War Memorial
Queens County GenWeb
World War I and World War II
War Memorial erected 2001
Royal Canadian Legion, Grand Washademoak, Branch #60.

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(Left Side) 
(right side)
World War I

Horten Beach
LeBaron Beach
Charles Boyd
Stanely Clark 
Weldon Cole 
Stanley Colwell 
Merton Crawford 
George Damguard 
Willie Davis 
Sterling Ferris 
Ralph Gale 
Hedley Hamm 
Blake Jeffrey 
Blois Leonard 
Freeman Lewis 
Garth Miller 
Leigh Northrup 
Robert Orchard 
Thomas Parker 
Charles Plummer
Blake Reardon 
Arthur Small 
Thomas Smith 
Wilfred Smith 
Gordon Stilwell
George Todd
John Webb
Rudolph Wilson

Lest We Forget

Dedicated to the members of this Community
Who gave their lives in the service of their country and are now buried in foreign soil.

Royal Canadian Legion
Grand Washademoak
Branch #60
Erected 2001

World War II

Charles Boyd
Ron Boyd
John Branigan
Joseph Branigan
Marshal Buckley
Robert Cole
Frank Crawford
John Cromwell
Alvin Elliott
Leonard Elliott
Scott Ferris
Calvin Hetherington
Talfryn Hopkins
John Lenihan
Lee Lewis
Gordon Little
Alvin McGarity
Lloyd Perry
Alvin Sleep
Reginald Stewart
Donald Todd
Wendell Vail
Donald West