Absentee List of 1788

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Cape Ann Association

Absent Proprietors of St. David

Charlotte County General Sessions
September 1788

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NOTE: The following list is from the Public Archives of New Brunswick, in the collection of General Sessions of the Charlotte County government.

We the subscribers by your Honor's appointment Commissioners of the Highways for the Town of Saint David for the present year, Do present the following Lists of persons Grantees of Lots of Land Blocks and numbered as follows, as absent Proprietors of Lands and Delinquents on whose account the status work on the Highways and Roads in the Town of St. Davids has not in any part been complied with since their lands were granted -

We pray our Honors to direct a prosecution against their lands for the benefit of Public Roads & Bridges in the said Town and said County agreeable to an Act of the Assembly of the Province.

William Moor  )
Peter Cristy      )    Commissioners of Highways
Luther Dana     )

Saint Davids 1st September 1788

Absent Proprietors by Lot

 Lots Occupied, by Lot numbler

of Cape Ann Settlement

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Absent Proprietors alphabetically

 Lots Occupied, by alphabetical list

of Cape Ann Settlement
showing lots occupied in 1788
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