A Brief History of Sunbury Co., NB  
A Historical Brief of Sunbury County
by Cleadie B. Barnet, C.G.(C)

Sunbury County is encircled by York, Northumberland, Queens and Charlotte Counties. The shiretown is Burton, situated on the Saint John River, which flows across the county cutting it into close to two equal parts.

The federal government's military base, Base Gagetown, has its headquarters in Oromocto, and a portion of their land in Sunbury County is joined with that in Queens County to make the largest military base in the British Commonwealth. There are no cities in Sunbury County, and most of its lands are rural. There is a few towns and villages, and a brief description of these will be added as they can be gathered.

The York-Sunbury Historical Society, with headquarters in Fredericton, York County has been in existence for a long time. Their holdings were transferred to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, shortly after it came into being in the 1960's.

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