Sunbury County Land Record Abstracts  
Land Record Abstracts
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Transcribed by Cleadie B. Barnett, C.G.(C)

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Abstracts of old Series I,
Sunbury County Petitions 1765-1823

This record was made by the members of York Sunbury Historical Association, many years ago.  The format was modified by Cleadie B. Barnett, and placed in alphabetical order (all data retained.)  These petitions have all been re-catalogued by the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, where they are now housed, and are now in a single body of Land Petitions.  There are many more for Sunbury County that are not identified here. The first several in this list were as groups, but the surnames have been added to the alpha listing.  This listing has been in the record , as some of may be interested in looking at these documents.  It should be noted that there are a few records included that do not relate to land, one of which relates to a murder.

1785=A list of Proprietors at Maugerville.
1785=Application for lots in Maugerville
1786=Allotments made in Maugerville for 13 lots of land.
1786=Return of a tract of land west of St. John River, upper end of Mauger's Island.
1788=Inhabitants of Maugers Island asks for grant of the Island.
1789=Inhabitants of Maugerville Island, state that they, having improvements on said Island, they supposing it vacant on account of the non appearance of the original proprietors, are ejected, memorialist ask for consideration.

Ackerman, James1810James & John Ackerman, ask for 800 acres each east side of Little River, in rear of lands granted to Capt. Rierson.
Ackerman, JohnAckerman, James; 1810
Adams, Johnsee Adams, Jonathan; 1786
Adams, Johnsee Adams, Jonathan; 1803
Adams, Jonathan1803Jonathan Adams, John Adams, Sturges Adams and Thomas Adams, Loyalist, asks for 2,000 acres of land on the Rushagonis Stream.
Adams, Jonathan1786Jonathan Adams, John Adams, Jacob Segee, William Segee, asks for land in Block 3, drawn by Mr. Vincan and Capt. Williams and known as Lots Nos. 129 and 130.
Adams, Nathanielsee Williams, Reuben; 1785
Adams, Sturgessee Adams, Jonathan; 1803
Adams, Thomassee Adams, Jonathan; 1803
Akerly, Mosessee Williams, Reuben; 1785
Akerly, Moses1785Moses Akerly served H.M. during the rebellion, had a son who was his sole support, who was murdered, memorialist was reduced to extreme poverty in consequence he asks for consideration.
Allen, Aaron1786Aaron Allen and others on Swan Creek / return of No.187 or 1669 acres in 8 lots.
Allen, Johnsee Allen, Peter; 1786
Allen, Lawrencesee Allen, Peter; 1786
Allen, Peter1786Peter Allen asks for his father, John Allen, his brothers, Lawrence and Thomas Allen, and for William Free, land at Swan Lake.
Allen, Thomassee Allen, Peter; 1786
Anderson, Jeremiah1785Jeremiah Anderson prays his fine may be remitted and be allowed to draw provisions, etc. In Council 3rd June. Fine may be remitted.
Anderson, John1822John Anderson, asks for land southwest of the Oromocto River.
Armour, Joseph1822Joseph Armour, native of Ireland, asks for land leading from Newcastle Creek to New Canaway.
Arnold, Amos1818Amos Arnold, asks for 200 acres northwest of the Rushagonis Stream in Lincoln.
Arnold, John1818John Arnold, Enoch Bartlet, John Sinclair, David Philips and David Sinclaie, asks for land southwest of the Rushagonis Stream in Lincoln.
Ashburn, Patience1785Patience Ashburn, Loyalist, asks for land in Maugerville.
Atcheson, John1815John Atcheson, asks for 40 acres on Partridge Island near Oromocto River.
Austin, Samuelsee Sheffield Church; 1792

Babcock, Williamsee Colgin, Patrick; 1785
Backstead, Ignatias1785Ignatias Backstead and Conrad Stanwick (arrived in Sayre's Company in 1783) asks for land in Burton, also clothing and provisions.
Bailey, ... (Capt.)see Wilmot, Lemuel (Capt) ; 1785
Bailey, Benjaminsee Dolph, Stephen; 1785
Bailey, Benjamin1807Benjamin Bailey asks for land on Oromocto.
Bailey, Benjamin1785Benjamin Bailey, Samuel Bill, Wm. Woodworth, Z. Rust and Nathaniel Rust, stating that they were deprived of their lands by the grant given to the Maryland Loyalist, and ask for land south of the Oromocto River in Lincoln.
Bailey, Benjamin1788Benjamin Bailey, asks for land on Oromocto.
Bailey, Jamessee Carr, Edward; 1814
Bailey, James1814James Bailey, asks for 200 acres in Lincoln.
Bailey, John1809John Bailey, Abraham Dewitt, and Thomas Dewitt, asks for 200 acres each on the Oromocto River.
