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This list of cemeteries for Queens County was originally produced by Cleadie Barnett from several sources. The original transcriptions have been recorded by various individuals and or groups of people throughout the years. The Queens County Historical Society have produced a major portion of those on the east side of the Saint John River, as well as some on the western shore. A Student Works Summer Project gathered the major portions on the western end of the County.

Most of the records are housed at The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB), Fredericton, and many are at The Tilley House Museum, Gagetown. Many have also been filmed by the PANB and/or The Family History Centre of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FHL). Some have been published by The New Brunswick Genealogical Society (NBGS), in their newsletters, called Generations.

It is probable that some of these cemeteries are not listed under names that were in use years ago. Often the people who visited the cemeteries called it by the name of its location, or the name of the prominent family buried there. Church records might have other names for them.


Many Queens County cemetery transcriptions are now on other sites-
    1) Provincial Archives of New Brunswick has a searchable New Brunswick Cemeteries database which includes data from many Queens county cemeteries
    2) New Brunswick Cemetery Transcriptions and Photos has transcriptions and photos of many of the stones (linked from this list)

    3) Base Gagetown Community History Association has transcriptions for cemeteries within the area of the base (parts of Petersville, Hampstead and Gagetown parishes)(linked from this list).

New Canaan - Baptist Cemetery
New Canaan - Methodist Cemetery 
Canaan Forks Cemetery 

Cambridge - Cambridge Baptist Cemetery
Cambridge - Church of the Good Shepherd, Anglican
Central Cambridge - Chapman Cemetery
Central Cambridge - Pugsley Family Cemetery
The Den - St. Patrick's Cemetery (Roman Catholic)
Jemseg - Dykeman Family Cemetery
Jemseg - Titus Family Cemetery
Jemseg - Cemetery
Lower Cambridge - Hendry's Field Cemetery - Colwell Farm
Lower Cambridge - The Colwell Cemetery
Lower Jemseg - St. James Anglican Cemetery
Lower Jemseg - United (Wesley Methodist) Church Cemetery
McDonald's Corner - 1st Cambridge Baptist Church (listed as Cody's Baptist Church)
McDonald's Corner Cemetery - Heirs of John Clark (Worden stone)
Mill Cove - "Back Cemetery" Baptist
Mill Cove - Pentecostal Church Cemetery
Robertsons Point - Old Anglican Cemetery (Called White's Cove when founded.)
White's Cove - Farris Cemetery
White's Cove - St. John's Anglican Cemetery
White's Cove - United Church Cemetery

Clark's Cemetery -(1/4 mi. from Douglas Harbour) on road to Lakeville Corner
Grand Lake - Grand Point Anglican Cemetery
Grand Lake - Ironbound Cove Cemetery
Grand Lake - Palmer Point Cemetery
Newcastle Bridge Anglican Church Cemetery
Newcastle Bridge, Miller Family Cemetery
Scotchtown - Balmain Cemetery / partial
Scotchtown - Hanselpacker Cemetery
Sypher Cove - Sypher Cemetery 


Gagetown - St. Bridget's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery
Gagetown - St. John's Anglican Cemetery
Gagetown - Grace United Church Cemetery (Methodist)
Lawfield - Pentecostal Cemetery, Full Gospel Assembly
Summer Hill - United Church Cemetery
Upper Gagetown - Baptist Cemetery
Upper Gagetown - Chase Cemetery
Upper Gagetown - The Gunter Graveyard

Central Hampstead - Palmer Family Cemetery
Elm Hill - Cemetery
Hamilton Mountain - Baptist Cemetery
Hampstead - Burying Ground
Hampstead - Clark Family Cemetery
Hampstead - Slipp Graveyard (same as Merritt Cemetery, Queenstown)
Hibernia - Clarke Cemetery (formerly Oxbow)
Hibernia - McConchie Cemetery
Hibernia - Mable Nelson Cemetery (Browntown, Dunn's Corner)
Hibernia - United Baptist Church Cemetery
Pleasant Villa - VanWart Family Cemetery
Queenstown - St. Stephen Anglican Church
Upper Hampstead - Baptist Cemetery
Upper Hibernia - Cemetery  (one stone)

