Gagetown Anglican Burials 1786 - 1900, Parish of Gagetown, Queens Co. NB
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Gagetown Anglican Burials 1786 - 1900

These records were compiled in 1996 by Roger G. Melin and are presented here with his permission.

Details of the sources and history of the records are in Introduction to the Gagetown Anglican Records


SurnameFirst namesDatePlaceCommentsChild of
Abraham18 Nov 1805WaterboroNegro man, stranger
Nicholas31 May 1817WaterboroughAge 16, late from England
Ruama8 Dec 1807WaterboroughNegro, buried this dateJacob and Dorothy
SamuelDec 1785GagetownA black man, buried this date
Thomas24 Oct 1827GagetownNothing further
AckerleyCatharine18 Dec 1825GagetownAge 92
AckerleyMoses1821WickhamNothing further
AckerlyObediah Jr.2 Apr 1806Gagetown6 yrs old, buried this date
AllanWilliam John5 Oct 1860GagetownAge 15
AllenAnn21 Oct 1860GagetownAge 17
AllenAnne20 Aug 1885GagetownAge 80
AllenElizabeth16 Jul 1875GagetownAge 34
AllenEmily24 Oct 1860GagetownAge 8
AllenHugh Albert20 Apr 1857GagetownAge 25
AllenMargaret2 Dec 1895LawfieldAge 91
AllenWilliam26 Nov 1895LawfieldAge 88
AllinghamMargaret Jane20 Mar 1859GagetownAge 2
AllinghamThomas23 Mar 1859GagetownAge 4
AndrewsMarshall Clarke17 Mar 1811GagetownGrandson of Rev. Richard Clarke, by fire
ApplebyJames20 Nov 1886GagetownAge 89
ApplebyJames Edward24 Apr 1890GagetownAge 61
ApplebyJane21 May 1886GagetownAge 84
ApplebyMargaret10 Nov 1854GagetownAge 22
ApplebyWilliam26 Jan 1876GagetownAge 48
ArmstrongOliver10 Dec 1891SummerhillNothing further
ArmstrongWilliam Gilbert30 Jul 1883GagetownAge 1 day
BabbetCharles William10 Jun 1811GagetownChild, buried this dateDavid and Mary
BabbetMrs.7 Jul 1795GagetownBuried this date
BabbetObedience11 Jul 1809GagetownBuried this dateDaniel and Rhody
BabbetWilliam11 Jul 1809GagetownBuried this dateDaniel and Rhody
BabbitAnn1825GagetownNothing further
BabbitDaniel12 Jul 1830GagetownAge 88
BabbitElkanah (Mr.)1837GagetownNothing further
BabbitJames18 Jun 1845SheffieldAge 19
BabbitMary (Mrs.)1826GagetownNothing further
BabbitMary Titus1831GagetownNothing further
BabbitRhoda (Mrs.)9 May 1819GagetownNothing further
BabbitSusannah (Mrs.)10 Apr 1825GagetownNothing further
BabbitWilliam25 Dec 1794GagetownBuried this date
BabbittBessie4 Jan 1867GagetownAge 6
BabbittHannah Gerow14 Feb 1900GagetownAge 69
BabbittIda21 Oct 1864FrederictonAge 3
BabbittMary28 Nov 1883GagetownAge 83
BabbittSamuel2 Oct 1875St. JohnAge 82
BacomSarah12 Dec 1853GagetownAge 19 months
BanksLieut.30 Jul 1803GagetownBuried this date
BarkerMrs.8 Jan 1808GagetownBuried this date
BeacomJohn10 May 1899GagetownAge 31
BeacumGeorgianna10 Sep 1867GagetownAge 2
BeacumJohn4 Jun 1859GagetownAge 47
BeacumRobert30 Jun 1859GagetownAge 15
BellJames10 Aug 1807Grand LakeBuried this date, of Waterborough
BellWilliam9 Jan 1859PetersvilleNothing further
BerryMartha Elizabeth14 Dec 1848Musquash IslandAge 18
BirdsellRachel8 May 1843GagetownAge 97
BissatRoger (Rev.)5 Mar 1788St. JohnBuried by Rev. Richard Clarke
Black4 Apr 1815Queens CountyBy Rev. Samuel ClarkeDocr. Daniel Black
BlackDaniel (Doctor)11 Jun 1824HampsteadNothing further
BlizardElisabeth (Mrs.)9 Jun 1832GagetownNothing further
BlizardJames17 May 1827WickhamAge 13
BlizardJane22 Sep 1851GagetownAge 68
BlizardJohn8 Oct 1842?GagetownAge 22, scarlet fever
BlizardWilliam27 Oct 1823WickhamNothing further
BonnellAnne Marie18 May 1866GagetownAge 81
BranderWilliam7 May 1899GagetownAge 39
Briggs4 Sep 1866GagetownAge 57
BriggsAdam17 Sep 1882GagetownAge 4 months
BriggsEbenezer16 Jan 1854GagetownAge 3
BrownEleanor11 Sep 1850GagetownAge 10 months
BrownElizabeth10 Sep 1872HampsteadAge 92
BrownHenry26 Jul 1848GagetownAge 41
BulyeaAnnie11 Jan 1865St. JohnAge 34
BulyeaCharles15 Jan 1865GagetownAge 23
BurchelEliza30 Sep 1872HampsteadAge 23, died 30 Sep, buried 2 Oct.