Bailey, John1808John Bailey, asks for land on the Oromocto.
Bancker, Abrahamsee Williams, Reuben; 1785
Barker, ...see Dickinson, Amos; 1785
Barker, Asa1814Asa Barker, asks for 300 acres, and David Pickard asks for 200 acres.
Barker, Georgesee Williams, Philip; 1810
Barker, Jacob, Jr.see Mersereau, John, JP; 1790
Barker, Jacobsee Burpee, David; 1789
Barker, Jacob1816Jacob Barker in support of his claim to Lot No.2, Little River.
Barker, Jeremiah1819Jeremiah Barker and Nathaniel Barker, natives of New Brunswick, ask for 300 acres in Burton.
Barker, Johnsee Hubbard, William; 1785
Barker, Joseph Jrsee Burpee, David; 1789
Barker, Josephsee Burpee, David; 1789
Barker, Justice1785Justice Barker, of USA asks for land in Maugerville
Barker, Nathanielsee Barker, Jeremiah; 1819
1784Inquisition taken against the rights held in the Township of Burton, by Thomas Falconer, Sr., John York, Joseph Peach, William Barker, Wm. Evans, Chas. Pellitt, John Cox, Thomas Falconer, Jr., John Treby, James Porteous and Richard Burton.
Barker, Richard
(and others)
Jury found the following verdict: that the said grantees, their heirs have not performed conditions of their grants, saving Thomas Falconer, Sr., who settled one person by the name of Richard BARKER, the heirs of which Barker are entitled by virtue of that settlement of 250 acres of land, in the said Township of Burton as now occupied by them.
Barker, Sarah
see Burpee, David; 1789
Barker, Thos., Jr.see Mersereau, John, JP; 1790
Barlow, Richard
(heirs of)
see Jones, Thos.; 1785
Barlow, Richardsee Barlow, William; 1791
Barlow, William1791William Barlow, s/o Richard Barlow, who served in H.M. 44th Regt. as a sergeant, asks for land which was formerly granted to his father in Maugerville.
Barlow, William1809Elijah Miles J.P. certifies to the integrity and worth of William Barlow, James Webber, John Grass and George Grass.
Barlow, William1809William Barlow, asks for 500 acres of land on the Rushagonis Stream.
Barlow, Williamsee Barlow, William 1809
Barnard, Zacariahsee Brown, Zacariah 1810
Bartlet, Enochsee Arnold, Amos 1818
Bartlett, Gainsee Bartlett, Richard 1815
Bartlett, Richard1815Richard Bartlett asks to sell real estate of Gain Bartlett.
Bartlett, Richardsee Sheffield Church 1792
Bartlett, Robertsee MacNeall, John 1805
Bartlett, Williamsee MacNeall, John 1805
Barton, Henry1785Henry Barton, affidavit stating that he advertised that he and James Barton and Thos. Woolverton, Loyalist, complied with the regulations, and that they will have a grant in Maugerville.
Barton, Henrysee Davidson, William 1787
Barton, Henrysee Wolverton, Thomas 1788
Barton, Henrysee Barton, Henry 1785
Barton, Jamessee Wolverton, Thomas 1788
Barton, Jamessee Davidson, William 1787
Barton, James
Bayard, William1785William Bayard, soldier in Maryland Loyalist, asks for land and provisions in Sunbury.
Bayley, Benjamin1785Benjamin Bayley, Samuel Bill, Wm. Woodworth, Zekiel Rust and Nathaniel Rust, asks an order of survey for land south of Oromocto River.
Baynard, William1785William Baynard, refugee, asks for land in Maugerville.
Beane, Williamsee Boone, Wm. Jr. 1798
Beardsley, Johnsee DePeyster, Abraham 1788
Beardsley, John Rev.1787Rev. John Beardsley produces Mr. Wilson's receipt for the improvements made by him on Lot No.60, Maugerville, and asks for a grant thereof.
Beardsley, John1787John Beardsley, states he produced Mr. Wilson's receipt for improvements made by him for land in Maugerville.
Beardsley, John Rev.1786Rev. John Beardsley, Chaplain late Loyal American Regt. asks leave to relinquish Lot No.50 and asks grant of Lots Nos. 29 and 30.
Beardsley, John1785Affidavit of John Beardsley and Paul Beardsley, stating that they advertised for lands in Burton.
Beardsley, John1785John Beardsley, Chaplain to the Loyal Am. Regt. asks for land on Oromocto River, containing 200 acres.
Beardsley, Paul1785Paul Beardsley and Robert Coletart, asks for land on the Oromocto River.
Beardsley, Paul1786Paul Beardsley asks for Lot No.50, Robert Coltar, also asks same. This lot was given up by the Rev. Mr. Beardsley in addition to Lot No.49, which they are registered for.
