Trans-Canada Air Lines - Civilian Airport (1947-1951)

Civilian Airport (1947-1951)

The inaugural flight from the field was made on April 15, 1947, with a plane following a route from North Sydney to Moncton, Pennfield, and finally, on to Boston.

Trans-Canada Air Lines plane sitting at Pennfield (August 9, 1949)

 Trans-Canada Air Lines plane sitting at Pennfield (August 9, 1949)

Althea (Justason) McNevan & daughter Brenda (August 9, 1949)
Althea heading to Lachine, PQ to join her husband Corporal A. Malcolm McNevan

Family & friends awaiting for the arrival of Annie (Justason) Hawkins (ca1947)
Back Row (left to right): Alta Eldridge, Muriel Eldridge, Cora Eldridge, Laura Justason, Lillian Hawkins, Enos Justason, & Guilford Eldridge.
Front Row (left to right): Judy Justason, Bruce Justason and Malcolm Justason.

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