Regrantees and Confirmed Cape Ann Grants of 1790 - alphabetically

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Cape Ann Association Regrant after June 28 1790

Name of Regrantee
of 1790
Name of Original
Cape Ann Assoc. Grantee
Letter & Number Division
 Original Grantee not replaced (or replacement cannot be read)
  Sarah Alexander S 1 Wentworth
  David Arnott K 4 Wentworth
  Asa Barker W 2 Wentworth
  William Barker W 6 Wentworth
  John Beeton R 2 Wentworth
  William Jr. Blave B 5 Fanning
  Henry P. Browns P 6 Fanning
  Samuel Campbell Q 4 Wentworth
  Richard Catshannon M 6 Wentworth
  Benjamin Champney M 1 Wentworth
  Jesse Christy C 4 Wentworth
  John Christy C 3 Wentworth
  John Jr. Christy C 1 Wentworth
  Peter Christy B 5 Wentworth
  Samuel Christy B 6 Wentworth
  John Clark C 2 Wentworth
  Ninion Clark A 2 Wentworth
  Robert Clark A 6 Wentworth
  William Clark A 1 Wentworth
  David Clindenen Q 3 Wentworth
  David Jr. Clindenen Q 2 Wentworth
  John Cochran O 5 Wentworth
  John Connor I 3 Wentworth
  Thomas Crow A 3 Fanning
  James Dake R 5 Wentworth
  Luther Dane R 3 Wentworth
  Paul Dustin F 5 Fanning
  Esther Engerson D 5 Fanning
  Moses Gerrish D 6 Fanning
  Charles Goss C 6 Wentworth
  Jonathan Gove A 3 Wentworth
  Amos Hitchings K 1 Wentworth
  Josiah Hitchings G 4 Fanning
  Josiah Jr. Hitchings T 1 Wentworth
  James Humphrey    
  John Humphrey G 4 Wentworth
  Cochran John G 2 Wentworth
  Daniel Kelso P 5 Wentworth
  James Kelwell S 4 Wentworth
  John Kennedy S 2 Wentworth
  Ananias McAllister S 3 Wentworth
  John McAllister S 6 Wentworth
  John McLaughlin S 5 Wentworth
  Alexander Patterson P 6 Wentworth
  Stephen Reed U 4 Wentworth
  Solomon Jr. Sargent E 6 Wentworth
  Hugh Stuart I 7 Wentworth
  Thomas Symes Y 4 Wentworth
  Samuel Thomas W 3 Wentworth
 Regrantees after 1790 Forfeit are mentoned
 Regrantee's Name Original Grantee Block & Lot Number  Division
Levy Bouker William N. Parsons I 5 Fanning
Levy Bowker Ephraim Munroe I 6 Fanning
Thomas Briselly Samuel Dodge K 2 Fanning
Thomas Briselly Samuel Jr. Dodge K 1 Fanning
John Burrow Bryan Swan C 6 Fanning
William Chaloner James Robie I 4 Fanning
William Chaloner Richard Smith I 3 Fanning
George Christy George Christy L 3 Wentworth
Peter Christy Jesse Jr. Christy L 5 Wentworth
Peter Christy Thomas Christy L 2 Wentworth
Parker Clark Paul McPherson A 6 Fanning
Vance Clindinnin Esther Parsons D 2 Wentworth
Davis Collins Jacob Sheppard C 4 Fanning
Joseph Connack Robert Muncar K 5 Wentworth
John Connick Jonathan Jr. Norwood D 5 Wentworth
John Connick Samuel Norwood D 4 Wentworth
William Connick Gustavus Norwood D 6 Wentworth
Samuel Ellis Robert Fulton I 1 Fanning
Samuel Ellis Joseph Kelly I 2 Fanning
Robert Gilman Robert Cochran O 6 Wentworth
Henry Goldsmith William Vance A 4 Wentworth