Beardsley, Paulsee Beardsley, John; 1785
Bedell, Josephsee Bedell, Paul 1785
Bedell, Paul1785Paul and Joseph Bedell, state that a grant of land was obtained of 400 acres of land on the Kennebecasis River, Kings Co, NB, but by mistake it was found not to exceed 300 acres, he asks for 100 acres in Burton, to make up the deficiency.
Beers, William1786William Beers asks for Lot No.5 in Oromocto.
Beers, William1787William Beers, asks for land in Maugerville
Bell, John1785John Bell, asks for No.19 Burton, which Sam. Stinson relinquishes in his favour. In Council 22nd November. To be registered for No.19 Burton instead of Sam. Stinson.
Benson, William1785William Benson, asks for land on Oromocto River.
Beston, Thomas1790Thomas Betson, asks for land on Oromocto River.
Betts, Ephraim1785Ephraim Betts, asks for land in Maugerville.
Bidden, Richard Jr.see Dewitt, Everett; 1786
Bidden Richard Jr.see DeWitt, Everett; 1785
Bidden, Richard Sr.see Dewitt, Everett; 1786
Bidden Sr, Richardsee DeWitt, Everett; 1785
Bill, Samuelsee Bayley, Benjamin; 1785
Bill, Samuelsee Bailey, Benjamin; 1785
Binds, Cuffersee Robert Lawson; 1785
Bliss, Daniel1795Daniel Bliss - letter in answer to the memorial of Maugerville respecting land on Oromocto Island.
Bliss, Daniel1788Daniel Bliss for 11 acres of land on Oromocto Island.
Bliss, Daniel1788Daniel Bliss, asks for 11 acres on Oromocto Island
Bliss, Davidsee Glebe land Burton; 1798
Blizzard, Jamessee Compton, Ebenezer; 1785
Bobe, Josephsee Mersereau, John, JP; 1790
Boon, George1819George Boon, asks for 200 acres in Burton.
Boon, James Wrightmansee Boon, William, Sr.; 1821
Boon, Johnsee Boon, William, Sr.; 1821
Boon, William, Sr.1821William Boon Sr., John Boon, James Wrightman Boon and James Till, ask 600 acres in Burton.
Boon, Williamsee Webb, Richard; 1802
Boone, Abraham1809Abraham Boone, Murray Boone, Ewert Boone and Samuel Boone, asks for land on the Oromocto River.
Boone, Ewertsee Boone, Abraham; 1809
Boone, Henrysee Rose, John; 1787
Boone, Henrysee Reed, William; 1787
Boone, John1804John Boone asks for lot no. 19 on the Oromocto.
Boone, Murraysee Boone, Abraham; 1809
Boone, Samuelsee Rose, John; 1787
Boone, Samuel1799Samuel Boone asks for a vacant lot next to his own, on which he has made improvements, through a mistake on the boundary line.
Boone, Samuel Jrsee Rose, John; 1787
Boone, Samuel, Jr.1791Samuel Boone, Jr., asks for land on Oromocto.
Boone, Samuel Jrsee Rose, John; 1787
Boone, Samuelsee Boone, Abraham; 1809
Boone, William1799William Boone, respecting a lot on Oromocto, applied for by William Crandlemire
Boone, William Srsee Rose, John; 1787
Boone, William1810William Boone & Edward Carr ask for land on back settlement called New Niagara, containing 500 acres.
Boone, Wm. Jrsee Rose, John; 1787
Boone, Wm. Jr1798Wm. Boone Jr. and Joseph Hoyt, Wm. Hoyt and William Beane ask for four lots on North branch of Oromocto River.
Boone, Wm.1795Wm. Boone and two sons, asks for land on Northwest branch of Oromocto River, joining DeWitt's.
Bradley, Johnsee Hayward, George; 1787
Bradley, Mary1783Mary Bradley, whose husband served in H.M. Provincial Corps, and was a recruiting sergeant, in Halifax, asks for land in Maugerville.
Bradley, Mary1785Mary Bradley, asks for land in Maugerville.
Bradley, Mosessee Bragdow, Nathaniel; 1809
Bradley, Oliversee Bragdow, Nathaniel; 1809
Bragdow, Nathaniel1809Nathaniel Bragdow, Oliver Bradley, Jonas Fitzherbert, Moses Bradley, ask for grants of 500 acres each on the Southwest branch of the Rushagonis River.
Braman, Ezekiel1785Ezekiel Braman, states that the former application for lot on Oromocto River died, he asks permission to advertise for same.
Brawn, Benjaminsee Mersereau, John, JP; 1790
Brawn, Benjaminsee Sayer, John; 1785
Brawne, Benjaminsee Cogswell, Elihu; 1803
Brewer, Dolphsee Day, Peter; 1786
Briggs, Ebenezersee Burpee, David; 1789
Briseley, Thomas Dennissee Rose, John; 1787
Brisley, Thos. Dennis1788Thos. Dennis Brisley, asks for land on Oromocto River.
