Hutchinson's Directory 1865-66 HUTCHINSON'S NEW BRUNSWICK DIRECTORY FOR 1865-1866


St. George

Andrews Mrs. Susan, Great road n Main

Armstrong Robert, farmer, h Upper falls road n Great road

Austin Mrs. Mary, St. Andrews road

Austin Robert J., carpenter, St. Andrews Road

Baine George, teamster, Clinch n Great road

Baldwin George, laborer, Clinch n Carlton

Barry Thomas, carpenter, Clinch n Carlton

BARRY THOMAS, general merchant, Water n Main, h Carlton n Clinch

Billings Edmund, ship builder, St. George n Main

Bogue Mrs. Honora, Great Road cor Clinch

BOGUE JAMES, general dealer, Main n Carlton, h St. Mary n Main

Bolton James, merchant, Carlton n Main, h Brunswick n. St. Marys

Booby Wellington, laborer, Main n Carlton

Boone Gehardus, lumberman, Great Road n Main

Boone Samuel, mail carrier, Great Road n Maine

Boyd John, carpenter, St. Andrews road

Bradbury Isaac, lumberman, Red Stone road

Bradley James, shoemaker, Main n Carlton

Brawby Patrick, shoemaker, h Main, n Carlton

Brandell Myles, laborer, Brunswick n St. Marys

Brown James, carpenter, Red Stone road

Brown William J., laborer, St. Andrews road

Bullock Joseph, laborer, Clinch n Carlton

Bullock Joseph, laborer, St. Andrews road

Bullock Joseph, stevedor, Red Stone road

Bullock William, stevedor, St. Andrews road

Butler Thomas, caulker, Red Stone road

Cameron Daniel, laborer, Clinch n Carlton

Cameron Mrs. John L., Carlton n Clinch

Campbell Daniel, Brunswick hotel, Great road n Main

Campbell David R., Upper Falls road n Great road

Carrigan John, Main n Carlton

Chadbourn Benjamin, carriage maker, Brunswick n St. Mary, h St. George n Brunswick

Clayburn John, Carlton n Main

Clayburn John Jun., tanner, Carlton n Main

Clinch Mrs. Sarah J., Carlton n Clinch

Clinch William S., lumberman, Brunswick n Water

Collins Francis, trader, Main n Carlton

Conley Timothy, laborer, Clinch n Carlton

Cook Jane A., wid. Dr. Henry, Main cor St. Mary

Constantine Timothy, boarding house, Main n Great road

Crocker William, lumberman, Red Stone road

Cusack Thomas, farmer, Red Stone road

Dewar James, grocer, Great road n Main

DEWAR JOHN, general dealer, Carlton n Main, h North n Main

Dewar William F., clerk, North n Main

Dodds Alexander, joiner, Red Stone road

Dodds Andrew, laborer, St. Andrews road

Dodds Robert, laborer, Red stone road

Dowdall Horatio, teamster, Clinch n Great road

Doyle Michael, tailor, Main n Carlton, h St. Andrews road

Duston Farnham, Clinch n Great road

Elliot Samuel, general dealer, Water n Main

Fitzsimonds Mrs Mary., Water n Main

Gallagher Hugh, lumberman, Clinch n Carlton

Gallagher William, shoemaker, Clinch n Carlton

Gillers Frank, Laborer, Clinch n Carlton

Gillespie John, general dealer, Clinch n Carlton, bds Great road

Gillmor Daniel Jun., bookkeeper, Main N Carlton

GILLMOR ARTHUR H, Jun., M.P.P. Provincial Secretary, lumber merchant, Main n Carlton

Gillmor Daniel J. P., lumber dealer, Main n Carlton, h Upper falls road

Gillmor Hill, lumber merchant, Great road n Main

Gitchel Mrs. Catherine, Red stone road

Gothrow James, laborer, North n Main

Grant Robert, bookbinder, St. Andrews road

Greig Samuel, carpenter, Carlton n Clinch

Hall George, stonecutter, Carlton n Clinch

Hall Mark, deputy Sheriff, and Comptroller of Customs, Carlton n Main

Henry George, shoemaker, Red stone road

Hibbard Francis, merchant, Main n Carlton, h Clinch n Great road

Hibbard George, Clinch n Carlton

Hillard Simeon, carpenter, North n Main

HUGHES REV. BENJAMIN N., Baptist minister, h Great road n Main

Irish Henry, Brunswick n St. Marys

Irish Simeon C., merchant, Brunswick n St. Marys

Johnson Charles, bookkeeper, Upper falls road

Johnson Charles, lumber merchant, Upper mills road n Great road

JOHNSON SAMUEL, lumber dealer and shipbuilder, Carlton n Clinch, h Upper falls road

