Pennfield Ridge Air Station - Pennfield Ridge, NB - No.2 ANS, No.34 OTU - RCAF, RAF, BCATP

Pennfield Ridge Air Station
By G. Christian Larsen, President of "Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society"
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Updated September 14th, 2018
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"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."
Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)


A memorial service held to honour the seventy-eight (78) service personnel (70 Pennfield Ridge Air Station and 8 Camp Utopia) and seven (7) civilians killed at these two Charlotte County bases; remember those who have since gone on to join their comrades in the sky and listen to the stories from those we still have with us.

2009: Veterans who served in Pennfield remembered at Memorial Service
2010: Service held at Pennfield Ridge war memorial
2011: Airfield Kindles Memories
2012: Airfield Veterans Remembered

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British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

Pennfield Ridge

Pennfield Parish Military Historical Society (PPMHS)

Pennfield Ridge Air Station (21 July 1941-01 October 1945)

Pennfield Ridge War Memorial Service (2006-2017)

No.2 Air Navigation School (21 July 1941-30 May 1942)

No.34 Operational Training Unit (01 June 1942-19 May 1944)

No.2 Operational Training Unit(22 June 1942-20 August 1942)

No.127 (Fighter) Squadron (25 July 1943-17 Dec 1943)

RCAF Station (29 May 1944-01 October 1945)

Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) (Civilian Airport: 1947-1951)

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