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Hazen Houses

Courtesy of Janice White


There were two houses on the Hazen property on the Oromocto River where it meets the Saint John. One was built in 1787 for the newly-married John Hazen and Priscilla McKinstry; the other was built for the garrison manning Fort Hughes for the war of 1812 and that John Hazen later acquired. The property remained in the family for 7 generations before it was appropriated by the army in about 1960.  It descended through 3 generations of daughters-only.


The site now is the Sir Douglas Hazen Park.

(John Hazen owned a third property, the original Kinney land grant; that he willed to his daughter who married Alexander Gilmor.)


Nearest the village of Oromocto, just downstream from the old bridge: Underneath the exterior wood of this house were brick walls, so I suspect, but do not know, that this was the one built for the War of 1812.  It was torn down in the early 1960s, under protest, when it was appropriated.  My aunt, the child Doris in this photo, remembers old dresses and bonnets in the attic.  There was only one fireplace to heat the house. At the time of the photo it was owned and lived in by Elizabeth Hazen White (alone).

The daughters and daughter-in-law of James Stewart White & Sarah Isabel [Charles, John] Hazen, two grand-daughters and two great-granddaughters.  Photograph taken ~1916.

(left to right)

1. Elizabeth Hazen White (daughter), and her dog

2. Frances Charlotte (Mitchell) White (daughter-in-law)

3. Dorothy Isabel Stocker (grand-daughter)

4. Doris Mary Dodge (the child) great-grand-daughter

5. Mary Isabel (White) Stocker, daughter, and her dog

6. Frances Isabel White, grand-daughter

7. Beatrice Longley (the child apart from the group), great-grand-daughter.

James Stewart White m. Sarah Isabel Hazen

1.       (1) Elizabeth Hazen White (1852 Oromocto-1949 Fredericton ae 97), did not marry

2.       (5) Mary Isabel (White) Stocker 1857-1936 ae 79

a.       Mary Kathleen “Kitty” Stocker (1886-1981 NY ae 98)

                                                               i.      (7) Beatrice “Bee” Longley

b.       (3) Dorothy Isabel Stocker (1889 Oromocto-1966 Fredericton)

                                                               i.      (4) Doris Mary Dodge (1914 Quebec) living

3.       Charles Hazen White (1866 -1917 ae 51) married (2) Frances Charlotte Mitchell (Lincoln NB-1949 ae 84)

a.       (6) Frances Isabel White (1898-1967 Fredericton)



This house, on the Oromocto River, a field away from House 1, further from the village, was known for some time in the latter 1800’s and early 1900’s as the Stocker Hotel.  There were 19 rooms.  It burned in September 1919 in one of the fires that regularly swept the village.  Family history is that only a piano and a chair were saved. At the time of this photograph it was owned by Mary Isabel (White) Stocker.

 I would appreciate learning more of these houses, especially which is which.

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