BurchillJohn12 Jan 1880St. JohnAge 28, buried at Petersville
BurchillMary19 Oct 1884HampsteadAge 67
BurchillRichard1 Mar 1873PetersvilleAge 14, Boot Hill
BurchillSamuel17 Aug 1884HampsteadBuried at Boot Hill
BurchillSamuel (Mrs.)8 Oct 1873HampsteadAge 22
BurgessCatherine21 Dec 1883GagetownAge 41
BurgessDaniel6 Feb 1831WickhamAge 88
BurgessPeggy8 May 1885GagetownAge 81
BurgisSarah (Mrs.)1817GagetownNothing further
BurlockEsther3 Aug 1810GagetownBuried this date, drowned
BurnsAnnie7 Oct 1873GagetownAge 21
BurnsHannah13 Oct 1849GagetownAge 68
BurnsHannah Elizabeth16 Jul 1855GagetownAge 14 months
BurnsJohn7 Sep 1894GagetownAge 72
BurnsMrs. J.2 Oct 1871GagetownNothing further
BurnsSamuel5 Jul 1853GagetownAge 79
BurnsWalter Morrison21 Dec 1897GagetownAge 2
BurttRobert8 Feb 1879Upper GagetownAge 80
BuzzaAlice M.25 Nov 1893BostonAge 28
BylesAdam25 Apr 1808GagetownBuried this date
CalkinsAnnette7 Jul 1865GagetownAge 25
Camcron7 Nov 1872GagetownAge 90
CampAbiathar (Mrs.) Senior14 Nov 1831WaterboroughAge 72
CampJehiel, Esquire10 Jun 1811BurtonBuried this date
CampMary18 Jan 1899Jemseg, CambridgeAge 86
CarleDeborah9 Jun 1797GagetownBuried this dateThomas and Sarah
CaseAnn6 Oct 1860GagetownAge 43
Chase21 Mar 1854Grimross NeckAge 2
ChaseEarle20 Oct 1865GagetownAge 80
ChaseReuben20 Feb 1820WaterboroughAge 81
ChaseReubin (Mrs.)9 Aug 1825GagetownAge 80
ChasneyWilliam2 Feb 1897JemsegAge 15
ChitticleMargaret (Mrs.)9 Dec 1838PetersvilleNothing further
ClarkMagdelane (Mrs.)19 Mar 1814Grand LakeWife of Gershom Clark, buried this date
Clarke24 Aug 1805GagetownWife of John Clarke, buried this date
ClarkeMary R.8 Feb 1844GagetownAge 73
ClarkeSarahApr 1803Quacko LakeWife of Gershom Clarke, buried in April
ClarkeSarah Coldwell17 Mar 1811GagetownDeath by fire on 13 Mar, 9 escapedRev. Richard
ColeAmia18 Oct 1834GagetownWife of Jeremiah Cole
ColeElizabeth16 May 1860GagetownAge 47
ColeJeremiah14 Sep 1838GagetownAge 85 (or 35?), "black man"
ColeLouisa1832GagetownAge 14Jeremiah
ColeNancy1835GagetownAge 24, black woman
CollingJohn11 Aug 1859St. JohnAge 67
CollingMary Anne13 Oct 1853GagetownAge 6
ColwellTames (or James) (Mrs.)13 Jul 1829WickhamNothing further
CooeyMatthew J.29 Oct 1867PetersvilleAge 41
CooperJoseph Wallington9 Oct 1881GagetownAge 1 day
CooperPrudence30 Oct 1889GagetownAge 77
CorbittWilliam15 Oct 1878HampsteadAge 71
Corey(unnamed child)18 Nov 1805WaterboroUnbaptized, buried this dateGriffen
CoreyCatharine (Mrs.)22 Oct 1822GagetownWife of Thomas Corey
CoreyJohn29 May 1810GagetownYoung lad, 14 yrs. old, drowned, buried
CoreyPhebe27 Feb 1814WickhamBuried this date
CorySarah (Mrs.)28 Jan 1839GagetownNothing further
CosterAmelia27 Mar 1857GagetownNothing further
CosterFanny16 Apr 1853GagetownAge 18
CosterNathaniel Allen8 Feb 1879RichibuctoAge 81
CourtneySarah24 Mar 1864GagetownAge 17
CreightonElisabeth2Apr 1819GagetownAge 17
CreightonJohn16 Apr 1834GagetownAge 42
CreightonThomas1824GagetownNothing further
CrosbieCharles7 Jan 1847GagetownAge 6
CrothersWilliam7 Aug 1829GagetownAge 30, drowned
Currie7 Aug 1861GagetownAge 22 months
CurrieMoses28 Aug 1859GagetownAge 50
CurrieSarah (Mrs.)Nov 1826GagetownNothing further
CurryEunice24 Jul 1847GagetownAge 49
CurryGilbert7 Jun 1857GagetownAge 88
CypherLodowick27 Dec 1822WaterboroughAge 72
DaleJames14 Dec 1890SummerhillAge 59
DaleJane22 Jul 1892SummerhillAge 65
DanvillFrederick1831GagetownNothing further
DanvilleLetitia22 Jun 1851Indian TownAge 53
DeBloisGilbert6 Aug 1867GagetownAge 69
DemowatMary Ann17 Jun 1862St. JohnAge 1
DeVeberAda Blanche18 Apr 1852GagetownAge 14 days
DeVeberCatherine22 Mar 1875GagetownAge 70
DeVeberClaudius Henry19 Aug 1889GagetownAge 74
DeVeberCornelia E.1 Apr 1899GagetownAge 80
DeVeberElizabeth10 May 1895GagetownAge 82
DeVeberGabriel28 Oct 1854GagetownAge 34
DeVeberGabriella Madeline23 Aug 1891GagetownAge 9 weeks
DeVeberHenry24 Oct 1867GagetownAge 95
DeVeberIsaac28 Sep 1886GagetownAge 81
DeVeberJames White16 Mar 1852GagetownAge 16 months
DeVeberJohn Thomas Henry18 Feb 1845GagetownAge 2 and a half years
DeVeberL.A.22 Jun 1869GagetownAge 14
DeVeberLeveret30 Dec 1894GagetownAge 43
DeVeberMargaret Gabriella28 Mar 1892GagetownAge 70
DeVeberMary (Mrs.)17 Feb 1844GagetownAge 66
DeVeberMary Elizabeth14 Jan 1851GagetownAge 7 months
DeVeberPeniston22 Mar 1858GagetownAge 6 months
DeVeberSophia2 Sep 1853GagetownAge 4
DeVeberSophia Kate28 Feb 1882GagetownAge 29
DeVeberWilliam Boice18 Apr 1854GagetownAge 10 months
DickeeN.B. Edward21 Sep 1871WickhamNothing further
DickensanNathanielMay 1788Gagetown Buried by Rev. Richard Clarke
DickieAnn12 Feb 1892St. JohnAge 69
Dingee1830GagetownNothing further
DingeeHannah (Mrs.)25 Dec 1828GagetownAge 72
DingeeMargaretDec 1815Queens CountyWife of Robert Dingee
DingeeSolomon19 Sep 1836GagetownAge 85
DingeeWilliam B.7 Aug 1885Indian TownAge 6 and a half
DingheeAnnie8 Nov 1878GagetownAge 84
DingheeLouis7 Dec 1861GagetownAge 73
DingheeMary4 Nov 1860GagetownAge 72
DingheeRobert22 Oct 1862GagetownAge 78 ("First child born in Gagetown")
DonaldJane30 Sep 1884HampsteadAge 33
DouglassAnn Garner22 Sep 1811GagetownOf Hampstead, by Rev. Samuel ClarkeMathew and Ann
DuVernetHarry Edmund7 Aug 1893GagetownAge 13
DuVernetHenry J.26 Oct 1898GagetownAge 69
DykemanEunice30 Jul 1803GagetownBuried this dateJacob and Statira
DykemanEunice (Mrs.)17 Nov 1808GagetownWife of Garret Dykeman, buried this date
DykemanGarret20 Jun 1813Gagetown/SheffieldBuried this date by S. Scovil, Esq.