Robert Hitchings James Norwood I 1 Wentworth
John Holmes James Martin B 1 Fanning
John Holms Margaret McField B 4 Fanning
David Keiser Jesse Kendall K 4 Fanning
David Keiser Nathan Kendall K 3 Fanning
William Kelso William Kelso L 1 Wentworth
Benjamin Linigan Reuben Spaulding E 4 Fanning
Robert Malcomson Archelaud Towne E 3 Fanning
Robert Malcomson Jr. Andrew Sargent E 4 Wentworth
Robert Malcomson Jr. Samuel Sargent E 5 Wentworth
Daniel McAllister Daniel McAllister O 4 Wentworth
James McCallum Asa Tenny [ Linney ] R 6 Wentworth
Archibald McLauchlan Nathaniel Parsons O 1 Fanning
James McLauchlan Joseph Sheppard C 2 Fanning
James McLauchlan Richard Sheppard C 1 Fanning
Lauchlin McLauchlan Samuel Jr. Sargent E 1 Wentworth
Lauchlin McLauchlan Solomon Sargent E 2 Wentworth
Robert McLauchlan Francis Norwood N 2 Wentworth
Thomas McLaughlan Rheuben Smith P 2 Wentworth
Zachariah McLaughlin William Morris K 6 Wentworth
Allan Moor Allan Moore L 6 Wentworth
John Moor John Moore B 2 Wentworth
Robert Moor Robert Moore B 3 Wentworth
Thomas Moor Thomas Moore B 4 Wentworth
William Moor William Moore B 1 Wentworth
William Moor Allan Stuart I 6 Wentworth
William Moor Duncan Stuart I 5 Wentworth
William Moor James Stuart I 4 Wentworth
Tristram Moore John Dyer O 4 Fanning
Francis Norwood Francis Norwood D 1 Wentworth
Nathaniel Parsons Nathaniel Parsons K 3 Wentworth
Robert Ramsay Jonathan Norwood D 3 Wentworth
Robert Ramsey Francis Norwood N 1 Wentworth
Elisha Smith Ninian Lindsay Q 2 Fanning
James Smith John Priest O 6 Fanning
James Smith Samuel Sheppard L 1 Fanning
William Smith Jacob Ellison L 3 Fanning
William Smith Thomas Sheppard L 4 Fanning
James Smith Jr. William Piper L 6 Fanning
Ebenezer Spear Ebenezer Spears A 5 Wentworth
David Sweat Charles Stuart Q 4 Fanning
Ebenezer Sweat Niel McCurdy Q 5 Fanning
Ebenezer Sweat Francis Shipton Q 6 Fanning
Joseph Sweat William Boatman M 2 Fanning
Joseph Sweat Johnathan Stanwood M 1 Fanning
Alex Thompson William Campbell L 4 Wentworth
William Towers Jonathan Tenay R 4 Wentworth
Robert Traverse William Humphrey B 2 Fanning
Robert Traverse Rebecca Martin B 3 Fanning
Jesse Vance Charles Stuart D 3 Fanning
Jesse Vance Stinson Stuart D 4 Fanning
John Vance William Kendal D 2 Fanning
William Vance Ebenezer Champney M 3 Wentworth
William Vance Anna Dunnavan D 1 Fanning
William Vance Valentine Sargent R 1 Wentworth
William Vance Benjamin Sheppard K 5 Fanning
William Vance Samuel Stevens K 6 Fanning
David Watts Adam Martin B 6 Fanning
Leonard Whiting Leonard Whitney / Whiting K 2 Wentworth
John Whitney Andrew Tacks [Lusk] O 1 Wentworth
Christopher Young Mary Sargent N 2 Fanning
Jacob Young Benjamin Luskin N 4 Fanning
John Young Edward Saniers N 1 Fanning
Michael Young Reuben Jr. Spaulding E 6 Fanning
Jacob Young Jr. Samuel Towne E 5 Fanning