Canaan River - West (Private) Cemetery
Cody's - Hetherington Pte Cemetery
Cody's - Starkey Cemetery
Cody's - Thornetown Baptist Cemetery
Codys (near) - Two Thorne Cemeteries
Coles Island - Anglican Cemetery
Coles Island - Cemetery
Coles Island - United Baptist Church Cemetery
Corcoran Farm Cemetery
Golding's Point - Golding Cemetery
Goshen - Anglican Cemetery
Hammtown - Mullin Cemetery
Hammtown - Ridge Hill Cemetery
Highfield - Anglican Cemetery
Highfield (near) - Small Cemetery
Lakeview & Cambridge Narrows Road Cemetery
Long Creek - Secord (Private) Cemetery
Narrows Cemetery (Baptist)
Narrows - United Church Cemetery
Perry Point - Baptist Cemetery
Picketts Cove - Cemetery
Starkey's Wharf - Starkey's Pte Cemetery
Washademoak Lake - Hetherington Cemetery (Pte)
Washademoak Lake - Thorne Property Cemetery
Washademoak Lake - Worden (Private) Cemetery

Armstrong Corner - Lyons Cemetery
Byard's Crossing - Byard's Crossing Cemetery
Clarendon - Hillcrest Cemetery
Clones - Killen Cemetery
Coote Hill - United Church Cemetery
Coote Hill - United Church Cemetery Extension
Coote Hill - Woods Cemetery
Dunns Corner - Kerr Cemetery
Dunns Corner - Sutton Cemetery
Dunns Corner - Kirk (Presbyterian Church) Cemetery
Dunns Corner - St. Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery (Headline Hill)
Mount Douglas - Burton Family Cemetery
New Jerusalem - Beckett's (Lake Baptist Church) Cemetery
New Jerusalem - Peak of the Grant Cemetery
New Jerusalem - Johnston Cemetery
New Jerusalem - Machum Cemetery, West Jerusalem
New Jerusalem - Short (Simpson) Road Cemetery
New Jerusalem - United Church Cemetery / formerly Methodist
New Jerusalem - War Monument
New Jerusalem - West Jerusalem First (Hill) Baptist Cemetery
North Clones - United Church Cemetery
Petersville - St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Church Cemetery
Summer Hill -St. Augustine's Anglican Church Cemetery
Welsford - The Old Kirk Cemetery
Welsford Valley - Cemetery
Wirral - United Baptist Church Cemetery

Fanjoy's Pt. - Cemetery (Wiggins Family Cemetery, on land of Jacob Wiggins.)
Grand Lake - Cumberland Point Cemetery
Grand Lake - Cumberland Point Road, Cumberland Bay - MacLean Cemetery
Upper Range - Upper Range Cemetery
Waterborough - Baptist Cemetery
Waterborough - Cumberland Bay United Church Cemetery
Waterborough - Old Cumberland Bay Baptist Church Cemetery
Young's Cove - St. Luke's Anglican Cemetery 
Young's Cove - United Cemetery

Baird Family Cemetery - Otis Bostwick Property
Bald Hill Cemetery
Belyea's Cove Cemetery
Big Cove - Baptist Cemetery 
Big Cove - Cemetery on property known as Jim McCoy place, Big Cove
Clarktown - Craft Cemetery (Pte)
Clarktown - Mott Cemetery (Pte)
Day's Corner - Cemetery
Golding's Point - Golding Cemetery 
Henderson Cemetery #1
Henderson Cemetery #2
McDonalds Point Cemetery
Shannon Cemetery
Washademoak Lake (west side) - Appleby Farm
Wickham - Carpenter Cemetery
Wickham - Carpenter Private Cemetery, opposite Baptist Church
Wickham - Ducey-Carpenter Cemetery
Wickham - VanWart Cemetery Rte. 705 near Hampstead Ferry
Wickham - Watson Cemetery Rt. 705
Wickham Cemetery
Wickham Cemetery - on Bluff overlooking Long Island, Rte 705


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