EarleAdela23 Apr 1872GagetownAge 11
EarlesThomas18 Feb 1897Upper GagetownAge 78
EatmanThomas11 Nov 1872HampsteadAge 55
EdmundsThomas13 Jun 1811GagetownOf New Hampshire, drowned, buried today
ElliottCharles23 Dec 1883GagetownAge 81
ElliottMrs. Charles1 Jul 1884GagetownAge 84
Foshay7 May 1843WaterburyAge 82
Foshay(Mrs.)8 Nov 1833WaterboroughAge 76
FoshayIsaac20 Apr 1823WaterboroughAge 70
FoshayMrs.28 Sep 1822GagetownWife of William Foshay
Fowler15 Oct 1849NerepisNothing further
FowlerCalbe (Capt.)8 Apr 1836GagetownNothing further
FoxCharlotte JaneDec 1823GagetownAge 1 year
Gaunce"Old Mrs."27 Sep 1881GagetownNo age given
GaunceAnn (Mrs.)24 Feb 1836GagetownAge 82
GaunceAnne Marie14 Aug 1847GagetownAge 20
GaunceJeremiah20 Oct 1824GagetownAge 73
GaunceJohn22 Nov 1882GagetownNothing further
GaunceMary11 Aug 1811HampsteadBy Rev. Samuel ClarkeIsaac and Susannah Ackerl
GaunceSusannah21 Sep 1800HampsteadDied this dateJeremiah
GeddisMargaret16 Nov 1881GagetownAge 39
GidneyDeborough3 Oct 1839GagetownAge 61, widow of Joseph Gidney
GidneyJoseph, Esq.24 Jul 1815WaterboroughHigh Sheriff of paid Co.
GidneyJoshua26 Jul 1819GagetownAge 35
GidneySarah1833WaterboroughAge 16
GidneySarah (Mrs.)25 May 1817WaterboroughNothing further
GilbertCarrie A.28 Oct 1900GagetownAge 34
GilbertCharlotte9 Nov 1860GagetownAge 65
GilbertFanny15 Dec 1881GagetownAge 50
GilbertHannah12 Jul 1859GagetownAge 39
GilbertHumphrey (Dr.)14 Apr 1886GagetownAge 57, buried in Boston
GilbertMrs.21 Jan 1804GagetownWidow of Col. Thomas Gilbert, she age 85
GilbertPeres22 Dec 1816GagetownAge 74
GilbertSamuel H.F.17 Apr 1864GagetownAge 36
GilbertSophronia11 Feb 1849GagetownAge 9
GilbertThomas3 Feb 1869St. JohnAge 13 and a half
GilbertThomas (Coll.)3 Jul 1797GagetownBuried this date by Rev. James Ives
GilbertThomas (Honorable)16 Feb 1855GagetownAge 64
GilbertThomas Henry30 Aug 1900GagetownAge 51
GilbertThomas Townsend7 Jun 1832GagetownAge 8, drowned
GilchristCatherine14 Mar 1874GagetownAge 67
GilchristHenry19 Nov 1900GagetownAge 93
Giverns (?)Matthew30 Jul 1860GagetownAge 67
Giverns (?)Phoebe12 Mar 1865GagetownAge 78
GlassElizabeth27 Aug 1846GagetownAge 10 months
GlassJames2 Dec 1851GagetownAge 41
GlassJane4 Apr 1869GagetownAge 57
GlassJoseph Howard16 Feb 1868GagetownAge 5 months
GlassNina Jane2 Apr 1873GagetownAge 15 weeks
GlassWilliam3 Feb 1847GagetownAge 3
GodfreyMary Jane22 May 1889LawfieldAge 46
GodfreyMatty30 Dec 1878GagetownAge 74
GodfreySamuel9 Oct 1883GagetownNothing further
GoldenPhebe31 Jul 1864HampsteadAge 79
GoldingJohn (Esq.)1821HampsteadNothing further
GoldingRobert24 Feb 1861WickhamAge 74
GourleyMary13 Apr 1866GagetownAge 26
GourleyMary Elizabeth21 May 1865GagetownAge 3 months
GrahamAnn3 Jan 1859PetersvilleAge 31
GrahamEliza Jane11 Apr 1894St. JohnAge 68, 9:30 a.m.