Keating Thos., surveyor, St. Andrews road

Kidd Mrs. Elizabeth, Red stone road

Kidd John, carpenter, Red stone road

Knight Ann, wid Joshua, Main n Great road

KNIGHT EDMUND P., Carlton cor Main, h Carlton n Clinch

Knight Gideon, postmaster, Main n Great Road

Knight Isaac, magistrate, Main cor Wallace

Lathan Artemas, lumberman, Red stone road

Leddy John, general dealer, Carlton n Clinch, bds Great road n Main

Lee Jas., lumberman, Wallace n Main

Littlefield John, laborer, St. Andrew's road

Littlefield John W., lumberman, Red stone road

LUDGATE HUGH, J.P., lumber merchant, Upper falls road n Great Road

Lynott Edward, boarding house, Great road n Clinch

Lynott Edward Jun., grocer, Carlton n Clinch, h Wallace n Main

Lynott James, liquors, Carlton n Main

Lynott James E., & Co., general dealer, Carlton n Main

Lynott John, shoemaker, Carlton n Clinch

MacCarthy Richard, merchant, Carlton n Clinch

Magowan John, blacksmith, North n Main

Maxwell James, laborer, Brunswick n St. Mary's

McCallum John, surveyor, Great road n Upper mills road

McCarthy Henry, laborer, Great road n Main

McCarthy William, seaman, Great road n Main

McCormick Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Carlton n Main

McCready James, grocer, Carlton cor Clinch

McDonald Daniel, lumberman, Great road n Main

McGee Charles, liquors, Carlton n Main

McGEE, INGRAM, telegraph operator, Carlton n Main, bds Great road

McGee Jas., bookkeeper, North n Main

McGEE RICHARD, general dealer, Main n Carlton, h Wallace n Main

McGee Wm. J., joiner, Main n Carlton

McGibboney William, laborer, Great road n Main

McGIVERN REV. JOHN, rector of St. George, Great road n Clinch

McGowan Thomas, blacksmith, Wallace n Main

McKenzie Daniel, general dealer, Carlton n Clinch, bds Great road

McKenzie Hugh, general dealer, Carlton n Clinch, bds Great road

McLACHLIN HUBERT, general dealer, Main cor Great road, h Clinch n Carlton

McLaughlin James, bookkeeper, Carlton n Clinch

McLaughlin John, farmer, Clinch n Great Road

McLean David, laborer, Brunswick n St. George

McLeod Hugh, laborer, North n Main

McMaster Alexander, tailor, Carlton n Clinch

McVicker Peter, fish dealer, Lime island, h Wallace n Main

Meating Joseph, carpenter, Red stone road

Meaton Nicholas, harbour master, Water n Brunswick

Meloney Marten, stone mason, St. Andrews road

Messenett John E., magistrate, Carlton n Clinch

Messenett Louis B., surveyor, Clinch n Carlton

Messenett Miss Adeline, Great road cor Main

Milliken Dominicus, lumber dealer, h Main n Carlton

Milliken Jesse, boat builder, Main n Carlton

Mooney John, blacksmith, Wallace n St. Mary

Moran James & Son, general dealers, Carlton n Clinch

Moran James A., general dealer, Carlton n Clinch

Mowatt Mrs. Harriet E., Wallace n Main

Munroe Joseph, millwright, Red stone road

Murphy Henry, liquors, & c., Carlton n Main

Murphy Joseph, laborer, Red stone road

Murray James, laborer, Wallace n Main

Murray Jas., lumberman, St. Andrews road

Murray Mrs. Susan, Carlton n Main

O'Brien James, blacksmith, Main n Great road, h Red stone road

O'BRIEN JOHN, general dealer, Main n Great road, h Red stone road

O'Brien Mrs. Susan, Red stone road

O'Brien Timothy, blacksmith, Red stone road

O'Brien William, blacksmith, Red stone road

O'Neill Mrs. Johanna, Main n Carlton

Parks Moses, laborer, Clinch n Carlton

Paterson Alexander Y., watchmaker, Great road n Clinch

Phillips Michael, liquors, Main n Carlton

Pickards Jas., surveyor, Main n Great road

QUINN REV. JOHN, catholic clergyman, Great road, n Upper Falls road

Regan James, laborer, Red stone road

Roark David, laborer, Great road n Main

Rogers John, tailor, Carlton cor Clinch

Russell Edwin R., boom master, Wallace n Main

Scott John, carpenter, Red stone road

Seelye John N., carpenter, Red stone road

Shaw Benj., Brunswick n St. Marys

Shaw Wallace, surveyor, Main n Carlton

Skinner Charles, physician, Great road cor Main

Smith George T., teacher, Madras School, h Red stone road

Smith Henry, miner, Carlton n Clinch

Smith Samuel w., seaman, Water n Brunswick

Southard Jas., laborer, Red stone road

Spark Goodwin, ship carpenter, North n Main

Sprague Aldon, clerk, Red stone road

Stevenson Benjamin R., A. B. Barrister, Main n Great road, h St. Andrews

Sullivan Julia, teacher, Main n Carlton

Sutherland George, carpenter, Red stone road

Sutherland Robert, tide waiter, North n Main

Tait Robt., millman, St. Andrews road

Tait Robert S., millwright, Red stone road

THOMSON ROBERT, physician and surgeon, Great road cor Clinch

Verity John, carpenter, Red stone road

Walker Mrs. Dr. John, wid, Brunswick n St. Marys

Wallace John, shoemaker, Brunswick n St. Marys

Wallis Richard, tailor, Clinch n Great road

WETMORE A. J., comptroller of Customs and deputy treasurer, Carlton n Main, h Carlton n Clinch

WETMORE DOUGLAS, commission agent, Carlton n Main, h Carlton n Clinch

Wetmore Josiah, surveyor, Great road n Main

Wetmore Mrs. Daniel J., Carlton n Clinch

White John, lumberman, Clinch n Carleton

Williams Benjamin, millwright, Brunswick n St. George

Wilson Michael, laborer, North n Main

YOUNG ABRAHAM, general dealer, Carlton cor Main

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