Parish Officers of St. David - 1805
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Note: A photocopy of the list below was found in a 'family history of Zebedee Liniken' in the collection of the Charlotte County Archives. The origin of the copy of the original was not stated, although possibly it is the New Brunswick Museum, Saint John.
The list is transcribed exactly as it is on the original, except that it was originally in two columns, the second column beginning with Samuel Connick, etc. as Fence Viewers

General Sessions of the Peace April 1805

A List of the Parish Officers apointed for the Parish of St. David

Mark Scoot  )               Commission of High Ways
Wilm Moore  )
Jacob Young )

David Keizer     )          Surveyors of High Ways
John Humphrey    )
John Hitchings   )
Isaac Cook       )
James Connick    )
Willm Scoot      )
Zebedy Liniken   )

James Brown       )         Constables
Moses Clenninden  )

Thomas McLauglen            Hog Reves

James Brown Senr.           Pound Keeper

Andrew Clendinnen   )       Surveyors of Lumber
Willm Moor          )
Alexander McAlister )

Mark Scoot        )         Overseers of the Poor
James Smith       )
Josiah Hitchings  )

Samuel Connick   )          Fence Viewers
John Moor        )
Benjamin Shaw    )

Thomas McLaughlin Senr.     Town Clerk

Willm Moor    )             Assessor of Rates
Mark Scot     )
John Humphrey )

Willm Hitchings             Inspector of hay

Willm Moor                  Inspector of stable commodites


St. Andrews 
13th April 1805

Extract from the Minutes Sent Me from the County Clark

Thomas McLaughlin, Town Clark