GrahamJohn14 Oct 1838PetersvilleAge 81, from Ireland
GrahamRichard13 Mar 1900SummerhillAge 85
GrahamThomas Grover William30 Jan 1891LawfieldAge 4 + 10 months
HallsallThomas17 May 1850St. JohnAge about 40, drowned
HamGabriel Fowler1831WickhamAge 1 year, 4 monthsThomas
HamPamelia Chase11 Dec 1831WickhamAge 4Thomas
HamiltonJohn28 Apr 1890GagetownAge 70
HamiltonJohn22 Jul 1846GagetownAge 26
HamiltonMary19 Jan 1890GagetownAge 69
HamiltonRose23 Dec 1862GagetownAge 88
HamiltonThomas12 Dec 1853GagetownAge 76
HamiltonWilliam30 Oct 1884GagetownAge 69
HammLois Elizabeth8 Apr 1824GagetownAge 12
HansenZerelda20 Sep 1898GagetownAge 21
HardingCharles A.17 Feb 1893GagetownAge 84
HardingMargaret10 Nov 1889GagetownAge 76
HawkhurstHenry3 Sep 1794GagetownChild, buried this date
Hawkhurst, Jr.Isaac12 Jun 1803GagetownBuried this date, a young lad
HawkshawGeorge20 Aug 1870HampsteadAge 23
HawkshawHamilton23 Feb 1874HampsteadBuried in Petersville
HawkshawJames19 Feb 1897SummerhillAge 61
HawkshawJohn14 Aug 1886HampsteadAge 13, buried at Boot Hill
HawkshawJohn24 Jan 1873PetersvilleAge 27, Boot Hill
HawkshawMary27 Dec 1896SummerhillAge 85
HawkshawMinnie A.25 Aug 1875HampsteadAge 5 weeks
HawkshawWilliam17 Mar 1867HampsteadAge 59
HawkshawWilliam2 Mar 1864SummerhillAge 84
HecolitSamuel8 Aug 1858GagetownAge 47
HectorCharity Ann30 Aug 1896GagetownAge 77
HectorJames William14 Mar 1849GagetownAge 1 month
HectorMary Ann19 Nov 1852GagetownAge 2 and a half
HectorVictoria Anna Louisa10 Jan 1862GagetownAge 1
HeneryMrs.20 Feb 1803Grand LakeBuried this date
HerseyMrs.25 Oct 1825HampsteadNothing further
HewletJoseph12 Aug 1806GagetownBuried this dateJoseph and Clarissa
HewlettAnna26 Dec 1861HampsteadAge 14
HewlettBradford Gilbert7 May 1892GagetownAge 92
HewlettClarissa28 Feb 1899HampsteadAge 74
HewlettClarissa11 Dec 1861HampsteadAge 92
HewlettEliza17 Dec 1861HampsteadAge 11
HewlettJoseph6 Apr 1821HampsteadNothing further
HewlettThomas Jr.3 Mar 1835HampsteadAge 2
HewlittThomas Townsend13 Nov 1878HampsteadAge 85
HolderElizabeth22 Nov 1844HampsteadAge 81
HolderH. (Mr.)1832WickhamNothing further
HolderSarah15 Sep 1823HampsteadNothing further
HollandEsther26 Oct 1802GagetownMrs. Esther Holland, buried this date
HolletElisabeth, Mrs.15 Jun 1804GagetownDau. of Capt. Joshua Gid? buried then
HolmesJames12 Apr 1890GagetownAge 70
HolmesMatthew9 Dec 1893GagetownAge 37
HolmsThomas27 Dec 1829GagetownOf Bath, Province of Maine
HopeAmy25 Nov 1851GagetownAge 3
HopeClarissa1839GagetownWife of Isaac Hope, "colored woman"
HopeDavid Theodore18 Jul 1867GagetownAge 3 months
HopeIsaac28 Aug 1886GagetownAge 87
HopeLouisa22 Apr 1857GagetownAge 11
HopeMary1 May 1867GagetownAge 30
HopeSalley19 Jan 1866GagetownAge 90, brought as slave from U.S. 1785
HopeSamuel Richard21 Jun 1846GagetownAge 3 months
HopeWilliam Hy.17 Oct 1855GagetownAge 4 months
HopewellCharles Valentine16 Nov 1889GagetownAge 12 + 9 months
HopewellRuth Holstead7 Oct 1894GagetownAge 5 months
HopewellSarah Jane28 Sep 1892GagetownAge 81
HopewellTames (Mrs.)27 May 1837HampsteadAge 80, "colored woman"
HubbardCatherine29 Mar 1871GagetownAge 82
HubbardMary17 Mar 1811GagetownNiece of Rev. Richard Clarke, by fire
HumeSarah Ann24 Oct 1823GagetownNothing further
HunterJames19 Dec 1881GagetownAge 69
HunterMargaret10 Dec 1854GagetownAge 39
HunterMary Ann31 Dec 1869GagetownAge 55
HunterThomas Archibald2 Sep 1852GagetownAge 3
HusonAlphaus16 Oct 1805GagetownBuried this date
HusonMrs.21 Jun 1795GagetownBuried this date
HutchinsonJohn8 Dec 1860GagetownAge 86
JohnsonDavid1833GagetownLate of Ireland
JohnsonJohn1 Feb 1849Gagetown/Nerepis RAge 10, died of hunger & cold
Johnston1835GagetownNothing further
JohnstonHugh20 Aug 1868Gagetown or BurtonAge 39 (?), drowned bathing
JohnstonThomas12 Jul 1859SheffieldAge 27