Brock, Nicholas1785Nicholas Brock, a Maryland Loyalist, stating he has money and clothing due from Capt. Kennedy of that Corps, not having received anything allowed by Government, he asks redress.
Brockwell, Benjaminsee Shaw, John; 1792
Brooks, Abner1785Abner Brooks, served in Provincial Rangers in last French War, had smallpox, a wife and eleven children, he is without means and asks for land.
Brooks, Eben E.see McNeal, Joseph; 1809
Brooks, Hammond E.see Perley, Solomon; 1818
Brown, Alexandersee Compton, John; 1787
Brown, Jamessee Cogswell, Elihu; 1803
Brown, JohnCogswell, Elihu; 1803
Brown, JohnHowland, Ichabod. Jr.; 1814
Brown, JohnBrown, Zacariah; 1810
Brown, JonathanCogswell, Elihu; 1803
Brown, Richard1801Richard Brown, asks to be considered lawful owner of Lot No.1 on the Oromocto.
Brown, Wm. Chandlersee Browne, John Converse; 1789
Brown, Zacariahsee Perley, William; 1822
Brown, Zacariah1810Zacariah Brown, John Brown, Zacariah Barnard and Jacob Howland, ask for 300 acres each in Maugerville.
Brown, Zacariah Barnardsee Howland, Ichabod. Jr.; 1814
Browne, John Converse1789John Converse Browne and Wm. Chandler Brown, asks for land on Oromocto.
Brundage, Josiahsee Dickenson, James; 1785
Bruster, Johnsee Murray, Joe; 1785
Bubar, John1790John Bubar & Hickebed Howland, served in the British Troops, state that they settled on land which was drawn by the Maryland Loyalist and were ordered off of said land. They ask for land on the Oromocto River.
Bubar, William1820William Bubar, native of New Brunswick, asks for 300 acres on the Rushagonis Stream in Lincoln.
Buckingham, Stephensee Wyatt, Hezekiah; 1785
Bulyea, Thomas1812Thomas Bulyea, William Wright, ask for lots on the River Rushagonis.
Bunnill, Gershon 17831819Gershon Bunnill, native of USA served during the American Rebellion, came in 1783, and Andrew Harvey, native of Scotland, asks for 300 acreseach, in Burton.
Burgess, Daniel1785Daniel Burgess, Loyalist, asks for land on Oromocto River.
Burpe, Benjaminsee Dwyer, Edmund; 1815
Burpe, Danielsee Dwyer, Edmund; 1815
Burpe, Thos.see Dwyer, Edmund; 1815
Burpe, Zebulonsee Dwyer, Edmund; 1815
Burpee/Burpy, Zebulonsee Burpee/Burpy, Edward, Jr. 1818
Burpee/Burpy, Edward, Jr.1818Edward Burpy Jr., and Zebulon Burpy, asks for land in Burton, containing 600 acres.
Burpee, David, Jr.see Burpee, David, Sr.; 1809
Burpee, David1789David Burpee, Jacob Barker, Thos. Ryerson, Sylvanius Plumer, Joseph Barker Jr., Joseph Barker, Ebenezer Briggs, Moses Coburn, Charles Harrison, James Harrison, Samuel Upton, Gervas Say, Elijah Dingee, Daniel Jewett, Humphrey Pickard, Israel Stickney, Nathan Smith, Sarah Barker (widow), Daniel Palmer, John Wason, Thomas Burpee, Edward Burpee, Proprietors of land in Sheffield ask a new grant of their lands in Sheffield, continuing the line so as to include land on Middle Island in St John River.
Burpee, David see Coburn, Moses; 1786
Burpee, David, Sr.1809David Burpee and David Burpee, Jr. ask for land northwest of the Rushagonis Stream.
Burpee, Edwardsee Burpee, David; 1789
Burpee, Edwardsee Callishaw, Stephen; 1804
Burpee, Jonathan1820Jonathan Burpe, native of New Brunswick, asks for land in Burton.
Burpee, Thomassee Burpee, David; 1789
Burphy, Danielsee Gordon, William; 1818
Burriss, James1785James Burriss, states that James Sullivan and John Craig, late of Guides and Pioneers Corps, were indebted to him, debts remained unpaid after their demise. He asks to retain said land which belonged to them. Not complied with.
Burtis, Benajahsee Dickenson, James; 1785
Burton, Richardsee Barker, Richard; No. 5 1784
Buskirk, Johnsee Oltz, Martin; 1785
Butler, Peter1785see Peter Butler, Loyalist asks for a grant.
Byerse, Samuelsee DePeyster, Abraham; 1788
Byrne, Samuel, J.P.see Mersereau, John, JP; 1790
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