1784-Muster Roll-Soldiers to Bonny River Bonny River - Second Falls

A few of the soldier-settlers listed in the following transcription of the "1784 Magaguadavic Area" Muster Roll, (written at LeTang by Lieut. Samuel Bliss), came inland to Bonny River, at least for a time. They are indicated in highlighted print:-


Lieut. Samuel BLISS, 84th. Reg, Wife and One Child under ten.

Patt.? LAWLOR, - 7th. Wife and one child under ten.

John CODROY?,* -40th. Reg.

Peter BRANNON, - 64th. Reg

Dennis BARTON, - 64th. Reg

James DOILEY, ** - 64th. Reg

Peter MULLOY, - 64th. Reg

Patrick McCRYSTAL,64th. Reg

Patt. HEAD?***- 64th. Reg

John PATRICK, -64th. Reg

Edward McGONNIGAL,**** 84th Reg.

John CRAIG, -84th Reg.

John GOSS,-84th Reg.

Donald GLEASON.*****-84th Reg.

Israel CRANE,-84th Reg.-

Christian FOY,-84th Reg.

John LANE, -84th Reg.

Ken. McKENZIE,-84th Reg.

John SMITH, -84th Reg.

James RYAN,-84th Reg.

John BURNS, -N.S. Volunteers.

John CAREW,-N.S. Volunteers.

Peter LYONS,-N.S. Volunteers.

James HICKEY,- Queens. Rangers

John ANDREWS,- Queens. Rangers

James MURPHY, -Queens. Rangers one Woman.

James KNEIS?******,-Loy'ls? [Loyalist?]

Joseph PERRIMAN,-Loy'ls?

David LOCKMANE?,-Loy'ls?

John LOOBY, Wife.-Loy'ls?

Total: 31 Men, 4 Womes, & 2 Children Under 10. Signed: Samuel Bliss, Late, 2ns Battalion 84th.Regt.

Due to the document's legibility, these other name-variations are possible:

* - John CONDON/CONDAY, ** - James DAWLEY, *** - Patt. SCHALL, ****Edward McCONNOGAN, ***** - Donald GLAZIER, ******.James NEWES

Bonny River - Second Falls

Page 17 of the Muster Roll records compiled by D.R. Jack, earlier described, also contains the following who were Bonny River - Second Falls area settlers. Earlier, Mr. Jack also included one name, John EUSTACE, 93rd. Regt. ? as part of the muster by Lieut. Sam. BLISS; I believe this assumption is in error.

Muster Roll of a Party of the late Royal Garrison Battation

Settled at Magaguadavic River - Passamaquoddy Bay, 10 May 1784.

Duncan MacDougall (Late Soldier)

Joseph Frost (Late Soldier)

William MacDougall

Jean Bradley (Servant)

Samuel MacDougall (child above 10 yrs)

James MacDougall (child above 10 yrs)

Anne MacDougall (child under 10 yrs)

Signed by: Samuel MacDougall, Ensign

Late R.G. Battalion

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