JonesCatharine22 Mar 1855GagetownAge 69
JonesWilliam15 Oct 1858PetersvilleAge 63, buried in Petersville
KincaidIdareen17 Sep 1882GagetownAge 87
KincaidJames10 Jan 1894GagetownAge 90
KincaidJohn Wishart16 Nov 1893GagetownAge 19
KincaidR.12 Dec 1869GagetownAge 55
KnoxEmily4 Apr 1830GagetownAge 1 month
KnoxF.C.7 Dec 1869GagetownAge 42
KnoxGeorge21 Apr 1850GagetownAge 66
KnoxJohn18 Nov 1819GagetownAge 95
KnoxMartha16 Jun 1860GagetownAge 3 weeks
KnoxMartha6 Sep 1860GagetownAge 3 months
KnoxMary16 Oct 1866GagetownAge 73
KnoxMrs.17 Oct 1812GagetownBuried this date
KnoxWilliam13 Nov 1831GagetownNothing further
LambertJohn4 May 1804GagetownBuried this date
Law12 Sep 1881GagetownInfantMichael
LawAnnie15 Jul 1886GagetownAge 4
LawFrederick2 Jan 1894GagetownAge 20
LawJames22 Oct 1895GagetownAge 86
LawLetitia13 Jan 1886GagetownAge 88
LawLetitia26 Jan 1872GagetownAge 24
LawMargaret Olivia Beatrice31 Jan 1897LawfieldAge 1 + 5 months
LawMary Elizabeth Jane7 Jun 1894GagetownAge 8 days
LawesJane7 Jul 1847GagetownAge 8
LawsonJohn25 Jul 1807GagetownLittle boy, buried this dateIsrael and Deodama
LawsonJohn29 Jan 1824WickhamNothing further
LawsonPhoebe (Mrs.)30 Apr 1814Queens CountyWife of John Lawson, buried this date
LemontEleanor2 Aug 1865St. JohnAge 35
LemontFrances17 Dec 1854GagetownAge 68
LemontMargaret S.18 Feb 1853Musquash Is.Age 26
LemontW.A.1 Jun 1869St. JohnAge 21
LemontWilliam27 Oct 1881FrederictonAge 95
LeonardJohn29 Sep 1801GagetownBuried this date
LewisJames14 Aug 1833GagetownAge 2 months
LewisJohn29 Aug 1805GagetownBuried this date
LewisMargaret Mary31 Dec 1839GagetownNothing further
LogueWilliam6 Jan 1891LawfieldAge 7 months
LoucyMrs.10 Mar 1800GagetownBuried this date
LounsburyJohn (Mr.)27 Jan 1815GagetownBuried this date
LounsburySarah15 Feb 1844WaterburyAge 88
LyonS.G.16 Apr 1870GagetownAge 20 days
MacDonaldThomas30 May 1862GagetownAge 77
MahoodEliza Caroline27 Sep 1829Gagetown/NerepisAge 3James & Letitia
MaisaMrs.10 Jul 1815GagetownBuried this date
MalloryAndrew Curtis16 Jun 1879GagetownAge 84
MarbleDorothy27 Feb 1894GagetownAge 93
MartinJames25 Apr 1891PetersvilleAge 82
MartinWilliam26 Jan 1859PetersvilleAge 78
MaxwellAlexander27 Dec 1870GagetownAge 75
MaxwellCatherine1 Sep 1887GagetownAge 50
MaxwellJames3 Aug 1856GagetownAge 23
MaxwellJohn15 Nov 1896GagetownAge 74
MaxwellMartha27 Dec 1879GagetownAge 12
MaxwellMartha30 Jun 1875GagetownAge 45
MaxwellMrs.11 Jan 1871GagetownAge 75
MaxwellRose15 Jan 1881GagetownAge 17
MaxwellSarah S.E.7 Feb 1880GagetownAge 2
MayesJames14 Aug 1845OknabogAge 60
MayesMrs.1845OknabogAge 81
MaysJames19 May 1837HampsteadAge 85
McAllisterAlexander17 Apr 1884GagetownAge 82
McAllisterArchibald29 Jan 1893GagetownAge 83
McAllisterArchie William20 May 1881GagetownAge 6
McAllisterCatherine26 Feb 1883GagetownAge 43
McAllisterCharles25 Mar 1896GagetownAge 61
McAllisterCharles21 Nov 1880GagetownAge 75
McAllisterCharles14 May 1881GagetownAge 4
McAllisterEllen Jane3 Dec 1898GagetownAge 55
McAllisterJane24 Feb 1894GagetownAge 70
McAllisterMary13 Jun 1844GagetownAge 2 weeks
McAllisterMary12 Sep 1894GagetownAge 83
McAllisterMary3 Aug 1875GagetownAge 14
McAllisterMary C.16 Jan 1883GagetownNothing further
McAllisterWilliam7 Dec 1898GagetownAge 67
McAllisterWilliam20 Dec 1829GagetownAge 7 months
McAlpineMrs.29 Nov 1812GagetownBuried this date
McAlviGeorge William4 Nov 1839WaterboroughAge 1 month
McAlvyMary Bell28 May 1837WaterboroughAge 7
McCartJohn27 May 1854Gagetown"Supposed to be 104"
McCartMary8 Jan 1854GagetownAge 80
McCay1818From North Britain
McCrackenElizabeth22 Jul 1852GagetownAge 2
McCrackenElizabeth3 Nov 1850GagetownAge 81
McCrackenIsabel10 Feb 1880HampsteadAge 27
McCrackenJames31 Dec 1874PetersvilleAge 60
McDermotAlice7 Apr 1886GagetownAge 31
McDermotJane17 May 1887GagetownAge 54
