileh
GRAY  GLAZIER ( Glasier)         Sharon Moore
GRASS         John Billman
GRASS, GRASSE, DeGRASS, DeGRASSE         Mary Nichols
GOODEN         Mary Nichols
GRASS  /  GRASSE Burton       Steve Thomas
KENDRICK / HENDRICKS     1783-1795
HARTT   Descendants of Isaac and Elizabeth (Hutchinson) Hartt     Carol Dick
HOVEY St. Mary's. Stanley, Ludlow and Boiestown       Peter Hovey ,
HOWLAND         Roger Bohn
HUSTON         Roger Bohn
JONES         Carl J. Morrison
KINCADE         Edd Sinnett
KIMBALL         Justine Gengras
KIMBALL         Earl Ward
KING         Joyce Fraser
KNOX       family of James Knox from County Down, Ireland - living in
Sunbury in 1851, occupation gardener - wife Elizabeth Gordon, MIL
Mary Gordon, sons James and William and daughter Agnes, arrived in NB in 1829
Allison Church Bird
LANGAN         Joan M. Huber
LEONARD         Dan Woodrow
LUCAS         Shaunee Power
MANUEL         Rebecca West Rutledge
MARLEY     1861 - ?

I have been researching the Marley family who lived in Sunbury County (Northfield) from at least 1861 until ???  William and Mary Marley were my great great great grandparents, their daughter Emily Marley Woods lived in Northfield with her husband John Woods and their 9 children (born from 1866-1883) until 1892 when they moved to Lynn Massachusetts.

Sue Gillis
McCain / McKane Burton Parish

Geary Settlement

  1830 - 1890 Looking for any info. on John McCain/McKane, his family or sons John or Robert McCain of Burton Andrew L. McCain
M'Donald         Paul Sampson
MCKINNEY         Earl Ward
MCKNIGHT       William born in Lincoln in 1846, Family lived in New
Maryland NB after that time
Allison Church Bird
Stacey Hughes
McLean         Lezlie Carson
MCMINN     1700-1856   Janet Chadwick
McNEILL         Shaunee Power
McNUTT         Marita Gladson
MEAD         Derek Chase
NASON         Bob Manchip
Stacey Hughes
OWEN-OWENS         Mary Nichols
OWEN-OWENS         Shaunee Power
PALMER Maugerville/Sheffield Jeanne's World of Family 1764-1910   Jeanne Kline
PENDERGAST         Shaunee Power
PHILLIPS         Jennifer Phillips Brown
PHILLIPS         Keith Stewart
PHILLIPS Lincoln, Rusagonish       Gloria Phillips
PLUMMER         Barbara Ysseldyk
PORTER         Justine Gengras
POWER         Shaunee Power
REYNOLDS         John E. Bartlett Taylor
RICHARDSON         Keith Stewart
RIDEOUT   Rideout Page     Cleadie Barnett
SAMBLES         Rick Doucette
Nancy Doherty-Perry
SEWELL   Sewell page     Cleadie Barnett
SEWELL         Elizabeth Sewell
SINNOTT/SINNETT         Edd Sinnett
SIMMONS         Carl J. Morrison
SIMMONS         Roland Van Dyne
SIMPSON Fredericton Junction area (Gladstone)       Beth McAvoy
SMITH         Joan Hollingsworth
SMITH         Carol Dick ,

SPARKS       added surname October 15, 2006 Wallace Howe
SPROULL         Rich Corbett
STATHAM         Norman Stitham
STEWART         David


        Lezlie Carson
STRANGE         Joan M. Huber
STUDHOLM         Norman Stitham
TAYLOR         John E. Bartlett Taylor
TAYLOR         Lezlie Carson
TILLEY         Mari Anne Hussen
UPTON         Kathy Upton
WADE Ireland       Joyce MacPherson
WADE         Lezlie Wade Carson

WARD         Stacey Hughes
WARD         Earl Ward
Wasson         Paul Sampson
WEBB         Carol Dick
WEBBER         Earl Ward
WHITNEY Maugerville       John L. Whitney
WINTER Sunbury County   1823-1850   Marjorie Elliott
WOOD         Garth Clarence Wood
WYATT         Lisa Zajkowski
WYERS         Keith Stewart

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