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    This page lists information and records of churches (both current and former) and cemeteries that are within the modern-day bounds of Saint Patrick Parish. It does not include churches in Dumbarton Parish, which was originally part of Saint Patrick.

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  • Individual Churches & Cemeteries

    This is a list of all cemeteries and church buildings that have ever existed in modern-day Saint Patrick Parish, as distinguished from larger church organizations such as circuits or charges. If I have missed one, please let me know!

    # Church or Cemetery Picture Records Church
    1 Church of Heavenly Rest, Bocabec (Anglican)    History no
    2 Bocabec Baptist Church (1st St. Patrick)    Membership, 1860-61 no
    3 Bocabec Baptist Cemetery
     Cemetery Transcription  
    4 Bocabec Cove Baptist Mission     yes
    5 Bocabec Presbyterian Church1
     see also Saint Patrick Presbyterian Records below
    6 Bocabec Presbyterian Cemetery
     Cemetery Transcription    
    7 Bocabec United Church1
     see Bocabec Methodist Circuit below yes
    8 Bocabec Community Cemetery2
     Cemetery Transcription New!  
    9 Crooked Creek Old Time
    Pentecostal Faith, Bocabec
    10 Digdeguash/Elmsville United Church1    see Bocabec Methodist Circuit below no
    11 Digdeguash/Elmsville United Church1 Cemetery    Cemetery Transcription  
    12 Christ Church, Elmsville (Anglican)
    13 cemetery in Elmsville, Anglican?3    Cemetery Transcription  
    14 Church of the Transfiguration, Bethel (Anglican)     yes
    15 Church of the Transfiguration Cemetery    Cemetery Transcription  
    16 Small/Private Cemeteries    Cemetery Transcription  
    17 Unmarked Graves    Cemetery Transcription  

    "Exists Today" means that the church building still exists. It does not necessarily mean that the church is actually used for worship. All the cemeteries still exist of course.
    The pictures were taken by Craig Walsh. Please email me for permission to reproduce.
    If you have a picture to contribute, please email me as well!

    1. The United Church of Canada was formed in 1925 from a union of Canadian Methodists, Congregationalists and most Presbyterians. The Bocabec and Digdeguash/Elmsville United Churches had been Methodist prior to the union. The Bocabec Presbyterian Church did
    not join the union.
    2. This cemetery is located behind the Bocabec United Church but, so far as I know, it is independent of the church.
    3. This cemetery is a short distance north of Christ Church, on the opposite (west) side of the road. I don't know if it is part of the church, or an independent community cemetery.

    Groups of Churches

    Records of other Parishes

        The churches and links listed below are from outside of the parish, but contain a large number of Saint Patrick residents. In fact, for the late 1700s and early 1800s, the Anglican and Methodist records are probably the only source of church vital statistics for the parish.

    Church Location Web Link Comments
    All Saints Anglican Church St. Andrews Anglican Records,
    scanned by A. Krause
    Registers useful for late 1700s & early 1800s. 
    St. Mark's Anglican Church St. George St. George Churches Page,
    transcribed by C. Beney
    Registers start at 1822.
    Kirk-McColl United Church St. Stephen Kirk McColl Church Records Page, scanned by A. Krause These are the registers of Rev. Duncan M'Coll (Methodist) and his successors. Saint Patrick was covered by M'Coll's St. Stephen Methodist Circuit from its founding in the late 1700s to 1830.


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