McDermotSamuel21 Sep 1868GagetownAge 14 days
McDermotSamuel H.19 Apr 1868GagetownAge 3 and a half
McDermottAlexanderMar 1839GagetownNothing further
McDermottWilliam30 May 1897GagetownAge 71
McDougallDaniel10 Sep 1859GagetownAge 55
McElpinBarailla2 Oct 1810GagetownBuried this dateCharles and Christian
McGawJohn S.14 May 1870GagetownAge 25
McGawThomas27 Sep 1872St. JohnNothing Further
McIntyreHannah26 Nov 1844GagetownAge 26, "colored woman"
McKennaLilly Levina22 Oct 1870GagetownAge 1 month
McKenneyNellie Jane27 Apr 1896GagetownAge 24
McLeanMary Anne16 Jun 1846NashwaakAge 23
McLeodIsaac26 Feb 1859PetersvilleNothing further
McMalkinCatherine10 Nov 1861GagetownAge 28
McMalkinMary10 Feb 1862GagetownAge 83
McMulkinCharles31 Jan 1854GagetownAge 35
McMulkinEdward14 Sep 1893GagetownAge 78
McMulkinEdward17 May 1854GagetownAge 77
McMulkinJames6 Apr 1854St. JohnAge 32
McMulkinMargaret23 Jun 1860GagetownAge 2 years, 7 months
McMulkinMargaret17 Aug 1860SheffieldAge 39
McMulkinSusan Jane28 Jan 1874GagetownAge 4
MelvinAnn3 Sep 1798GagetownBuried this dateThomas and Elisabeth
MenteithAnn Jane11 Aug 1868GagetownAge 4
MenteithGeorge19 Jun 1861GagetownNothing further
MenteithJohn16 Jan 1885GagetownAge 60
MenteithMrs.28 Oct 1871GagetownAge 79
MenteithRobert2 Aug 1862GagetownAge 1
MenteithSamuelMay 1861GagetownNothing further
MenteithSusan Elizabeth11 Aug 1868GagetownAge 2 and a half
MilledgeFanny15 Aug 1870Nova ScotiaAge 17
MilledgeJohn4 Dec 1870GagetownAge 62
MillerCharlotte16 Jan 1845GagetownAge 8
MillerSarah Jane14 Jul 1845GagetownAge 3, measles
MillidgeArthur16 Oct 1863GagetownNothing further
MillidgeHarry14 May 1867GagetownAge 12
MillidgeIsabella Lee6 Apr 1894GagetownAge 74
MorrisonEdward1 Jul 1868GagetownAge 45, drowned 14 June
MorrisonEleanor5 Dec 1854GagetownAge 52
MorrisonEleanor13 Feb 1868GagetownAge 31
MorrisonEliza Anne26 Feb 1854GagetownAge 43
MorrisonHarry1 Apr 1858GagetownAge 2
MorrisonJames25 Jun 1874GagetownAge 33
MorrisonMary Ann7 Sep 1870PetersvilleNothing further
MorrisonPhoebe11 Sep 1872GagetownAge 26
MorrisonPrudence14 Sep 1864GagetownAge 25
MorrisonThomas1 Jul 1865GagetownAge 32
MorrisonThomas4 Apr 1857GagetownAge 66
MortonElizabeth (Mrs.)6 May 1810GagetownBuried this date
MottDaniel30 Jun 1830WickhamAge 11 (or 11 months)
Mullin26 Aug 1857GagetownNothing further
MullinsArthur7 Apr 1863GagetownAge 67
NealesAlfred Korbright16 Oct 1858GagetownAge 16 days
NealesCharles Lee6 Dec 1868GagetownAge 6 months
NealesFlorence Ritchie22 Nov 1896GagetownAge 4
NealesJ. Stanley6 Dec 1868GagetownAge 27
NealesJames (Reverend)22 Nov 1894WoodstockAge 81
NealesJulia N.H.3 Apr 1885GagetownAge 54
NelsonMrs.6 Jan 1880HampsteadAge 78
NelsonWilliam10 May 1883St. JohnBuried at Boot Hill
NetheryEdward7 Jun 1846GagetownAge 17, drowned
NewtonArchie25 Jan 1882GagetownAge 76
NicholsDavid17 Jun 1859GagetownAge 75
NicholsMary Jane4 Nov 1870GagetownAge 23
NickersonMrs.Dec 1785GagetownWife of Thomas Nickerson, buried then
Nickles(Widow)11 Aug 1867GagetownAge 84
NicklesDavid4 Sep 1879FrederictonAge 37
NicklesWilliam6 Feb 1866GagetownAge 21
NorwoodJohn22 Mar 1889GagetownAge 65
NorwoodRachel28 Sep 1894GagetownAge 67
NorwoodRebecca Ann30 Jun 1879GagetownAge 37
OrchardRobert4 Feb 1899Mill(?)Age 77
OsbornBessie L.18 Jul 1893GagetownAge 14
OsburnJohn Winfield6 Jan 1894GagetownAge 22 and a half
Osmond17 Apr 1862GagetownAge 4
ParkerJohn17 Aug 1897GagetownAge 78
PeckCatharine (Mrs.)11 Nov 1818GagetownNothing further
PeckJames29 Oct 1819GagetownNothing further
Pennery17 Nov 1833HampsteadAge 4 months
PetersAnnie Pintard15 Dec 1871GagetownAge 41
PetersCharles8 Feb 1851HampsteadAge 78
PetersDouglas24 Jul 1845GagetownAge 19, drowned
PetersElizabeth Sarah (Bessie)16 Aug 1875GagetownAge 53
PetersHarry3 Mar 1871GagetownAge 82
PetersHarry3 Jul 1865GagetownAge 47, doctor (M.D.)
