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Last Updated 29 Apr 2001

Introduction Baptisms, 1823 - 1863 Marriages, 1839 - 1854

(June 1994; Last Updated 29 Apr 2001)

        This is an alphabetical transcription of the baptism and marriage registers of the Presbyterian charge in the civil parish of Saint Patrick, Charlotte County, New Brunswick. It also contains some baptisms of people from other areas of Charlotte County such as Saint George and Saint James. The page numbers beside each entry refer to the original document. Original spellings have been maintained but dates have been rewritten in a standard format. The transcription and this introduction were made in June 1994 by Craig Walsh, but the introduction has been updated from time to time. A hard copy of the transcription is available at the Charlotte County Archives, St. Andrews, N. B.

        The area was first connected with St. Andrews but became a separate charge in 1839 when the Rev. John Cassilis was appointed minister. The charge included churches at Bocabec, Waweig, Whittier Ridge and Rollingdam. In 1896 Bocabec joined the St. George and Pennfield Presbyterian churches, while Waweig and Rollingdam were joined with Tower Hill. Finally, in 1925 the United Church of Canada was formed and the Waweig and Rollingdam Presbyterian churches joined with the Bocabec and Digdeguash (Elmsville) Methodist churches to form a United Church Pastoral Charge.1 The Bocabec Presbyterian Church did not join the United Church of Canada; it remained Presbyterian. Do not confuse Presbyterian churches with Methodist churches. Places such as Bocabec and Whittier Ridge had churches from both denominations.

         The transcribed registers are on microfilm reel A802 of the Project Preservation Series at the Charlotte County Archives and the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. The physical location of the registers is at the Maritime Conference Archives of the United Church of Canada, Sackville, N. B. Registers for the Waweig and Rollingdam churches and the subsequent United Church charge from 1896 to the 1950's are also on reel A802.

        When Rev. William Millenís third daughter was a baby, the house that he rented burned.2 This would place the fire in the 1850ís or 1860ís and may explain the absence of some of the 1854/63 - 1896 records.

1.     Armstrong, Mrs. Allen. Waweig United Church Through the Years. 1948

2.     Holt, Annie M. The Memoirs of Annie M. Holt and the People of Bocabec.
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 Further Reading
3.     McMillan, Edith. "The Presbyterian Church, Bocabec, N. B." Contributions to the Charlotte
        County Historical Society. Vol. 6. No. 62. 1971

4.     Further information on John Cassilis can be found in A history of Greenock Church, St.
        Andrews, New Brunswick  from 1821 to1906 by Melville N. Cockburn.

Title Pages and Opening Text

Title Page of Baptism Register Title Page of Marriage Register
Saint Patrick 
Record of 
Marriage, in 
 the Presbyterian 
Church of 
Saint Patrick in connexion 
with the Church of Scotland 
Text on First Page of Baptism Register
    Record of Baptisms administered by me in Nova Scotia, and 
on the Parishes of Saint Andrews, Saint James, &c New Bruns- 
wick, will be found in another Volume; This Volume contains 
a Record of Baptisms in the Parish of Saint Patricks; com- 
mencing 1823. And of all Baptisms administered by me, 
subsequent to my appointment, as fixed Pastor of this 
Parish in the year 1838 
The Left hand column, of the volume, bears the date of the 
Baptisms; the Right hand column is the date of the Births 
John Cassilis Minister [LS]

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