PetersHenry Simpson28 Oct 1856GagetownAge 42
PetersJames (Esq.)19 Jan 1820GagetownAge 74
PetersJohn11 Aug 1828HampsteadAge 25, drowned
PetersLouiza Mary28 Feb 1858GagetownAge 4
PetersMargaret6 May 1886GagetownAge 76
PetersMargaret1 Feb 1809GagetownBuried this dateJames and Susannah
PetersMargaret (Mrs.)1825GagetownAge 77
PetersMary Ann11 Feb 1892GagetownAge 73
PetersSussie Mary Cranston14 May 1900GagetownAge 33
PetersValentine Hewlett27 Apr 1837GagetownAge 64
Pompey10 Aug 1805GagetownA black man, buried this date
PorterGeorge14 Oct 1867GagetownAge 4
PorterGeorge11 Oct 1834GagetownAge 84, of Sheffield, drowned
Potter(Mrs.)12 Dec 1834HampsteadAge 65, wife of Stephen Potter
PurdyAnn (Mrs.)12 Sep 1837GagetownAge 42
PurvisCharlotte13 Dec 1885GagetownAge 85
PurvisDavid25 Feb 1881GagetownAge 80
Quinn[L] Jane1 Apr 1847GagetownAge 4, scarlet fever
QuinnBarney27 Mar 1847GagetownAge 6, scarlet fever
QuinnMichael13 Jan 1854GagetownAge 3
QuinnWilliam28 Mar 1847GagetownAge 8, scarlet fever
Rob(??)Nancy6 Dec 1815Queens CountyBuried this date
RobertsJohn GoodridgeSep 1836GagetownNothing furtherGeorge
RobertsWilliam Gostwick17 Nov 1845FrederictonAge 10
RobertsWilliam Gostwick17 Nov 1845GagetownDie youngGeorge
RobetonJ.H.18 Aug 1886BostonAge 6 months
RossAlbenia2 Sep 1857GagetownAge 6 months
RubinsJoseph23 Feb 1899GagetownAge 44
ScottHamilton (Mrs.)22 Jun 1871GagetownAge 3 months (??)
ScottIsaac Robert7 Apr 1872GagetownAge 3
ScottRebecca Jane12 Dec 1875SummerhillAge 10
ScovilDeborough (Mrs.)19 Apr 1839WaterboroughAge 79, wife of Saml, dau of T. Gilbert
ScovilSamuel6 May 1883CambridgeNothing further
Scovils7 Apr 1836GagetownNothing further
ScribnerEbenezer1833GagetownNothing further
ScribnerEbenezer (Mr.)5 Sep 1838WaterboroughAge 22
ScribnerElias8 Mar 1808GagetownBuried this date
ScribnerLydia (Mrs., widow)26 Sep 1817GagetownNothing further
ScribnerRhoda Cronk1 Jun 1812GagetownBuried this date, childEbenezer and Sarah
ScribnerSarah3 Feb 1864St. JohnAge 77
SewellMary Ann2 Feb 1852St. JohnAge 26
ShawEmily Louisa1 Sep 1893GagetownAge 51, from Morristown, Phil. USA
ShoemakerJames Union3 May 1839GagetownAge 18 daysUnion
ShortMinnie Ellen1 Sep 1885GagetownAge 8 months
SimpsonCharles11 Feb 1866St. JohnAge 9 months
SimpsonGeorge1 Aug 1854GagetownAge 88
SimpsonGeorgeMarch 1866GagetownAge 38
SimpsonJane24 Jan 1879St. JohnAge 48
SimpsonMargaret4 Apr 1870GagetownAge 79
SimpsonMary19 Oct 1853GagetownAge 52
SimpsonThomas22 Sep 1882GagetownAge 84
SimpsonThomas12 Dec 1871GagetownNothing further
SimpsonThomas (Mrs.)18 May 1886GagetownAge 48
Simson(Mrs.)22 Apr 1832GagetownAge 70
SimsonMargaret Ann2 Jan 1839GagetownAge 2 months
SmithAbsolem7 Feb 1839WaterboroughAge 39
SmithCatharine6 Jan 1802GagetownBuried, wife of Elijah Smith
SmithCharles10 Feb 1848GagetownAge 7
SmithCharles W.10 Mar 1879GagetownAge 71
SmithDaniel24 Jan 1861GagetownAge 63
SmithElijah15 Sep 1833WaterboroughAge 72
SmithElizabeth24 Mar 1886GagetownAge 85
SmithGeorge10 Feb 1848GagetownAge 6
SmithHannah13 Feb 1860GagetownAge 85
SmithHannah10 May 1853MusquashAge 27
SmithJames J.14 Sep 1858HamptonAge 59
SmithMargaret Elizabeth Elda7 Aug 1853Musquash? months
SmithMary Hannah16 Aug 1858GagetownAge 1 and a half
SmytheEdward4 Oct 1842?GagetownAge 14 months, measles
SparksMrs.28 Mar 1810GagetownBuried this date
SpringerJames15 Mar 1855JemsegAge 64
StephensonAndrew17 May 1852GagetownAge 17, drowned
StephensonAndrew14 Feb 1867GagetownAge 79
StevensonMansfield Potter20 Feb 1855GagetownAge 2 and a half
StevensonMargaret31 Jul 1848GagetownAge 4
StockfordDavid Valentine10 Apr 1890GagetownAge 16
StockfordDeborah C.20 Sep 1857GagetownAge 40
StockfordDora29 Dec 1896LawfieldAge 21
StockfordE.30 Oct 1853GagetownAge 3
StockfordGabriel DeVeber27 Feb 1891LawfieldAge 6
StockfordGabriella Valentine30 Oct 1897LawfieldAge 5 + 9 months
StockfordJames1 Nov 1888LawfieldAge 8 months
StockfordJane30 Jun 1896GagetownNothing further
StockfordJoseph Garraty18 Aug 1879Hardwood RidgeAge 70
StockfordJoseph Louis23 Oct 1857GagetownAge 2 months
StockfordLambert4 Jun 1870St. JohnAge 32
StockfordMary Elizabeth11 Oct 1885GagetownAge 4
StockfordRebecca8 Oct 1885GagetownAge 2
Stone(Widow)24 Feb 1819GagetownNothing further
StoneBenjamin17 Feb 1810GagetownBuried this date
StraitMr.13 May 1798GagetownBuried this date
SutorJames1817WickhamAge 80
SuttonGeorge13 Sep 1900PetersvilleAge 68
SuttonJoseph Bentley25 Aug 1884PetersvilleAge 6
TaylorF.S.22 Aug 1870GagetownAge 21
TaylorMargaret23 May 1849Hartes LakeNothing further
TaylorMary26 Mar 1847GagetownAge 11
ThompsonDaniel17 Oct 1851GagetownAge 57
ThompsonJeannette22 Sep 1849GagetownAge 38
ThompsonSarah (Miss)27 Jul 1832GagetownAge 40
ThornCatharine19 Apr 1830GagetownAge 78 (or 79)
ThornEdward18 Mar 1809GagetownBuried this dateSamuel and Pheby
ThornEsther23 Oct 1797GagetownBuried this dateSamuel and Pheby
ThornJoseph10 Aug 1810GagetownAccidentally killed by gun, buried thisSamuel and Pheby
ThornRobert1819GagetownAge 70
TilleyAmelia Augusta8 Oct 1892St. JohnAge 55
TilleyElisabeth (Mrs.)24 Jun 1835GagetownAge 84
TilleyGeorge1844GagetownTypheus fever
TilleyJacob25 Oct 1849GagetownAge 74
TilleyMary11 Feb 1844GagetownTyphus fever
TilleyMary10 Jul 1866HampsteadAge 9
TilleySamuel19 Mar 1814Grand LakeBuried this date
TilleySusan14 Jan 1862GagetownAge 82
TilleyThomas M.26 Apr 1871GagetownAge 76
TravisJohn12 Jan 1861GagetownAge 70
TurnerRebecca20 Oct 1883GagetownAge 75
TwaddleEmmily21 Jun 1825HampsteadAge 14
Vail(Widow)14 Apr 1815GagetownAge 84
VailA. Annie13 Apr 1886GagetownAge 27, Reuben's wife
VailAshur (Arthur?)3 Apr 1846GagetownAge 88
VailCharles25 Feb 1849GagetownAge 1 month
VailElias30 Mar 1871GagetownAge 69
VailFanny ("Old Mrs.")9 Dec 1885GagetownAge 71
VailHannah24 May 1895GagetownAge 33
VailJoseph10 Dec 1889GagetownAge 49
VailPhebe Adeline5 Dec 1830GagetownAge 20
VailWilliam10 Mar 1864GagetownAge 27
ValesDec 1805WaterboroBuried this date, childNathaniel
VanwartMr.27 Oct 1801GagetownBurial
VanwartMrs.11 Dec 1808Gagetownof Wickham, aged 80 or upwards, buried
WagnerJohn30 Jun 1879ClonesAge 30
Wallace17 Feb 1886GagetownAge 90
WallaceFrancis11 Apr 1894GagetownAge 73, 3:00 p.m.
WallaceJames9 Apr 1875GagetownNothing further
WallaceMatthew19 Jun 1852GagetownAge 24
WallaceThomas1892 (Aug?)GagetownNothing further
WassonEliza10 Aug 1868GagetownAge 33
WatsonAnn (Mrs.)14 Feb 1830HampsteadAge 75
WatsonCatherine18 Sep 1894GagetownAge 91
WatsonGeorge14 Aug 1827GagetownAge 17
WatsonJohn10 Feb 1864GagetownAge 61
WatsonJohn1828WickhamAge 60
WatsonJonathan15 Sep 1885GagetownAge 81
WatsonJoseph19 Jan 1865Fredericton U.N.B.Age 19
WatsonMary Aiken30 Jan 1854GagetownAge 82
WestonElizabeth S.7 Mar 1839GagetownAge 16, died 5 Mar.
WestonMary Clarke26 Aug 1838GagetownAge 18, died 24 Aug.
WestonMehetabel Anne6 Aug 1837GagetownAge 22, died 3 Aug.
WetmoreEmma1831GagetownAge 24 hrs.Robert (Esq.)
WetmoreMary5 Aug 1861GagetownAge 35
WetmoreT. Medley17 Aug 1897Somerville Mass.Age 49
WetmoreTimothy Robert28 Dec 1883GagetownAge 80
WigginsCharlotte Elizabeth1 Aug 1861Grand LakeAge 39
WigginsJacob (Mr.)4 Jul 1815GagetownBuried this date
WigginsJames19 May 1875GagetownNothing further
WigginsRobert12 Jul 1873HampsteadAge 76
WilliamsEunice B.25 Oct 1900BostonAge 22
WilliamsGilbert26 Apr 1861GagetownNothing further
WilliamsJohn6 Apr 1880GagetownAge 92
WilliamsJohn (Mrs.)6 May 1863GagetownAge 76
WilliamsJohn Frederick Augustus3 Jun 1897GagetownAge 72
WilliamsMary19 Dec 1847Musquash IslandAge 95
WilliamsMurray Joseph15 Mar 1896CambridgeAge 71
WilliamsPrussia Palma21 May 1896GagetownAge 24
WilliamsReuben13 Jan 1881GagetownAge 53, buried at Wickham
WilliamsRuben7 Jul 1802GagetownBuried this date
WilliamsWilliam22 Dec 1882GagetownNothing further
WilliamsonThomas17 Oct 1870ClonesAge 32
WilsonAnn25 Apr 1859GagetownAge 66
WilsonJohn24 Oct 1862GagetownNothing further
WilsonJohnston20 Apr 1869GagetownAge 64
WilsonJohnstone (Mrs.)4 Jul 1863GagetownNothing further
WilsonJoseph2 Jun 1873FrederictonAge 3
WilsonMary Sophia18 Sep 1867GagetownAge 1
WoodJohn Mount4 Feb 1846Grand LakeAge 24
WoodsAnn14 Nov 1858PetersvilleAge 62, buried in Petersville
YeatmanCatharine19 Oct 1845OknabogAge 55, "colored"
YeatmanFrances5 Apr 1844OknabogAge 34, "colored woman"
YeomansRebecca1848GagetownNothing further

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